Following the scent

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Following the scent

Carrot’s ears and nose twitched as the young Mink wandered throughout the Thousand Sunny trying to find the source of the strange scent she had been picking up all morning

It was...salty but also sweet, with a small hint of....citrus? The first thoughts that came to her mind was a new kind of food concoction that Sanji had come up with but despite several trips to the kitchen to ask the cook each time he denied it, thankfully for the Mink though she got a carrot each time she questioned him making each visit to the kitchen not a total waste

“Just what is it?!” she eventually just cried out in frustration, she felt like she had been searching around the ship for hours and hadn’t gotten closer to the source of the smell, the Mink was just about to give up when she walked by the entrance to the living quarters and picked up the scent even stronger than before

Since she had assumed the smell had been food she hadn’t searched the living quarters of the Sunny, the Mink heading towards the bedroom to which her sensitive hearing started to pick up the sounds of panting and moaning coming from Nami’s bedroom peaking her curiosity

“Nami?” she called out knocking on the Navigators door but she got no reply other than more moans from inside alongside the now quiet sound of creaking coming alongside it, the smell coming directly from inside preventing her from just walking away “I’m coming in!” she then called out before testing the door handle finding the door to be unlocked

Upon entering Nami’s room Carrot had expected to find the Navigator eating fruit or something to explain the smell of citrus but upon laying her eyes on the bed the Mink quickly realised that the smell was coming from Nami herself

Namely her sweat as the redhead furiously rode Luffy reverse cowgirl style with everything she had, her tight yet curvy body bouncing on her Captain’s cock like it was made to do so with her fat ass and heavy tits moving almost hypnotically as they bounced and clapped, her face contorted in sheer bliss as the bulge in her groin showed that Luffy was going deep enough to reach if not enter her womb every time she slammed her hips down

Her eyes widening and her ears shooting up in surprise at the sight Carrot let out an audible gasp making Nami freeze in place, her eyes just as wide as Carrot’s as she stared at the young Mink in utter shock and horror, an uncomfortable silence falling between them until Luffy broke it with his signature grin and a friendly “hey Carrot!”, the Captain of course not at all bothered by the compromising position he and Nami had been caught in

“Luffy! For fucks sake don’t act so nonchalant!” Nami snapped at him as she grabbed her bed covers to cover herself “Carrot didn’t need to see this! Oh god what if she’s too young for this? Do Mink’s age differently from humans?”

“You’re mating!” Carrot suddenly spoke making Nami flinch

“Uh...yeah...we are...god how do I explain this?” the Navigator wondered before the Mink surprised her again by starting to strip

“I like mating!” Carrot proclaimed almost too innocently as she pulled off her top over her head revealing her perky chest, her ears wiggling as her breasts bounced from being freed leaving Nami staring as the Mink proceeded to undo her shorts, bending over to pull them down her legs before kicking them aside “I used to mate a lot back home, I was surprised that you guys don’t mate more often, it’s fun between friends”

Staring wide eyed as Carrot stripped naked all thoughts of stopping and sending her away left Nami’s mind, her thoughts going to what kind of depravity went on among the Mink Tribes when humans weren’t around, the mentally images making her slowly drop the bed covers to expose herself again “I guess it wouldn’t be too bad if you were to join in” the Navigator stated looking back at Luffy to see if he had any complaints but like always he was just more than happy to go with the flow

Having already taken finding them fucking as an open invitation the Mink more than happily jumped onto the bed to join them, taking Nami by surprise as she kissed her almost fiercely which the redhead quickly melted into as she started rolling her hips to resume riding Luffy, eagerly letting Carrot’s tongue into her mouth as the Mink kissed her hungrily

As their tongues wrestled Carrot’s hands went straight to Nami’s huge heavy breasts, the soft silky fur on her hands feeling heavenly on the Navigator’s skin and nipples making her shudder and moan as they broke their kiss, Carrot’s mouth then moving down to Nami’s throat gently teasing it with her teeth before running her hot tongue over where her teeth had travelled

“Mmmph fuck that’s good” Nami moaned before gasping as Luffy’s hands joined Carrot’s on her tits, the feeling of his rough fingertips pressing firmly into the supple flesh of her breasts urging her to move her hips faster, her groin starting to tighten as her fifth orgasm of the day steadily built up, her pussy clenching tighter as she felt Luffy’s cock start to throb showing that he was getting close to climax as well

