Digimon Tamers: Adventures in AU

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Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon Tamers, Digimon, or any of the characters of the digimon franchise. I do not intend this to be for profit but for self-expression and art.

When I was little, I was fascinated by Digimon and I loved to play cards with my friends. I was six years old when I got my first pack of cards. The Christmas was the coldest I had experienced in my lowly six years of experience, and I remember being huddled on my bed, with the blankets covering my body and the only source of light being my Nintendo handheld screen and looking at my cards. There was a blackagumon, a puppetmon, a floramon, mamemon, pumpkinmon, guilmon, and others I can’t remember.

School was an excruciating experience for me. I did well on my classes, especially science and history. I had a penchant for getting in trouble and calling people names, especially this girl named Suzie Wong.  Suzie was a social butterfly, and certainly liked me. She would share her lunch with me at times, and I in return would call her monkey girl and share some of my lunch as well. She also enjoyed Digimon cards as much as I did, and we would often play together. We both would often lose. But it was fun because whenever I won Suzie would cry, and I would giggle at her crying. But I would also feel guilty. I didn’t want her to cry. It was fun, but after a while it wasn’t. Because it felt bad to see someone suffer like that. I would just give her one of my cards so that she would feel better, as these were cheap anyways. They were easily obtainable in a cheap game store in Akihabara. Oftentimes I would lose in purpose just so that she wouldn’t cry. But other times I would tease her telling her I lost in purpose, which would cause her to say “you are so mean Suko! It’s not fair! Play fair!”

“What do you mean play fair, Suzie? I didn’t cheat! I followed the rules…” I would dryly say knowing damn well what she meant.

“You are just losing on purpose so that you can tease me aren’t you?” Suzie pouted.


Then Suzie would stick her tongue at me and not talk to me for the entire recess, until class, when Ms. Inoue would go to the restroom. She would either apologize for calling me cheater, or would talk to me about her virtual pet, a Lopmon. Lopmon had to be fed, and it would fight other Digimon. Suzie’s brother, Henry, managed to hack the device to make it so that Lopmon could do more tricks. Henry knew everything about games and computers, and he would often repair my games when they stopped working. Suzie and I would often play pranks on Henry, as he was rather easy to tease. One day I hid Henry’s toothbrush, and he was late for class because neither Suzy nor he were able to find it. Henry assumed it was Suzy, as he spent more time with her and was more exposed to her mischievous side than to mine, and I of course denied any involvement on this. Henry was furious with Suzie, and their father, Janyu, grounded her for a week: he took away her Digimon cards and her virtual pet Lopmon. Suzy did not talk to me for that entire week, until I began to feel awful about it. Suzy was my accomplice and friend, and I didn’t want to have her be grounded, at all. Luckily, it was only two days into her punishment, and I rode in my bike to the Wong home.

I had a node on my throat. I didn’t know if Henry would try to beat me up, or if he would do something worse. I was more afraid of Henry than of their dad. Once the door opened, it was Janyu.

“Hi Suko! Are you here to visit Henry? Because Suzy is, you know…”

“Well, I wanted to talk to you about that…” I said while I was scratching my head and sweating out of nervousness. Shortly after, Henry appeared as well. “Shit…” I thought. Once I confessed my part on the mischief, Janyu sighed and shook his head, while Henry demanded an explanation.

“Why Suko? Why?” Henry seemed more concerned than angry. I wasn’t sure if I should have felt relieved, or regretful. More so than I was before embarking on this odyssey. I didn’t know what to say. I honestly didn’t know what I was thinking when I hid that toothbrush. I thought they would find it rather quickly. But I didn’t think the matter through. You see, mischief of the light-hearted kind should be done so that there isn’t much collateral damage. In this case, this rule was violated, as Suzy was grounded for a week and her toy privileges were suspended. Second, the target of mischief should just have him or her facepalming themselves at best, and at worst just running after you so that they try and beat you up. Neither of these things happened, as Henry seemed concerned about me. “Suzie was grounded for a while, and she has been acting rather differently all this time. Like she is in a gloom. Did you anticipate this happening?”

“No…” I said, my voice teemed with regret and realization.

