The Shield's True Power (Rise of the Shield Hero)

BY : EnigmaticOutlander
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Disclaimer: I do not own nor profit from anything of the anime The Rise of the Shield Hero. Just for clarification’s sake. X)

Author's Note: This will potentially be a semi-filled plot story, with some slight changes to how certain events that occurred within the anime (yes, based on the anime. I'm not familiar with the manga/light novel). Don't worry though, TONS of smut awaits. Each chapter will reveal additional themes and it likely will grow kinkier as the story progresses! <3

Deep in Castle Town, Naofumi Iwatani couldn’t help but be a bit… embarrassed. Like, come on, really? He had simply wanted a leisurely stroll through the town, checking out some districts he had yet to visited. After all, he was a pariah of Melromarc. He couldn’t just stroll around, see the sights, maybe even shop a bit in places he normally wouldn’t partake of. That’s why he normally went to one shop, and one shop only. Well, two if you considered the slave trader. Yet the Slave Trader had told him to go ahead and visit a particular shop.
So, somebody tell him WHY he was in what equated to a red-light district, surrounded by men and women displaying their wares, including a number of prostitutes vying for his attention. Men and women both. And they weren’t shy about it either. He had to dodge several pets, a few pleas to “show their deepest admiration for such a daring rogue”, and even a young… Boy? Girl? He still wasn’t sure, but they were trying to get into his pants. With an urgency. Likely having guessed he was at full-blown-fucking-mast, having seen more then his fair share of lovely creatures around him.
Thin but lithe girls, bountifully curvaceous women who had aged like fine wine, a particularly jiggly cow demi-human girl, and even glorious beauty in the form of a serpent demi-human woman with glorious red-bronze scales and massive tits. Like, hugely unrealistic tits that must have been perky and not causing lower back problems due to magic. He had almost broken his calm, uninterested grim face at seeing her basically slither up to him and offer to give him “… the titjob of a lifetime. Better then what any regular human could offer.” His manhood, hidden within the shadowy realms of his cloak, had throbbed at that. He had been so tempted, as he had been bottled up for so long… Between Malty’s betrayal and taking care of what he equated to his foster kids in Raphtalia and Filo, he had had almost no privacy to himself nor the desire to pursue women. Hell, he rarely could even beat his damn meat in peace because of those two. And it didn’t help one of them had grown significantly since he had first saved her from death in a slave caravan…
BUT! That was not why he was here! He shook his head to get the images out of his head. He had gotten this damn tip from the Slave Trader about possible new “opportunities” in this area for his shield, in one particular shop which offered many unique items. How that was the case when this district had turned out to literally be the not-so-subtle sex ward of the city, Naofumi had literally no idea. Shrugging, he turned down one alleyway and saw what could only be his destination. No stone left unturned after all. He needed every advantage he could find to defeat the waves, whilst also dealing with who knows what fucking enemies were out there, who had yet to reveal themselves. This country barely was supportive of him as it was. He had no doubt there were at least a majority of the nobles out there who hated him. Religious nutcases.
He spit in disgust at the wall before taking a good long look at the shop. “Pandora’s Box huh? The hell kind of things could be lying in wait there?” The Shield Hero sighed as he took the remaining steps needed to approach the door and knocked. The door handle proved unlocked and he turned the latch, entering a… He paused, looking around and blinked. Did a pack rat live here? Everywhere he looked, mounds of junk rose to the ceiling. Each pile could have been a wild mix of treasures beyond compare to literal, actual trash.
Naofumi let out an awkward cough before calling out. “Uhhh, hello? Anyone home?” He looked around once, seeing or hearing nobody, before turning to look at the door. Indeed, there was a sign there, with the “We’re Closed” portion facing him. This place was definitely open—He stiffened as he felt a pair of hands gently grasped him by the shoulders and pulled him into what he could only guess were really big, comfy pillows. Some of the comfiest, softest, and biggest pillows he had… No wait, these weren’t pillows! His eyes snapped open wide as he turned in place and shoved the hands away from him as he readied to defend himself!
