Fae Tales

BY : FieldDranzer
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A/N: We have quite a bit to go through for this one, so let's cut to the chase. This is going to be a multi-chapter story, scheduled for the future. The first chapter was commissioned, and I have a few more planned. However, this one has been finished for quite some time. Due to some personal stuff that I really shouldn't delve into here, I haven't been able to do much beside writing and working. Sometimes not even writing. Hopefully, I'm in the clear now, but updates are probably going to stay inconsistent. Sorry about that. 

In the meantime, enjoy what I have to offer, in the form of a modernized AU for Fairy Tail. Do note, some of these tags are for the future. 


Fae Tales


Heavy, indistinguishable beats echoed throughout the night sky, blending together with the various songs that played within poorly isolated buildings down the boulevard avenue of downtown Magnolia. Lines of men and women were propped up along the sides of major clubs; the occasional woman could be seen sneaking behind a bar to the backdoor, doing who knew what for the next hour to persuade the guards to let her in for free. 


Bellowing, rambunctious laughter erupted from one particular group wandering down the length of the street. Dressed up for the occasion, the trio of young men crossed a dimly lit alley. To any onlooker, two of the party would seem to be having the time of their lives, chattering on about one thing or the other before another round of laughter filled the air around them. 


The day had gone by surprisingly quickly, the third member of their little group noted, absentmindedly following after his roommates from college, gazing around in search of whatever destination the trio was headed towards. 


Natsu Dragneel, a second year student at the Magnolia Economical University, folded his hands behind his head, stretching out even as the faint burn of alcohol coursed through his veins. The summer had come and gone quicker than ever before, drowned out by aptitude tests and exams followed by lectures and optional classes in his spare time. If it hadn’t been for the university’s mandatory break times likely influenced by the influx of new students in recent years, the pinkette might have driven himself mad from studying.  


Three more years, he counted in his head; three more years before he could join the family business, or three more years until he could find his own way in life, as his brother had done. Although they were said to be alike by all who met both siblings at once, the duo had never seen eye to eye. Zeref always had chosen his own path, wandering towards it with his infinite curiosity, so much so that, by the time Natsu had decided to attend a college rather than join his father’s business, his brother had already joined a genetic reconstruction lab. 


Overhearing a particular conversation from the only third year student that had gone out with them that evening, Natsu couldn’t help but frown internally, though outwardly, he smiled just as widely as his raven haired roommate, Gray, did. 


Loke Regulus was, without a doubt, the biggest threat to womankind in the entirety of Fiore, if not the whole world. Be it a freshman or a senior, the orange haired man had likely been with them more than twice, some even received their initiation on their first day of school. To Natsu, Gray and Loke were alike, though the former lacked the natural charisma of the latter. 


When the trio had left the last bar, two others had been with them as well. Sting and Rogue, the pinkette vaguely recalled, two new students that had roomed together right next to Loke’s room. Imagining that little tidbit, Natsu couldn’t help but chuckle to himself, more than a little drunk. From day one, the duo had likely been subjugated to the tortures of the playboy’s intimacy.


Hearing, but ignoring yet another conversation about a particularly busty girl he had encountered during the freshman address that year, Natsu instead shifted his attention back to the buildings around them. The brightly lit streets of the boulevard avenue had grown dim, appearing only as an afterthought when he whirled his head around to glance behind him. Wherever his onyx eyes fell, older, more well used buildings met his eye, though even then, he could tell that the rustic appeal of Magnolia clung to them. They were, without a doubt, in the original part of the downtown area.


“Can you two tell me where we’re headed now?” Natsu’s voice eventually broke the lull that had turned into Loke’s ramblings about who he had slept with, causing his friends to exchange a brief glance with one another. 


“Do you remember that job I had last year, around the summer?” Gray eventually began, patting the back of his unruly black hair with an unreadable expression upon his features. 


“Yeah?” Furrowing his eyebrows, the pinkette pondered the question for a moment, trying to recall a detail beyond the vague description he had received.


“Yeah, that’s the place.” Although, hearing his raven haired friend’s explanation, the contemplative look that had crossed through Natsu’s smooth face turned into a deadpan instead. 


