Miss Victoria, Femdom Teacher

BY : Mato-Kuroshira
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The first set of lessons had come to an end, as the bell rang and Integra Hellsing could get off of her seat at last. She hadnt been in school for literally ages, and while she figured at first that it might be fun to infiltrate with her unit, she didnt remember school to be THAT boring. Not to mention that she had a very loose grip on the language, and on the cultural differences... but the uniform she was given proved to be the largest annoyance. Her companion for this deep cover operation, Mato Kuroshira, who fit right into the class, snickered as Integra was pulling down her shirt just as she stood up. The sailor suit left her navel exposed, simply because her breasts were taking up so much of the fabric that the shirt covered little else but them- though it was not a tight fit either, so anyone daring to kneel down could see the bare undersides of her tits. Further down she wasnt fairing any better- the skirt fit her just fine, but there was no way she could decently hide her large dick in it in any capacity. Panties actually made it worse, so she eventually settled on the longest skirt they had, and stuffed the rest of her dick into one of her black thigh highs. It worked, somewhat, so long one didnt take a closer look. "I wonder how Seras is holding up...." Integra sighed under her breath as she packed up her schoolbooks.

"Not much better, i would guess." Mato shrugged, her large tits doing much the same to her, though hers were much better hidden by a long shirt, which meant she could actually wear a bra below unlike Integra, who had to go without bra and panties. The benefit of having mere F-cups, rather than whopping K´s.

Seras Victoria meanwhile had left her lesson and sighed as students filtered around her, trying to ignore their stares. She sank against a wall and wiped her brow, closing her eyes for a long moment in an attempt to get her bearings. Her massive tits heaved in her tight suit shirt, sweat gleaming on her exposed thighs. Mato and Integra had taken the only student uniforms, leaving Seras with the unenviable job of playing teacher. When Seras entered the classroom where Mato and Integra were waiting, she was unbuttoning her shirt, exposing her white cleavage and grumbling to herself. "Bloody students...taking photos on their phones..."

"Be glad your breasts are fully covered." Integra scoffed, tugging on her shirt a bit more and frowning, the sweaty cleavage that was exposed wasnt helping her case any. In an instant her sock seemed to get tighter, and she quickly looked elsewhere. "Have you seen the target in your class? I´d like to get this done and over with as quickly as possible." "Nothing but normies on our end. ...Well, apart from the boss." Mato giggled.

Seras straightened her shirt before looking at Integra over the rims of her glasses. "Nothing," she said. "Maybe your intel was wrong."

She approached her employer's desk and hiked up a leg, placing her heel on the edge of Integra's desk so the ultra-busty 'student' could see up her dress. "Are you sure this wasn't just a ploy to get me in this outfit?" That voice. That tone. She was onto something, but playing along... or perhaps she was merely getting into the role of the "teacher".

Mato shamelessly took the opportunity to look up, though Integra actually jolted, as if she was a student getting caught on something.

"What? Why would we come all the way here and go to this effort just for a costume? No... if he´s not in those two classes, then we best check during the break if he´s out and about somewhere..."

Despite her best efforts, Seras´s dominant behavior made things worse for her downstairs. She could feel herself throbbing against her leg, her stocking bulging out and her nipples slowly stiffened against the fabric of her shirt.

"Dupe or not, she´s got a lot to answer for, Miss Victoria." Mato giggled to herself. "You´re the teacher, so you better make sure she´s not lying and wasting our time." Oh, this was getting good, the japanese girl thought. She could practically see Integras resistance crumbling away... and the blonde vampire played right into it.


Seras glared at Integra, blue eyes narrowing as she fully adopted her 'sexy teacher' guise. She tilted her head at Mato's suggestion, then nodded slowly. "I think you're right. Gold star, Mato."

"Yaaay." Mato grinned, taking her own phone out and starting a recording of this. "Gold star privilege."

Seras leaned forward over the desk, wrapped her fist in Integra's blonde hair, and gave it a firm yank. "Did any of your teachers give you a boner when you were at school?" she asked, grinning when she heard a 'thump' against the bottom of the desk.

"Wh-wha-" Integra gasped, being yanked up sharply- her dick slipped out of its sleeve and hit the bottom of the desk, rock hard. She panted sharply, her tits rising and sinking quickly under the shirt. "N-no.." She began, only to wince as her hair was pulled sharper."J...just two of them... and a few students.."


