The Best Moment

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The Best Moment

“Thanks for the great meal” said Ash Ketchum to Serena’s mother Grace. The young future pokémon master had stayed with Serena and her mother for a few days as he trained his pokémon for future league challenges that he would most likely fail to win. He also helped Serena with her pokémon showcase act. Since he was in Kalos for only a few days and Grace knew how much Serena was in love with Ash, she decided that he could stay with them. She hoped that Serena would make a move on the young pokémon trainer or at least tell him how she felt, but Serena kept it all inside like she always did.

Grace was worried. Tonight, was the last night that Ash was staying with them and he was still clueless of Serena’s crush on him. Grace had to do something to help her daughter, but she didn’t know what she could do?

“It was my pleasure Ash” said Grace as she collected the plates from the dinner.

“It was very cool of your mom to let me crash here while I was in Kalos” Ash said to Serena while Grace was in the kitchen

Serena blushed as Ash spoke to her “Well, my mom is cool” she said and felt so stupid for saying them as they left her tongue.

Grace heard everything from the kitchen. Serena was going to need some serious help from her mommy if she ever wanted to get laid.

Later that evening, Serena was in her bedroom getting ready for bed. She wore her favorite pink nightie with very cute pink panties on. She wore no bra, since she slept better without one on. She let her brown hair go loose and passed her brush in it several times, as she placed the brush on her desk, she heard a knock at her door.

“It’s me Serena” she heard Ash say “Can I come in?”

“Of course, you can Ash!” Serena said quickly, he entered her room and Serena’s heart started to beat in overdrive. Ash only wore his jeans. He was shirtless, Serena couldn’t take her eyes off his chest.

“I wanted to ask you something” said Ash as he walked closer to Serena and sat on her bed.

“Alright” she said

“I was wondering…Serena…do you have a crush on me?” he asked


“I know it sounds a little weird but…” Ash started to say, but he didn’t have time to finish.

“Yes! Yes, I’ve been in love with you since summer camp in Kanto” said Serena

“Really?” said Ash, he was surprised “Why didn’t you tell me before?”

“I guess I was just scared” said Serena “That you would reject me”

“I would never do that to you Serena” said Ash “You’re so beautiful”

“You…you really think so” said Serena, her heart rate was insane, but to hear Ash tell her she was beautiful made it all worthwhile.

“Let me show you how much I love you Serena” said Ash with a grin on his face

Serena had hearts in her eyes when she heard the word “love” come out of Ash’s mouth. Ash put his hand out and Serena placed her hand in it. Ash pulled Serena on top of him on her bed and flipped them around so he was on top of her. Serena’s heart was still beating quickly and Ash could feel it as her body was pressed against his. Her breasts felt incredible against his hard chest.

“You don’t have to be nervous Serena” said Ash “We won’t do anything you don’t want to do”

“I want to” said Serena immediately

“I was hoping you would say that” said Ash, his smile on his lips grew. His hands took hold of her nightie and pulled it up, revealing her boobs. He helped Serena remove it completely from her body and tossed it to the floor.

“Do you like what you see Ash?” Serena asked, she was a little embarrassed at him seeing her like this.

“Your boobs are fine” said Ash as he took them both in his hands and started to squeeze them for all they were worth “I mean sure May has bigger tits then you, but she’s a slut”

“What?” asked Serena shocked

“It’s no secret” said Ash “She slept with more guys and girls then you could count. She told me it was 65 the last time she counted, but I think it’s closer to 89”

“But you were friends with May?” Serena said

“I still am” said Ash “She just doesn’t win many ribbons anymore in the pokémon contest that she enters”


“She misses her call time because she is too busy having sex with other contestants back stage. Her skills also got weak recently” said Ash

“Can we not talk about May while…” Serena started to say, but Ash cut in

“Of course, it will ruin the mood” he told her, his hands still played with her boobs, he kissed her forehead and her cheek. It was so long that Serena thought how it would be like to have Ash kiss her and finally tonight she was going to find out. Sooner rather then later she discovered as his lips came down on hers and his tongue pushed into her mouth.

