King of the Death Gods

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Ryuk returns to the Shinigami Realm with his hopes of starting some more fun in the Human Realm crushed by the weird little child that has succeeded L. It is still the same dark, dreary and boring realm he knows it to be. His fellow Shinigami are in their usual spots, doing whatever it is that seems to entertain them, except for Rem. Rem is dead, he supposes, because she had been stupid enough to get attached to a human. Ryuk will never let himself get attached to anyone like that. His life is much more important than a human's no matter how much he likes any one of them. Light is his favorite thus far, but did Ryuk sacrifice himself for him? Nope.

Flying past the group of perpetually boring Shinigami that spend their days in laziness and gambling, he ignores their calls for him to come join them. Ryuk goes on to where their King is, landing some feet away from the entrance of the equally dull and dreary throne room, his wings folding and disappearing as he walks through the open doors. He gives a perfunctory bow once he stops at the foot of the stairs that ascend to the Shinigami King's throne, and upon coming out of it he lets his gaze go up to the figure on the throne. His jaw immediately goes slack, for seated upon the throne is not the skeletal figure that he is accustomed to, but the unmistakable figure of Yagami Raito. The Shinigami King is nowhere to be seen, nor is he now a thought in Ryuk's mind, which is instead focused on the impossible presence of Raito.

Yagami Raito is lounging on the throne, his expression very much like that of a cat who has gotten the canary. His glowing irises, no longer brown but a bright crimson, are fixed on Ryuk while a charming yet dangerous smile forms on his lips. "Well, this certainly is a surprise, Ryuk," the human muses, his tone sending a shiver down the Shinigami's spine. "Wasn't I supposed to go to Mu once I died?" Raito sneers, his expression dark as he straightens himself upon the throne.

Ryuk nods a bit dumbly, because in truth Yagami Raito should have been cast into Mu the very instant he died. All previous human users of the Death Note had shared in that same fate and their souls are in Mu, but Raito is not. It is impossible! Unless... "Someone intervened in your destination."

"That would be correct, you wretched creature," a soft, lilting voice states, causing the both of them to look around. A figure appears at the foot of the steps, ensconced in a white glowing light that makes their features hard to distinguish. "My Lord spared you the fate of spending the rest of all time in Mu, Yagami Raito, for you have done what even no Shinigami would dare to. What they are tasked to do." At this the voice becomes harsh, anger inflected in its tone as the figure faces Ryuk.

The Shinigami merely stares at the ethereal figure in return, a toothy grin present on his face despite the accusatory statement. "It was not my decision to let the other Shinigami become lazy. This world languished because of the King and the decisions he made. Our world is far more rotten than that of the humans."

"And for that very reason my Lord has spared Raito his fate. He is the only one who can bring this world back to life." For it had once been lush and grand, the fruit that the Shinigami so love bountiful and divine in taste. Their forms had also been different, twisting into the wretched things they are this day thanks to the former King. "Be warned, though, Yagami Raito, that if you fail in the duty bestowed upon you, you will be stripped of your status and cast into non-existence." A fate which is worse than even Mu. Mu, though it is nothingness, granted the souls cast there have some type of awareness. Non-existence will erase the person entirely.

Raito nods, a stricken expression on his face as he regards the unknown entity. Whatever powers this creature holds is far beyond the scope of what he can comprehend. Factor in that this is a mere follower of some other divine entity... "What happened to the previous Shinigami King?" It is an innocent enough question, and certainly he should know what became of his predecessor.

"Cast into Mu in your stead." Comes the steely reply.

"I see. Is there anything else I should know of?" Raito asks, his head canted to one side, crimson gaze now half-lidded.

"You are not bound by any laws or rules like your lesser Shinigami are, with the exception that you enforce whatever rules you set for them." The figure floats up towards Raito and extends a hand to him. In its grasp is a pure white book lined in pitch black, much larger than the Death Note that Ryuk and the other Shinigami carry. "This is your Note, Yagami."

Raito frowns and takes the Note from the entity, the book weighing as if it is nothing. Once it is in his grasp the unknown entity vanishes, making the new King's expression sour. He doesn't have a chance to speak on his irritation, as he has more questions, because the White Note begins glowing with an intensity that matches the entity's. Raito too begins to glow, power flowing into him and then there is pain.

So much pain.

He is dying all over again.

It courses through his entire body before gathering and concentrating in his back, where his shoulder blades are. The pressure begins to build, and he screams as he falls to the dais the throne is on. There comes a wet, tearing sound as something forces its way out from under his skin, and the pain lessens immediately, leaving him shaking and half curled up on the hard stone dais.

Ryuk, who has been too stunned at first as he witnesses the birth of the new Shinigami King, makes his way up the steps and crouches down beside Raito. Never in his long life has he seen anything like this, and once the glowing finally ebbs, he marvels at how human his new King still appears, with only the addition of a large pair of feathered wings, as crimson as the blood that is dripping off of them. "Raito..."

The named person in question trembles, his wings fluttering momentarily before going completely limp. After several minutes, the pain fully gone now, he slowly shifts and sits up, causing Ryuk to hastily move away. He focuses his gaze on Ryuk, his expression calm as a wealth of knowledge floods his brain. "I'm fine, Ryuk."

Ryuk backs off even further as Raito slowly stands up, gazing around himself as if he is seeing the throne room for the first time. The Lesser Shinigami begins to grow nervous when that crimson gaze is suddenly on him, scrutinizing him closely.

"Lesser Shinigami Ryuk, I hereby promote you to the status of Greater Shinigami and to the rank of second-in-command." Raito states as he returns to his throne. His wings, now dry, retract into his back so that he can sit more comfortably.

As soon as the new King is finished speaking a strange feeling overcomes Ryuk. Everything in his body feels as though it is twisting, stretching and then shrinking. This carries on for several minutes, and when it finally stops he is left kneeling on the steps, human hands pressed to the ground. Sitting up, he marvels at his new hands, turning them over and then looking his arms over before he finally starts to feel his face and hair. His features have changed, though there are no mirrors around for him to see what he now looks like, but his appearance bears some resemblance to his previous form.

"Go and gather all of the Lesser Shinigami. Tell them to present themselves to their new King, Ryuk." Raito commands once he feels his second-in-command had enough time to check out what he can of his new appearance.

Startled, Ryuk looks up to Raito, before he bows his head. "Yes, my King."

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