Tending to the unbreakable

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Tending to the unbreakable



The roars of the Hero and prisoner echoed through the specially made ‘combat room’ as Kirishima and Rappa collided in the centre of it, their impact denting the metal floor as Rappa’s fist hit Kirishima’s hardened face so hard it created a shockwave whilst the Hero’s fist slammed hard against the prisoners ribs with enough force to crack them

Gritting his teeth as pain surged through his body Rappa fought through it to reel his fist back and threw it into Kirishima’s abdomen, the impact so great that it cracked his hardened skin and the impact force continued through his body hitting the wall before Kirishima did, the entire room once again shaking as he collided with the metal wall

“Permission to intercept sir?” one of the riot guards requested as he stood ready with his men, all of them armed with rifles loaded with Quirk suppressing tranquilizers specially made for the likes of Rappa in case he ever decided that he was done with being in prison

“Hold your fire, we don’t interrupt until Red Riot calls for back up” the prison warden stated as he stood alongside Mina who was watching from the overlooking room about the makeshift ‘arena’ “Rappa knows what happens if he breaks his agreement, he can go all out all he wants as long as Riot is breathing by the end of it, if he tries to go further he spends the rest of his life like Stain”

When Rappa had first come to Tartarus to serve his sentence for his crimes in aiding Overhaul a deal was made with the homicidal/suicidal brawler, he wasn’t to cause any trouble within Tartarus or attempt an escape and in exchange once a month either Fatgum or Kirishima would visit for a sparring session with him and this month it was Eijiro’s turn to fight

Pulling himself out of the wall and cracking his neck causing his skin to further splinter and break Kirishima cast a quick glance up to the observation room to see Mina looking down at him with concern, the Crimson Hero flashing her a quick grin and flexing his arm to show that he was alright before quickly ducking as Kendo used the chance to throw another punch, the ex-Bullets fist slamming into the wall so hard it warped that entire side of the room

As Kendo momentarily got his fist stuck in the wall Kirishima threw himself forward to tackle Kendo around the waist, squeezing tight enough to wind the huge man and make his spine audibly crack as Kirishima then heaved with all of his might, lifting Kendo up off of the ground to suplex him backwards smashing his head to the floor hard enough to shattered several of the reinforced tiles and knock out a couple of Rappa’s teeth

Releasing Rappa Kirishima then backed away several feet to let him get back up, the ex-Bullet spitting out his teeth and grinning near feral-ly as he rose to his feet “come on Red, just a couple of teeth? You can punch harder than that!” Rappa roared, flexing his arms and launching himself at Kirishima “COME ON! TRY TO KILL ME!!!” 

Reeling his head back as Rappa readied his fist Kirishima hardened his forehead several times over before throwing his head forward to meet Rappa’s punch, the sounds of shattering bone and hardened skin echoing out throughout the room as Rappa then staggered back holding his now broken forearm and fist whilst Kirishima fell to a knee, blood pouring down his face whilst both men glared at each other waiting for the other to make a move

Moving to stand Kirishima then began to waver, his vision becoming blurry before everything went black as the last thing he heard was the prison security bursting in to detain Rappa in case he tried to attack him whilst he was unconscious

(Two hours later)

Slowly coming to Kirishima groaned as he sat up, finding himself in one of the prison medbays, his body wrapped tight in bandages in several places “damn I feel like my heat was run over by a tank, how did...oh yeah....Rappa…” he groaned trying to sit up, his body groaning in protest at the action promptly causing him to fall back onto the bed “ok I’m not ready for that yet”

As he laid back down Kirishima turned his attention to the door as he heard it open, a tired smile gracing his features as Mina walked in “hey babe, did you see me kick ass?” he asked with a broken grin showing several missing teeth that had yet to grow back in

“Yeah, I did” she replied with a warm yet worried smile “do you really need to do this every month? He hurt you so much worse this time”

“Oh come on it’s not that bad, got to keep most of my teeth this time” Kirishima tried to joke back “it’s our agreement as well, Rappa doesn’t try to break out as long as me and Fat show up every couple of weeks for a sparring session, it might hurt like hell but it’s the best training I can get to be honest, Midoriya holds back too much and Bakugo tries to go for the knock out too quickly for me to learn anything from it”

“Yes but there’s a difference between sparring and your opponent literally trying to kill you”

“He won’t kill me, if he does he loses the best fighter he’s ever gone against, same goes for Fat Gum, plus if he ever tries he’ll be tranqued and put in solitary for the rest of his life and that is worse than death for him” 

Letting out a soft sigh Mina decided not to argue further, simply secreting a thin layer of weak acid from her palm before gently starting to rub it along the exposed parts of Kirishima’s chest and abdomen, his naturally tough skin allowing him to feel the acid as if it was hot water making her actions feel more like a sponge bath than her rubbing acid on him, soothing the aching and bruised muscles of his chest and stomach “I just hate seeing you like this”

“We’re Heroes, it’s our job, it’s either us or some poor civilian” Kirishima replied as Mina started to rub him down with her other hand, the warm almost stinging sensation of her weak acid soothing the aching of his limbs and muscles as she worked her hands along his upper body to ease his discomfort

As time passed and her hands moved lower to run her acid coated fingers along his six pack Mina found herself chewing her lip as arousal bubbled in her lower abdomen “Kiri...do you mind if I…?” she asked as her hand settled on the hem of his boxers under the bed covers, Kirishima blinking a couple times before giving a small nod to which Mina hurried to the door to lock it before returning to his bedside

Grabbing hold of the covers Mina whisked them down to her lovers ankles before doing the same with his boxers, the Acid Hero biting her lip at the sight of his hardening manhood as she gently wrapped a soft warm hand around him, feeling him throb and harden fully in her grasp as she started to stroke him

