Case of the Ex

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Disclaimer: I don't own Gravitation or its characters. No profit is being made from this story.

I couldn’t help but wonder how it would be if the shoe was on the other foot and Yuki was the pursuer this time.  And, thus, this story was born.  Of course, you know, I can’t make things too easy for dear Yuki.

Note:  In this story, the ages are different - Shuichi is 22 and Yuki’s age is 20.  So for once, Shu is the older one in the relationship.

Disclaimer:   All characters belong to Maki Murakami.  I don’t make a profit writing this story.

“Cheating and lying aren’t struggles; they’re reasons to break up.” – Patti Callahan Henry

Shindou Shuichi grew increasingly irate as he stomped around the apartment.  Gathering his now ex-boyfriend’s clothing and various items, he viciously shoved them into a bag.  Once it was full, he tossed it over to land beside the other bag that was sitting on the floor.  His mind simmered with angry thoughts about his ex-lover, some directed at himself.  How could he have been so naïve that he hadn’t seen the other man’s behavior?  And that bastard had honestly expected him to just up and forgive him for his adultery?  Well, Shuichi wasn’t lying down for any man.  It was about time he showed that bastard who the boss was around here. 

One quick glance told him that he’d packed all the man’s crap, so it was time to dispose of it.  Throwing the bags out of his apartment door, he was immensely satisfied when he heard some of the items shatter upon impact.  Feeling better now that his home was scum free, he settled down to the matter at hand – what did he want to do now?  Did he even want to start a new relationship?  After the nasty business he’d dealt with, did he want to possibly deal with that again?  Not fucking likely.  However, that didn’t mean he couldn’t do some looking, right?  The 22-year-old was famous in his own right as the lead vocalist of Bad Luck, so there would be plenty of takers.  Picking up his phone, he dialed a familiar number.  “Hiro, it’s me.  I’ve finally done it.  Shishio’s shit is gone out of my apartment.  I can’t wait to see his reaction when he sees all of his stuff lying outside the door.  It’s time to find someone who isn’t a lying douchebag.”

“Good for you, Shuichi.  I was hoping you’d wake up and see what he truly was.  Honestly, I could smell the gold-digger stench from a mile away.  And you deserve a lot better than him.  So, you wanna hit the club scene tonight?  It’d be good to get you back in circulation again.”

Shuichi was about to reply when he heard banging on his door and the furious voice of his ex-boyfriend.  “Wonderful…Mr. Fucknuts has shown up.  Yeah, that sounds like a plan, Hiro.  Pick me up around 8, okay?  Let me see what he wants before the neighbors start complaining.”  Hearing his friend agree, he hung up the phone after saying goodbye.  He opened the door and proceeded to glare at his ex-boyfriend, refusing to let him in.  “What the fuck do you want, Shishio?  I would have figured you’d get the hint when you saw your shit lying out here.  Do I need to draw some stick figures or a diagram so your little brain can process it easier?”  As he took one last look at the other man, he noted that nothing about Shishio had changed.  Except, his personality had changed.  Or rather, it had been there the entire time and he’d never thought to look.  Shoulder-length black hair sat styled to perfection.  There couldn’t even be one hair out-of-place or he’d throw a fit.  Mint-green eyes stared back, radiating disbelief at how Shuichi was acting.  He truly had the face of an angel.  Too bad he didn’t have the demeanor to match.

Shishio noticed that his boyfriend was blocking the doorway and he raised an eyebrow at his actions.  “What’s your problem, Shuichi?  I come home to the apartment that I share with my boyfriend only to find my stuff sprawled in the hallway.  Seriously, have you gone mental or something?  And if this is a joke, then it sure as hell isn’t funny.  Now step aside and let me in.”

“No, Shishio, this isn’t a joke.  And I don’t have a problem – at least, not anymore.  And pigs will fly out of my ass before I let you come back in my apartment, that’s in my name.  Here’s a hint, loverboy.  If you’re gonna cheat, then you’d better hide your tracks a helluva lot better.  Either that or pick smarter people to sleep around with.  Because when they call and leave messages on the phone…well, that really fucks up the surprise, doesn’t it?”

Shishio could only gape at Shuichi as he ranted at him, violet eyes darkened in anger.  Damn it, why didn’t Akie keep his mouth shut?!  Loose lips sink ships alright.  He could see his going down the more Shuichi spoke.  “Shuichi, you’re getting all worked up over nothing.  It was just one time, honest.  So I screwed up.  Aren’t I allowed at least one mistake?”

Shuichi had to fight hard to prevent his eyes from rolling back.  Talk about your cocky nerve!  “You just don’t seem to grasp the concept, do you?  You shouldn’t have cheated at all!  And from what I’ve discovered, you’d whore yourself out for anything.  By the way, your last conquest dropped this off.  Apparently, you’d left behind your little gift.”  With a quick flick of his wrist, he sent the gold watch flying.

Shishio caught the watch with one hand, noting how the gold seemed to wink in the light of the hallway.  The look of disdain that his boyfriend was sending him told him all he needed to know.  “So that’s it, huh?  You’re just going to toss me out over one little mistake?”

