Manaria Friends: The Mysteria Princesses

BY : Darkwolves
Category: -Misc Anime > Yuri - Female/Female
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Contains: Anne x Grea, Sleep sex, Tail sex, Fingering, Teasing

Anne lounged in her seat in her shared dorm room. The princess turned over another page in her book, a historic novel about the first explorers to map the remote Azura Plains in the Northern Reaches. 
“Good night, Anne” Grea called out from across the room.
“Good night” Anne replied offhandedly.
As Grea returned to her bed Anne could not help but muse on how much of an unusual occurrence this was. Almost without fault since they had started living in the same room together Anne had always been the one to fall asleep before Grea. Grea was also the first to wake up in the morning. And yet the dragon princess remained a picture of well rested composure. Anne didn’t know how she managed it.
Anne watched from the corner of her as the long tip of Greas tail disappeared beneath the makeshift sheet tent Grea had hung around her bed. Anne continued to wonder about the bizarre construction. Anne had always assumed it had something to do with keeping the light out of her eyes while she slept, perhaps dragons were especially sensitive to light. But the material was so thin that Anne could see shadows cast right through it.
Anne returned her attention to her book, trying to put any thoughts of sleeping Grea to the back of her mind. Still, the thoughts continued to return to her. Anne knew that whatever reason Grea had it must be private. Yet despite knowing this Anne could not resist the temptation to uncover it for herself.
Anne lay her book aside on her desk and crept across the room with the faintest of steps across the carpeted floorboards. Anne reached out and parted the flap of Greas makeshift tent aside. Anne clasped her hand over her mouth to stifle herself. Anne may have been determined to uncover the secret of how Grea slept, but she never imagined it would be like this.
Grea lay curled up on her bed, dressed in her frilly white bra and panties, clutching her long scaly tail to herself like a child with their favourite toy. It was so adorable Anne almost couldn’t contain herself. She felt as though she could stand there and watch her dragon princess sleep soundly for eternity. 
As she watched, a devious idea entered Anne’s mind. Anne knew it was crazy, risky and undoubtably stupid. But even after all that, the benefit far outweighed any risk.
Anne crouched down at the edge of the bed next to Grea. The blonde-haired girl leant down to grasp Greas hands softly, gently withdrawing her arms from encircling around her tail. Anne allowed Greas tail to fall lazily against the mattress beside to her.
Anne flexed her fingers, she would have to approach this carefully. Anne knew from much personal experience quite how sensitive Greas tail could be. The slightest touch could be enough to awake her from her slumber. Anne daintily held Greas tail in her hands, easing it away from her body as she lay it aside.
Now came the trickiest part. Anne shuffled herself across the bed, moving slowly to ensure Grea was not disturbed. Anne laid herself down on the bed and slipped herself into the former place of Greas tail. Anne held Greas hand as she gently guided her open palm to lay across her side.
Grea suddenly began to shift behind her. Anne’s first instinct was fear that Grea had awoken, that she had been found out. As the dragon girl moved her hold merely tightened around her blonde roommate, settling into this arrangement as the new norm. A norm in which Grea lay asleep spooning Anne as her arms encircled Anne’s middle. 
Anne could not believe her fortune. She was being cuddled by Grea, pressed tight against her body. She was so warm and soft that Anne never wanted to have to-
“Oh Anne” Grea cooed softly.
Anne’s body tensed in an instant.
“Anne, you feel so soft” Grea continued.
Anne soon realised that Grea was talking in her sleep. Her whispered words provided a glimpse into her dreams, dreams about Anne. She was dreaming about Anne, imagining she was clutching her in place of her tail. 
Anne felt Grea shift underneath her, Greas tail curling up around her. Anne instinctively parted her legs to allow the shift of Greas tail. Anne was suddenly faced with the tip of Greas tail in front of her eyes, the large shaft sitting between Anne’s open legs. Anne could feel the size and weight of it resting between her thighs, the heat radiating from her scaly skin. It was a comforting thing to have resting in place.
Anne felt her hands drift up to her own chest, gliding effortlessly across the material of her nightdress. Anne’s palms wrapped around the swell of her pert breasts, feeling the soft mounds forming beneath her fingers as she massaged them. Anne had always loved her breasts, the feel the weight, the sensitivity.
Greas tail twitched between her legs, pressing deeper into her as her larger breasts pressed into Anne’s back. Anne could feel the edge of Greas tail rubbing against her slit through the material of her nightdress. Anne could feel herself unconsciously becoming wet at the feeling, the illicit thrill of her touch.
Anne dared to reach down to the hem of her nightdress, slowly gathering the material into her hands until her moist pussy was uncovered. Anne could hear Grea moan softly at the sudden press of something warm and wet against her sensitive tail.
Anne felt herself slowly begin to shift back and forth along the base of Greas wide tail, the scaly skin feeling softly smooth against her pussy. Anne pressed herself closer to Grea, feeling her lips parting to accommodate even more of Greas width against her. Anne fought her overwhelming urge to ride Grea like a wild stag, limiting her movements to rubbing her hips back and forth along her makeshift sex toy.
While Anne’s hips moved back and forth with barely measured composure her hands were a flurry of activity. Pinching, rolling, pulling, twisting. Her hands continued to tease herself relentlessly through the thin material of her nightdress.
The combined attentions of her hands and Greas tail on her body swiftly brought Anne to a quivering orgasm. Her parted lips let loose with a shower of cum across her skin. Anne could feel her body falling limp and listless as she lay panting softly against the tip of Greas twitching tail. Anne felt as though she could drift away to sleep wrapped tightly in Greas arms. Perhaps Grea would find her a little more comfortable to cuddle at night. 

***************Authors Nonsense***************


Anne: “How did you sleep?”
Grea: “I don’t know. I had a really strange dream”
Anne, nervous: “Do you remember anything about the dream?”
Grea: “No. I remember holding something really warm and then something wet pressing against my tail”
Anne: “Try going to sleep tonight again, maybe you’ll have the same dream again and you’ll be able to remember more of it”

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