… Only to see a woman with the biggest damn breasts he had ever seen in his life in a long, flowing but extremely thin black robe back away from him. Her orange-glowing eyes were half-lidded and lethargically following him slowly, her bright porcelain skin almost glowing in the dark interior. She didn’t seem hostile by any means. Hell, she seemed almost put out that he hadn’t accepted her embrace. A deep, husky voice uttered from her massive, pouty lips. “Awww… I just wanted to introduce myself, Shield Hero. You did not need to be so startled.” She rubbed at her wrists, as if checking to see if she was injured. “Ahhh well, tis not to be for now… Welcome to my shop. Beloukas said you were coming.” She crossed her arms and lifted her absolutely-massive chest up a few inches, revealing a sudden gap in her robes that showcased one of the most glorious cleavages he had ever laid eyes on.
Naofumi blinked and forced himself to look away, staring the woman in her eyes. “Who are you?” The woman gave a tiny smirk and giggled to herself. “I’m Pandora, silly. I thought the shop’s name would imply that. Come.” She waved for him to follow and turned slowly to saunter off. His eyes glanced down to see an impressive heart-shape in the robes sashaying away, causing a tiny groan to escape his lips. Damn that Slave Trader. He slowly followed her deeper into the shop, realizing she had filed her way to the back where a counter lay. Now behind it, she leaned on the wood to reveal even more cleavage as she let the beautiful bosom rest. “So… Shield Hero. I have been told you are seeking more… uhh, fodder… for your shield? I take it that means you need more items of various potency and capability to enhance your skills?” The warrior eyed her for several long moments before sighing and nodding. “Yes, I need whatever you can offer. I have coin to pay and a hungry shield waiting for whatever you can offer it.”
Her eyes shined like garnets in the darkness, their orange glow almost entrancing if not for his paranoia and, low-key, his horniness. His member was rock hard and causing him a bit more then a distraction at this point. It almost hurt, what with having walked through that cacophony of sex outside and now this beauty teasing him. He didn’t even know if this was all an act, part of the sale, or she actually was putting to charms on him. Damn, he was sorely lacking in understanding women. Damn Malty for ruining any pre-conceived notion of possibly trusting women at face value. Pandora’s lips slowly widened into a smile before reaching under the counter and pulling out a wooden box. It was filled with random… items? Pieces of junk? Monster reagents? He couldn’t quite tell. He slowly walked forward and peered inside, only for his eyes to widen at the little treasure trove in front of him. Some he was familiar with, others he was not, but his eyes could see the possibilities with some of them. What shields could these all unlock? Who knew?
“These are… quite valuable little trinkets. Wonderful little gifts I have gathered over the years. Plenty of them are old and worn, while others are worth many a coin due to their rarity…” The smile she wielded widened even further to reveal perfectly white teeth, though they weren’t structurally perfect. She had a little gap between her front teeth, which he almost found cute if not for the many indicators that this was a she-devil seductress of the highest caliber before him. Maybe. Possibly. … Okay, he had no idea. Point still stood to be cautious though.
He regarded her shrewdly. “Well… Let’s talk price then. What do you want for them? I got gold—” Pandora raised a hand, shaking her head slowly. “Nooo… Gold is plentiful. Silver is even more-so. No… What isn’t plentiful is services rendered. Favors are powerful things to have.” She eyed him up and down once before reaching into the box and pulling out two random items. One was a shiny black material, which reminded him of leather. And lastly… He blinked, eying the shriveled husk of… something. It looked like it was an organ or something which had been cured and dried, made to endure and not rot. He had no idea what it was, but he had a guess it was either complete an utter trash… or something extremely rare. He sighed and held a hand to his face. “What do you want then? Just spit it out.”
Pandora let out another giggle as she reached out to him, slipping under his cloak and pulling out right arm. The shield’s gem seemed to glow merrily in the limited light as she dragged it up onto the counter. He didn’t resist, the frown on his face deepening as she picked up the two items… and fed them one by one into the shield’s gem. She watched unphased as the shield ate up the fragments. She took special delight in feeding it the husk, letting out a happy hum as the shield ate it up like candy.
