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Disclaimer: You must be 18+ to read this story. I do not own To Love Ru or any of its characters. I also do not make any money/profit while I make this story.

Note: Welcome to To Love Ru: Gender Swap: This is actually a rewrite version of the story that I wrote but was suffering from writer's block, so I've decided to re-write my story, To Love Ru: Gender Swap. Most of the story will be the same with a few differences. But the last few chapters will be scrapped. During the re-writing process, I made a poll. And that was if do I stay faithful to the manga and keep the main cast at their original ages? Or do I update their ages to eighteen? Seventy percent of all voters wanted me to keep the main cast stay at their original ages. Ask, and you shall receive. Keep in mind that not EVERYBODY will be affected by this rule. In this story, Mikan will be fifteen instead of twelve, as her original counterpart. The reason behind this is because I want Mikan to be more than just an extra. Plus, I do want her to have some fun with the main cast, and the only way I'm going to be able to do that is by upgrading her age. Also, you may notice that this chapter is a lot shorter than the first chapter in the original story. That is because while I was rewriting the first chapter, the first chapter ended up being over 10000 words long, so I decided to split the chapter into two chapters. I hope you all understand these small changes and enjoying the story either way.

And by the way, You must be 18+ to read this story. I do not own To Love Ru or any of its characters. I also do not make any money/profit while I make this story.

Also, this story is going to be heavy lemon moments, and describe things in great detail, even in the lower region of a woman. If you dislike that, then click out of this story. You have been warned if you don't mind that kind of thing, welcome.

Anyways, into the story.

Chapter One:

Meeting Riko Yuuki & Friends:

In the middle of the night, a young man was jumping from rooftop to rooftop from buildings that are fifty to a hundred feet tall. The young man seemed to be eight-teen years old, 5'6 feet tall and weighed 175 pounds. The young man had turquoise green eyes and long black and bubblegum pink hair, which had it tied up in a ponytail, most of his hair was black, but the ponytail part of his hair was bubblegum pink. The young man was also wearing a black leather jacket done up and blue jeans, along with black boots.

The reason why he was jumping from rooftop to rooftop was that he was running away from his pursuers. One purser had red hair with a scar on his left cheek, and the other had short black hair, which both of them wearing black business suits and sunglasses to cover their eyes. The pursers were shooting beams at the young man, trying to shoot him down, but they would always miss him, that is until one of them got a lucky shot on him, making him yell out in pain and fall to the ground from a hundred feet tall building to the ground.

Red Hair Man: Oh, God, I think we killed him.

Black Hair Man: Come on, he's the King's son, it will take a lot more than that to kill him. Come on, let's get down there before he gets back up. (The two men jump off from the hundred feet tall building)

Back down into the ground, the young man is seen getting back up from the ground after falling from a hundred feet tall building. The young man had scars all over his face, which had blood trails coming out from his scars. By the time the young man got back up, the two suited men had got down to the ground, surrounding the man man.

Red Hair Man: Give it up, boy, we got you!

Black Hair Man: Give up on this game of cat and mouse, and no further harm will come to you.

?: (Thinking) Damn it! It looks like I have no choice!

Red Hair Man: Hey, did you hear us, come with us now!

?: Sorry, guys, but I have no interest in coming back! (Touches his wrist) Give my father my regards! (There is suddenly a bright light that comes out of the young man, which temporarily blinds them)

Four Hours Earlier:

In the city of Sainan City, there was Sainan High School, also known as the high school for perverted men. Why is the school called that? Because all the male students are all perverts, including the principle. Just like every other high school in Japan, students must wear uniforms, Male students must wear brown suits and green dress pants, and girls must wear tan suits and green mini skirts. Now here's the kicker, for the girls, the skirts are so short, that simply bending down would show the girl's panties, this would make the men trying to take a peek up their skirts. Because of all the men are perverts, there are A LOT of single girls, especially for Riko Yuuki. Riko Yuuki is your everyday girl student in Sainan High school.

