It only stings for a moment

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It only stings for a moment

Mina sighed with frustration as she fell back onto her bed tossing the half melted dildo aside after it brought to her a truly disappointing climax “well that sucked” she groaned pressing her pillow to her face as her body ached with sexual frustration

Throughout her entire life since she had hit puberty she could count the number of decent orgasms she had had on one hand as her Quirk had the nasty habit of activating when she was in the throes of sexual passion making her orgasm itself burn whatever was inside of her

Sitting up with a dejected sigh Mina ran her hands through her hair as her phone suddenly vibrated with a text message and picking it up she smiled as the found the message to be from Kirishima, her phone screen emblazoned with a picture of him and her that she had taken on their last night out, both of them decently drunk with their faces squished together after she had insisted on taking a selfie

Yo Mina you free tonight? Bakugo’s at a family dinner and I got no one to hang with, bored as hell

Mina grinned warmly at the message as she texted back that she was free, ever since graduation from U-A she and Kirishima had remained close friends along with the rest of the Baku squad but out of the group she and Kirishima remained the closest in living area and thanks to that most of their patrols ended up with them joining up to take down villains together to the point that the name ‘Pinky’ was usually followed by ‘Red Riot’ in the same sentence

Yeah I’m free tonight, come on over, I don’t feel like dancing tonight and I’ve got drinks in

Sending the text the Acid Hero then hurried to get dressed, she might not have been able to have a decent orgasm but hanging out with her best friend would easily be enough to make up for it

Within half an hour she was dressed and she had the drinks set out, wine for her, sake for Kirishima as she then hurried to answer the door hearing the Hardening Hero knocking, with her clothing choice she had gone casual yet stylish going with denim short shorts and a fitting one shouldered top that showed off more than enough of her impressive cleavage

Opening the door Mina eagerly greeted Eijiro with a warm hug before he had the chance to say hi, the Hardening Hero chuckling somewhat nervously as her chest pressed against his “happy to see you too Mina” he chuckled patting her back as she invited him in, Eijiro having gone quite casual himself with a simple t-shirt and jeans combo

Inviting Eijiro inside Mina told him to make himself at home whilst she finished readying the refreshments for them, making sure that the sake was the strong brand that Kirishima liked before heading back to find him relaxing on the couch

“So how have you been?” Eijiro asked taking the bottle of sake from Mina hardening his thumb to pop the lid off

"I've been ok, it's been pretty quiet lately, no major Villains crawling out of the woodwork so I've mainly been dealing with petty criminals lately" Mina sighed as she sat down next to him, holding her bottle out for him to open as well before taking a deep swig of it “I know I shouldn’t hope for a big Villain to attack but it has been real boring lately”.

“Yeah I get you, the most interesting thing that’s been happening to me lately is training with Midoriya or Bakugo, well that and dragging Amajiki out of his daily slump” Kirishima returned as he downed half of his sake in a few gulps “so how’s your personal life? Any guys you’ve got your eye on?” he then added with a cheeky grin, the pair regularly teasing each other over potential partners and the fans they had of the opposite gender

Mina’s features fell at the question as she let out a sigh “dry as always, I’ve had a couple of dates but they always end the same”

“Oh? The guys get too handsy?” Kirishima asked, his jaw tensing slightly at the thought of someone thinking they could get an easy lay out of Mina

“I wish” Mina laughed dryly taking another long swig of her drink making Eijiro raise an eyebrow “I haven’t had a guy touch me intimately in years” she then admitted greatly shocking the Hardening Hero

“Wait seriously? I don’t mean to call you easy or anything but look at you! I would have thought guys would be fighting to the death just for a chance of a date with you! Don’t tell me your eyes and horns put them off, there are far more extreme Quirk side effects out there” 

Luckily Mina was more flattered than insulted by his words feeling her cheeks flush a little “it’s not because of my looks Kiri, it’s because of...well this” she replied as she then held out a finger and produced a drop of acid from the tip, letting it fall onto her coffee table to burn a small dent into the surface of it

“Oh…” Kirishima responded watching how the dent in the table sizzled for several moments before settling “you mean that happens when you…?”