"So thats why you ran to the bathrooms earlier out of nowhere? Jacking off into the toilet?" Mato added with a sharky grin.

"You must have flooded a few drains in your time." Seras adjusted her shirt collar with her free hand, exposing a big more of her majestic, pale cleavage. "Well?" she asked. "What about today? Have you flooded any students' wombs so far?" Miss Victoria was enjoying this - levering power over her boss, making her squirm and blush. She let go of Integra's hair and trailed her fingertips down the flank of a monstrous, brown tit, rolling her thumb across the bulge of her nipple.

"No, i... i was trying to focus on work... a-and on school..." Integra flinched, biting her lip as the nipple was rising up erect under Victorias finger. Precum was smeared onto the bottom of the table, something that was caught on Matos camera as she reached inbetween the legs of the table- and of the teacher- to get a shot.

"She´s already leaking, teach, she won´t last much longer." Mato informed her, tilting her head as the japanese native was reaching down to undo the knots of her side-tie string Mato wore under the skirt. "Want me to tie it down with this?"

Seras made sure to press down on that nipple, dragging her thumb around the thick swell in torturously slow circles. "Oh? Are you going to cum without so much as a single touch to your big, nasty cock?" Seras slid forward, kneeling with one leg on the table and her other heel planted on the floor, breathing heavily. "Do it, Mato. I don't want her cumming until I let her."

"Wh-what?! No, no i would never- NGh! S-stop!" Integra blushed deeper, cringing as Mato climbed under the table and got to work- a quick white squirt of semen shot from her cock and drizzled down onto the floor, but that was it as the japanese girl tightly wrapped a black string panty around the base of her dick, briefly jerking the throbbing brown cock with a tight grip to check its function.

"She´s all yours, Teach. Not a drop cumming out of that." Mato giggled, lapping up the semen that was left on the head before getting back up and sitting on the edge of the table to see Integra squirming, tightly pressing her lips together and sweating with red cheeks.

Seras hummed as the table rumbled beneath her, disturbed by Mato's wrestle with the monstercock. "Good girls," she said, and reached back to smack her thick, pale booty - making it wobble. "Nice and tight, mm? Feeling the pressure? I'm half considering driving you mad with lust, then locking you in a room with the bustiest student in the school. Or maybe I'll have Mato twerk on your cock. How does that sound?"

Mato had to get a shot of that, Seras´s ass clapping from the force of a spank was a sight for the gods. "Twerking sounds fun. I´m also up for some lesbo makeout sessions with you while Teg´s tied to that chair." She giggled.

"P-please, Seras... I.. i cant..." Integra already went half insane at the thought of that- the bustiest student was even more stacked than Seras was, and a slut to boot, if rumors were true. Matos ass rubbing and grinding against her, yet denying her penetration was a fate worse than hell itself, also.


"Eh? I didnt know you were on first name basis with the teacher." Mato interjected with a sadistic grin.


Seras ran a finger down her lips and glanced at Mato. A cute, busty, pigtailed student desperate for Miss Victoria's affections... "Mn. Why don't you squat on Integra's lap, and we'll do both?" She slapped her ass again - THWAP - and kissed the air. "And you..." She stabbed Integra's nipple with a fingertip. "Call me Miss Victoria, or I'll tie you in a locker for the night."

Integra winced, nodding quickly as her shirt got damp from the stab, milk leaking out of the nipple soaking into it. "Y-yes, Miss Victoria."

"As good of a way as any to keep her from escaping." Mato smirked, walking over and yanking Integras chair further back- her cock sprang out from underneath the table, hard erect and twitching yet no drop leaked out from it, coursesy of the black piece of string that held it. Mato raised her leg up high, setting the very edge of her foot on the table, just to give Integra a closeup view of her wet pussy and tight ass. "See that? You´d love to stick your dick in that, wouldnt you?" She lowered herself down, the head of Integras monsterous dick brushing against her soft wet labia... and then slipping off, as Mato sat down on the length instead.

"A..aahhn...!" Integra moaned weakly, cringing and biting her lip harder... Mato climbed up onto the seat to squat on the edges of it, her own skirt tenting up from the dick underneath. "I´m all yours, Miss Victoria~" Mato giggled, taking her bra off, tossing it aside and briefly groping her own tits, covered only by a shirt now, for Seras.

