Captain Mizuki vs. Rhino Wrestler

BY : TiffyB
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“You may have taken out everyone else, but don’t count me out yet!” Captain Mizuki yelled as she rushed toward the monster. All of the other attacks thrown at the villain had been mostly ineffective, but she had to do something! Sweat already dripped down her body as the  Amazonian woman made a direct attack.

Rhino Wrestler chuckled as he stood his ground, ready for any kind of pathetic assault the woman could throw at him. The toned and sculpted athlete pulled out her extending staff and aimed it at the large ‘smash’ kanji on his gut before activating the weapon. The vaulting pole shot forward in the blink of an eye, slamming dead-center of his stomach. The impact was solid, but the monster didn’t move at all. Mizuki stumbled back as all of the momentum came back on her before the staff shattered. With a gasp of surprise, the redhead skidded to a stop, tossing the remains of the staff to the side.

“Twenty points,” Rhino stated.

Mizuki clenched her jaw as she waited for a counter attack. Sure enough, the monstrous villain pulled back before swinging a downward punch. The girl easily jumped over the fist, landing on his hand and immediately running up his arm before delivering a drop kick to the wrestler’s face. He actually recoiled from the impact as the redhead landed on the ground just in front of him. She had been hoping for a harder impact and quickly found herself anxiously awaiting the demon-level brawler to counter once again.

“Thirty five points,” he glared with a wide grin. “If you keep this up then you might actually do some damage. If you can keep dodging forever…”

The hulking monster lurched forward, his heavy blows raining down at Mizuki. The redhead dodged each attack, knowing that if any landed she would be instantly taken out or even killed. Luckily, with years of training she had more than enough stamina to hopefully wear down her opponent. She grabbed one of the medals from around her neck and spun around to launch it like a discus. The heavy thing slammed against Rhino’s throat, causing his attacks to immediately cease as he gripped his neck and violently coughed and gasped for air.

He didn’t have it in him to give a score! A blow like that would have probably killed a normal human, but she at least had a strategy from here on out. As the gasping monster stood back up, another medal swirled forward and slammed against his horn, shattering instantly. The villain smirked, brushing the debris from his face when her final medal flew through the air, nailing him in the throat again. The stunned wrestler fell to his knees, clutching his throat once more.

Mizuki was out of projectiles, but she still had a plan. She had very little faith in this plan, but it would have to do given her circumstances. The redhead rushed toward the monster, jumped into the air, and wrapped her legs around his massive neck. Locking her ankles, she then applied pressure in hopes to cut off the blood flow to his brain and knock him out. She held on to his horn to keep herself steady in case he bucked or swung his head around. The last thing she needed was to be gored by a monster.

Rhino huffed and reached up to grab her, but fell to his knees instead. She watched as his eyes flickered. His breath became heavier against her torso as she squeezed her legs together tightly around his neck, flexing her thick, toned thighs together as powerfully as possible. Mizuki watched as he struggled to keep his eyes open. It was working! She smirked in victory, clenching her thighs together even tighter to try and finish the job.

But then his eyes flared open. She gasped, loosening her grip just a bit.

“Sixty points,” he huffed out, his hot breath tickling against her bare stomach.

“Wh—How?!” Mizuki blinked, still trying to apply pressure. It had been working before…

“You’re strong, but if you think a human girl is going to knock me out with a choke hold between her thighs then you’ve got another thing coming. Not to mention,” he laughed, more of his breath tickling his skin, “I was hoping someone would try something stupid like this… and I’m so glad it was you…”

The redhead blinked. What was he talking about? She held tight, squeezing harder, but it didn’t seem to make a difference. As she continued to squeeze, she noticed a certain sensation rising up within her. Arousal. It usually wasn’t something she felt while fighting. It must have been momentary confusion—the fleeting sensation would simply go away on its own—too much adrenaline pumping through her veins. But then she felt Rhino breathing against her stomach again. Mizuki gasped as those sensations of pleasure flooded her mind. What was happening to her? Was she some kind of pervert? There was no way she was being turned on by this monster!

“Haven’t figured it out yet, eh?” Rhino laughed as he let the girl continue to try her best to knock him out. “I covered my body in a powerful aphrodisiac in case some dumb hero decided to try to fight me hand-to-hand.”

Mizuki gasped. It all made sense now. It was somewhat relieving to know that her unnatural reaction had a reason, even if the warmth spreading through her body didn’t let up at all. She felt her hard nipples pressing against her top and the crotch of her shorts growing wet from her arousal.

“I figured some macho type would try and end up embarrassing himself when he got hard from me beating him. But this is an even better scenario!” he laughed as his massive hand came up and grabbed the redhead’s ass. He squeezed the firm muscle with appreciation before his massive fingers moved into the waistband.

Mizuki yelped, her grip loosening as held on for dear life. There was no reason for her to remain clinging to the monster, but at this point she had already run out of options. Knocking him out hadn’t worked and now she could only hope someone would distract him long enough for her to escape.

