Midnight's treat

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“Alright, like I said, today we will do something special,” Aizawa said as the students glanced at each other, wondering what it might be. “Today, I will see you one by one so we can talk about what you wish to be after U.A,” He started before being interrupted by Iida’s raised hand.


“I don’t understand. Aren’t we supposed to be heroes?” The boy asked as he adjusted his glasses.


“Yes, but you have to know what kind you want to be. A sidekick, in a team, or an underground hero like me,” Aizawa lazily explained as Iida apologised for not understanding sooner. “I’m too tired and lazy to see each and every one of you, so I called for some help,” He added as the door opened.


The first ones to show a reaction were Mineta and Kaminari, who couldn’t help but drool as they saw who came in; Midnight, the 18+ rated hero in her hero outfit. Without any surprise, she walked with a hand on her hip while waddling her butt and winking to some of the male students.


“Half of you will talk with me,” She simply said before Aizawa continued.


“We will both be here, on different desks. You’ll wait outside and we’ll call your name when you have to come in. There’s a list on the door anyway so you can see with who you’ll have a meeting, and the orders of each passage,”


“I can’t wait for our a little meeting,” Midnight licked her lips as some guys blushed, each one thinking she was talking to them. Izuku was embarrassed, Bakugou simply didn’t care, and Iida wasn’t even looking at her.


Meanwhile, Shouto looked impassive, showing very little emotions. However, he noticed Midnight had winked towards him while Aizawa started speaking again, grabbing everyone’s attention.


The class had to go out of the classroom while Ochako and Mina stayed behind; one having the meeting with Aizawa while the other had it with Midnight. As soon as they were in the corridor, they looked at the paper sheet glued on the door. Shouto quickly looked at it and saw he was the last one to go with Midnight. It didn’t bother him, since he wouldn't take too long; he wasn’t planning on sharing his future ideas to someone else yet. Mostly because he didn’t know what kind of her he would be yet. He was happy as long as he was one. Just like everyone else, he stood near the classroom door, waiting for it to be his turn to go in. As the other students kept coming in out, he got an uneasy feeling. And it only grew stronger as it looked like some meetings took more time than others. He hoped he wouldn’t have to pass tomorrow because they didn’t have enough time today…


Finally, an hour later, Kouda came out. He was second to last with Midnight, and that meant it would soon be Shouto’s turn. It was about time; he was the only one left, and everyone else was already gone for lunch. Finally, the door opened, and just as he expected, it was Midnight; however, she in a hurry.


“Todoroki, I’m really sorry, but I have an emergency! We won’t be able to have our meeting now,” She apologised as Shouto shook his head.


“It’s fine, it wasn’t really important to me anyway,” Shouto answered


“No, you really need that meeting, it’s mandatory. We can do it quickly, so is it alright if I come by your dorm room tonight? I’ll try not to take too much of your time,” Midnight asked, giving him an apologetic smile.


“Alright,” Shouto replied uneasily.


“Great! See you tonight!” Midnight said before running off, surely to take care of her emergency.


Meanwhile, Shouto still couldn’t forget the bad feeling he had. He shook his head; he was surely imagining things. At least, he wouldn’t be late for lunch... 


The day went as usual, and the boy quickly forget about the feeling in his guts. Until the moon rised, and every one had to go back to their dorm rooms. It was pretty late, so most of the students were tired and ready to sleep. Shouto was among the only ones still not asleep since he was waiting for the sexy teacher to come.


He sighed as he had enough; he doubted she would still come at this late hour. He really didn’t even need counseling for his future plans anyway. He turned off the lights as the only thing keeping him room from being in the dark was the moonlight. He was ready to change and go to bed when he suddenly heard a knock on his door. He raised an eyebrow, wondering who it could be at this hour. Useless to say he was surprised when he opened the door and saw it was Midnight, and still in her hero costume. She was smiling seductively, but she always did that, so it wasn’t unusual.


“Midnight-sensei? What are you doing here?” He asked as Midnight came in and closed the door.


“Well, I did say I’d come to your room, didn’t I?” She answered as she licked her lips.


“Yes, but it’s late; I thou-” He was quickly interrupted by Midnight’s soft and warm lips connecting with his.