“Don’t start playing guilt trip games with me, you bastard!  Honestly, what does it take to make you happy in a relationship?  I gave you everything, but apparently, it wasn’t enough when you decided to whore yourself out!  I guess it doesn’t take much for you to spread your legs for anyone.  A little gift here or some money and bam!  You really remind me of a 24-hour convenience store – open and ready to serve anytime of the day.  I’ve only got myself to blame that I didn’t see your true nature when I started dating you.  Now, get the fuck out of my sight before I have you thrown out!”

Sensing that Shuichi meant every word, he tried to calm the other man down.  “Shu, wait.  You don’t mean what you’re saying!”  Placing his hand on Shuichi’s wrist, he could only watch helplessly as the other man angrily slapped it away.

“Don’t fucking lay a hand on me, fucker!  And don’t assume that I’m stupid, either.  I meant every word that was said.  Someone like you I can do without in my life!  You heard me, so get out!”

Wisely, Shishio kept his mouth shut as he picked up his bags and turned to walk away.  Glancing back at his now ex-boyfriend, he saw the darkened amethyst eyes glaring at him.  He knew if he said anything further, it would only work to agitate the other man.  The door slammed shut in his face, the sound echoing down the hall.  It brought home to him the fact that the final nail had been hammered into the coffin of their relationship.

Shuichi refused to feel guilty for tossing the other man out on his ass.  No longer would he allow someone to betray him ever again.  His cell phone rang and he recognized the ring tone as Hiro’s.  “Hey, Hiro…yeah, he just left.  The bastard had the nerve to try and give me a guilt trip thinking I’d fall for it.  I basically chucked both him and his shit out the door.  So are we still on for 8?  Good…let’s go to Infinity.  They’ve got a really great DJ who works there.  See you tonight then.”

Still standing outside of Shuichi’s door, the other man glanced up as he heard a phone ringing shrilly.  Shishio unabashedly listened as his ex-boyfriend talked to his friend.  He was still fuming over how Shuichi had reacted.  Was he that intent on forgetting about him?  Well, Shishio wasn’t going down without a fight.  Walking away, he started to make plans on how to “accidentally” run into Shuichi tonight at Infinity.

Yuki Eiri glanced up as the phone started to ring, casting it an irritated glare for breaking him out of his train of thought.  Quickly saving his document, he picked up the phone on the fourth ring.  “Whoever this is, it had better be good.  You just ruined whatever inspiration I had.”

“I’m sorry that I disturbed you, Eiri-san.  But I believe what I have to tell you will make up for it.”

“Seguchi, what do you want?”  Knowing that it was his brother-in-law on the line made him want to toss back something alcoholic.  Preferably something that was strong in nature.

“Your chance has finally arrived, Eiri-san.  I overheard a conversation with Nakano-san and my cousin.  Shindou-san has broken up with his boyfriend due to the other man’s cheating ways.  To quote Nakano-san, he’d “whore himself out for anything”.”

Yuki just sat there, his mouth hanging open.  The cigarette he’d lit slid out from between his lips to fall harmlessly onto the wooden floor, as it died with a sputter.  Trying to maintain a disinterested tone, he replied, “Is that all you called to tell me about, Seguchi?  I do have a deadline to complete, you know.  If you have nothing else to say, then I’m hanging up.”

“Alright, I see how it is.  But I’d head over to Infinity tonight before someone else decides to snatch him up.  He’ll be there with Nakano-san.  While I’m not certain if he’s on the prowl for a new love interest, it couldn’t hurt you to be there.  And before you try to deny it, I’ve seen how you looked at him whenever you saw him in the hallways or rehearsal rooms at NG.  As if I didn’t know the real reason you were there.  Do give me some credit, Eiri-san.”

Yuki felt the skin of his face heat up as a deep flush suffused it.  Mentally, he was glad that Seguchi couldn’t see it over the phone.  He honestly didn’t think he’d been that transparent.  But then again, Seguchi Tohma had instincts like a shark’s, so it didn’t faze him that he’d noticed Yuki’s odd behavior.  “Whatever, Seguchi, you shouldn’t think too highly of yourself.”  He had to bite back a snarky response when he heard the other man’s laughter before he hung up.  Finally, he’s going to be mine!  I’ve waited patiently for what seems like forever while he dated that...that excuse for a man!  Was he crazy or what?  Cheating on Shuichi…that’s like dumping a Mercedes for a Ford!  Huh.  His mistake will be my chance.  Shutting down his laptop, he quickly moved away from his desk.  A plan formulated in his mind as he walked to his bedroom.  He threw open the closet door, perusing the clothes hanging there.  If it was a club, then his usual attire wouldn’t do.  Hadn’t Tatsuha given him some club clothes for his last birthday as a joke?  He’d cursed the little bastard then, but right now he was thanking him.  Not that he’d let him know, of course.  Those were located at the back of his closet, where he relegated space to clothes he normally wouldn’t be caught dead in.  Grabbing them off the racks, he tossed them onto his bed.  Sparing the bed a glance, he almost started smirking.  If things went well, he might just have himself a bed partner tonight and the rest of the nights after that.

Chapter Two Preview:  Watch as our favorite grumpy novelist meets Shuichi.  Sparks will fly and smut may ensue.  Then add a dash of tension as old ex’s surface.

Song used in story:  Your Love Is a Lie – Simple Plan

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