And suddenly, the skill tree opened before Naofumi’s eyes as the new items unlocked… His mouth fell open and his eyes gaping wide in surprise as he watched a whole new tree appear. “The Sex Skill Tree…” And as if mentioning the name, the first shield appeared. The… What the hell was up with this? The Latex Shield? THAT had actually been latex? His shock wasn’t over though as he saw the husk had unlocked yet another wildly surprising shield. The Incubus Shield?
Naofumi turned to look at Pandora. “What in the hell have you given me? How did you know they would unlock abilities of mine? I’m—” Suddenly Naofumi felt a finger on his lips as Pandora reached over and silenced him. A sultry smirk was on her lips as she winked at him. “Doooon’t ask so many questions, dear… Now, about payment.” Her whole body shivered as she eyed him up and down, her half-lidded eyes slightly more open as she licked her lips. “I desire… your attentions, as recompense.” The Hero, a bit dense in the head, stared blankly at her. The robed woman rolled her eyes and shook her head before standing fully and shrugging her shoulders… Dropping her robe to the floor to reveal the beauty only hinted at before. Her bouncing tits, her thunder thighs that could squeeze his head like a melon, her massively luscious ass and wide, birthing hips... Each part of her was perfect. Utterly perfect.
Naofumi’s mouth fell open again, lost within staring at her lovely form… only to yell in surprise as the woman practically leaped over the counter and tackled him. Straddling him and grinding right onto his painfully hard cock, Pandora dived and took advantage of his open mouth to plow it with her own lips and tongue.
Slow, happy moans escaped her throat as her soaked netherlips humped his lower body. “Fuuuck me now, Shield Hero. Deliver your payment. And use your Shield. Practice their use on me. NOW!” Her hands tore at his clothes, revealing his toned body underneath. Naofumi, caught in a serious bit of brain lag, nodded dumbly as he activated the Latex Shield. He watched it transform into a… glove? A gauntlet which ran from fingertip to his shoulder blade. It… was made of latex. He was wearing a full-blown latex opera glow with a bright, green gem. He looked it over, briefly fascinated more with the glove then what was happening to him… Until he felt his belt being torn off, pants dropped and—
His mind shut down as he felt the first pair of lips ever in this world to grasp his manhood. Oh, but these were undoubtedly the softest, fattest, warmest lips he had EVER felt in his life. He was no virgin, but he had certainly never… ever… felt so wonderfully happy... “GLURK GLULK GLACK SLUUUUURP!” The pack rat beauty rammed her throat upon his member, uncaring for her throat and the vague oxygen deprivation she was putting herself through.
Naofumi reached down and grasped her head in both hands, shoving her deeper onto his cock as he felt a desperate need to cum. The moment his hand touched her though, a bright glow appeared as his shield activated. Pandora, in the midst of throat-fucking the Shield Hero’s babymaker, squealed around a mouthful of cock as she suddenly was enveloped in a full body latex catsuit. From head to toe, black latex clung to her thick, curvaceous body. A corset magically locked itself and tightened around her midriff, her long black-blue hair pulled through a hole at the top of her hood into a ponytail, and armbinders dragging her arms behind her back and sealing them to her back.
Within moments, she was wrapped up and locked up in a full-blown fuckslut attire. Naofumi’s eyes couldn’t get any bigger as the surprise of the situation before him got to him, followed by the overwhelming orgasm being coaxed out of him. “What. The. Hell. Is. Going. OOOONNNN?!” He yelled as he shoved his cock down her throat, grasping her ponytail to hold her hilted upon his manhood, and deposited a large dosage of babybatter straight into her stomach. He held her there for several long moments before releasing her and pulling her off his cock, a massive gasp coming from her as she finally acquired a lungful of air. Taking a moment to gather herself, she finally looked up at him and let a wide, lazy smile appear. “Don’t worry, my dear… It’s just a nifty little trick. To fight your enemies… and deal with your lovers appropriately.” The storekeeper fell back suddenly onto her back, only to strike like lightning and wrapped her legs around his waist. “Now, FUCK ME! PLEASE!” The desperate need in her voice brought his somewhat-sagging manhood right back to full hardness as he stared down at her… and finally shrugged.