Janyu decided to call my parents and inform them about this. They decided to ground me for two weeks, and in those two weeks I was not allowed to look at my cards, play video games, or go out and play with Suzie and Henry. They were my only friends, and now I couldn’t see them. At school, Suzie would not talk to me. She would not even turn to look at me. Henry told me her punishment was revoked, but that didn’t matter, because Suzie felt betrayed. Henry would speak to me, and he seemed more relieved.

“I am sorry Henry. I will not do it again.” I said with trepidation. I didn’t know how he was going to react. “It’s ok.” Henry said while he had a mouthful of rice. “I am glad you are able to see that what you did was not ok.”

“I hope Suzie speaks to me one day.” I said while playing with my fingers.

“Just give her time Suko. That’s all people need. Time.” Henry said while smiling at me.

And the time came a few days later, when Suzie was eating her own lunch and two fat kids from the grade above us came to her. “Hey pigtails. How’s your lunch?” It was rice and squid.

“Leave me alone” Suzie frowned at them and backed away.

“Not before you give us your lunch, gaijin.” The fatter kid went after her and took her box away. Suzie fell to the ground as she tried to stop the fatter kid and scraped her knee. “Delicious” The kid said while taking a munch. “Not bad for gaijin food”. The other fat kid had a munch too. I was angry at how they were treating Suzie, so I just ran and pushed one of them. It was the not-so-fat kid, who didn’t move by much.

“Oh, look at what we have here. The sea urchin Suko has come to the rescue of his little girlfriend the gaijin.”

“Just give her the food back, or I will tell the teacher.” I looked at them defiantly.

“I bet you just want to get naked with her behind a tree and kiss” the two fat kids looked at each other and laughed uncontrollably.

“Shut up lardass.” This caused both of them to run after me, not before the one who had the box dropped it, leaving a rice mess. Once they caught me, they started punching my face and twisting my arm. “Your mom must be so fat that she probably has three more of you inside her!” I said after kicking the balls of one of them, who knelt before me as if I was some kind of king and let out an inaudible scream, which later turned into lout sobs. His face contorted into a theatre mask. This was the not-so-fat kid. I think his name was Genji. The fatter kid, Sumi, exclaimed some inaudible nonsense and went to our teacher to report me. The teacher involved the principal. Suzie was there too. Suzie told the principal everything that happened, which led to both Genji and Sumi to be suspended, while I was simply kept from attending recess for a week. What moved me the most was that Suzie did not take revenge on me. She did not lie and say I also took her lunch and spin a tall tale. She stuck to the facts. I realized what an admirable person she was for that, despite her childish demeanor.

That day, on the way more, Suzie caught up to me and told me about her new collection of cards. Her dad had bought her some more to compensate for the wrongly-imposed punishment. I apologized to Suzie for what I had made her go through, and she told me it didn’t matter. “Thank you for helping me out!” She said, and gave me a hug. “Once you aren’t grounded, can you come and visit me again?” Suzie seemed as cheerful as she had always been. “Of course!” I said, lighting up a little on my part.

Once I was at home, I went straight to my room. I didn’t have my cards with me. None. All of them were hidden somewhere on my house under lock and key. I was bored to death, as I had read all of the manga I had and I did not want to read them again. So I had to fantasize adventures. I would fantasize that I had a Digimon by my side, and that that Digimon would keep me company. Suzie and Henry were my only friends, but I had a fear on the back of my head that they would later on stop being my friends. When I was younger, other people would not want to play with me. I don’t know why. They just didn’t want to. Even at school with Suzie, she was the only person aside from Henry who spoke and was nice to me. I just wanted a real Digimon so that it would be my friend and we would go on adventures together. I imagined me and my Digimon partner would fight against Myotismon, or against Apocalymon. I was afraid I would lose people close to me, and I firmly believed a Digimon would not go away from me.