By the time he had turned his head back towards his friends, their earlier conversation had begun anew, leaving the pink haired bachelor in his own mind to try to recall what his friend likely hadn’t told him. 


“Weren’t you a stripper?” Natsu asked aloud, ignoring the violent cough from the left along with an outcry of his name. “Ice Prince or something… might’ve been a book, actually…” Again, his mind wandered, not at all aware of the flush that spread across his friend’s face. 


In opposition to contrary belief however, the only reaction to come forth was a soft, muffled chuckle, followed by Gray himself bellowing at Loke to shut it.


Once again, the trio fell silent, though this time, it was a companionable silence that left even Loke stupefied. There were undoubtedly more stories to tell, some of which had drawn Natsu’s own attention, if only just because they involved a girl he had wanted to talk more with, but alas, before his mind could travel there, a light tap upon his left shoulder, through the checkered, pure white scarf adorning his neck, drew his attention away. 


Blinking once, then twice, it took the pink haired youth a moment to even think, then another moment to gaze upon the building before them. A two story building, he weakly noted, though the thing that drew his attention the most was the flickering neon sign upon its roof. 


A winged creature sat upon a pointy line, going down the length of the front, while the creature itself represented a unity between a bird and what the pinkette believed to be a drake. Although, the bright neon pink color that flickered white stripes caused his eyes to burn for staring too long.


“A brothel.” Natsu spoke aloud, more so to himself than either one of his companions.


“You’ve been here before?” The one to respond was Loke, a cocked eyebrow serving as his only reaction, even as Gray lightly gawked from the topic. 


Shaking his head, Natsu furrowed his eyebrows, not too certain whether he wanted to state his reason or not. He himself hadn’t been there, not to the club before them, but he had seen the symbol before during one of his few ventures alongside his father. From gambling to which brothels to go to, his father had made certain that his two sons knew where to go, and where not to go. 


Fairy Tail, the establishment before them, came highly recommended. Its girls were treated nicely, almost in a manner akin to that of a family, and the cut from their customers were split generously, causing the business tycoon that was Igneel to ponder whether or not to invest in the establishment. However, as far as Natsu recalled, nothing had come out of it; only the occasional grumble from his father, along with an odd look of satisfaction whenever the topic was broached. 


“I haven’t,” he replied instead, turning his head to the side…


… only to see no one but himself outside of the club. How long he had stood there, stock still, smiling to himself about his father’s failed business venture, the pink haired youth didn’t know. At the very least, he hadn’t expected his friends to head inside ahead of him.




Stepping in through a set of large double doors with shaded glass on the outside, the birthday bachelor’s eyes were immediately forced to acclimate to the dim lighting within. From the outside, the club had seemed impossibly large and poorly maintenanced, causing Natsu himself to wonder whether or not the rumors he had overheard were true. Beyond the glass doors however, past the first layer, as the doors behind him soundlessly slid shut, his expression brightened considerably. 


A wide open foyer was the first thing to catch his eye, and with a single swipe of his head, from left to right through an open archway, a handful of things caught his gaze. 


The first and most notable thing was, without a doubt, the small reception area set aside by the entrance; situated between the archway leading inside, and a hallway running along the right side of the building, to his direct right upon entry. Stepping closer subconsciously, his eyes wandered along the sleek plexiglass that adorned the top of the counter, illuminated by a dim, dark blue neon glow that stretched along the underside of the counter, from the left to the right. 


Briefly, the reception area reminded him of a particular bar, aligned by neon lights to highlight, but also downplay the people behind it. Allowing his eyes to drift up from the dim glow of the counter however, the pinkette couldn’t openly admit that the lighting helped. 


A somewhat tall woman, perhaps an inch or two shorter than him, presided behind the reception desk that stretched from one corner of the foyer to the next; a soft, genteel smile upon her lips, even as her eyelids fluttered shut with a titter. Long, silky white hair flowed freely down the sides of her face, passing by her shoulders, down behind her back. Atop her head, the tiniest little braid could be seen; a miniature ponytail, right at the top of her head to keep the hair away from her forehead. 


