Scouts Get A New Recruit

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Kiesha Finlay had graduated from the Training Corps and gotten the role she had been desperately hoping for. She was off to the Survey Corps to become a scout. It had been her dream since she was very young. She had been found by a scout outside of Wall Maria in the no man’s land where the titans roamed at will. She was wrapped in a blanket and on her own under a tree. She often wondered if she had been abandoned there or if her parents had been killed by titans and had managed to hide her first.

She had been raised by the scout that had found her and had lived an enjoyable life right up until her adoptive father had been killed on a scouting mission. She had always stood out because no one else inside the walls seemed to have the dark skin she had. After her adoptive father had died her adoptive mother had tried to sell her as a sex slave to make ends meet. Kiesha had fought back and killed the men trying to take her. She then fled into the less populated wilderness and lived on her own, scavenging and hunting until she reached the right age to sign up for the military.

Kiesha had wanted to carry on her father’s legacy and had worked hard to get the top marks in every training exercise. She had been the top of her class in combat training, ODM training, as well as her physical and academic marks. She had even been offered a spot in the interior guard, but the scouts were her dream. To go beyond the wall, to help reclaim humanity’s birthright, and on some small level in the vain hope she would learn more about who she was and where she came from.

Now the day had finally come where she would meet her new squad mates. She was being placed with Team 4 as they suffered a recent losses and needed to be replenished. She tried not to think too much into it but knew that could be the fate of anyone in the Survey Corps, to be killed by a titan while on a mission. All she had learned on her way to the barracks to meet her new team was that one of the losses had been the former tam leader and a new up and coming team leader had taken over.

Walking in with her fresh scout uniform and new shiny ODM gear she felt like a fish out of water. Everyone in the barracks looked at her. They were all veterans, and their gear was well worn. She was used to people staring at her though. She was unique and people always gave her at least a second glance.

A young-looking man in a scout cloak walked up to her. “Can we help you recruit?”

“I’ve been assigned to the 4th team of the Survey Corps.” She responded as if they were on the drill grounds. “I have orders.” She produced them looking around for the team leader.

The man in the hood took the orders from her and barely glancing at them tossed them aside. “Yeah, that’s the stamp. Welcome to team 4 rookie. Find a bunk and store your stuff.”

“Wait. I have to report-in to my team leader.” She said completely wrongfooted and confused about what was going on.

“You just did.” He turned and pulled back his hood revealing a young face, clean cut black hair, and piercing gray eyes. “I’m team leader Ackerman, but that’s a lot to say in combat so just call me Levi.”

She stared open mouthed as he walked away. So, this was Levi Ackerman, the street tough from the Underground of Wall Rosa, whose star was on a near meteoric ascension. He was shorter than she had expected. Cuter too. She thought to herself.

“Don’t worry, he has that effect on everyone. I’m Arnold.” This man was the poster child for what the ideal scout would look like. Easily six foot and all solid muscle with a broad and friendly smile. They shook hands and she could feel the power in his grip. “Open bunk is over here.”

He led her to the only open bunk in the barracks and she realized the rest of the replacements must have been drawn up from the support teams. She was the only new recruit to this team. That meant that her tam leader must have specifically requested her. That filled her with pride, the work she had put in had paid off.

“I’d store your stuff quick and grab your cloak.” Arnold said as he turned to walk away.

“Why?” Kiesha asked confused at his urgency.

“Because we’re heading out on a patrol.” Levi answered from his place near the center of the room. She was amazed he had heard her from there. “And now that you’re here I can go over the details.”

Properly motivated she tossed her spare clothing in her locker without unpacking anything other than her cloak and joined the rest of them in record time. She was still riding her wave of excitement to be out on her first mission and shed her rookie title.

“It’s a simple scouting mission to try and find an area to set up a new outpost.” Levi was explaining in a dead pan authoritative tone. “We’ll ride out of the western gate of Wall Maria and circle around to the south, reentering through the southern gate after three days.”