She parted her lips, allowed his tongue to enter her mouth and felt it touch hers. It was amazing and it made her so hot her head was spinning. Ash moved his lips away from hers, a trail of saliva connected their lips together, then he spit into her mouth several times. Serena rolled her eyes to the back of her head and moaned in the lust that filled her. She bucked her hips, Ash hadn’t even used his dick on her yet and already she was so turned on. She felt like she was getting close to an orgasm, to have one before Ash fucked her would be such an embarrassment. Serena had gotten several orgasms before in her life, but they were all delivered by the shower head or by water type pokémon using water gun on her pussy.

“Enter me Ash…Please fuck me” begged Serena

Ash smiled “You don’t need to tell this pokémon master that” said Ash, he hooked his fingers into her pink panties and slipped them down her legs, until Serena was able to kick her legs and feel them fall off her feet. Ash unzipped his jeans and pulled them down along with his boxers right under his ass, he took his cock in his hand and pushed inside of Serena with one rough push forward.

“YES! FUCK ASH!” Serena yelled, it was only afterwards that she remembered that her mother was in the house. Hopefully her mother was already sleeping and hopefully Serena didn’t wake her up.

“Your so tight Serena” said Ash, he closed his eyes tight as he started to pump into her, his hands returning to her fresh boobs.

“ASH! I fucking love you and I’ll wait for you for the rest of my life” Serena panted. She was going crazy with his big dick going so deep in her tiny pussy. She could barely think straight, she only hoped that she won’t say something that she would regret come tomorrow morning.

Ash didn’t answer her. His hands played with her tits and his cock moved in and out of her pussy. He kissed her with his tongue and her tongue returned the favor. When their tongues were not dancing together, Ash was spiting into her mouth which drove Serena crazy.

“ASH! Fuck!” she moaned “I think…I think I’m going to cum soon!”

“Yes, Serena. Cum all over my dick” said Ash, not slowly down and spitting into her mouth once more.

“ASH!” she shouted as she reached her orgasm. It was the best one she ever had in her life because it was with her lover and not with rushing water. Her love juice sprayed over her lover’s piece of meat and drenched her bed sheets in the process.

“How did that feel Serena?” asked Ash with a smile

“Amazing” was her answer

“Maybe now you understand why May is the slut that she is” said Ash

Serena breathed hard for several moments and she soon realized that Ash was no longer fucking her or touching her. His hands were still on her boobs and his cock was still inside of her body. But he wasn’t doing anything.

“Ash?” she asked

“I was waiting for you to recover from that hot orgasm you just had” he told her

“That’s so sweet. You can continue now. I’m ready” said Serena

“I was hoping you would say that soon” said Ash, he quickly resumed fucking her brains out and Serena started to moan again as he did her. Tears of joy fell from her eyes as this was the greatest night of her life. She would never forget her first night of sex with Ash Ketchum. He was so sweet and so skilled with her.

Ash thrusted quickly in her pussy. His hands playing with her nipples which made her feel good and every time that Ash spit some of his saliva in her open mouth, it turned her world upside down. Every time her tongue tasted some of his saliva, it got her to the edge of another orgasm.

“Fuck…” huffed Ash “Don’t know how much longer I can last?”

“You gonna cum for me Ash?” Serena asked

“Yeah, you better tell me fast where you want this load or it will be inside of you” said Ash, he started to thrust in her faster as he spoke to her. Serena moaned at his speed. Thankfully her mind wasn’t as foggy as it was before her orgasm.

“I don’t want to get pregnant at my age” said Serena “I’m only 19 years old, I’m too young to be a mother” even if I would LOVE to have a child with you Ash! she thought

“Where. Do. You. Want. It” Ash told her

Serena thought that Ash would take her response and pull out of her and empty his load on her bedsheets or something. She didn’t know what happened at this point, she never had sex before in her life.