Rhino continued to massage the woman’s ass, further turning her on and making it that much more difficult for her to hold on. With a tight grip on the redhead’s shorts, the monster gave a hard yank and ripped the garment away. The girl shrieked, feeling the sudden discomfort of being stripped so violently. Now, her dripping wet pussy pressed directly against the rough skin of his neck. She uncrossed her ankles, desperate to finally attempt to get away but the powerful villain held her in place against himself.

Rhino ground himself against her pussy, humiliating the girl as he spread her wetness over his skin. “I can smell you,” he chuckled. “I bet even without animal senses I could easily detect the scent of such a wet cunt as yours.”

Mizuki pushed against Rhino’s face as she tried to get away, but the monster’s hands held her in place against him. The more contact she had with him, the more turned on she felt. Already, she felt that desperation to cum flooding her mind. She didn’t even care that this hideous villain was the one trying to get her off.

“L-let me go!” she cried out, pushing against his horn. His horn—it was so big and hard. She started to wonder about other parts of his body, like how big his dick was. She nibbled her bottom lip as her mind wandered, but then quickly shook the thought.

Grabbing her by the waist, Rhino held her against the ground with one hand while the other grabbed her by the skin tight athletic shirt and ripped it away. He stared down at the tight, toned body of the hero and smirked. Her hands pushed at his massive fingers, trying to find any kind of weakness in his grip while she looked up at him with a glance of hatred mixed with unquenchable desire. With his free hand, he slid the suspenders of his outfit off his shoulders. Mizuki knew what was going to happen next… and for some reason she couldn’t stand the wait.

He tugged the outfit down just enough to expose his absolutely massive cock. Even soft, his member was the largest she’d ever seen, and it only made her that much more turned on. She still tried to push away, despite her increasing levels of arousal. The redhead needed to get away since she knew that the growing urges would eventually take over her mind.

Rhino wrapped his fingers around his length and slowly stroked it. The girl’s eyes lit up as she watched the already gargantuan cock begin to grow. She nibbled her bottom lip, already barely holding on to her sanity at this point. The monster moved his hand away from her torso but she didn’t move at all, completely wasting her chance to escape. She was simply too focused on the wrestler’s thick cock. He easily forced her legs into a split position, carefully rubbing his dick against her dripping pussy.

The girl gasped, completely unprepared to face the consequences of the monster’s dick slamming into her body. The thick head rubbed against her pussy, smearing her juices all over while he experimentally pressed forward. Even the tip hardly fit inside her, much less anything else. Her continued to tease her, though, sliding the head of his cock up and down her slit while she whimpered and shivered in pleasure.

“P-please,” Mizuki pleaded, her cheeks pink with embarrassment.

“Please what?” Rhino cruelly smirked down.

“I need it…”

“Say it, then. Tell me what you need,” he taunted.

“Please,” she hesitated a moment, “I need your cock. I wanna feel it… All the way inside… Please…?”

“Brave words. Do you think you can take it? I warn you. I’ve dedicated my life to training to be the strongest. What makes you think you won’t break when my dick penetrates your little pussy, much less when I start pumping it into you?”

Mizuki nibbled her bottom lip. Everything about that sounded absolutely wonderful. She had always tested her own limits and promoted herself as an exemplary athlete. There was no way she could refuse such a physical challenge. “Do it. I wanna feel your big dick stretching my pussy to the limits. I can take it! I promise, I won’t break!”

“We’ll see,” Rhino chuckled, easing his hips forward and nudging his massive cock head against her pussy again.

His hands wrapped around Mizuki’s thick thighs, pulling her closer as his dick strained against her dripping folds. He continued to apply pressure as he pulled her closer, his dick pushing forward but never quite fitting inside. He pumped her back and forth against his length, slowly gaining the most minuscule amount of ground with each thrust until his cock head popped inside.

The redhead’s eyes widened and her whole body went rigid as she instantly climaxed. She couldn’t believe she was cumming just from penetration. Her mouth opened in shock as the orgasm quickly coursed through her body. It felt amazing to finally have him inside—even if it was just the tip. Shivering, with a wide smile on her face, she practically begged him to continue. With an impressed smirk, he pulled her legs, thrusting a few more inches of his dick inside. She moaned with absolute ecstasy as her pussy was stretched to accommodate his massive girth.

He pumped his hips back and forth, slowly easing more and more of his impossible dick into her. With each thrust, she let out an angelic moan as her hands rested upon her breasts, teasing and tugging at her hard, pink nipples.

Rhino changed his grip on her, wrapping his hands around her torso as he continued to pump her back and forth on his dick. Every thrust got a little deeper than the last until most of his cock was deep inside her. The online of his dick could be seen against her stomach while the air was momentarily knocked from her lungs.

