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Dick Ketchum now ten years old stood in blue jeans, white socks, black sneakers, a black short sleeve shirt, a pair of blue fingerless gloves on his hands and blue goggles around his neck. He had bright blue eyes like dad and messy black hair like him too. He pulled a backpack on to his back and then let his Pichu jump on to his shoulder. Looking in the mirror he nodded. Looked like he was ready to go. 

Once upon a time your father Ash Ketchum was chosen by the Mythical Pokemon to posses a powerful gift that would allow him to help human and Pokemon a like. He turned the gift down. Now the Mythical Pokemon are giving you this gift. 

You have recieved the Gift of Gamer.

Dick stared at the screen in front of him. He was walked through a few screens that would help him. 

"Are you seeing this, Pichu?" 

Pichu nodded he had his own screen. 

The Power will extend to your Pokemon unless they are traded away. 

"That's informitive." Dick scoffed. 

Ash Ketchum stood outside the door of his youngest son and chewed his lip as he listened to his son and Sparky talk about the Power of Gamer. 

"Damn." He cursed softly as to not draw attention to himself. "I didn't think they'd give Dicky the power." 

Raichu agreed with him.

"Well, we'll just have to help them anyway we can, Raichu." Ash sighed. Raichu agreed. Ash took a deep breath and entered the room. "Dicky, Pichu are you ready yet?" 

Dick turned to look at his father and shrugged. 

"Great, lets go then. All of our stuff is already on the Island so we just have to catch the ship that will take us there." Ash said, brightly rubbing his hand into his son's head. "Dicky, I want you to have something. It means a lot." He pulled a hat out of his own bag. "This is the hat I wore when I first started my Pokemon journey. I want you to have it. Hopefully it'll bring you good luck." 

Dick blinked at the hat then took it and put it on. He pulled his goggles up to rest on the bill of the hat. He wasn't normally one to wear hats but the smile his dad was giving him made him think maybe he should just wear this one. 

The boat was full of kids going to Pokemon Academy most were already battling. Teachers from the Academy walked around watching them and made notes on their Pokewatches. The latest in Poke Merchendise. Dick stood with Pichu on his shoulder and watched everyone scoping out who would be the best and who would probably tap out and go home after a few days time. He knew that was what the Academy did. They purposely made classes hard so students that didn't have what it took would quit and go home. Dick was not going to be one of those students. No he was going to go through the Academy and become a better trainer than his father ever was. He was going to show his father and brothers that he wasn't weak and useless. 

He was enjoying the boat ride and was sure that they were almost to the Island when a boy with brown hair came up to him with a Squirtle. 

"I challenge you to a battle." The boy said. 

"You're an idiot then." Dick replied, making a few people laugh or chuckled. "I'm Dick Ketchum and this is Pichu." 

"I'm Sam Oak from Pallet Town and I'm going to be the greatest Pokemon Master ever." The boy exclaimed. 

"You're off to a terrible start." Dick informed. "But if you insist. Ready, Pichu?" 

Sparky nodded and jumped to the deck. 

Dick turned his hat like his father always did. 

"I choose you, Pichu!" 

Ash smiled fondly from where he was standing with his two older sons who were teaching at the Academy this year. They were prodigies in their chosen fields. Chase was 20 years old and a Pokemon Researcher. Coal was 15 years old and a Pokemon Breeder. By their sides was a young girl who also the spitting image of Ash. Her name was Rain and she was 9. She had a Pichu with her as well and had special permission to attend the school this year. 

"Go, Squirtle!" Sam said. 

Dick lazely activated his Pokedex to get information on both Pokemon. 

"Squirtle, Tackle!" Sam called. 

Squirtle charged forward. 

"Pichu, jump on top of it when it gets close enough and use Thundershock." Dick ordered. 

Pichu waited until the last second then jumped into the air and shocked for all he was worth. Squirtle cried out in pain and fell to the ground. Pichu got some distance between him and the Squirtle. 

"Squritle get up!" Sam yelled. 

Squirtle did then charged at Sparky again. 

"Pichu, do the same thing as before Thundershock!" 

Pichu did and this time when Squirtle went down it stayed down. Pichu ran to Dick who picked him up and put him on his shoulder. 

"Good job, Pichu. " Dick praised and petted Sparky in his favorite way. "You see, Sam, Squritle is a water pokemon and Sparky is an electric pokemon. Water is weak to Electric. I had the type advantage. " 

You've won your first Pokemon Battle as a trainer. 

25 p has been added to your Pokecard. 

Pichu is now level 2!

Pichu has 5 stat points to spend. 

Your Friendship with Pichu has reset. 

Pichu Friendship-2 

Pichu's data has been registared in your Pokedex.


Level: 2

Nature: Modest

Type: Electric

Species: Tiny Mouse Pokemon

Height: 1'00"

Weight: 4.5 lbs

Ability: Lightening Rod

Moves: Thundershock, Charm

Sometimes, when two Pichu play together, the static electricity that crackles off their bodies produces an unexpected shower of sparks. this often startles them into crying. 

Dick was shocked that was a really detailed entry in his pokedex. He closed his pokedex as his sister smashed into him hugging him. 

"Great job, Dicky," she beamed. "and you too, Pichu." 

Pichu gave a smug smile. Rain's Pichu, Sparky agreed with her. 

"Why is your Pichu a different color than hers?" A girl with a Hopip asked Dick. 

"My Pichu is a special Pichu." Dick stated. "He was born a shiny Pichu." 

"Oh." she nodded. "May I.......scan him?" 

"Sure." Dick shrugged. "If I can scan your Hoppip." 

"Okay!" the girl said brightly. 

So they scanned each other's pokemon even if no enetry was formed. They even scanned Rain's Sparky because scanning different genders and just over all different pokemon of the same species gave them more data on them. 

Dick looked out over the water and could see the Island coming into view. Here it was. Now he could prove himself.

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