An extra pair of hands

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An extra pair of hands

Zoro yawned as he paced towards Robin’s room, an archaeology book clasped in one hand that Franky had found in a market and thought Robin would appreciate and since Zoro had been lounging around all day the Shipwright had nagged him into taking her the book since he had repairs to work on

Reaching Robin’s door Zoro didn’t even bother knocking, still half asleep, as he turned the handle and strode in “hey Franky got ya this” he stated expecting Robin to be sat at her desk combing through an old book or tome like she normally was only to stand frozen in surprise as he discovered she wasn’t at her desk but on her bed

Completely naked, her clothes scattered across the room, using her Devil Fruit powers to spawn an extra pair of arms so that she could tend to both her breasts and pussy at the same time as she pleased herself

“Shit…” he gasped as Robin just stared back at him with a raised eyebrow in a ‘really?’ expression “uhhh, here” he then muttered tossing the book on her desk before turning around “my bad”

Turning to try and walk away and ignore that this ever happened only for a pair of arms to form from the doorframe grabbing his shoulders stopping him in his tracks “where do you think you’re going?” Robin questioned as her spare pair of arms shoving Zoro back into the door before slamming the door shut, the Swordsman stumbling and landing hard on his ass as Robin moved to stand over him not bothering to cover herself in the slightest “you think you can just barge in here, see me naked and then just walk out and act like nothing happened?”

“What do you expect me to do?! Stand there and stare like the ero-cook?!” Zoro snapped back trying to stand only for Robin to spawn more arms out of the floor to grab and restrain him “what the? Let me go!”

“Not until you make up for this” the Archaeologist stated firmly as she ran her eyes along Zoro’s body “take your clothes off”

“What?!” the Swordsman exclaimed, his single eye widening in shock

“You’ve seen me naked so now I see you naked, fair’s fair” Robin retorted as she made her extra hands tug at Zoro’s pants, the Swordsman struggling in her grasp as she started to strip him herself, her lips quirking as she admired the toned battle scarred muscles she exposed with every tug at his clothing

“Damn it woman! Let go! For god’s sake I can undress myself if you’re so desperate to see!” the Swordsman then exclaimed to which Robin smirked and slowly released him “I swear you’re just as bad as Sanji with the opposite sex sometimes” he then muttered as he slowly stood up, looking back at the door which Robin promptly closed before sighing as he then proceeded to drop his pants “there, you happy now?” he grunted with a light blush as Robin admired his manhood

Smiling as she took him his natural flaccid size Nico couldn’t resist licking her lips for a moment “not bad, take off the rest though, it’s not fair since you still have your shirt on” she pointed out

“You’ve seen me shirtless countless times! Why does it matter?”

“Fair is fair”

Groaning at her insistence Zoro sighed in defeat as he then proceeded to strip completely naked, scoffing at the mock whistle the Archaeologist let out as he tossed his clothes into a pile “there, buck ass naked, can I go now?” he grumbled as he then extended his arms and spun around once to let Robin admire every part of him

About to nod to let him leave Robin then got a far more devious idea “actually, there is one more thing you could do for me” she stated before raising a finger up to hush him before he could complain “don’t worry, I’m sure you won’t find this favour all too bothersome”

“I swear if you ask me to reorganise your tome collection again I’m walking out of here without even getting dressed” Zoro threatened more than willing to face the rest of the crew naked rather than put up with the mundane mind numbing task again

“Get on the bed”

Zoro’s stern look fell away at the command and for a moment he was speechless before finally finding his voice “you being serious?”