“On my tits” she said to him, it was the first thing that came in her mind.

“About time you tell me” said Ash in a rough tone. He never spoke to Serena like that before in his life “I’m at my peak here” he pushed into her one last time and took the opportunity to shoot some more of his spit down her throat which Serena enjoyed.

Ash pulled his manhood out of Serena’s pussy, he crawled over the bed to her chest, which proved difficult since his jeans were at his knees. He lied on the bed, his body facing her and his cock in his hand as he stroked it, inches above her boobs.

“Very soon baby” he told her “Very soon”

“I’ll wait my entire life just to suck your dick my love” said Serena

Ash moaned loudly, several strands of cum flew from his penis and covered Serena’s breasts with her lover’s seed, how she wished she had the guts to allow Ash to cum inside of her and carry his child, but maybe that was something for the second time they would have sex. Like tomorrow maybe?

Ash shifted slightly, laying on his back and out of breath, his cock going limp from the recent ejaculation.

“Ash?” he heard Serena


“Will you stay with me all night long?” she asked him

“I will” he told her

“Great” she pushed herself to her hands and knees and got in front of him, Ash looked up at her as her hand wrapped around his cock. Serena started to stroke him.

“I hope you still have some strength in you” she purred “I have waited several years to have this night with you. If you think you can get away with only taking my virginity and cumming on my tits then you are mistaken”

Ash placed his hands at the back of his head “What are you going to do to me?”

“All that spitting you did in my mouth got me really turned on, so I figured what better why to reward you then to use my mouth on your pokéballs”

“That pun will never get old” said Ash with a smile

With all the stroking that Serena was doing to Ash’s cock, he was erect once more in no time. He was a pokémon master after all. Once his cock stood tall the way Serena wanted it, she brought her lips over to it. Her tongue came out of her mouth and landed on his pole, she closed her eyes and tucked some of her hair in the back of her ear. Slowly she moved her tongue from the bottom of his dick to the very top and continued with that movement moving her tongue from the top to the bottom or the bottom to the top as the case may be as Serena licked every single inch of Ash’s manhood.

“Brock would be so jealous of me” said Ash, Serena had no idea who Brock was, but she sure hoped that it wasn’t another one of his lovers, the way he spoke of May before, she had the feeling Ash and her fucked each other and not just once…a lot.

Serena’s tongue went over to his heavy balls. Her tongue lavished them, her lips kiss them and her nose took in the scent of his manhood, it became that night her favorite smell in the world.

“Your mouth gets my cock wet better than Misty” said Ash

Another girl that he had sex with, no doubt. That was now three girls that he had sex with other then her. May, some chick he never told her about called Brock and Misty too.

Serena opened her mouth wide and took Ash’s cock in her mouth. She moved her mouth back and forth, his cock was already wet from her tongue licking him, her drool made him even wetter then he was before, her tongue rolled around his cock that was inside of her throat. She tensed the tip of his penis with her tongue which was far more skilled then she believed it was.

“Do you like that Ash?” Serena asked him

“Very much” he told her, Serena resumed her work she was doing on his penis.

“You suck me off a lot better than Dawn ever did” he told her

A fourth girl! How many chicks did Ash sleep with before her? It didn’t matter Serena thought, he wasn’t with them anymore, he was with her now.

Serena tired to take him in balls deep and she gagged on his meat, her eyes rolled to the back of her head as her throat was filled to the brim with Ash’s pokémon master cock.

“I don’t know how much longer I can hold it all inside” said Ash

Serena took several healthy stokes with her mouth over Ash’s member. Before she left it and took in air through her mouth. Quickly she licked the penis before her.

“Cum all over my face” she told him

“With pleasure” Ash told her, they swapped positions with Serena lying on her bed and Ash over her stroking his cock with his hand inches from her face.

