– The Sexual Awakening of Isabelle Rostain

BY : Victor2K
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Content of the Story: no sex (prologue). Tags about scenes in each chapter)

Subject: Isabelle de Paris (Paris no Isabelle)

Characters involved: Isabelle Rostain/Jeannette Lagrange (OC)/Ian Daniels (OC)/various other OCS

Author: Victor2K


Isabelle de Paris (Paris no Isabelle) – The Sexual Awakening of Isabelle Rostain, by Isabelle Rostain







When I write these words, I don’t know to expect how you, dear reader, would react about what I have to talk about. This is not a fairytale or a story where the ending is tragic. This is a veritable story about how a woman overcame the worst that could happen in her life and found her salvation in the arms of people she never imagined she would. And through ways she would not wonder even in her deepest and secret dreams or thoughts.


This woman is me. Isabelle Rostain.


It’s been seven years since the (Franco-Prussian) War. Seven years since my life turned upside down and I, until now, was never capable to recover properly. Until the war, I was just a young girl from a noble family, used with everything the best life has to give, a sheltered life and protected from the burdens of outside life.


But then, it happened…


There isn’t a day where I do not cry or shiver when remembering of what happened. The war changed my life in ways I can’t fathom to explain in few words. My sheltered life was broken and I decided to enlist myself to save Paris from Prussians and the traitors who wanted to destroy the city for their own profit.


But this sacrifice resulted in losing my family, friends, the people who I loved. The greed of war took them away from me, getting their payment in blood and destroying the world I lived until that. I tried to save Paris and the fate rewarded me in the worst way possible. Only God in His mercy knows why I was spared from the same fate as them.


I cry only to remember and relive the scenes, on how I could not stop to see the people I loved die. Daily, I refrain to remember that, because my heart aches profoundly while my memories play the tragic book my life was when I got 15. A tragedy I am only recovering right now.


Since these days, I wandered around the streets of Paris, without anything since the war took me everything I had. I did everything to support myself, things I wouldn’t even think to do if my life remained unblemished. It was when I had my first contact with the carnal things, the things of the body. Yes, I was as prostitute in the streets, but it wasn’t the best thing I did. Just to remember that, I feel disgust to think about the people I had to ‘serve’ and the things they made me do.


Don’t know why, but quite survived being just ‘Isabelle de Paris’. For a moment, I thought I would be wandering forever trying to find a path to save myself or die in the process. Again, God had mercy on my soul and allowed me to live.


I thought I wouldn’t be saved from that until Jeannette came.


Everything I have now I have because of her. Everything I am it’s because of Jeannette Lagrange.


My friend, my lover… my everything…


She was the one who saved me, who brought me into a state of peace. And the one who made me loved the pleasures of the flesh and become the most desired woman in France, I guess.


This is why I am writing these. Because of Jeanette, but not because of her. There was Ian too, my lover, my friend and also my everything. Because of my family, friends and the ones I lost, here is my salute.


And this is how my story begins..,







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