“Is this ok? Does it hurt?” she asked to which Kirishima shook his head bringing a small smile to Mina’s lips “and this?” she continued lowering her mouth to his cock, letting her weak Acid infused saliva to run down Kirishima’s manhood before starting to stroke him again whilst sucking on the head of his cock

Liberally coating her man’s cock in her saliva Mina then pulled away for a second to remove her top revealing her braless breasts underneath before ducking back in to take his entire length into her hot wet mouth and throat, humming and moaning around him as her soft hands massaged his thighs

“Mina…” Kirishima groaned trying to sit up only for Mina to place a hand on his chest and push him back down, mumbling around his cock to lie back and relax as she tended to him, her hot soft mouth and tongue working every inch of his manhood as she leisurely bobbed her head along his length

Humming louder around her boyfriend’s cock Mina then moved to lie on her front between his legs at the foot of the bed, her feet playfully kicking in the air as she looked up at him to take in his pleasured expressions whilst her mouth worked him, her eyes looking like inky black reflective pools with her golden iris’s looking like jewels floating within them, one of her hands creeping up to interlock with his as she felt him start to throb and tasted his precum on her tongue

Normally Kirishima would tell Mina to stop when he felt himself getting close to give Mina the choice of whether she wanted to continue him to completion and as to where she wanted him to climax but this time there was no such communication between them, the look in Mina’s eyes telling him that she wanted him to cum, to feel the much needed rush of endorphins to help ease the ache in his bones and muscles and as she moved her head down to throat him Kirishima felt the overwhelming waves of pleasure as he climaxed

With his cock pulsing deep in Mina’s mouth Kirishima arched his back as he unloaded down her throat, a strangled gasp escaping the pit of his chest as his girlfriend took his release in stride, steadily swallowing every spurt he let out as she moved up to seal her lips around the tip of his cock whilst working his shaft with both hands, refusing to stop until his climax ran dry

Slowly pulling her mouth from him to fully massage his cock with her lips Mina found that he wasn’t done and neither was she, her core aching for him as his manhood still stood rock hard for her, the Acid Hero standing and turning around before bending over, slowly making a show of pulling down her pants for him revealing that she had gone commando, her freshly shaven pussy glistening with arousal as she then stepped out of her pants leaving her naked save for her sneakers as she then proceeded to mount his hospital bed and straddle him reverse cowgirl style, her favourite position for when she wanted to pleasure him

Planting her feet at either side of his legs to secure herself Mina then oh so slowly sank down on his manhood, far different from when she would just slam herself down to ride him with everything she had, this time she had to be slow, purposeful as to not aggravate any of the wounds he was suffering, moving her hips slowly and carefully as she rolled them letting his manhood explore and massage every inch of her hot wet pussy

“Mina…” Kirishima groaned as Mina leaned back and placed her hands upon his, letting him hold them as she worked on pleasuring him, soft moans and pants escaping her lips as his manhood felt like ecstasy inside of her

“Kiri…” Mina keened through gritted teeth as she felt him pulse inside of her, the Acid Hero squeezing reflexively with every pulse, each action bringing her closer to climax as Kirishima’s cock hit all the right places without having to do anything

Moving her hips steadily faster Mina soon began to bounce on Kirishima’s cock, her ass clapping against his groin as her breasts steadily bounced, the Acid Hero taking care to not go too hard in case she inflicted pain over pleasure, thankfully Kirishima seemed to be feeling purely pleasure as Mina’s eyes widened at the feeling of his climax moments later, her head falling back as she felt his seed filling her insides setting off her orgasm a mere moment later

Her entire body thrumming with pleasure Mina moved to lie back against Kirishima’s chest, being as gentle as she could whilst keeping them connected at their cores, resting her head in the crook of his neck as they both slowly came down from their climax highs

The couple didn’t have long to rest however as the sounds of arguing and booming footsteps approaching outside the door could be heard “BACK TO YOUR CELL RAPPA!”

“Let me talk to Red first”

“That wasn’t part of the arrangement! Back to your cell before we will be forced to detain you forcefully!”.


Quickly clambering off of Kirishima and grabbing her clothes Mina realised that she had no time to get dressed with how close the voices were outside ending up resorting to diving back onto the bed and pulling the covers over herself and Kirishima in an attempt to hide just as Rappa burst into the room “Red! Just wanted to…” the ex-Villain started before quickly noticing the person shaped bump in his covers “...you guys allow conjugal visits?”

“What are you talking about?” the Chief Prison Guard questioned following after Rappa only to stop upon seeing the same thing he had “what is the meaning of this?! This is extremely unprofessional of a Hero and…!” he started only to be cut off by a quick backhand from Rappa sending him slamming against the wall unconscious

“Shut it! Man has his needs” Rappa snapped before quickly relaxing “I was going to congratulate you on the fight but I can see this is a bad time” he stated as Mina gingerly poked her head out from under the covers “you’ve got yourself a real man here lady, take care of him, and Red, tell Fats to bring his A-game on his next turn, he was slacking last time” he then added before turning to take his leave, lumbering out of the room dragging the Chief Guard out with him 

Watching as Rappa shut the door behind him Mina then looked up at Kirishima “well he’s...something”

“Yeah, for a violent homicidal slash suicidal maniac he can actually quite pleasant to talk to, when he’s not trying to punch my teeth in at least” the Hardening Hero replied “you know Fats actually wants to have him enrolled in a rehabilitation program since technically every guy he killed wasn’t a murder and since he’s purely focused on fighting rather than destroying stuff he thinks he can just be pointed in the right direction rather than rot here for the rest of his life”

“If it’ll stop him from trying to beat you to a bloody pulp I think it's a good idea” Mina smiled running her fingers along the bandages that covered Kirishima’s chest

“Yeah...I don’t think that will stop him”

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