He widened his eyes in shock, not quite understanding what was happening while Midnight put her hands on his cheeks, caressing them as she slid her tongue in his mouth. Midnight had her eyes closed as her tongue mover around his mouth, even licking his teeth. He couldn’t understand what was going on, but tried to push her away, but to no avail. His body didn’t even move, as if he refused to obey him! He couldn’t help but blush as he felt like the teacher was tongue fucking his mouth. It was hard to admit, but it felt good. Her tongue was soft and warm. As for Midnight herself, she was gentle and gorgeous, her face so close to his, he had to admit she also smelled nice. Suddenly, the older woman’s actions were enough to make his desires take over his body. He finally moved, but still kept his lips on hers, and placed his hands on her waist, and upper back as he entwined his tongue with hers. He assumed Midnight was satisfied as she brought her hands lower, and pulled him to her. Her breasts were pressed on his chest, and her crotch was touching his dick as they exchanged their saliva, still kissing each other. She was currently wearing her skin-tight hero suit, while he only had his jeans and underwear, so little was keeping his dick from touching his pussy. He rarely thought about things like these; however, Midnight was special, and this heated situation wasn’t helping. He felt his cock growing bigger, and getting harder, and he knew it would be no easy task to keep it in his pants. Suddenly, the heroine stopped, and released his lips from her grasp, leaving a trail of saliva between their mouths. She had a bewitching smirk, which for some reason, turned Shouto on even more. However, now was not the time! He needed explanation!


“Midnight-sensei, I don’t understand…” He started only to be stopped by Midnight’s chuckle.


“I think it’s obvious… I love young boys, and I took some time, but finally decided I would play with you,” She answered as she leaned her body on him, pressing her boobs on his arm while she caressed the base of his neck, making him blush again.


“W-What?” Shouto couldn’t believe it. Was this for real? He would have never thought their teacher would go that far! That was so wrong! “I don’t think we should do something like this; we w-would get in t-trouble,” He added, losing his composure to the older woman.


“Wrong? Come on, did you already forget how you kissed me? It was so inexperienced, but I liked it. You never kissed anyone before, right? That means I was your first,” Midnight whispered in his ear, before stepping back. “That turns me on, so much!” She moaned, before focusing on Shouto again. The boy didn’t even have enough time to react that she lifted his shirt, and took it off him, leaving him shirtless. He blushed again as Midnight licked her lips and threw him on his bed, before standing over him.


“W-Wait! We can still stop this!” He tried to reason with her, but the angle he was looking at her wasn’t helping. And that skin-tight suit was too much to handle.


“You don’t know how long I’ve waited for this…” Midnight smirked as she pushed him on the bed and lied on him. “You’re strong, handsome, and the top student. I think I should give you a gift,” Midnight added before tearing a part of her suit, letting her breasts out. Shouto widened his eyes as he had the privilege to have a look at her fully exposed boobs.


Midnight leaned down and pressed her boobs on his body, so he could feel her hard nipples as she kissed his chest. He knew he could push her away, but his body wasn’t listening again, it knew it would miss the opportunity of his life! Midnight chuckled as she licked his nipples while her hands were caressing his chest. The boy shuddered in response as he felt the older woman’s warm tongue lick him. Naturally, the teacher didn’t miss that, and decided to tease him further by softly biting his left nipple. A couple of seconds later, she moved down to his waist, slowly running her tongue across his abs. She could feel they were tough and hot, and the reaction she got from her student turned her on more.


“So young, and strong… I could spend the whole fingering myself on those abs,” Midnight purred as Shouto almost choked on his own spit, surely because of the shock at her words. “Let’s see how much you pack down there, now,” She added as she licked her lips, and took off his pants. Even without taking off his underwear, she could see the bulge his erected cock left. Shouto breathed out as she finally slided his underwear down his legs. The boy’s face was red from embarrassment, now that someone other than himself saw his dick. Midnight widened her eyes in surprise, before they soon brightened at the sight of his manhood pointing at the ceiling. “I am impressed, Todo- no, Shouto-kun. You’re so big! I’m happy you aren’t just a boy!” She purred as she grabbed his cock and rubbed her face on it, before sniffing it with delight. “Now that’s the smell of a man,” She said as she kissed the tip of it, making Shouto shudder.