Riko is sixteen years old, close to being seventeen. She has golden-brown eyes and short light brown spiky hair that went down just below her shoulders. She is 5'3 feet tall and weighed 135 pounds. She also had great looking thighs and breasts, which they were a perky 38 C cup. Because of Riko's good looks, she is said to be one of the most beautiful girls in the school. There is even a fan club that gathers together to talk about Riko. That fan club is run by the young man who has the hots for her, and that young man is named Kenichi Saruyama, and he happens to know Riko's measurements, which are B87-W55.5 H84, which is kind of creepy.

Anyways, Riko was in the school hallways talking to one of her good friends Haruna Sairenji. Haruna is sixteen years old, she has purple eyes and short purple hair that just went over just over her shoulders, but without red her hair clip, her hair should be touching her shoulders. Haruna is 5'2 feet tall and weighs 115 pounds. She had great looking thighs and perky 36 B cup breasts. Her three measurements are B79-W56-H82.

Haruna: So Riko, Risa, Mio, and I are going to go see a movie later after school, do you want to come?

Riko: I wish I can join, but I promised Mikan that I would pull out weeds in our garden, I swear, each time I pull out one weed another one grows back in its place with a vengeance.

Haruna: I see, that's too bad.

Just then, Risa Momioka and Mio Sawada sneaked up behind Riko and Haruna by having both of their hands to go under their shirts and feeling their breasts, and because they raised their shirts, and their skirts were at their hips, their stomachs were exposed. Both girls had a bit of a belly, but it didn't both them. Riko had a four-sided diamond-shaped bellybutton while Haruna had an oval shape. They lifted up their bra to make their breasts pop out, and they began feeling their bare naked breasts. Risa was feeling Riko's breasts while Mio was feeling Haruna's breasts.

Haruna: Hey!

Riko: (Tries to get herself free from Risa's grip, but Risa seems to have a good grip on Riko's breasts), Risa, stop it!

Risa is sixteen years old has brown eyes with dirty blond hair that went down to her shoulders. Risa is also 5'4 feet tall, and weighs 120 pounds, and had great-looking breasts and legs, which her breasts were a 34 C. Her three sizes are B83-W60-H85. Her best friend was Mio Sawada. She is fifteen years old and has light brown eyes and long dark brown hair, but she normally had her hair in pigtails to make it look shorter then it is. Mio is 5'0 feet tall and weighs 100 pounds, and her breasts size is a 34 B. Her three measurements are B73-W56-H76.

Risa: (Feeling Riko's breasts) Ohhhh, it feels like your boobs have gotten bigger, Riko.

Mio: (Feeling Haruna's breasts) Same for you, Haruna, your boobs feel like they've gotten bigger too.

Risa and Mio began playing with Riko's and Haruna's pink nipples, making them hard, which makes the girls moan.

Haruna: (Trying to get free from Mio's grip) Mio... please... (Mio then starts kissing Haruna by the neck)

Riko: (Tries to get herself free from Risa's grip, but Risa seems to have a good grip on Riko's breasts) Seriously, you two, why do you always do that?

Risa: Come on, Riko, you have such a nice figure. (Starts sucking on Riko's nipples)

Riko: (Moans) Well still, if Yui saw you doing that, she'd scream "SHAMELESS!" (The girls then start laughing)

?: I do not sound like that!

The girls turn around and see Yui Kotegawa, the head of the disciplinary committee. Yui is sixteen years old. She has brown eyes and long black hair that went to her hip. She is 5'3 feet tall and weighed 135 pounds, and her breasts size are 32 D. Some say that Yui is one of the most beautiful girls in the school, and could even rival Riko's good looks, their butt and legs are the same, but Yui's breasts were bigger by one cup.

Mio: Uh-Oh, it looks like Yui overheard you.

Yui: You're not mocking me, are you Riko? Do you know what happened to the last girl that mocked me? (The girls remain silent) They were expelled, that's what happened!

Riko: I assure you, Yui, I wasn't mocking you. I was just telling Risa and Mio what would happen if they didn't stop their perverted ways.

Yui: I see. You two should let them go.

Risa: Aw, are you jealous, Yui?