All of a sudden, I noticed something blue on the opposite corner of my room. It was next to a Frieza figurine. It was a figurine of Frieza on his first stage, with a removable armor and it could shoot a laser if you pressed a button. Really cool toy. But that blue thing, what was it? I went close to it and found out it was a card. The card had a weird aspect to it. Like it had depth to it, and inside you could see an 8-bit dinosaur with its mouth open. It would appear and disappear if you flipped the card ever so slightly. I was puzzled, as I didn’t remember having this card. Then again, I thought, I always threw away any additional instructions and focused on the Digimon cards. Perhaps this was one of those things I would dispose of. But it was here. I kept looking at it and rubbing my chin, thinking about its origins and purpose. In my boredom, I decided to swipe it on the card reader and see what happened. I was shocked when I witnessed how the card reader began glowing and morphing into a different shape. It was a white, bright light. I had to cover my eyes and when I could see I realized I was holding a chunkier, rounder device, different than the flat and primitive-looking card reader. It was a white device, with a blue circle and a screen. My heart beat even faster, and I felt the impulse to hold the device close to me. I began to feel like someone was watching me, but not in a scary way. I was still nervous about looking, but curiosity killed the cat. When I opened my eyes, I saw two long, furry paws with black claws on the floor. The rest of the legs were yellow and had what looked like two swirling symbols. There was a white belly, and the rest of the body was yellow. I immediately looked towards this entity’s face, and it looked like that of a fox, with rounder features. The eyes had black sclerae and blue irises and below the eyes there were purple markings, one on each eye. An intense feeling emanated from those eyes, and I was struck by how tall compared to myself this figure was. What struck me more was the fact that I was not scared. I felt calm, serene, and at the same time slightly intimidated. I noticed the creature was wearing two purple sleeves with ying yang symbols on them.

“Are you… some kind of g-god o-or s-something…?” I began to feel apprehensive as perhaps this god or thing was going to punish me for being a bad kid. I wondered what this “god” would do to me, or where would I be taken.

“I… am not a god.” It spoke like a woman, a voice reminiscent of my teacher’s, who was in her late 20’s. “I am your Digimon partner.” I was in shock. At the same time, I wasn’t. After all, it was right in front of me, speaking to me. All those days of fantasizing about Digimon paid off, I thought. My. Fucking. Digimon. Partner.

“H-hi.” I waved a feeble hand wave. My brain was still in the process of making sense of this. “I am Suko Nakamura. What is your name?”

“I am Renamon.” Renamon slightly smiled, aware of how shocked I was. She really wanted to diffuse any nervousness I had. I just could not stop staring at her. It was not just the shock of having a real Digimon in front of me. She spoke to me, and she was Renamon. I didn’t know such a Digimon existed. Then I realized where I was and ran towards the door of my room to lock the door. I turned to look at Renamon and shhhht-ed her, lest my parents hear there is someone else in my room. Renamon just stood there looking at me, and I said “I have parents, y’know. If they see you, they will shit their pants and ground me even more”. Renamon just scratched her head and asked me if she could sit somewhere. After she sat on my bed, I decided to show her my cool Frieza toy and how it would produce that laser beam. She seemed intrigued and asked me to see it. Her big fingers held the figure and turned it around. It appeared as if she was interested in the figure. She rubbed the tip of one of the horns, and began speaking: “I do not fully understand why I am here, but I felt a strong urge to appear to you.” She said while fixating her gaze on me. Once she realized I was still in shock, she smiled and said “I am sure we will figure this out together, Suko. But I am just as surprised as you are.”

“Really???” I ask, surprised Renamon was also puzzled. She sure doesn’t look like the type to be easily puzzled.

“I come from the digiworld. In that place, many other Digimon exist, and live peacefully. Others are evil or aggressive, so there is often conflicts and the end result is that some Digimon absorb the information of others to become stronger and digievolve. Most are somewhere in between” Renamon sighed. “But I am not sure why I was sent here. And something tells me other Digimon are appearing in the human world.”

“Are some of them…y’know… evil?” I asked gulping. All of a sudden the idea of Digimon existing seemed unsavory and scary.

