Following Father's steps

BY : Niktoi
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Momonosuke lied awake staring at the ceiling of the dark room. It was around midnight and he was supposed to be sleeping, which should be easy considering the circumstances. He was sleeping between two beautiful women, one being ten years older than the other. It didn’t change the fact they were both adults and Momonosuke was only a child, and they were both towering him in height. Just like his late father, Momonosuke was attracted to women; however, unlike him he didn’t have any kind of harem at a young age. Still, it didn’t change the fact he was deeply attracted to women, and being on that ship was a blessing. He slept in the same bed as Robin and Nami, and even took bath with them.


Unfortunately, something new came with it: urges. His body was growing, and just like his father before him; his manhood was very active. The very scent of the gorgeous women besides him were enough to get him hard. He successfully hid all the times he bathed with one of them; however, he knew he couldn’t keep this up for long.


That’s why he decided he’d act on it tonight. He was going to relieve all his urges on one of the women in this bed. He chose Nami since she was a heavy sleeper and had little chance of waking up unlike Robin. Since the dark haired woman was close to them, he’d have to be quiet. Moreover, Nami wasn’t just gorgeous! She was bewitching, and smelled good. Her boobs were bouncy and very pleasant to touch. He noticed it well since he kept pushing his head between them when she was holding him.


Momonosuke moved the covers off him and Nami’s upper body, showing her big bust as she was sleeping on her back. Looking at her quickly made him hard; she was sleeping in red panties and a pink shirt. He could clearly see she wasn’t wearing any bra since it was more comfortable for her as she said. She was expressionless, and as he got closer he could feel her breath.


He gulped before thinking of what he should do. He wanted to do like adults and use his manhood; however, he felt like it would end too quickly for him. She stared at Nami’s peaceful face; her lips looked soft and appealing. He never kissed a girl before; but he’d love for Nami to be his first one. He crawled on the bed and mounted Nami’s body, sitting below her breasts.


He ran his finger over her lips; they were soft and nice to touch. Nami slightly shifted, making Momonosuke jump a little. She must have moved because of how uncomfortable her body was due to him sitting on her. Although her arms were still free.


He smiled when he was sure she was asleep, then brought his face closer to hers, feeling her slow breath upon his face. He finally pressed his lips against hers, and he suddenly felt in a whole new world. Nami’s lips tasted like tangerines but multiple times better!


He pushed his tongue inside her mouth forcefully and wriggled it around hers. Just like the rest of her skin, her tongue was soft too. The boy kept moving his tongue around her mouth’s inside, salivating all around both of their mouths. Even though she wasn’t kissing him back; he could still feel great pleasure in mingling his tongue with hers before sucking it.


After a few seconds, he stopped and pulled his tongue out before licking her lips, noticing Nami was breathless. She turned her head on the side before closing her mouth. The boy put a hand between his legs, feeling his dick getting harder. He wanted to pull it out so much, but decided to wait anyway. He wanted to explore Nami’s body. True, he already saw her naked but he didn’t really taste and touch all of it.


He crawled under the covers to her feet. They were small and slender. He looked at her right foot and touched her toes, making her shift a little. He ignored her movements and licked between her toes. They were smooth, and it made it better as he licked and sucked all of them. He could hear Nami giggling in her sleep, but he continued anyway. He grabbed her whole foot with both of his hands and licked the bottom. He enjoyed licking an upper part of her leg too.


Finally, after several minutes, Momonosuke stopped with a blush as nearly Nami’s whole foot was covered in his saliva. Now it was time to go on what he waited for the most. the two things he spent his time grabbing, but they were always covered with cloth when doing so.


He grabbed her shirt and lifted it upwards, revealing Nami’s huge bouncy boobs. The boy’s nose bled a little as his eyes landed on Nami’s breasts. He grab the two of them, pressing them against each other.


“So soft…” He whispered before shoving his head between them. They were so big he felt like he was on cushions. He licked Nami’s right boob while groping the other one. Suddenly, he heard a weak moan. He quickly looked up and saw the orange haired woman still asleep, but blushing. It looked like she holding some moans back. “Does she like that? Then I don’t see why I shouldn’t continue!” He thought aloud as he looked at her nipples.


He had wanted to play with them for so long. The moment he touched them; he felt they were hard. He started licking a nipple while pinching and pulling the other, making Nami moan in pleasure. He smiled as he heard her before sucking her hard nipples. Just as he expected; they had a great taste, worthy of this woman. If only he didn’t have to do this in secrecy during the night, if he could make her his.