Mio lifts up Yui's shirt and bra to make her breasts to bounce out, allowing us to see her entire body. Yui has an amazing body and breasts. Just like Riko and Haruna, she too had a bit of a belly, but she doesn't mind it since she always wears her bottoms at her hip. Mio checks Yui out and sees that she had a teardrop-shaped bellybutton.

Mio: (Lifts up Yui's shirt and bra to make her breasts pop out) You do have an impressive pair yourself, you know. (Starts feeling them)

Yui turns bright red as she was going to scream with Riko, and Haruna covers their ears.


While Yui was screaming at Risa and Mio, a certain boy was watching the girls from a far distance and had his eyes on Riko Yuuki. And that was Kenichi Saruyama. Saruyama has black eyes and spiky black hair. He is 5'4 feet tall and weighed 155 pounds. When Saruyama wasn't running the Riko Yuuki fan club, we would be stalking Riko, and try to take a peek up her skirt and see what color her panties were for the day, and in case you ask, today Riko was wearing blue panties for the day.

Saruyama: Oh, Riko Yuuki, such a beautiful girl you are! Your beautiful face, your positive attitude, your great-looking legs, your nice firm butt, and let's not forget your perky 38 C size breasts. Seriously, it's like your entire body was carved by angels. Someday, you will be mine, Riko Yuuki!

Riko: Huh? (Turns her head to Saruyama's direction, which he quickly hides from the other side of the wall to keep himself getting caught by Riko and her friends)

Haruna: Is something wrong, Riko?

Riko: I thought I heard someone say my name... I guess it was just my imagination.

Risa: Ohhhh, is it your fantasy boyfriend?

Riko: (Her face turns light red) As if! I don't have a fantasy boyfriend. (They keep walking till Saruyama is unable to see Riko and her friends)

Saruyama: Shit, that was too close, a second longer, and she would've seen me.

?: Saruyama!

Saruyama: Huh?

Saruyama turns his head and sees Nakajima, the second in command of the Riko Yuuki fan club. He is eighteen years old. He has dark green hair and black eyes. He is 5'4 feet tall and weighed 145 pounds.

Nakajima: Are you stalking Riko-Chan again?

Saruyama quickly covers Nakajima's mouth and hides around the next corner to hide from Riko and her friends.

Riko: Okay, now I know for sure that I heard someone say my name this time.

Mio: Maybe they want to ask you out?

Riko: In their dreams.

A little later, Riko and her friends were out of sight, and Saruyama released Nakajima by pulling his hand off of his mouth.

Saruyama: You idiot! Are you TRYING to have them hear you! You're lucky they didn't go searching where their voices came from because if they did, we would be screwed?

Nakajima: How screwed?

Saruyama: Like, we would be expelled! Fan clubs are forbidden in this school, and if Yui were to find out that we were running a fan club, she would have all of our asses!

Nakajima: Or we could have her ass. If you know what I mean.

Saruyama: Will you be serious for once?! I know Yui has a sweet ass, but we need to watch out for her. She may have a stunning body and is really cute. But inside that amazing cute girl is the devil himself! She makes people like us' lives a living hell. And if she were to find out that we had a fan club, especially to one of the female students, who knows what she would do to us!

Nakajima: I agree with you on that one. By the way, do you know what color of panties Yui is wearing today?

Saruyama: I don't know. But I do know that Riko is wearing light blue panties today.

Nakajima: Actually, you could try to imagine yourself licking her pussy and about to do it with Riko-chan.

Saruyama: Yeah, I could.

Later on, after school, Saruyama was standing at the gate to the exit of the school grounds, and he saw Riko coming his way.

Saruyama: (Thinking) Okay, this is it, she's coming this way. All I have to do is ask her out! That's all I have to do, all I have to do is ask Riko out, that's it. (Sees Riko getting closer to him, to the point where they were only ten centimeters away from each other) (Thinking) Now's my chance! (To Riko) Yuuki Riko!

Riko: (Looks Saruyama), Huh?

Saruyama: Will you please...

Girl 1: (Before Saruyama could finish, a mob of angry girls approaches Saruyama) Hey you!

Saruyama: Huh? (Turns and sees the angry mob of girls) Oh no!

Girl 2: Give us our panties back, you pervert!