“Perhaps.” And again, sensing how scared I was beginning to feel, Renamon left the figurine aside and closed her eyes and said “No matter what happens, I will protect you. All that I know is that… you were chosen as my tamer. We are to fight together if any bad Digimon appears here. I just do not understand why all of this is happening now.” I felt a sense of relief after hearing this, and my excitement for a digimon adventure revived. “Yes and yes and yes!” I exclaimed loudly. Then realizing I might have been heard by my parents, I put my hands over my mouth, and then whispered “yes yes and yes!” which made Renamon giggle.

“How am I going to hide you?” I asked thinking.

“Hide me?” Renamon inquired.

“Yes, you know, from mom and dad. If they see you they will shit their pants and they will ground me for all of eternity.”

“Don’t worry about that. I can come and go at will. I can disappear, like a ghost. But there are limits to this skill.”

“Really?? That’s so cool!!” Then I covered my mouth again and frowned at myself. All of a sudden Renamon and I heard my mother call me. Renamon said she would see me tomorrow, and vanished just as she described: like a ghost or apparition. My mom knocked, I rapidly hid the weird device, and opened.

“Who were you talking to?” She inquired confused, looking to see if anyone was there. But there was no one. “I wasn’t talking…” I said.

“I clearly heard a voice, young man, and I think I heard a female voice as well, but I was not completely sure.” Mom sounded sterner, which was concerning. “Who were you talking to?”

                Resigned, I answered her question.

“Nobody, mom. I was just, you know, talking to an imaginary friend I made up! Her name is Renamon” I was glad to be six, and not, say, 10 or 11, as that defense would have landed me with a psychologist. I was still mildly embarrassed to say I was talking to a made-up friend, even if this wasn’t true at all.

“Oh really. Why did you choose that name for your friend?” Mom asked, relieved.

“It just sounds cool, y’know.” I said scratching my head. My mom asks too many questions.

“Well, I hope you do not think of sneaking the phone in here to call Suzie or anyone. Ok?”

“Yes mom. Good night!”

I was just hoping the new day would begin, so that I would see Renamon again. Something told me this was the beginning of a new era, and I was excited.

                Next morning, I had to go to school again. I rode my bicycle to school and did not see Renamon again during the interval between home and school. Although I remember feeling that sensation of being watched by a benevolent force again, so Renamon was probably around and I just didn’t see her.

                The day went by uneventfully, especially as I wanted to regain my recess privileges. Once it was time for recess, I stayed on the classroom by myself. I was told by the teacher that I was not to get out of the classroom unless I wanted to go to the restroom. If I wanted to go to the restroom, I had to wait until the class was back. That meant I had to time my lunch activities correctly so that I did not feel like going during a time when it was still recess and class time was far away. So I took out a notebook and began doodling. Many of the things I doodled were people from my class. Koichi was a kid whose face tapered off at the bottom, so I drew his face as a slice of pizza. Sometimes I would show those drawings to my classmates and announce to them “Hey! This is you!” by pointing to the doodle with my pen or pencil. I would be drawn by some of my other classmates. In fact, most of the boys drew each other. What made me different is that I would draw on the margins of my notes or the textbook, to the consternation of my teacher. It just felt right to do it. It would keep me calm and focused on the class.

                “Why aren’t you with the other kids?” Renamon appeared from behind me. It spooked me for a fraction of a second. I told Renamon about everything that happened, from the toothbrush incident until the kick in the balls. “I see now” Renamon nodded as if she realized what happened. “I am sorry you are stuck here and not playing. But you need to be nicer with others next time Suko.” As she was speaking I just uh-hued and kept on doodling. It was some kind of vortex, with one side saying “our world” and the other “opposites world”. Renamon noticed I was doodling and asked me to see. I was slightly embarrassed to show her, especially as there was a pizza-head kid on there with the name “Koichi” next to it. But she did not pay any heed to that, at least not that I could tell. She asked me about the vortex stuff.

                “Ah… that’s some crazy idea I have based on what I have read on black holes.”

                “Black holes?” Renamon seemed interested.

                “Yeah, those things that don’t let anything else escape from their gravitational pull. Not even light! That’s why they are called black holes. And some people say that these holes can lead to other dimensions or universes, even places where time flows backwards. Imagine I was born like a geezer and grow to be a child, until I die as a baby in my mother’s womb. It’s crazy stuff. Or there could be an exact copy of our world, but only a few things change.”. Renamon just looked at me intently, calm.