“Any reported titan activity?” One of the men asked.

“No but we all know how accurate those reports are usually.” Levi said patting his blade box for emphasis. “So, make sure to bring extra everything. There is no resupply in the field.” He looked right at Kiesha.

His gaze was intense, but it wasn’t fear that stirred in her. She felt a way she hadn’t felt before. A deep wanting to make him stare at her until she quivered. She was so lost in thoughts of her fantasy that she didn’t even hear the rest of the briefing.

“Any questions?” Levi’s stern tone made her snap back to reality. “No. Good, then gear up and meet me in the courtyard.”

They had been ridding for hours and had come across a thickly wooded area. They had decided to ride straight through rather than go around it. Things like this were always a double-edged sword on an extended mission, go around too many and you’ll run out of time or supplies before the mission ended. Go through them and risk a titan ambush.

They didn’t realize they had made a mistake until the first scout was snatched up horse and all by a titan. His scream had cut short and Kiesha had turned just in time to see the titan throw the horse at them.

“Incoming horse.” She screamed the warning and they scattered right before the horse struck in front of them and right in what their path would have been.

“Deploy ODM.” Levi yelled as he deployed his own and lifted off his horse in one smooth motion, he turned 180 degrees in the air and redeployed his cables heading right for the titan that had just killed his scout.

Kiesha deployed her own ODM and followed Levi’s example turning and heading towards the titan even though every fiber of her being was screaming for her to run. She pulled up short and paused on a tree branch. Her jaw dropped as Levi performed and acrobatic spin and bring both of his blades down across the back of the titan’s neck for the killing stroke.

As the titan fell a cheer went up from the remaining scouts. Kiesha noticed something large leaping from tree to tree. “Abnormal!” She shouted as she recognized the basic features of a titan. A scout headed her warning to slowly and was devoured along with a chunk of bark from the tree he had been holding on to.

Kiesha was already in motion using the titan pausing to devour her squad mate as an opening to strike. She shot across and tried to mimic Levi’s spin into the death stroke. Hers wasn’t as graceful as his but it was just as effective as she delivered the killing blow to her first titan. An abnormal at that. She felt a rush of pride.

Three more titans moved from the trees and even Levi paused briefly. These were greater numbers than they would usually encounter in a single area. Everyone sprang into motion, but four more titans ran out from the other side. It was an ambush. They weren’t supposed to do that. Kiesha thought as she watched in horror.

The battle was ugly and largely one sided. Kiesha fought her own battles not being able to rely on any form of support. She glanced Levi doing the same. He seemed to be focusing on the taller titans first so Kiesha switched her own strategy. She had to drop her dull blades and reload on instinct as she swung from target to target. She killed and killed again but there seemed to be no end to the titans. More were constantly emerging in small groups, although she noticed they were getting smaller as time went by.

She reached to reload her blades again and to her terror found that she had run out of blades. All their supplies had been on the horses and those had scattered. She shot herself up to land on the tallest thickest branch she could find. She landed and looked over to find the crouching form of Levi watching the madness. He was obviously also out of blades.

“You have good form, but your blade work is sloppy.” Levi said without even turning to look at her.

“What?” Kiesha was shocked not just at the comment but the complete lack of emotion he seemed to have watching his squad get decimated.

“With a standard load out, you should be able to kill 9 titans.” Levi was still scanning the battlefield even though they were the only scouts left. “You managed 7. Not bad for your first fight but still leaves room for improvement.”

“Our entire squad got wiped out and you’re critiquing my performance?” She was still in shock, but that shock was quickly turning to anger.

“We are the last two remaining which makes us better than them and my kill count is higher so that makes me better than you. When the reverse is true you can critique my skills until then we need to find a way back to the wall to report this odd behavior.” Levi stood and pointed to where there was a clump of shapes. “And it looks as if our horses have all been trampled in the ambush.”

“Then what’s next, sir?” She asked her anger and shock subsiding at the pure cold logic of his statement.