Seras licked her lips when she saw that white bead of milk leaking through Integra's shirt, and brought her other knee up onto the table. Her cleavage heaved up and down, her white panties soaked through and cameltoe'd, and she sucked heavy breaths as Mato teased her sluttiest student. "Mmn." Integra's vein-bulging monsterdick was enticing, but Seras kept her eyes on Mato - ignoring Integra completely. She cupped Mato's cheek and leaned in to kiss her, making sure to stir up plenty of spit - and dribble it onto the bridge of Integra's dick. "Mmnh..."


"Mmaahh~" Mato moaned softly as she got into that kiss, her tongue seeking out to dance with that infamous serpentine tongue vampires had- she quickly got the message Victoria was telling her and made sure to keep her mouth open to drool and spittle down as much as she could as well. Her hands rested on the table at first, but afterwards came up to touch her teachers tits, stroking and teasing them over the clothes with wide spread fingers, finally going for a grope...

Downstairs, things got worse for Integra still. Matos ass started to sway, jerk and gyrate rythmically, the soft curves of her rump emphasized and shown off by her carnal motions- all the while her pussy dragged against her cock and rubbed on it, coating it in a slick coverage of girly juices. "Hnn.. Hhm... You...you two are cruel..."

Seras hooked her thumb into Mato's mouth, tugging gently on her gums and kissing her ferociously. Their tongues slapped and rolled, scooping globs of drool off each other, poking and flicking intricately. Seras frowned when Mato grasped her boobs, but allowed the contact - and more, grasped Mato's wrists, guiding her to squeeze deeper and harder. "Hnh..." She crushed her huge, sensitive globes over and around Mato's mauling hands, then rolled out her tongue and cupped Mato's chin, making her crane her head and bare her neck. "Delicious," she said, and kissed her student's throat.

"Haahh... How about you fuck me instead of her, Teach~? That dick cant hold it in anyhow." Mato taunted, pushing her thumbs into Seras´s nipples as she squeezed and groped at the sides of her soft white jugs, pressing the two together and tugging on her pinky buds. She was only joking at first- but the idea of this assertive, dominant Seras fucking her with a vampire cock made her pussy drip juices to the floor. Then, out of character, she gave a sharp girly gasp as Seras kissed her throat, something that made her shudder with excitement.

Integra meanwhile was breathing hard, her tongue hanging out and dripping saliva down onto her shirt- by this point she almost didnt care anymore, if Mato would´ve raised up high enough she would´ve just jabbed it into her pussy and rammed it until that panty would break and she´d cum her truckload in her instead, but the japanese girl never rose above an inch or two, far short of the fifteen her dick sported. "Aahnn..Nnhhn..Gghh...gguhh... FFuaaah...."


Seras hissed against Mato's throat, nuzzling hard and deep before bringing her head up once again. "Dangerous," she said, leaning her brow on Mato's and glaring into her eyes...while down below, Seras nursed a sprouting, vampiric fuckrod. It stretched out her panties, straining them as her girth filled out with dense veins. "Take out your tits and shake them around for me. Then I'll consider it. Mn...though wrecking your cunt over Integra's naughty dick does sound like fun."

"Hahh... Y-yes ma'm~" Mato mewled, seeing just the barest hint of Seras´s panties stretching out before it disappeared out of sight. Without hesitation, she pulled her shirt over her head and tossed it away, a pair of pale white, shapely and youthful F-cups flopping down on to her chest. Both of her pink nipples were pierced with little dumbells, and were visibly stiff...

She didnt stop there, she zipped down the side of her skirt as well to give Seras a view of how Integras tortured dick was dripping with pussy juices by now, twitching hard and slightly red whilst Matos tight cunt was rubbing its silky folds over the ridges of her veins. With a large grin, the japanese girl shook her upper body a few times, her tits swaying and flopping around trying to catch up with it, but just hitting each other with wet slaps. She took both of them in her hands for a moment, squeezing them tight to let her see the marshmallowy flesh spill out between her fingers, before lifting one up to suck on its nipple... dropping it again, she then started an assault, bouncing up and down on the chair she squatted on, slapping her cunt down onto Integras dick that was trying to rise up and letting her tits flop up and down quickly. "Hahh... th-this is what they look like when you fuck me, Teacher~!"