Her outfit however, left little to his already flustered imagination. A short, form fitting dress ran up the sides of her curvaceous stomach, up beside her chest which was, in Natsu’s humble opinion, far above averagely sized. He couldn’t see her legs from where the two of them stood, but based solely upon the faded pink frills atop the top of her black dress, ending it no more than an inch above where her nipples should be, the pinkette had the strangest sensation that the bottom of her attire ended shortly past her groin.


“Hello, sir,” the woman spoke up, snapping Natsu free from his thoughts as her soft, almost affectionate voice washed through his ears. “Our fairies are a little occupied at the moment, but please, enjoy your time here~” 


Practically clapping her hands together in front of her chest, the woman paused for the briefest moment, taking in his dazed expression before lightly titering where she stood. “Is it your first time here?” 


Nodding his head, Natsu’s ears perked up a particularly loud sound, slowly turning his head towards its source, along with a crowd he hadn’t expected to see. Men and women alike were seated around a booth, down by the floor through the wide open archway. From where he stood, the pink haired youth could just barely make out the curved rear of a female, situated atop the lap of a man with her long, green mane of hair flowing down the length of her back. Straining his neck, Natsu continued to lean forward, trying to see more and more until a finger lightly bumped up against his forehead. 


Recoiling back, the pinkette collected his manners once more, coughing lightly to try to hide his flustered face. “Y-yeah, I came here with some friends, but they-” glancing left and right once more, Natsu managed to steer clear of the gathered group to his left, returning his gaze to the white haired woman before him. “Did two guys just walk in? Orange haired, smug looking, and a popcic- I mean, raven haired, somewhat good looking guy?”


Pressing a slim, dainty finger against the tip of her chin, Mirajane Strauss glanced around the entryway for the briefest moment, seemingly thinking before tittering at him once more. “I’m sorry, sir, but I can’t answer your question. Our customers’ secrecy is of the utmost importance.” 


Deflating where he stood, Natsu’s shoulders slumped. A part of him already knew what the answer would have been, yet he quietly hoped that she would tell him regardless. Casting a sidelong glance into the first room of the club itself however, the pink haired man believed himself capable of tracking down the playboy and the ice cube. 


“What do I do to get in?” Natsu asked, a stubborn, fiery glint to his eyes as he directed his attention to the woman before him. 


However, the second he spoke up, he received a soft, feminine giggle in return. “Since this is your first time, you get early access, but normally, you would have to become a member of the club.” Waving a dainty finger in his direction, Natsu felt himself relax. Whether it was her calm mannerisms or the smile upon her lips, he didn’t know, but something about her simply put him at ease. 


“My name is Natsu. Might I ask yours?” Had he been anywhere else, the pinkette might have bowed, but instead, he tipped his head in her direction, giving an informal greeting. 


“Mirajane Strauss.” Was his only reply, to which his eyes grew wide and his jaw grew slack. 


“The Mirajane Strauss? The prima donna of the Magnolia opera house?” At his gawking, dumbfounded expression, the smile that had been fastened upon Mirajane’s smile ever since he came in cracked, turning into a full blown grin along with a truly mirthful giggle. 


“Yes, yes. That one by day, this one by night~” Winking in Natsu’s direction, the creamy, unblemished hands that had once been up by her chin fell, descending down until, with barely any hesitation at all, her fingers cupped the undersides of her breasts; bringing them up an inch before giving her chest a soft squeeze.


“Ah, perfect timing!” Catching him off guard, Mirajane’s soft squeal caused Natsu to snap his eyes up from her soft, barely clothed breasts, following her gaze towards the innermost part of the room to his left. “Lucy, could you be a dear and come here for a sec?” 


Looking through the archway to his left, Natsu Dragneel gasped for air where he stood; breathless, shuddering, yet mesmerized all the same. 