“We wait out the titans.” Levi began as he undid his ODM gear to get more comfortable. “Then when they’re gone, we’ll gather what we can carry from the horses and have to make our way on foot. We’ll avoid as many fights as possible and head straight for the wall. We can scale it easily with our ODM gear and fresh gas tanks.”

Kiesha unbuckled her own ODM gear and sat down looking at Levi hoping he would say more. It looked like they would be spending the night up here on this branch. Luckily the branch was wide enough they could lay across it head to foot and still have plenty of room so there would be no rolling off it in the night. She could also think of worse things than to spend a night alone with Levi.

“I won’t lie to you. We have a very slim chance of survival.” Levi said removing his cloak and laying it out on the branch. “Tell me Kiesha.” She felt her heart skip a beat as he said her name. “What did you make of these titan’s tactics?” He turned and sat down looking straight at her as he spoke.

Her legs went weak and she took off her cloak spreading it out like Levi had and sat down before she answered. “The way they acted was like nothing I had been taught they could do. I was taught they didn’t have the intelligence or coordination for that.”

“Personally, I’ve never seen it before.” Levi agreed with her assessment. “I don’t know how they did it.”

“Maybe it was the abnormal.” Kiesha thought how they had seemed to swarm to that area after she had killed it. “Perhaps it had some form of control or released some sort of pheromone to attract them here after it died.”

“A good thought but this many this quickly seems unlikely.” Levi mused more to himself than her.

“So, what’s your theory?” She asked looking him in the eyes. The loss of the squad had finally hit her, and she was feeling numb.

“I leave the theorizing up to the research department, but I worry this indicates at least one titan with some form of control over the rest.” Levi shuddered at the thought. “That’s why we need to make it back to the wall. We’re scouts and now we have valuable intel.”

“That’s a long trek, but I’m ready for it.” Kiesha bragged a bit. There was something about Levi that made her want to show off. “I did have top marks in physical endurance.”

“I bet you did.” Levi said but this time he looked her up and down and his eyes seemed to linger on every curve of her body. “Looks like we’ll be spending the night up here.”

His gaze turned to one of wanting and desire. Kiesha gazed back and realized the feelings she had felt since she first met him were more than a desire to show off for him or impress him. She wanted him to want her. She licked her lips. “Well, if there is anything, I can do to make the night better you just have to ask.”

He had taken off his jacket and folded it into a pillow so now he was dressed in just his shirt, pants, and boots. At her offer he stood up and sauntered over to her. She felt herself melt more and more the closer her got to her. She sheepishly removed her own jacket folding it like he had folded his.

He walked right up to her, reached down and grabbed a handful of her thick hair. He yanked her head around, so she was looking up at him. “I’m not much for asking. I prefer to take.”

Before she could respond and tell him he could take anything he wanted from her, he reached down and undid his pants. His intention was now crystal clear and Kiesha’s hands moved swiftly to free his ever-hardening cock from the confines of his pants.

No wonder he’s so confident. She thought gazing at his cock stiffening in her hands. He was easily eight inches long and at least an inch and a half thick. She had seen her fair share of cocks in her life, but she salivated over the thought of what he would do to her with this monster.

Her mouth opened slightly and that was all the invitation he needed as he guided her lips to the tip of his cock. He still wasn’t fully hard as she took the head into her mouth. She started sucking and using her hands to stroke the shaft and fondle his balls. She felt him stiffen more inside her mouth and she could feel herself getting wet.

Levi decided he didn’t like the pace she had set and began to use the hand on the back of her head to set his own pace. She gagged a bit but that seemed to only encourage him. He lowered his other hand to the back of her head and holding her head with both hands he began to fuck her face like it was his own personal sex toy. He was laming forward and pulling back with such force Kiesha wasn’t sure if he would ever stop.