“M-Midnight-sensei…” Shouto tried one final time to find the words to reason with her, but he couldn’t. Moreover, he really started enjoying where this was going, not even wanting to put a stop to it.


“Please, moan my name. I love when young men do it, it turns me on,” She said as she brought her face close to his family jewels, burying her nose in the too. The boy could only gasp; he was used to her being weird and perverted, but not in such a dirty way. “I’ll start by suck your meaty, and hairy balls! You would like that, wouldn’t you?” She chuckled as she licked them, while stroking his cock with her right hand.


Shouto didn’t reply, focusing on Midnight’s tongue running across his balls, a couple of seconds later, she even started hard sucking them. The boy couldn’t deny she looked like a kid enjoying new treats; however, he couldn’t concentrate a lot on this as he was feeling her soft hand (plus a bit of the skin-tight suit) stroking his cock, from its base to its tip. She was going fast, but not too hard, just enough to make him feel good. And she was successful; beside her gentle fingers, her mouth was warm and welcoming as she took his whole balls inside it, which surprised even him. It made the suction harder while her tongue played with his balls, wrapping her tongue around, and lifting them.


He finally stopped holding back, and let out a moan which made the teacher look at him directly in the eyes while she still had her mouth full. Seconds later, she released his testicles, allowing herself to breathed a bit while she licked her lips, as if she still wanted to make it last longer.


“Oh my. They were really tasty, but you should clean them more, they were so stinky, naughty boy,” She said as his face became red of embarrassment. However, truth was she loved it that way. If it smelled bad, it made her feel dirty, and she liked that. Fucking a kid wasn’t dirty enough for her. “Now to the main dish,” She licked her lips as she licked the underside of his cock, making the boy moan again. Without waiting any further, she put his cock all the way in, until it hit the back of her throat.


Shouto grunted as he felt Midnight’s tongue wrap around his cock while she moved her head back and forth. He looked into her eyes while she stared into his; he could swore she would be smirking if she could. He moaned again as he felt her caressing his balls with her left hand while moving her head faster.


“Slurped~” She sucked as his cock hit the back of her throat with each move, not that it displeased her. Seconds later, she pulled it out to catch her breath. She smirked before stroking his manhood with her right hand while her left one went between her legs. “Ah! It’s so big, my throat is almost sore! Come on, let it all out! I want to see your semen!” Midnight licked her lips as she moved her hand faster, making Shouto’s cock twitch.


The boy knew he wouldn’t be able to stop all this anymore, so he accepted it, and sat up while his teacher was gleefully awaiting for him to come. Her hand was too good, and after being sucked like that, he couldn’t hold back anymore. With a final moan, he came, cum erupted out of his cock and falling down on Midnight’s hair, exposed breasts, and face, with her mouth open to taste some of it. The boy breathed out, feeling pure relief as Midnight rolled the cum around her mouth, savouring its taste. She licked her lips when she finished, then looked at Shouto, allowing him to see she got some cum even in her left eye, but she wiped it off quickly.


“You sure came a lot, not that I am complaining, it was tasty!” She chuckled before kissing the tip of his dick. “And it looks like you are still hard… We can take care of that.” She added before laying down on his bed and spreading her legs, showing him she already tore the suit part between her legs. Her pussy was dripping wet, and above it deep blue hai could be seen. “Come on, put it in. I know you want to… so, fuck me, Sweetie,” She smirked as Shouto’s eyes darkened.


He placed his hands on her thighs, and thrust his cock forward, putting it all the way in on the first thrust. That alone was enough to make Midnight moan and jerk back as she felt his manhood hit the back of her pussy.