The monster grunted as he used the girl as a human fuck-toy, stroking her up and down his length. He became rougher as he went, wishing he could completely bury his massive dick in her pussy. His breathing increased as he approached climax, his cock throbbing and pulsing as Mizuki’s tongue lolled out of her mouth and she moaned in pleasure. The first shot of cum splattered deep inside of her pussy, almost stinging as it erupted from the monster’s cock. Thick spurt after thick spurt poured into her cunt until her stomach bulged. It didn’t stop Rhino Wrestler, though. He wanted more. He slammed her onto his cock over and over, sending her round stomach jiggling with every impact. Wet globs of cum splattered from her pussy as the insertion of his dick forced it from her body.

He kept at it for a while, but eventually he got another idea. Lying down on the ground, he kept the girl straddling his cock and let her go. He knew she couldn’t run away with so much jizz packed into her pussy. The redhead groaned and shakily placed her hands against his stomach as she leaned forward and tried to lift herself off the massive dick. She nibbled her bottom lip as she felt every bit of it while pulling herself up. More of the monster’s jizz continued to spill from her pussy the further she managed to stand. With a surprised look on her face, she finally pulled herself off, only for a massive load of cum to splatter from her cunt all at once.

“Well?” Rhino chuckled. “What are you waiting for? Get back to work. Maybe you can lick yourself off my dick after we’re done. I don’t wanna smell like your pussy all day.”

Mizuki breathed heavily as she looked up at the monster with a tired grin. She was exhausted, but between the aphrodisiac and her normal have-to-win attitude, there was no way she wasn’t going to ride his dick again. She positioned herself over his cock and let gravity do the rest of the work as she slid back down the massive pole. With both feet planted against his thighs, she started to slowly bounce herself up and down his cock.

Rhino was impressed to see anyone with this much endurance. Even as tired as she was, she kept performing. She moved faster, giving the monster’s dick everything she had. By now, she was actually bouncing up and down on his cock faster than he had been fucking her. She cupped her jiggling tits, still toying with them as she rode the monster’s dick.

The villain grinned, enjoying her enthusiasm. After all, he wasn’t having to put toward any effort. It was a win-win for him… except Mizuki had only just started. After some time, she finally bottomed out on Rhino’s cock, taking all of his massive length with every full squat the athletic redhead performed. She placed her hands upon his stomach again to steady herself as she furiously fucked him.

It didn’t take long before he grunted and climaxed again, another thick load of jizz painting the inside of her pussy before dribbling out a little at a time due to her intense motions. If the girl had climaxed again she wasn’t showing any sign of it. There was no lapse in her actions, although sweat poured from her naked body while her breathing increased.

Rhino, however, didn’t know how much more he could take. It felt so good, but his cock was starting to ache from two orgasms in a row, and a third was almost upon him. He grunted and gripped the ground, swearing the third would be the final one before he properly defeated this bitch. With a loud groan, he finally came again. The load wasn’t nearly as much… and yet Mizuki still rode him.

The monster went to push himself up but it was so much more difficult than it should have been. Blood rushed to his head and his eyes rolled back as he collapsed to the ground, passed out. Of course, the redhead didn’t care that she had unexpectedly defeated a demon-level monster. She only cared that he was still hard and ready to go. She kept bouncing up and down, loving the way his big dick slid in and out of her wet, dripping pussy.

She nibbled her bottom lip as yet another orgasm rose within her core. She had lost count of how many times she’d climaxed. Each time she came, her pussy clenched around his cock, milking just a bit more of his jizz from his  softening dick. With a satisfied smirk, she arched her back as she pulled herself completely off, letting his member flop against his stomach. Cum splattered down against Rhino’s cock and balls as it dribbled from Mizuki’s well-fucked pussy.

Breathing heavily, she glanced around, noticing everyone was still completely knocked out—or worse. One bald man with a cape stood some distance away with a blank look on his face. The redhead grinned and lifted a hand to awkwardly wave. “H-hey,” she managed to say, finally recognizing him as a fellow B-rank hero.

“Hey.” He didn’t move any closer. He only half-waved, barely lifting his hand above his waist. “…Are you okay?”

“Y-yeah, I’m fine. It was a hard battle, but I was able to sweat out the aphrodisiacs from my body. Luckily, my stamina is top-notch!” She gave a thumbs up and wiped her forehead with her other arm while a triumphant and cocky grin crept over her lips.

“Okay. Cool. I’m… gonna go on, then,” Saitama stated as he turned toward the entrance to the monster’s lair and went on, as if he’d seen nothing.

“H-huh? You can’t go in alone! They’ll rip you apart…!” Mizuki blinked and shook her head. There was no way she could give him back-up at the moment. She looked at the shreds of her absolutely ruined outfit on the ground, and then back to Rhino’s thick cock with a smirk. There was probably still a little of the aphrodisiac that needed to get worked out of her system…

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