Warming up at sea

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Warming up at sea

Nami shuddered in her bed as she bundled her bed covers tighter around herself, she hated whenever they set sail through the colder parts of the Blue, no matter how many modifications Frankie made to the ship to retain heat Nami was always freezing from the moment the snow began to fall

Coughing a little as she then sat up to further wind her covers around herself Nami grumbled about starting to catch a cold, the redhead forcing herself to get up keeping the covers bundled around her as she decided that she wasn’t going to get warm on her own

Leaving her quarters she held her bed covers tighter to her body as she then headed towards Luffy’s quarters, cursing her seeming refusal to wear clothes on a night as she found them uncomfortable to sleep in

Upon reaching Luffy’s room Nami didn’t bother knocking, he never locked the door and he was a very deep sleeper to not hear her knocking if she did so, heading straight in she found Luffy fast asleep with the covers kicked off lying on his back in just his underwear “god I envy your cold tolerance” she sighed as she watched him sleeping soundly for a few moments before dropping her bed covers

Hissing from the cold air that met her naked body Nami quickly climbed onto the bed and grabbed Luffy’s covers, pulling them over them as she proceeded to lay down on his front, his body heat bringing quick relief to her as she sighed at the feeling of his rock solid pecs pressing against her fully breasts

As she rested against his chest Luffy shifted in his sleep, one of his arms moving to wind around Nami almost instinctively making her purr warmly at the sudden embrace as she rested her head in the crook of his neck quickly feeling herself start to fall asleep

Shifting slightly to get more comfortable Nami shivered as she then felt her groin press against Luffy’s sending a jolt of arousal up her spine, unable to stop herself from rolling her hips to grind her clit against his natural flaccid bulge in his underwear, because of how cold it had been in her room she had neglected to touch herself like she did every night to help herself fall asleep 

“He won’t mind if I indulge a little” she breathed as she pressed down harder against his bulge, wrapping the covers around herself as she moved to sit up, straddling him as she rolled her hips, biting her lip to suppress her moans telling herself that he wouldn’t mind if he woke up to such a sight

Grinding her hips down harder Nami hissed as she felt his bulge part her pussy lips sending a shiver of pleasure up her spine, the redhead then letting out a sharp gasp as her clit pressed against his bulge as well

As the heat in her loins go steadily hotter Nami decided that simply rubbing wasn’t going to be enough to sate her, the redhead shifting back slightly to take hold of Luffy’s underwear and with some sharp tugs pulled them down to reveal his cock making her cunt clench at the sight of it “he won’t mind...who wouldn’t want to wake up to me riding them?” she told herself as she took hold of his flaccid manhood and steadily stroked him to erection

Biting her lip at the sight of his natural ten inches Nami refrained from stretching him further needing quick immediate relief over a long intense fuck session, the Navigator shifting up onto her knees to press his cock head to her needy pussy, relishing the heat that came off of it against her hot cunt before slowly sliding down on him feeling him stretch every inch of her insides

The moment he bottomed out inside of her all thoughts about being cold left Nami’s mind, the redhead letting the bedcovers fall from her as she arched her back with a cry of pleasure, throwing her head back as her hips promptly started working bouncing hard and fast on her Captain’s cock

Balancing her hands on Luffy’s chest Nami couldn’t help but rake her nails down his pectorals and six pack as she panted and moaned loudly in ecstasy, biting her lip harder as she then looked down and froze as she saw Luffy’s open eyes staring up at her “uuuuh, I can explain” she started as Luffy just blinked up at her in surprise

After another couple of long heart pounding seconds in which Nami expected her lover to freak out Luffy’s signature grin eased her worries as his hands moved up to take hold of her waist “you really couldn’t wake me up first?” he sniggered teasingly as he took a playful thrust upwards into her making her gasp as her breasts bounced in tandem

“I only came here to share your bed since it was so cold and one thing led to another” the redhead tried to explain “it’s not my fault you’ve got a big dick…”

Grinning broader at her excuse Luffy stretched his hands out to cover more of Nami’s body with his grasp before then starting to use his grip on her to help guide her riding pace “don’t worry, I'll help you warm up” he grinned as Nami moaned louder from the feeling of his rough hands stretching to cover as much of her as possible

Working her hips faster to match the speed that Luffy bucked his hips at the couple soon found a comfortable riding pace, Nami taking hold of Luffy’s thumb to stretch it up to her mouth to suck on it as she slammed her ass down harder on his thighs making a pleasing clapping sound with every pop of her hips, her body now radiating warmth as her orgasm crept up

“Mmmph...oh yes Luffy” she panted as Luffy bucked up harder into her making her tits bounce harder, the rubber man proceeding to then shrink his hands back down to normal size before winding both arms around her like constricting snakes, binding her arms to the side making her mewl and moan as her body got even warmer, even beginning to sweat as her groin tightened by the second

With a few more thrusts from Luffy Nami then cried out his name as she came hard, drooling slightly through gritted teeth as she felt Luffy climax with her filling her insides with his hot seed further warming her, the redhead slumping forward onto Luffy’s chest as he wound his arms a little tighter around her

“Feeling warmer now?” Luffy chuckled to which Nami tittered softly nodding against his chest, neither bothering to pull the bed covers back over them as their post sex glow was warm enough for the both of them

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