Seras huffed and puffed for breath, her pupils dilating at the sight of Mato's perfect, smooth titties jiggling before her, thwapping and clapping in joyous bounds. She met Mato's eyes and lowered her head, opening her mouth...and then pressed her lips against that wobbling chest, letting Mato's boobs slip and slide all over her face, biting and suckling into her student's tits. "Hahhfuck," Seras groaned, grasping Mato's sides and digging in deep. Her cock swelled and swelled, eventually snapping the hem of her panties and flopping down onto Integra's dick. It wasn´t as large, but it was still growing- ten to twelve inches easily with a girth to match "I have...nnh...a bonus assignment for you, Mato." Seras cooed out as her hand reached down to grab both dicks, her own and Integras- and thrust against her own pale cock against the brown one, frotting it hard with sweat and precum as the lube.


"Hnnn... Mmmm... Go ahead, i´d rather do it here than have homework~" The gothic girl purred, running her hand through Seras´s hair and digging through its golden strands. "Is it pushing Integra to the floor so you can rape her with that....? Or taking that pathetic dick in my ass while you slam my pussy with it?" By now it wasnt certain if she was suggesting ideas or just rambling about whatever picture came to her mind. But one thing was clear, Mato was enjoying it a lot more than Integra did.

The sensation of being enfolded in Mato's slender arms and big, youthful tits gave Seras the thrill of a lifetime. She caught a pierce nipple between her teeth and flicked it with her tongue, then slid down from the table and shoved it away behind her, jacking her cock, now fully erect and grown to fourteen inches, in a hand. "Option B," she purred. "Get ready."


"Oh~" Mato smiled with wide open mouth. She stood up, high enough to set her tush down onto Integras tormented beast of a cock, the slightest touch of it making the tan girl whimper... she held onto it with a tight grip of her hand, triumphantly sitting on the tan meatpole, looking over to Seras and her slightly dangling erection that threatened to come out her other end when she would use it. "I was born ready~ I´ll drop down on this dick on your command, teach."

"P-please... please un-undo the restraint..." Integra whimpered further, her hips almost jerking up by themselves with how much her dick was doing the begging for her.

Seras stepped forward - and hoisted her cock up high, bracing her broad glans against Mato's pussy. "Mmn... What was that? I thought I heard something." Seras pushed a hand through her hair before getting ready, grasping Mato's hips and grinning at how much of her cock and of her sweaty, brown student's the girl would be taking. "Begin, Miss Kuroshira."


"Please... please please pl- AAHaaahhnnngggg!!" Integras tongue hung out and her eyes rolled up, as Mato did just what had been promised- she dropped down, back into a squat and hungrily sucked in fourteen of the fifteen inch cock, all the way down to the restraint put on her. It came down so quick, Matos tits flopped down once again. "Mhhnnn..." Mato mewled as her guts got filled with cock, a light bulge forming on her belly as she got deep enough. Leaning back on the chair and resting one ankle on Seras´s shoulder, she looked up with gleeful expectation. "Wreck me, teach~"

Seras tipped her head back and groaned as Mato slurped her own cock up in her sopping, molten-hot pussy. The busty blonde shivered in pleasure, squeezing her student's sides even as the pigtailed cutie threw a leg over her shoulder. "Nngh...insolent brat," Seras crooned, and began to RAM Mato without mercy, fucking her like a machine, letting Integra feel the raw strength of her cock through the wall of Mato's ass. "Ffh..! Hah! Ahnn.~ You...absolute whore..."

"Aaah! F-fuuuck... Fuck yes... Fuck yes i´m a whore!" Mato moaned out loudly, her thighs shuddering and her back arching as Seras proceeded to claim her, pushing her dick in raw and stretching her womb around its girth like a condom. "Only a whore can enjoy dicks like t-Fuhh.. thiiiss!" Her legs trembled and her pussy quivered tightly, clenching, almost vibrating against Seras´s fuckrod- it felt like she was constantly cumming from the monster that was fucking her.

Integra gave off unintelligable noises, whines and strained moans, her cock sleeved by Matos ass while Seras´s thrusts rubbed against it every step of the way... she was hoping her balls would be strong enough to burst through the restraints, somehow escape it, cum into that treacherous whore, but no luck. She was getting fucked without a way out... the only way was to wait, and play along.