Saruyama: Wait, can this wait, I'm...

Girl 3: GET HIM!

Saruyama: (The angry mob of girls ran towards Saruyama, forcing him to run away from the girls, he even jumped over the fence to hopefully slow the girls down, Yui, who was watching from a far distance was trying her best not to laugh at Saruyama's bad luck) DAMMIT! OF ALL ANGRY MOBS, WHY DO THEY PICK NOW TO CHASE ME?!

Riko: (Riko stood there, watching Saruyama running away from the angry mob) That guy stole all those girls' panties? What a pervert. (She then started walking back home)

Later, Riko went back home and saw her younger sister Mikan at the kitchen, getting dinner ready. Mikan is fifteen years old. She has golden-brown eyes and long dark brown hair. She is 5'2 feet tall and weighed 130 pounds. Her breast size was an impressive 38 B. She was wearing a purple t-shirt and a white mini-skirt. She had a nice round butt that was covered by her light green panties. Mikan always wore mini skirts. She rarely wore shorts but never wore pants. She would always wear panties under her skirts, never shorts. Of all the mini skirts that she owns, they always go down above her thighs. Meaning if she were to bend over, her butt would be exposed for everyone to see.

After steering the corn, she put the stove on low heat and stretched her arms. The shirt that Mikan was wearing, she has had that shirt since she was eight years old. However, she obviously had outgrown that shirt, because when she stretched her arms, this made her shirt to rise above her belly and her four-sided diamond-shaped bellybutton. Mikan always did have a bit of a belly. Her skirt would always at her hip line, not even trying to hide her belly. Mikan didn't mind her belly the way it was, and all the other girls that she's been with in the past seem to like it, they like to feel it. The boys at her school even like it. She has no desire to lose weight. She isn't fat by any means. She just has a bit of a belly, that's all. Just because girls have a bit of a belly doesn't make them fat, and Mikan knows this.

Riko: I'm home.

Mikan: Hey, Riko, I'm in the kitchen.

Riko: Okay, I'm going to get started on those weeds, just need to get changed.

Mikan: Okay.

Riko went into her room and took off her school uniform, while still keeping her blue bra and panties on. She then put on a white t-shirt and red shorts and headed outside to do the garden. While Riko was at the garden pulling out weeds, she saw Saruyama still being chased by the angry mob of girls.

Riko: Seriously, that guy is still being chased by those girls? Wow, those girls are really determined.

After a few hours of pulling out weeds in the guarding, Riko soon had dinner with Mikan.

Riko: So, Mikan, how was school?

Mikan: Oh, you know, the usual stuff, the boys always asking me out, but me telling them that I'm not interested.

Riko: You got it lucky, at least you don't have a whole fan club about you and being run by a bunch of perverts.

Mikan: Wow, really?

Riko: Yeah, it's sick and perverted, in fact, all the boys at my school are all perverts there, Mom always asks me why I don't have a boyfriend yet, well that's why every boy at my school are all perverts.

Mikan: Why do you think I didn't want to go to the same high school as you? All the boys there may be annoying, but at least they're not perverts.

Riko: Yeah, you have it easy. Its that principle, he's a bad example to the boys everywhere. (Stands up) Anyways, thanks for the meal Mikan, I'm going to go have a bath, I need to wash this dirt off of me. Care to join me?

Mikan: Not this time, Riko, I have a book report that is due tomorrow, so I need to start cracking on it.

Riko: Okay.

Riko and Mikan would normally have a bath together, but because of Mikan's homework, that's normally not going to be the case for today. Riko went to her room to pick out some clothes. She took out a green nightgown and a pair of white panties and headed to the bathroom. Once Riko opened the bathroom door, there was a change room in the hallway and the bathroom itself. Riko began to strip out of her clothes until she was wearing nothing but her bra and panties. Here we see Riko's figure. Riko had an amazing body. Just like her younger sister Mikan, she too has a bit of a belly and four-sided diamond-shaped bellybutton. Riko always did have a bit of a belly. All her bottoms would always be at her hip line, not even trying to hide her belly. Meaning if she were to raise her hands up and her shirt rises above her bellybutton, her belly would be exposed for everyone to see. Riko doesn't mind her belly the way it was, and Risa and Mio seem to like it, they like to feel it. The boys at her school even like it. She has no desire to lose weight. She isn't fat by any means. She just has a bit of a belly, that's all.