“I’ve never had sex with a guy and I’ve melted enough toys to know it’s a bad idea, Mina Ashido, doomed to die a virgin” the Acid Hero sighed “don’t worry, I got over it early, I didn’t become a Hero to get laid anyway, that’s Mineta’s thing”

“I know but still, it seriously fucking sucks you can’t have physical intimacy, there must be guys lined up willing to take that risk for you” Kirishima responded as he moved forward in his seat and placed his hand on the coffee table, not noticing that he had placed it on the still slightly steaming acid patch

Noticing this Mina raised an eyebrow “doesn’t that hurt you?”

“Does what hurt me?” Kirishima asked confused as to what she meant

“You’re touching my acid”

Looking down at where he put his hand Kirishima then lifted it and turned it over to show his palm, the skin on it showing a light redness to where it had touched the acid but other than that there was no visible damage “oh that’s cool, I knew with my training my skin has gotten naturally tougher but I didn’t think I had gotten that tough” 

Staring for a moment at the mark on her friend's hand Mina then gently took hold of it with one of her hands whilst holding a finger from the other over his palm, excreting a small drop of acid which dripped right onto his palm

As the acid touched his skin Kirishima’s fingers flexed in reflex but other than that he showed no sign of pain or discomfort, both of them watching in fascination as the drop fizzled against Kirishima’s tough skin before stopping “holy shit, you can’t burn me” the Hardening Hero gasped “well not with small amounts of acid anyway and I’d rather not test you drenching me in the stuff”

As Kirishima continued to stare in fascination at the fact that his skin had grown so tough that small amounts of acid did nothing to him Mina was starting to have different kinds of thoughts “hey Kiri...can I ask a favour of you?” she asked as she released his hand

“Yeah sure, what do you need?” Kirishima asked turning to face her only for his eyes to widen as she leaned forward to kiss him, making the Hardening Hero stiffen up without the help of his Quirk before quickly relaxing into the kiss, shocked that she had done so but he wasn’t going to stop her from doing so

As he relaxed into her kiss Mina deepened it, cupping his face as her tongue snaked between his lips sending a shudder down both of their spines, the feeling of her tongue making Kirishima’s tingle as if he had been eating pop rock candy making him chuckle slightly against her mouth which in turn made her giggle, the two Heroes eventually breaking their kiss for air

“Whoa” Kirishima panted subconsciously licking his lips “not that I’m complaining but where did that come from?” 

Smiling broadly despite the noticeable blush on her pink cheeks Mina rubbed the back of her head “I dunno, I thought since my acid doesn’t hurt you I thought for a moment...nah it’s stupid”

“Come on, we’re buds, if you need something I’m willing to help”

Smiling softly at the sentiment Mina tried to find the words to voice her request but instead decided to just wing it like she always did, the Acid Hero saying nothing as she then proceeded to mount Kirishima’s lap, her hands going to his shirt as she gave him the most heated lustful look she could muster making it quickly click in Kirishima’s head of what she wanted

(A few minutes later)

With her clothes strewn on the floor Mina lay splayed out on the couch, her hands grasping tight at the cushions and arm rest as she gasped and moaned in pleasure, her back arching as Kirishima laid shirtless on his front with his head between her legs, his tongue working absolute wonders on her sending shudders of bliss throughout her body, far greater than any toy could ever bring her

“Oh my god Kiri! Where did you learn to do this?!” Mina cried out in bliss as his strong tongue flicked across her clit, her back arching as one of her hands snapped to his hair pulling on it, in the Bakusquad it was a running joke that Kirishima was ‘eternally single’ as despite his charisma and boyish charm he had never picked up a girlfriend despite his many admirers

Pulling back Kirishima grinned up at her “come on Mina, I’m a guy, I’ve seen videos” he chuckled making the Acid Hero at the thought of him pleasuring himself before those thoughts quickly disappeared as he returned his tongue to her slit making her cry out in pleasure, her toes curling as she hung her legs over his shoulders