She relaxed and tried to keep up with him. Her hands were no longer needed so they began to explore her own body. She pulled up her shirt and fondled her perky tits with one hand while undoing her pants and sliding the other hand down to her now dripping wet pussy. She looked up to see Levi looking down and smiling as he fucked her face and she fondled herself.

Kiesha slid first one then two fingers into herself and began to ride her own hand as Levi rode her face. She had to let go of her tits to steady herself and she began to speed up riding her own hand and then slowly added a third finger.

Levi smiled seeing what she was doing. “That’s my good little slut, make sure you’re ready for me because I plan on enjoying every inch of your body.”

She tried to reply with a “yes sir” but it only came out as a gargle as he pushed deeper and harder down her throat. She wanted him to use her. She wanted him to dominate her, to parade her around as his dirty slut, she wouldn’t even care if he shared her with others, just so long as he made her his.

Kiesha whimpered as he pulled his cock out of her mouth fully. She wanted more and she reached out for it only for him to slap her hand away. He grabbed her shirt and pulled it over her head along with the sports bra she wore while on a mission.

“Lose the rest.” Levi said indicating her pants and boots as he effortlessly slipped from his own clothes with the same confidence and grace, he did anything else with.

She had gotten her boots off while he stood watching but getting down her pants and panties was apparently taking too long for his liking because he reached down and used the pants around her claves to physically force her onto her stomach. Levi got down behind her and slipped an arm under her waist pulling her up, so she was on all fours.

Levi wasn’t waiting one more second. He lined himself up with her warm quivering wet pussy and buried himself in her in one vicious stroke. Kiesha let out a yelp that turned into a low moan as she quickly felt herself filled completely. He grabbed her hips and began to ride her so hard the slapping sounds of their bodies coming together echoed off the surrounding trees.

He was pumping away in and out for all he was worth and then fell into a more steady and controlled rhythm as he reached around her body and began to play with her clit with one hand and pinch her nipples with the other. The pace was slower but that somehow seemed to make it more intense. She could feel every inch of him fill her.

Her body began to quiver, and she felt the strength in her body begin to fade. She lowered her face onto her cloak as her arms found it too hard to support her. “Well, I’m glad my good little slut likes getting fucked.” Levi said with a growl as he watched her lean down and listened to her moan.

He leaned over her as she felt her legs start to shake. “You better not cum before me or there will be hell to pay latter.” He hissed in her ear.

“Then you better cum soon.” She was so lost in her lust that she could barely form the words into a whisper between grunts and moans.

He brought himself back up from her and slapped her ass hard enough to sound like the cracking of a leather belt and leave and handprint. “Sluts don’t give me orders.” He slapped her ass three more times to drive the point home.

Her legs shook hard and she felt her orgasm building. She tried everything she could think of to not lose control, but the spanking wasn’t helping her cause. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, OH FUCK!” She screamed as she came, not being able to hold back.

“Disobeying orders huh?” Levi asked with a vicious tone. “That will cost you latter I promise.” He hissed as he stopped playing with her nipples and clit to grab her hair and pull her up by it so she was practically ridding his cock as he humped away.

She was being treated like a fuck toy and loving every second of it. She hoped the consequences wouldn’t mean them being separate. There was something about him that made her want this forever.

Levi’s breathing changed and he was pushing up while pulling her down to try and force as much of his cock into her as deep as it would go. She felt a strange sensation as it began to pulse in her. She could feel every twitch and then suddenly felt a warm gushing sensation as he came deep inside her.

He slumped back gulping down air and looking spent. Kiesha fell forward and just lay there face down, leaking his cum from her freshly fucked pussy, and in a state of total bliss. He grabbed her head and pulled it up to his face. He kissed her deeply and their tongues danced together. Then he broke the kiss and looked her in the eyes.

“Now clean it off like a good slut. I won’t sleep sticky.” He hissed and pushed her face to his softening but still impressive dick.

She began cleaning it with her mouth licking off his tasty cum and her own juices with equal gusto. I’m so glad I joined the scouts. She thought enjoying every second of this and looking forward to what was to come.

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