                “Sounds dangerous”. Renamon turned towards the drawing again.

                “It is. You can turn into human spaghetti if you aren’t careful! The gravity is so strong that even other stars get eaten. Planets full of other beings can be eaten by the black hole if they come too close”.

                “And how do you know all of these things?” Renamon’s voice had a slight tone of intrigue, contrasting with her typical dispassionate tone.

                “I read it on books. We have lots of them at my house and my grandparents’ house. I like to read a lot and look at photos of new and interesting things. Like the planets and other galaxies. It would be awesome if we could travel to another planet one day!” Renamon smiled at me and just said “wow”. It seemed like she was really liking me and like we were getting along. I asked her if she wanted some of my lunch. “But… don’t you need to eat? You are still growing up.”

                “I am not that hungry; I would rather just eat half of my sandwich and then devour these cookies.”

                “Alright. I will take half of that.” And I handed Renamon the other half of my sandwich. “Thank you, Suko.” Renamon said while bowing her head and having her eyes closed. I thought it was odd this 6 foot tall Digimon who looked really powerful would be so respectful towards me, a little kid. I just decided to roll with it and not question it.

All of a sudden, Renamon changed. Her fur stood up and she looked like a wild animal. There was a change in the atmosphere. It became tense and there was an oppressive feeling pervading the entire classroom. Then a strange gray fog began covering the room. “Renamon….? What is… going…on??” I was scared to death. “Suko.” Renamon said sternly. “There is another Digimon in this room, and it does not have good intentions. We will have to fight.”

“Fight???” I was shaking. I began sweating and my breathing got heavier. “Let’s get the hell out of here now!” I began wailing.

“No. We can’t” Renamon said, as a weird winged ball began to appear from within the fog. It seemed to be holding a spear. “Well, why not?!” I asked.

“It will not let us, Suko. We have to fight. There is no other way.” Renamon sounded stern. I was scared and she was not helping either.

“But I-I am s-scared, R-renamon.” I began to stutter, and I felt a node on my throat. Renamon turned towards me and knelt down to be more at my height. She hugged me tightly. She felt warm, and I felt more secure when I was embraced by her arms. They seemed slender and feminine, but they also projected strength and protection. “Don’t be scared. I am here with you. I will protect you with my life. Ok?”

“But… I-I d-don’t want anyone t-to d-DIE!”

“We can die if we don’t fight.” Fuck me, I thought. I had to resign, and accept that my wish had come true. Be careful what you wish for, they say. Whoever they are, they deserve a Nobel prize after this. The Digimon was completely materialized. It was a pink ball of fur with a cat-like face. It was winged, and was holding a spear with one of its two long, human-like arms. All of a sudden the fear was gone, as this critter, or Digimon, was rather tame-looking (see what I did there?).

“Wait… that is the menace we were worried about?” I asked Renamon while pointing at the Digimon. “All we need to use is the fly swatter in the wall and squeeze this bug!” I grabbed the hand-shaped fly swatter. “Suko don’t attack it.” Renamon stopped me.

“Human… cursed human. You dared disrespect the great and powerful Piximon, Pi!” Piximon then threw a spear in my direction, but Renamon caught it and broke it in half. Piximon giggled and a new spear popped in her hand. “KOYOUSETSU!” Renamon’s voice resounded through the room and a group of shiny diamond shaped shiny leaves flew towards Piximon. Piximon took the damage, but it was minimal. Some of the desks caught damage. Piximon then produced a bomb, which was directed at Renamon. I was tempted to attack Piximon, but I decided to obey Renamon. The bomb was avoided and it destroyed one of the bookshelves.

“Digimon that hang around with human beings are traitors, pi! They need to be punished for their mistake! Pi!” Renamon ignored those remarks, and delivered a series of kicks in a rapid succession, significantly weakening Piximon. “Koyousetsu!” Renamon then produced those shiny razor leaves which ended up finishing the Piximon. Renamon then positioned herself with her arms wide open, her head slung backwards, and some dust-like stuff that used to be Piximon got absorbed into Renamon. The fog disappeared little by little, until there was the classroom as before, except with some damaged property.