She wanted a good fucking? Why would he say no at this point? She HAD blown him, had shown him his current shield, and had VERY much wanted to do this. He wondered if this was ultimately all her idea or the Slave Traders. He’d debate on that line of thinking later, as he placed his hands on each of her hips, grasped her tightly, and thrust straight into her sopping cunt. “NNNGH! Take that. You wanted to pounce on me the moment I entered your shop, didn’t you?”
Hips thrust violently into one another, loud wet clapping filling the shop as two very horny people fucked each other silly. Slapping ensued: skin on skin, groin on groin, hand to tits. It was like two wild animals in heat were in the thick of it. Naofumi kinda couldn’t believe this was happening. Like, goddamn, this was something one would read in some random hentai story, not actual reality. And yet… “NNNMMMFUUUUUCK!” He rammed deep into her pussy, again and again, feeling himself coming closer to… well, cumming. His haggard breath came out in ragged gasps, a small stitch in his side. He didn’t give a shit though, he wouldn’t stop even if a Wave of Catastrophe started right this second.
The Hero began piledriving faster and faster into the willing slut before him, vaguely hearing Pandora screaming in pleasure as she was dripping a whole puddle underneath the both of them. “Oh gods, here it comes. Take it, you—” His cock erupted within her, thrusting like mad for a few moments longer before he sunk as deep he could reach into her vaginal tunnel, feeling it squeeze around his length and try coaxing every drop of cum out of him. It just kept coming, till small amounts started seeping out of her and around his cock. Falling forward, he landed right on her front and felt the wonderful comfort of her tits embrace him.
Pandora let out an exhausted giggle, murmuring quietly. “Ohhh, it has been such a long time since I had a fuck quite like that…” She looked down at him, her eyes alight with delight. “Would you say… You are satisfied with your purchase? And would you be interested in more, at some point?” Ever the shrewd merchant, Naofumi couldn’t help but let out a chuckle. Oh, this girl was good. Gods, she was GLORIOUS! He obviously wasn’t madly in love or anything, but he couldn’t say a single negative thing in this post-fuck bliss. Yet, he could at least be a bit shrewd. “Mmmm, I’d say it was… satisfactory. Heh… And ya, I might be interested in more.”
Sliding out of the tight cunt almost unhappily, Naofumi slowly stood and looked down at his handiwork, then at the shield which had transformed back to it’s original form. Pandora continued to lay there, a wide smile on her lips as she winked at him and let her breasts heaved in the latex. “Come back… in about a week. I will have more for you to use… And shut the door behind you.” She closed her eyes and seemed to drift off to sleep, muttering sleepily. “I’ll be fine here, deary… Just shut the front door.” Naofumi blinked. Dismissed, just like that? But… But he wasn’t quite there yet. He could go a bit more. Maybe…
He shook his head and sighed as he straightened himself out and pulled up his pants. Getting himself right, he turned and went for the exit to the shop. The Shield Hero, hated by all… And yet, he had acquired one of the best fucks of his life. Humming to himself, Naofumi felt a little pep in his step as he hurried back to the inn. He needed to tell Raphtalia about this. Or, well… Maybe not tell her everything. Just tell her about the new shields. And the potential they might hold. He could see a lot of useful tactics being developed with them. Naofumi suddenly thought of Raphtalia.
What would she think of this? Of what the shields would do or be used for. Would she disapprove? Would she feel disgusted? Would she… be aroused by the ideas? His thoughts suddenly turned to thinking about his little “foster kid” and… realized he didn’t quite want to think of her like that anymore. Devilish little thoughts began flooding his mind as he left the sex district and made his way home.

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