Riko puts her dirty clothes on one shelf, and the clean pair of clothes on another shelf, she then took off her blue bra, revealing her 38 C breasts with her semi-hard pink nipples. (For some odd reason, it was a little chilly in the changing room) Once she took off her bra, she put it where her dirty clothes were.

Riko: (Massaging her breasts) Man, feels good just to take off a bra after a long day.

After feeling herself up, Riko proceeds to take off her panties, revealing her nice bubble-shaped soft butt, and her semi hairy crotch. Riko usually shaves off her pubic hair along with the rest of her body. However, the last time she shaved, it was last week, and it was starting to grow a small bush. So far, it was only an inch long.

After Riko took off her panties and put it where her dirty clothes were, she entered the bathroom itself and started running the water in the bathtub. She then took out a razor and shaving cream, grabbed the nearby stool and bucket, and poured it with warm water and poured it all over her body, making sure to have most of the water on her legs. She then sits on the stool with her legs wide open to allow us the readers to get a clear view of her pink pussy. We see that so far, the small bush of pubic hair over her pussy was an inch long and the pubic hair surrounding her pussy was also an inch long. After Riko sat down and began to rub her legs and looked down and saw that she now had a small bush of pubic hair, and noticed that her legs were a bit prickly. She took her razor and shaving cream and began shaving her legs and underarms. After a few minutes, Riko finished shaving her legs, which were now soft and smooth once again.

Riko: (Feeling her now shaves legs) Ah, that's better. (Feels her thighs) Just the way I like it.

Although Riko did shave her legs, she did not touch her pussy. She then looks at it and sees that her pussy is yet to be shaved but she decides not to shave her pussy. After running the water and washing herself up, she began to relax in the hot tub.

Riko: (Relaxing in the hot tub) Man, what a day. You know, you would think that after all these years, I would have a boyfriend by now, but that doesn't seem to be the case because all the men at my school are all perverts, they only see girls as sex objects, not as human beings. All I want is a decent man that isn't too crazy about a girl's body and well manured too. Is that too hard to ask? Oh, who am I kidding? It probably is.

Just then, a small ball of light appears on top of the water in front of Riko) Huh? What's that? (Just then, the ball of light started getting bigger and bigger, and brighter and brighter, right to the point where it started to blind Riko, that she had no choice but to close her eyes.

Riko: (Shielding her eyes) What the Hell is going on?!

The light was so bright, that is was filling up the bath itself. Just then, light burst out, filling up the whole bathroom and totally blinding Riko. After the light wore off, Riko began to open her eyes, at first her vision slowly was blurry, but slowly got focused again. As her vision was coming back to her, she could see that someone was standing in front of her, but she couldn't make it out who was in front of her. Once her vision fully came back to her, she could see who it was, and she was going to get the biggest shock of her life. Standing in front of Riko was a handsome yet naked ripped young man who was around Riko's age, and had his eyes closed. He had long black hair with a little bit of pink on it that went down to his shoulders. His arms, shoulders, arms, chest, stomach, legs and feet were hairless as if no inch of hair was nowhere in sight, his crotch area though did have hair on it, in fact, it looked like that this man has never shaved down there once in his lifetime. Although his pubic hair is an inch long, his dick was clearly seen, and it was three and a half inches long, and one and a half inches thick, but that was only because he wasn't hard. When Riko saw this naked man, her face started turning dark red, and steam started coming out of her body, and that's not because the water was too hot. The man began to open his eyes, revealing that he had emerald green eyes, and the first thing he sees is the wall above Riko and looks around his surroundings. After taking a look at his surroundings, he starts to grin.

?: (Victory laughs) Take that you chumps!

Riko: Uh... Um... (She was going scream top of her lungs)

?: (Sees Riko), Huh?

Riko and the boy look at each other and lock eyes for the first time.

To Be Continued...

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