“I want it badly Ash” she said, begging him to cover her face with his seed

“You will receive what you asked for” Ash told her, he shot his head back as he ejaculated all over Serena’s pretty face. With Ash’s cum all over her face, Serena never felt more beautiful in her life.

Ash sat down on her bed; he was exhausted from their intense fuck session they shared. It was a great night that they had together. Misty, May, Dawn and even Iris were amazing under the sheets, but Serena was most likely the best girl he ever fucked in his life. He would surely be returning to Kalos to bang her again soon.

“Can we cuddle in bed?” Serena asked

“Of course” said Ash, the couple got under the sheet and hugged each other and looked into each other’s eyes. They kissed each other and slowly fell asleep after the best night of her life.

The following morning

Serena woke up in her bed naked and alone. Sitting up in her bed, she kept the sheets close to her chest. “Ash?” she said, her voice uncertain.

The door to her room opened and Ash walked in, he was dressed with his backpack and his Pikachu on his shoulders. It was as if he was about to leave.

“I’m glad your up Serena” he said “I didn’t want to leave without saying good-bye and giving you a kiss”

“Your still…leaving?” she asked, after the night that they shared together.

“I would love to stay and hang out more with you Serena and of course fuck you some more, but May is waiting for me in Hoenn and I promised her we would camp in the mountains together, just her and me for at least a week” Ash told her “It’s going to be very hot”

Her heart was a little broken that Ash was leaving and was also still seeing May on the side, but the truth was she was still in love with him. Just because he wasn’t staying with her, it didn’t change the way she felt about him.

“Okay” she said “I love you”

“I love you too” said Ash with a smile, he kissed her on her mouth and her heart skipped a beat. When he kissed her it felt like her pokémon were going through mega evolution for the first time.

He said good-bye to her and then Ash was out of the door and gone from her life until the next time he came to Kalos.

A few moments later after Serena got out of bed and took a shower where she cried at the lost of Ash from her life for a while, she came downstairs. Her mother was just setting out the breakfast for her and her daughter.

“Ash left earlier” said Grace “He had an early flight to Hoenn”

“Yeah” said Serena her voice clearly disappointed “So he can go and have fun with May”

“So” started Grace ignoring what her daughter said “Did you and Ash fuck last night?”

“What!” shouted Serena “You heard us?”

“I guess that is a yes?” Grace asked

“Yeah…we had sex” said Serena, her face was bright red, it was so weird to talk to her mother about having sex.

“Don’t worry Serena dear, I didn’t hear you at all. But I had a feeling you and Ash were going to have some fun” Grace said “I knew you were just going to let Ash leave and not tell him how you felt about him. So I took the situation in my own hands. I told Ash that you loved him and told him to go see you and fuck you like he never fucked a girl before. I knew that you weren’t going to get laid unless Ash was your first, so I had to help you out”

“MOM! I can’t believe you told him that” shouted Serena

“What’s the problem Serena?” asked her mother “You had sex with Ash last night”

“Okay, I guess I’m a little happy you told Ash how I felt about him” said Serena “But when did you tell him?”

“Oh, we were making out in the kitchen after you went upstairs, after he ate me out, I told him that you were in love with him and that he should go upstairs and do you instead of fucking me again tonight” said Grace like it was the most normal thing in the world

“WHAT!” shouted Serena “You had sex with Ash too!” she couldn’t believe her own mother, who knew that she loved Ash for years would get in bed with him.

“Of course I had sex with Ash” said Grace “Many times I might add, but honey Ash is so skilled in bed, you can’t expect to keep him all to yourself”

Serena let out a sigh “I guess your right mom” she said, even if she knew that Ash slept with many other girls including her own mother. There was one thing that Serena also knew was true and would never change. Ash Ketchum, future pokémon master was her first love, the first man she had sex with and the first dick that she sucked with her mouth, and he would be the only man she would ever love in her life and the only man she would have sex with in her life. Serena would never once stop loving Ash, because he was her soul mate.

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