“Why not? I’m naked, you’re now naked, you did interrupt me after all, it’s the least you can do” the Archaeologist breathed back “or would you rather alphabetise my tomes whilst I sort myself out?” she then teased smiling as Zoro just huffed and moved to sit on the bed “good boy”

Admiring how Zoro’s manhood started to harden to its fully glory Robin sauntered towards him whilst spawning two more arms out of the bed, using the extra hands to stroke and caress his strong thighs before they then wrapped around his cock, her soft slender fingers winding around his girth making the Archaeologist coo at his thickness and warmth “not bad, no wonder that Marine girl hounds you so much” she teased as she ran a thumb around his cock head

Before Zoro could protest her logic Robin hushed him spawning an arm from his shoulder using the hand to cover his mouth as the first two hands stroked him faster, loving how he throbbed and pulsed with every movement of her skilled slender fingers “now let’s see what that dick can do” she then purred as she made the extra hands release his cock and move to hold onto his forearms as she moved to straddle his waist

Securing herself over him the Archaeologist then lowered her core down onto him, letting out a hot low moan of satisfaction when she felt him enter her pussy, filling her perfectly as she then took him to the hilt making the raven haired woman bite her lip as she rolled her hips, letting Zoro’s cock explore every inch of her hot wet insides “mmmph fuck yes I needed this, Nami’s been hogging Luffy too much lately” she moaned as she started to pump her hips

His single eye widening Zoro freed his arms to grab hold of Robin’s ass “the Captain? Seriously?” he questioned making Robin smirk between moans

“What’s wrong? Jealous he got to me first?” the Archaeologist teased raising her arms up and running her fingers through her hair to show off more of her bouncing chest whilst she rode him “maybe if you weren’t such a lazy loner you could have had a piece of this sooner” she tittered as she worked her wide hips harder, her ass clapping against his toned legs whilst her huge breasts bounced and heaved in tandem to her movements

Gritting his teeth at her teasing words Zoro moved his hands from her waist up to her chest, cupping and weighing her heavy tits in his grasp making the older woman moan and gasp heatedly at the feeling of his rough hide against her much smoother skin, her hips working harder as he started to buck his hips steadily fucking her back as she rode him

Throwing her head back with a cry of pleasure as his cock head hammered against her cervix Robin spouted an extra pair of smaller arms out of her shoulders having the hands on them join Zoro’s in groping and massaging her breasts as her climax drew near, her core clenching tighter around Zoro’s cock as her fingers joined his in squeezing her huge tits before letting out a cry of bliss as she orgasmed hard around his manhood, her entire body shaking violently as her eyes rolled back momentarily

As Zoro held still throughout her climax simply enjoying the feeling of her core rippling around him he then raised an eyebrow when the Archaeologist pushed away from him dismounting his cock “hey, you forgetting something?” he commented as his erection throbbed visibly making Robin quirk her lip at him

“Don’t worry, I haven’t” she told him as she then proceeded to turn around, spawning a small set of arms from her hips using them to spread her ass cheeks before proceeding to sit on the Swordsman’s cock taking every inch of it up her tight ass making her bite her lip with a moan of perverted pleasure

With her fat ass firmly pressed against his groin Robin raised her legs to set her feet on Zoro’s knees to secure herself, spawning another set of arms at her sides to reach back to hold the green haired man’s sides for further support before she started riding him with everything she had, her huge breasts bouncing wildly in tandem as she lost herself in the pleasure of the action, her eyes crossing as Zoro then reached around to work her clit with his fingers as his cock throbbed and oozed precum into her tight ass

As Zoro pinched her clit Robin moved her extra set of arms facing them forward so that they could work her slit, her ass squeezing Zoro’s cock so tightly that it was making it almost hard for her to move along it, his hot breathing against the nape of her neck and his subtle groans of pleasure egging her on faster and harder until finally she slammed her hips down harder than before and was rewarded with his climax

“Oh fuck yes Zoro!” Robin cried as he came hard in her ass, flooding her insides and warming them with his hot thick seed, the combination of it and her fingers working her cunt setting off her second orgasm making her arch her back with a cry of pleasure before she fell back against Zoro’s front panting with exertion

Moaning as Zoro held her as she got her breath back Robin raised a hand to cup his chin “you know, I was upset that you didn’t bother knocking first but now I think a more open door policy between us would be more beneficial for us” she breathed with a small smile

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