Seras hooked a toned arm around Mato's back and hammered her cunt with rough shoves, crashing her hips toward the petite girl's with brutal, soggy SCHLOPs and CLOPs. Seras's sweaty cleavage leapt as she pumped, but not as much as Mato's, which flopped all over the place under the merciless fuck. "Nngh! Gonna...haggh...push it in your ass...after this..."

It was hard to believe Matos pussy could go back to the tightness it originally had, but she´d done worse before- Mato could take Raynas insane girth and survive it, Seras´s smaller size was actually enjoyable by comparison. Playing her part in the game, she was moaning like a slut in heat at it, briefly grabbing her tits and licking them for Seras to see, before she let tem go again, flopping and slapping her in the face occasionally. With swaying movements and slight bouncing, she was torturing Integras cock further, riding one dick whilst being railed by the other. Mato mewled with delight, her arms soon wrapping around Seras to nuzzle the blondes face into her tits. "J-just give the word and i´ll get off her.... Fuuuhhnn.. to let you fuck my ass in her place..."

Seras lapped at Mato's cleavage, loving the feeling of her F-cups bouncing around her face. "Needy girl," the teacher puffed, drawing back and peering into Mato's fuck-crazed eyes. "Mmhn, okay. I order you to dismount that pathetic whore and present yourself. We'll show her what a real assfuck looks like." She pulled out slowly, dislodging her dick inch by slimy inch. It snapped erect as it cleared the glan, dripping precum onto the floor. "But...give me a show first."


"Ahhh....A show, huh...?" Mato panted, chest rising and lowering quickly as she took a moment to recover. "What kind of show, thiiis?" Saying that, she reached down and balled her fist- shoving it inside effortlessly to show how much Seras had stretched her out, her fingers opening up her sopping lips to give her a view of what her womb looked like. She giggled, getting her act together and rising up, inch by inch escaping her ass with Integra´s whiny cry as the glan popped out, only to cry out loudly as Mato slammed down again, taking her dick balls deep in her pussy for several deep thrusts. Her feet were down on the floor, she could go as deep as she wanted- yet, she gave off a playful yawn and hid any noise she made by biting her tongue. "Pathetic whimp. Can´t even return the favor and fuck me sitting upright." With that done, she strutted up to Seras, raising her leg up high and beginning to rub her pussy against Seras´s dripping fuckrod. She wasnt planning to have her punch her womb with it again, just a little tease while her mouth kissed Seras´s lips, licking them, presenting her tongue to her. "Your dick is amazing, Miss Victoria... What would you like to see? I´ll show you anything."

Seras stroked her dick two-handed, one stroking the shaft while the other rubbed the palm over the head, surprised by the way Mato interpreted the word 'show'. Displaying her cream-soaked womb to Seras was one hell of a power move, and the blondie groaned and squeezed her cock harder. "Fucckk... She really is pathetic, isn't she?" she asked, grinning viciously at the tormented Integra and then resting her hand on Mato's hip and nuzzling her cockhead against her student's agile cunt, already closing up tight again. "Mm." She brushed her lips across Mato's, then pinched her tongue and spat in her mouth. "Anything, hm? Honestly, I'd love to see whatever your naughty imagination can cook up." Seras thrusted - and punched the back of Mato's womb with her cockhead. Once. "God, you're stretchy. Is that the end or just the entry to more of your fucktunnel?"

"Aahnnn~!" Mato didnt expect to get it in the pussy again- a little squirt of girly juices came over Seras´s dick, her tongue rolling and caressing that bead of spit that came from Seras, swallowing it lewdly, running a hand over her neck to show Seras where it was going. "And you´ve got such incredible stamina... Hnnngg.. hnnff... H-how about we just leave her here for someone to find...?" Mato suggested with a giggle, wrapping one leg around Seras to hold onto her like a dancing pole, before leaning back- it put pressure on Seras´s cock from above, and produced a noticable bulge on her belly that depicted where the cock was thrusting. Mato leaned down, kissing and licking her tits whilst pressing them together. "If you were any bigger, i could give you a boobjob from the inside... Hm.... but..." She leaned down much further, letting go of Seras and placing her palms on the floor, putting hash vertical pressure on the dick inside her as she displayed her flexibility. "At... at least you can... s-see your dick inside me!"