As Nami began to visibly shudder and moan louder Carrot moved her mouth lower, licking down the redhead’s body until she reached where Nami and Luffy were joined, her hot tongue pressing to the Navigator’s clit making her scream out in pleasure as she gave into her orgasm, her legs kicking out before wrapping around Carrot’s head tight holding her in place as her body thrummed with ecstasy

Taking the sudden leg lock in her stride Carrot worked Nami’s clit harder with her tongue until she was rewarded alongside Nami with Luffy’s load, the Captain cumming hard and deep inside Nami’s cunt and womb to the point that his release swiftly overflowed her pussy, making her eyes cross and toes curl as Carrot eagerly lapped up what overflowed from her overpacked cunt

Licking up every stray trickle of cum that leaked out of Nami’s pussy Carrot then took hold of her legs to force them away from her head to let her mouth away, the Mink licking her lips lustfully before taking hold of Luffy’s cock, pulling it out of Nami’s cunt before stuffing as much of it as she could into her mouth to suck out more of his delicious cum, the Mink having quickly fallen in love with the taste of it

Biting her lip as she remained straddling Luffy’s waist Nami reached down to stroke Carrot’s hair as the Mink tried to force as much of Luffy’s stretched 15 incher down her throat, the sight of her lips straining making her cunt burn with arousal all over again as she moved to dismount Luffy’s waist to give Carrot more room to work with

“That’s it, relax your jaw, take him all in” she encouraged the Mink, gently rubbing her ears as Carrot took her advice and relaxed her mouth and throat as much as she could, her tail wagging slightly as she wiggled her hips, her pupils slowly turning into hearts as she completely fell in love with the taste of him, quickly overcoming the strain in her jaw and throat to start deepthroating him over and over

As Carrot bobbed her head along her lovers cock Nami took the chance to admire and grope the Minks body, the Mink lacking her curves and bust but she made up for it with her bodies almost unnatural tightness, the lean muscle of her body making her skin feel extremely firm under her soft fur as the Navigator groped her perky tits and ass

As she groped and massaged Carrot’s ass the Mink moaned loudly around Luffy’s cock, subconsciously pushing back against Nami’s hand making her titter “you like that don’t you? Have you ever taken a cock in this tight little ass?” she purred to which Carrot shook her head as she slowly pulled off of Luffy’s dick to breathe “you’ve been missing out, come on Luffy, show her why it’s the best hole to get fucked in”

A few moments later Carrot was in position, the Mink eagerly wiggling her hips at Luffy as she positioned herself face down ass up on the bed, chewing her lip as she watched through her spread legs as Nami hungrily sucked Luffy’s cock, giving it one last bit of lubrication before she then guided it to the Minks tightest hole

The moment his cock head pressed against her untouched hole Carrot keened and whimpered, her toes curling tight as her entire body thrummed and shivered as Luffy began to slowly push into her tight ass, her eyes widening and her jaw falling slack as she felt her insides stretch to accommodate him “feels good doesn’t it?” Nami purred rubbing Carrot’s back

“Mmmppph yessssss” Carrot whined, her eyes crossing as Luffy bottomed out inside of her, feeling his cock as if it had entered her stomach, the Mink desperately clutching at the bedsheets as her hips started to rock back and forth, aiding in Luffy’s deep slow thrusts inside of her

Moaning at the sight of her boyfriend claiming Carrot’s tightest hole Nami began to massage her breast with one hand and rub her cum filled pussy with the other as she watched, loving the soft moans and pants the Mink let out every time Luffy bottomed out inside of her tight little ass “fuck that’s so hot” she panted as Luffy gripped Carrot’s hips tightly and pulled her back to him every time he thrust forward

Gripping the bed sheets tighter Carrot’s eyes crossed as she let out a shrill keen of ecstasy, her body spasming and toes curling tighter as she came harder than ever before, the act making the Mink discover her new favourite hole to get fucked in as Luffy’s cock in her ass felt better than any man had ever felt fucking her pussy, the feeling of euphoria only increasing as Luffy soon came inside of her, giving her the hot deep creampie she had been craving

Crying out with bliss as her insides were filled with his seed Carrot then blacked out, the sensations too much for her body to handle as she went limp on the bed, Nami purring at the sight as she admired the look of bliss on the Minks face “fuck that was so hot” she breathed as Luffy pulled out of Carrot’s ass, the Mink moaning in her sleep from the action as if protesting it “I think she might actually enjoy it up the ass almost as much as I do”

With that Nami moved to lie down on Carrot’s back on her front, loving the feeling of her soft fur against her bare breasts “speaking of which, my ass needs it badly” she purred wiggling her hips to which Luffy eagerly took his place behind her

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