The Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

BY : The_Gamer
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Serena sighed, and walked down the street with her new talking cat Luna on her shoulder.  She sported a broach on the front bow of her school uniform. She put her arms behind her head and stared up at the darkening sky. 

"Shouldn't you be heading home, Serena?" Luna aske in a quiet voice. 

"Mama kicked me out, Luna, she's not liable to let me back in tonight." Serena said, "I studied really hard for that test too. If it gets too cold I'll try to climb in the window." Luna frowned. "I should find some place to do my homework. I think I have enough money to buy something at the Crown that should get us somewhere warm to sit  for now." 

Luna was worried. It was cold out just the start of Fall where would Serena sleep tonight if she wasn't allowed back in? 

Serena ordered some food and found a seat in a corner where she wouldn't bother anyone and began doing her homework working as hard as she could. When the food came she shared with Luna. 

"Hey, Meatball Head." Darien said, leaning against her table. "Meatball Head? Hey, Meatball head don't ignore me." 

He was getting annoyed. Serena never ignored him and especially if  she had to do her homework. His anger peaked. 

"Hey, Serena."

Serena looked up and smiled. 

"Hi, Andrew, I'm not in the way am I? " She asked looking around. The Crown was mostly empty. "Oh, are you closing?" 

"Not yet." Andrew said, worriedly. "Are you okay?" 

Serena stared down at the table. The looked back up smiling brightly. 

"Yeah, I'm fine, Andrew." She said, "I should probably get going though. Mama and daddy are going to be worrying about me. If it's this late." 

"I'll walk you." Darien offered.

So soon Darien was walking Serena towards her house. He noted the black cat poking out of Serena's back pack. 

"I didn't know you had a cat." He tried to start a conversation. 

"Yes, Luna-chan." Serena said, "I just got her." 

"From what pet store?" 

"No, I found her on the streets." Serena informed. "Some kids were being mean to her so I saved her and took her home. Mama and Daddy said I could keep her. She follows me everywhere."

"That's cute." Darien replied absently. 

He had never been to Serena's before so he paid attention to where they were going they finally got to her house. This was a good neighborhood to live in. 

"Night, Meatball Head." 

"Thank you." Serena said, and made sure Darien was gone before trying to climb the tree and get into her room. 

Darien frowned as he watched. Why would she need to sneak in? It wasn't that late?

Serena cursed her window was locked. She climbed back down the tree and swallowed roughly as she began knocking on the door to her house. Her brother opened the door. 

"Hey, Sammy, can you ask mama if I can home now?" Serena asked. "I got my homework and studying done." 

Sammy shut the door in her face and went to ask. It was Serena's father who came back. 

Serena wasn't allowed dinner she was taken up to her room. She was forced to take her panties off and raise her skirt. She laid on her bed and her daddy spanked her hard with his belt. She lost count of how many spankings she had gotten before she was pulled up by her hair and hit her across the face. He began beating her while telling how useless and stupid she was.

Downstairs Sammy and Ikuko were eating dinner and ignored them this was normal.

Serena laid on the floor by her bed crying softly. Her whole body hurt but it wasn't over yet. Luna quickly followed as Serena as she was shut into a crawl space in the closet of the room. Luna was shocked as the crawl space door was shut and it was darkness. 

Serena groped around for her flashlight and flicked it on. 

"Is this your room?" Luna asked, worriedly. 

"Yeah." Serena sighed, "Hang on, I'll get the blanket so you can keep warm." 

"What about you?" Luna asked as Serena did indeed get a blanket. It was very thin thread bare blanket that didn't look like it would cover Serena let alone both of hem unless they snuggled up together. "Serena, you can't afford to get sick." 

"I'll be fine, Luna-chan." Serena sighed. 

They curled up together and were soon asleep.

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