He couldn’t wait anymore and finally took his clothes off. His dick was big and hard, waiting impatiently to meet a woman. He kneeled beside Nami’s head and grabbed his limb, rubbing the tip of it against the woman’s soft lips. A bit of precum was released on her lips, and that was when he decided to fuck her mouth. He stood up and put his feet on each side of her head. He brought her chin down, opening her mouth forcefully before shoving his cock inside it.


He bit his lips as he felt her warm mouth all around his dick. It was completely wet of her divine saliva which only made things better for him as he felt it would be even easier to move. The boy gripped her hair and hugged her head as he moved his hips, fully enjoying her warm oral cave. He couldn’t help but drool with a smile slapped across his face as he felt his cock hitting the back of her throat.


He couldn’t see Nami’s face from his position, but he could only hope she was blushing like crazy. She was really cute when she was doing it. He also imagined her begging for more of his cock. It was only a fantasy, but it was enough to get him harder. However, a minute later; he suddenly felt something ready to come out. He knew what it was, and wouldn’t take the risk of coming inside her throat since it could wake her up. He quickly let go of her hair and pulled his cock out before stroking it as fast as he could. He still wanted to come, and seeing her gorgeous blushing and breathless face was more than enough.


He moaned as he shot his load over her face and in some of her hair. Momonosuke panted, his dick twitching because of his orgasm. However, even though a great amount of his cum covered Nami’s face; he was still hard. That was sign; it was time for him to become a man. He crawled down to her slim and sexy waist. He sat between her hips and pulled down her panties, revealing her pussy and a few orange hair above it. He named it the goddess’ cave when he bathed with her (Robin’s had the same name though), but it was always unreachable… until now.


He sticked one finger in and immediately felt the warmth of her insides. It was tight, and that meant it would give him an even better feeling. Nami moaned weakly again as he pulled it out. He noticed with delight… she was wet. Did her body take pleasure when he was using her? It filled him with happiness, knowing she liked what he did to her. He rubbed the tip of his cock on her soft pussy, making her shift and moan. After a few seconds, he put it in. Nami’s body quivered in response as Momonosuke exhaled in pleasure, feeling her flesh around his cock. It was warm and tight, and his dick twitched. It was like a paradise; he wished it would last forever.


He moved his hips, his cock hit the back of her womb, and yet, it wasn’t even fully in. Nami’s head jerked back as Momonosuke put his hands on her spreaded thighs, and moved faster. Nami moaned a little louder as Momonosuke noticed drops of blood coming out of her pussy. He feared it would wake Robin, but it didn’t to his relief. He continued his intercourse, ignoring the blood, and only listening to Nami’s weak moans.


Momonosuke placed his hand around her waist and buried his head into her navel as he felt his cock getting sucked in her pussy. He felt like he couldn’t stop, and the woman was forcefully keeping him inside her. However, he’d soon come, and wasn’t sure it would be safe to do it inside her; he’d have to pull out.


“More… Harder…” Nami whispered in her sleep with a blush as she moaned.


Momonosuke widened his eyes at that. How was he supposed to stop when a woman like that was begging him to continue. He gritted his teeth, then grabbed her left leg and placed it on his right shoulder as his hugged her thigh while moving his hips harder. He opened his mouth and tried to keep his moans to a minimum as he exhaled with each thrust.


Nami’s whole body sweated as her face heat up. She was still muttering in her sleep between two week moans, which excited the boy. He didn’t even care anymore if Robin would wake up or not. He was close to coming!


With a final thrust, he shot his entire load in the orange haired woman’s womb. He still held to her thigh as his cock twitched inside her pussy while cum was dripping from it. Several seconds later; he finally pulled it out and dropped Nami’s leg on the bed. That was the best experience in his life, but he was breathless and wanted nothing more than go to sleep.


However, he knew he’d had to do something about his cum. There was some covering her face and in her hair, and he could see a little bit in her mouth; she’d most likely swallow it in her sleep, so he shouldn’t worry about that. He looked around the room and grabbed several tissues, and cleaned her face and hair, and the cum dripping from her pussy. He threw them out of the window, directly into the see and put back Nami’s clothes on her, like nothing happened.


Finally, he could rest. Of course, he decided to use her gorgeous and comfortable breasts as a cushion. He put his head between them and grabbed them with his hands as he went to sleep.

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