“That was… something else…” I said.

“Are you ok?” Renamon turned towards me, sighing of relief.

“Are YOU ok? I am fine. You did all the work!”

“I am fine.” Renamon ruffled my hair. I heard multiple steps coming towards the room and Renamon disappeared. “We will talk later.” Was the last thing I heard before she was completely vanished. Then the teacher and all my other classmates entered. They were shaken. They had seen the cloud enveloping this part of the school building. The teacher ran towards me and hugged me. Suzie too. “I am glad you are alive Suko!” She was crying.

“What happened?” The teacher was also crying. I didn’t think they would really worry that much about me. I am just a student here and the teacher gets paid. Suzy could get another friend too. I didn’t understand why they were so worried about me. “Ah… I…” I was at a loss of words, because the firemen and police came into the room as well. I thought I was in trouble again. Real, serious trouble. But they just questioned me regarding any weird devices, and how did I put out the fire when the extinguisher was unused. Lucky for me, the teacher interpreted my silence as shock. “The poor child is shocked by such a strange event.” The policewoman said. She handed me a teddy bear and that shocked me even more. It was like they were fisting me through the mouth and stealing any words that could potentially be uttered by my mouth. And they were merciless. Not only was I given a teddy bear for comfort, but the teacher revoked my punishment, for fear something like this could happen and I could die. Be careful what you wish for, they said. Yeah right. I revoke that Nobel prize.

On the way home, I decided to stop at the park for some time. I walked by these stone stairs which led to a stone house with some metal fence on the way to the entrance. I just sat there, and said to myself that I hope Renamon came. She did come, to my surprise. I told her everything that happened and she seemed relieved that they would now allow me to play with the rest of the kids, and that they didn’t blame me for anything. “You were awesome Renamon!” I was excited to see what would happen next, what else could Renamon do. She sat next to me and we both looked at the sky. It was so peaceful.

“So tell me, why do you find it strange that your friends were worried about you? They are your friends.” Renamon asked me.

“I don’t know if they are my friends. Sometimes I feel like I annoy people and that they just tolerate me. I guess Suzie really likes me, but sometimes I wonder if she likes me enough so that she will remain my friend. I think one day she will stop talking to me, like the others have.” I decided to rest my head on Renamon’s arm, which slowly slid to her legs. I took a deep breath as I didn’t necessarily enjoy talking about these things, but I felt like I had to speak to Renamon about it. “I mean, people come and go. They meet you, play around, and leave once they are satisfied. With me, people leave because they either think I am boring, or too annoying. I like to joke a lot, but I don’t know why. A lot of times I do things and then I think ‘Oh, shoot, I shouldn’t have done that, that’s wrong.’ But by then it is too late. My parents were giving me some medicine that would, somehow, make other kids be my friends again. But then things would go back to the same old way, and they would have to give me more medicine. And then things would get back to normal. It never ends.”

“Why would they give you medicine?”

“My dad says it is medicine that will help me be a nicer kid. And it works.”

“Have you taken it recently?”

“No. They stopped giving it to me. My parents didn’t like how I was. They said I was like a zombie.” Then I began making dumb zombie noises.

“Well, I am glad they stopped giving you that stuff.”


“I just, don’t know. You are a good kid. You gave me food, didn’t you? You also apologized to Henry and Suzie for the mischief you did. I don’t think a bad kid would have done that. Do you?”

“No. I guess not.” The wind blew and there was a small drop of water that fell on my hand. The clouds were beginning to get together, and from our view, a large part of the metropolis was covered in what looked like a curtain of rain.

“So, are we going to see more of those fogs where Digimon magically appear again? Will we have to fight again?” I really didn’t want to talk about that stuff anymore as I was feeling sad.

“More than likely we will. As I said to you last night. I am your Digimon partner, and other Digimon seem to be crossing from my world into yours. I do not know what is happening.” Renamon got into her pensive pose.

“Hello there!” A high-pitched voice was heard. I turned and I saw a long eared, rabbit-looking creature.

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