Thanks to months of sexual frustration and her toys never being able to take her ‘right there’ Mina felt her orgasm building up fast and hard, her hips bucking frantically as her breathing became sharp and laboured “Kiri...Kiri stop...I’m gonna…” she panted as she realised that whenever she got remotely close to orgasm her pussy secreted acid much stronger than the kind she had secreted from her finger earlier, fearing that she would burn Kirishima or much worse

The sound of cracking skin prompted Mina to lift her head and look down finding that Kirishima had hardened his face and tongue in response to the slight stinging sensation on his tongue, the look in his eyes telling her that he wasn’t stopping until she was finished as he then hardened his fingers and pressed them down on her clit

The moment his fingers made contact with her sensitive clit Mina came HARD, her orgasm hitting her harder than any time she had managed to bring herself to climax, her entire body erupting in ecstasy as she screamed Kirishima’s name as her pussy squirted all over his face, small clouds of smoke rising from his hardened skin as a slight sizzling sound could be heard but he endured it, feeling only a tiny sting from the contact with it

“Oh god, oh fuck yeeessssss” Mina slurred as Kirishima then slowly pulled away, his fingers still slowly stimulating her as she shook in the aftershocks of her climax, her body limber enough to allow Kirishima to spread her legs with ease after dropping his pants

As she felt Kirishima move her the Acid Hero looked down with wide gleeful eyes as she watched him position himself at her slit, putting up no resistance or complaint as she took hold of his shoulders and spread her legs wider for him allowing him full entry as he slowly entered her

The moment he bottomed out inside of her both Heroes saw stars, Mina’s eyes widening in bliss as she felt him fill her to the very brim, his entire body hardening out of preparation for more acid or out of sheer reflex giving him an almost bestial look as his fingers became claw-like and his teeth became more pronounced, a look that Mina found herself being incredibly attracted to as her core tightened further around him, her heels hooking around his hips to try to drag him in deeper whilst she tried her best to kiss him with his new almost ‘maw’ of a mouth

Grinning broadly as Mina ran her tongue along his fangs Kirishima thrust deeper into her, making her squeak and purr with delight as she pressed her heels harder to his lower back “oh Kiri!” she cried raking her nails along his rock hard shoulders, her skin glistening with both sweat and small beads of acid making the couch start to steam as they dropped from her onto the cushions

As Kirishima’s pace quickened Mina felt her second orgasm coming on stronger than her first, her brain still fuzzy from the first climax making her eyes cross as sheer ecstasy overwhelmed her, unable to even try to hold back as she climaxed mere moments later, her pussy clenching like a vice holding Kirishima still inside of her

Moments into Mina’s orgasm Kirishima followed suit, his lack of experience in the act showing in his lack of staying power but Mina couldn’t complain, the rush of his release inside of her only strengthening her own orgasm leaving her a shuddering mess as Kirishima then collapsed on top of her, both of them panting heavily for breath

After a couple of seconds the sound of creaking joined their pants before they exclaimed in shock as the couch collapsed beneath them, the combined force of Kirishima’s pace and the acid leaking from Mina’s skin having destroyed the joints and a lot of the fabric leaving both Heroes lying on the floor

“Oowieee” Mina groaned as Kirishima climbed off of her, his skin softening as he pulled out of her allowing her to sit up and rub the back of her head “great, now I need a new couch” she pouted before grinned broadly “well today hasn’t been all bad, that was fantastic!” she then beamed allowing herself to fall back to lie on the floor next to Kirishima

“You sure? Sorry I couldn’t last long, I got really caught up in the moment” the Hardening Hero replied, a little ashamed of himself for not getting more orgasms out of her

“Don’t sweat it, we both just need more practice and trust me, we’re going to be practicing that A LOT more often”

“We are?” Kirishima asked, more surprised she’d want to sleep with him again than upset by the idea

“Of course, don’t think I’m going to let you run off that easily, all I need is to get some acid resistant linen to cover the bed and furniture and we can really go all out” she promised wrapping an arm around his neck to pull him into a hug/noogie making him chuckle and grin wolfishly

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