Seras eagerly rocked her hips forward into Mato's press, grasping her like a dance partner as she leaned back and drove a big, squishy bulge all the way up to her collar. The teacher rocked her head back and groaned as Mato leaned...and arched...and flattened her hands on the floor, teasing her cock inside that endlessly stretchy womb. She lifted Mato's legs, wrapping them around her hips, carrying the girl with little but the vampires cock to support her. "Nnhah...hhn...fuck..." She rocked back...and forward...and back...and SMUSHED balls-deep in Mato, panting for precious air. "God...I never knew...just how good you are..."


Mato was surprised that Seras could endure this without letting loose- she could feel the girl was fighting it, but having the vampires balls unload into her womb was an idea too precious to simply ignore. Her body pushed back against hers, like in an inverted push up her arms provided the force to counter Seras´s smashing thrusts, and with a cheeky tongue showing she let her know. "Hnnng... hhn.. I know... that you´re holding on by a hair, Seras~ Its okay for the teacher to cum, you know, i dont mind a sloppy second in my ass~"
Despite everything, though, she hadn´t forgotten about Integra- she was in reach, her legs were spread, and she leaned over to bury her mouth in the thick ballsack of the tan girl, moving her mouth up to try and reach the panty to release her from that torture.

Seras closed her eyes again, tilting her head back, trying to hold on...but it was simply impossible. Suddenly she grasped Mato's beautiful tits, bottomed out, and gave a girly cry of bliss. She erupted, blasting Mato's womb with dense shots of vampiric girlcum, pumping her to the brim and then bloating her belly a bit more. Her womb could take a lot, but Seras had more than that to give- the floodgates eventually opened up as her cervix stretched wider under the pressure, leaving the seed to pour from her cunt. "Nnggh--ghh-!"


"A...aaahahhh~ Fuck.... Fi-fill me up, Teach! Empty your balls into me!" Mato cried out lewdly, her legs almost giving in as she was cumming for a third time, cum pouring down her ass and pooling up on the floor as Mato´s pussy couldnt hold it all in. "Aahh.. aahh... are you seeing this, Integra? Fuhhh... fhh... ffhhuk..." Integra was seeing it, and she was starting to see white... her body trembled and quaked, all this pressure, this buildup, this torture finally getting too much... before Mato could reach it, the strap of the panty snapped into three pieces, and Integras cock shot cum up into the air, painting the cieling with multiple thick bursts of her nut cream which was raining own on the desk s below- her cock jerked around wildly as she came, spraying the black haired girl with shot after shot of jizz and even some even hit herself, painting her brown skin white... before she passed out from the intense orgasm, her dick slowly growing limp.


Seras was too focused on Mato to even glance at Integra. She squeezed the stretchy slut against her, moaning, arching her belly against Mato's as the brown whore geysered spunk all over them. "Mmrggh...ffuk...kkgh..." She kept pumping, kept firing her VAST load until her balls were dry, and her cock slowly ceased pulsing. She collapsed back against the desk behind her, lying upon it with Mato still straddling her lap. Vampires didnt need to breathe, but Seras was wheezing for air...

Mato panted hard as well, slipping off of her dick and plopping down into the puddle, bathing in Seras´s cum while her belly slowly emptied itself again, a twitching cunt spurting semen back into the pool. Seras Victoria was a dream girl. Seeing her naked was a dream come true, but seeing her naked and sporting a 14inch cock- that got Mato´s mind alight with dirty ideas. "Hahh... fuck... lets... lets keep the anal for later then...we have gym class next period..." A soft giggle came from her, realizing that Seras would be the teacher in that too. She couldnt wait to flaunt her ass, tightly clad in those famous red bloomers, at the blonde.... and pass it off as being legit.
"Haahh... heh... y-yeah.. you think i could pass a house rule that students are forbidden from wearing bras in gym class...?" Seras giggled, leaning forward and rubbing her messy cock over Mato´s face, affectionally painting her in semen. "What are we going to do with her? She´s gonna be super mad at us."

Looking back at Integras worn out body, Mato shrugged her shoulders. "She can´t do anything if she wants to keep her cover as a student. If she reports you, the gig is up, so... she´s gonna play along, if she wants to or not."

Both girls grinned widely at that thought.



End of Chapter 1

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