“Oh, god! You’re so big!” Midnight purred as Shouto grabbed her by the boots. Before she could say anything else, he moved back and thrust forward again, making Midnight release a moan. He continued moving back and forth while holding her boots with a strong grip. Midnight’s pussy was tight, but his cock slided in easily, and it was enough to make him lose his mind. All he could hear was his pubic slamming on hers, and her moans. He liked it. She bewitched him, and always looked arrogant, maybe because she thought she the hottest heroine. However, now she was at his mercy. “Ah~! Harder~! Show me everything you got, honey~!” Midnight moaned as the boy obeyed, making her jerk her head back. He strengthened his grip on her boots, and raised her feet higher as he pulled her closer to him. “Oh, so ferocious~! You really want to fuck me, now~!” She moaned as his slammed his meat in her flesh, now moving faster.


Midnight grabbed the sheets as several waves of electricity went through her body with each thrust.


“Ah~! Y-You’re crushing my womb~!” She moaned as her body shuddered. “I’m coming! I’m coming, Shouto-kun!” She screamed as she squirted, and dropped the sheets. She had expected him to stop; however, he only let go of her legs, letting them rest on the bed before he placed hands on each side of her head, staring into her eyes. Suddenly, he moved back and forth again, going harder with each thrust. She screamed in pleasure, her pussy was still to sensitive, even a small touch was enough to make her moan; and now, he was going all out. “You still have some energy! Ah… break me with your huge cock!” She screamed while her eyes were slowly rolling up, and her tongue was hanging out.


Shouto kept moving all the while looking at her; he never saw her make a face like that, and he was sure it was the same for everyone else in the class. He was the only one who got to see Midnight-sensei have such a perverted expression; it almost made him feel unique.


“Are you sure, Midnight-sensei? I thought you would beg me, if you really wanted me to fuck you that hard,” Shouto replied, leading Midnight to immediately understand what he wanted her to do.


“Yes, please! Give it to me! Don’t you see I am such a bitch in heat?” Midnight begged while the boy went all out in reply. “Oh, my god! Shouto! You’re really getting good, now!” She grinned.


While he was moving his hips, Shouto also kept looking at Midnight. The glasses-looking mask she was wearing had fallen off, which led him to see her face more clearly. He started to understand what every other boy saw in her when they threw her those lustful looks. She was back at staring into his eyes while licking her lips, her whole body twitching with his thrusts. She had beautiful sky blue colored eyes, which he could easily get lost into. Her hair partially covered her sweat covered face. She had soft pulpy lips, and her body (that he could clearly see with her skin-tight suit) was fit. She was gorgeous! He slowly lowered his head to bring it closer to hers, and kissed her. Midnight widened her eyes, surprised, before blushing and returning the kiss. She kissed him earlier, but this felt somewhat different. Shouto felt as if her lips were even softer than before, and he could feel a taste he hadn’t earlier, it tasted like chocolate, did she eat that often? Soon enough, their tongues entwined again as now fully appreciated her lips and her kissing experience. A couple of seconds later, he broke the kiss, feeling breathless because of it, and because his trusts started taking a toll on him.


“Midnight-sensei,” He panted as the older woman smiled.


“Come here, honey. Take this opportunity to take all your stress out,” She said as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him towards her, burying him in her body. She twitched again as his manhood slammed her womb. “One of the other reasons I am doing this is because I know how hard it’s been for you, so I’ll help you let it all out!” She said as she stroke his hair in a warming way.


Shouto finally felt his cock twitch as a wave of electricity went through his body; he quickly pulled it out and came on Midnight’s belly, still covered with her suit. She unwrapped her arms as Shouto fell back on his back, with his pillow under his head. Midnight sat up, with her legs a little sore, then wiped the hot cum on her belly with her fingers before licking them. She looked at the breathless boy, then crawled to his now sluggish cock and cleaned with tongue. Shouto shuddered as Midnight rested her head on his chest and ran her fingers across his abs.


“That was wonderful. You liked it too, didn’t you?” She asked as the boy remained silent. Midnight licked his chest, successfully getting his attention since he finally looked at her now. “I’d really like to sleep by your side, but it’s obviously too dangerous for the both of us. I guess I will have to go, luckily I brought some clothes so I could change,” Midnight said as she stood up and slowly walked towards the door, showing a full view of her ass, her suit being tighter and sticky because of her sweat. “I had a fun time,” She winked as she went closed the door behind her.


Meanwhile, Shouto stared at the ceiling, not even standing up to get dressed. He just fell in love with his teacher.

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