How to Tame Your Villain

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Tōya knows that there is someone out there that is destined to be with him, his soulmate, but he also knows that the chance of finding them—at least with the choices he's made—is much closer to zero. He's also had it drilled into his head—albeit unsuccessfully—that his soulmate would only be a burden to him and that he has better things to focus on, like training to one day surpass All Might. He had decided that his father was wrong, especially since Todoroki Enji had rejected his soulmate and had forced Himura Rei to marry him for his little breeding project, and Tōya had vowed to himself that he would cherish his soulmate and stand by them no matter what.

He doesn't expect for his soulmate to be among the students at the training camp, not at all, but he remembers his vow and he curses his luck as he locks eyes with the green-haired teen that lands just a few feet away from where he stands, Compress pinned under his feet. Never mind that another one of the students and Shōto are helping to subdue Compress, he only has eyes for his soulmate, who looks to be on the verge of passing out from the two broken arms that he has.

Tōya's gaze flicks down to Compress and then back up to find his soulmate staring at him in shock, his mouth partially open like he'd been prepared to say something only now he's frozen and there are traces of fear in his eyes. He knows and he's scared and Tōya doesn't like that one bit.

Well, it can't be helped since he's technically helping to attack his soulmate's classmates, but working with the League of Villains is no longer an option for Tōya. That is sure as shit as clear as day to him, and he needs to get a move on because Kurogiri is going to appear any moment to warp the Vanguard Action Squad—what a ridiculous name—back to the League's hideout in Kamino Ward and he can't have that.

"Twice, send out one last copy of me," Tōya orders, and all of the students stiffen at the sound of his voice. Twice turns to him, his confusion evident despite the mask he wears, and he starts to gesticulate. "Now!" Tōya snaps, his patience thin, and does his damnedest to keep the desperation out of his voice.

"Geez, Dabi, okay! Hell no, man!" Twice exclaims as he makes another clone of Tōya in the blink of an eye. It takes off without a word, and Tōya hopes that the heroes will listen to what it has to say instead of trying to destroy it outright.

With one less thing, hopefully, off his mind, Tōya shifts his weight onto the balls of his feet as he raises his arm towards his soulmate and prays that he will understand. "Dodge!" The word is snarled out and he unleashes a condensed stream of bright blue flames directly where he predicts Compress will go. The students scatter while Compress successfully gets caught in the crematory flames and is consumed by them.

"What the fuck, Dabi?! That's cold, man," Twice cries out as he flinches away from the heat Tōya's giving off.

"I hereby tender my resignation from the League of Villains," Tōya sneers at them and cuts off the torrent of flames after a good fifteen seconds, revealing a very charred and very unconscious Compress. He leaps out of the way of Toga's knife as she attempts to stab him in retaliation and sends a burst of flames at her, and another burst at Twice.

"You killed Compress! Why?!" Toga shrieks out and she ducks under the flames, right as Kurogiri starts forming between them.

"I'm not telling you whack jobs why," Tōya snarls at her and makes the snap decision to launch himself at Kurogiri, and ignites himself in flames. He manages to grab hold of the metal brace that is meant to protect Kurogiri's body and channels all of his flames into it. Kurogiri lets out an ear-piercing scream and attempts to thrash out of his grasp but the smoke-like substance that he usually appears as starts to dissipate while Tōya wrestles him to the ground.

Once Kurogiri is pinned Tōya watches Toga and Twice from over his shoulder as he continues in his effort to disable the warp user, and is vaguely aware that his soulmate has gotten Shōto and the other student to search Compress, who is still definitely alive, for the marbles that their classmates have been turned into. "Check that fucker's mouth too," he calls out to them, hoping that they'll at least be smart enough to listen to him. "And then make it so he can't use his hands."

"You're going to regret betraying Sensei, Dabi," Kurogiri somehow manages to get out amidst his screams, and the smoke-like substance of his body recedes into a fully physical body.

"That's Sōen to you twisted fucks attacking children," Tōya snarls and he pours his flames into the metal brace just a little longer. "And your Sensei can go fuck himself for ordering this shit!" Kurogiri's screams finally die out and, at this point, Tōya doesn't care if it's because he's dead or unconscious but he's hit his limit so he extinguishes his flames.

"Hey wait, I know that name! Who's that?" Twice gives him an affronted look while Toga looks confused. She's still clutching her knife, ready to attack, but before she or Twice can think to move towards him while he's vulnerable Eraserhead's capture scarf wraps around the both of them.

"How does a vigilante like you get mixed up with the League of Villains?" Eraserhead's question is met with a glare from Tōya, and Eraserhead returns it with a flat stare.

"Hurry the hell up and get some Quirk suppression cuffs on this warping asshole before he regains consciousness, hero," Tōya sneers and yanks Kurogiri up by the metal brace for Eraserhead to see. Eraserhead's eyes widen in some form of recognition as he takes in Kurogiri's physical body, and then it's followed by grief so stark that Tōya wants to question it. He doesn't, however, and instead makes an impatient noise in the back of his throat. "Now, Eraserhead, so I can tend to my soulmate before he hurts himself even further."

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