A woman had turned on her heels within the crowd at the white haired receptionist’s call, waving a pale hand in their direction before sauntering their way. Slow, purposeful strides caused his eyes to lock onto her legs. Long, sleek and completely revealed, with thick, creamy thighs that caused his knees to quiver in place. A slender waist, hardly covered save for a high waist sapphire thong, along with a toned stomach without so much as a hint of any visible abs. No more than a handful of inches higher, a bra, lacy and sapphire in color, enveloped a pair of breasts as large as those of Mirajane, if not larger, yet somewhere in the back of his head, there was no doubt that the woman before him- that Lucy would be equally firm. 


However, no matter how his body longed for hers, the sight that drew him in the most was that of her eyes. Deep, dark brown orbs that gleamed with the dim lighting of the club; eyes that drew him in, made him meet her gaze and when she stood before them at last, Natsu couldn’t help but stare at her face.


“What’s up, Mira?” Standing beside the two of them, Natsu’s eyes at long last moved up, away from her eyes to take in the soft mane of spun gold that fell down the length of her back. 


Briefly, he resisted the urge to comb his fingers through Lucy’s hair, if only to avoid the confusion of the aftermath. “Would you be able to take him for a tour before your next foray?” However, hearing Mirajane’s silky voice from the side snapped him back to the moment at hand. 


Throwing a glance between the two of them, making sure to keep his eyes above the lacy straps of the sapphire colored bralette wrapped around Lucy’s chest. He opened his mouth as if to speak, but no sounds or words came out. 


When Lucy’s gaze at last turned to him- when her deep, brown orbs landed upon his face, a shudder coursed up the length of Natsu’s spine. “Sure, we could probably go for a short tour of the place, but~” Reaching up to wrap one of her arms around her pink haired guest’s neck, Lucy pulled his face closer to her own, staring up into his eyes with a flirtatious, sultry smirk. “It depends on what he wants, right cowboy? If you want me right here, right now… we could~” 


As quickly as the embrace began, Lucy removed her arms from around his neck, carefully appraising him in search of the most common reaction she had seen. On Natsu’s end however, despite shying away from a faint flush that spread itself along his cheeks, the student kept his eyes locked onto hers. “I’d love to look around, if you have the time?” 


Exchanging a brief, knowing look between themselves, Mirajane merely smiled and nodded her head, whilst Lucy cocked her head to the side; at last putting on a genuine smile. “Of course I do, dear. Let’s go?”


Without much of a pause, the duo wandered through the wide open archway, leaving the white haired woman behind in the foyer with a devious little smile upon her lips. 


The moment they stepped through the archway however, Natsu’s eyes grew wide, darting left and right alike to take in as much of the scenery as he could. What little he had seen through the doorway did little to betray the contents within, for the moment they stepped through, a raised stage appeared at the far left of the room. A brass pole was attached to the center of a ring, surrounded by a ring of lights that were pointed up towards where the dancers themselves would be. 


To the left of the stage however, was the sight he had seen upon entry. A green haired woman sat atop a man’s lap, as naked as his unblinking eyes could see, pressing the face of a rugged, raven haired man into her voluptuous cleavage.


Returning his gaze to the woman accompanying him for the tour, Natsu caught sight of her smirk, looking aside to hide the flush upon his cheeks. “I didn’t know this was a strip club.” He noted instead, scratching the back of his head with a nervous chuckle. 


“We count as one, at least. Every evening, we put on a show for our patrons, sometimes in costumes, other times… well, you seem to have taken a liking to Bisca’s costume~” Giggling softly, Lucy waved her hand at the green haired woman, Bisca, before wrapping her left arm around Natsu’s right one. 


Storing that little nugget of information for later, Natsu allowed himself to be dragged along, glancing around at a far more casual pace than before. Other than the small group that had situated themselves around Bisca, the main hall of Fairy Tail was almost completely empty. Off in the other end, he absentmindedly noted the presence of a bar, accompanied by a blue haired man with a tattoo running down the right side of his face. 


“He seems… familiar,” Natsu muttered out loud, unable to remember where he had seen the man before. One would think that a blue haired man with a tattoo running down their face would have been easy to recognize, but the more he looked, the less interested he became. 


“This area is mainly reserved for our evening shows, if it wasn’t apparent,” Lucy spoke up at last, spinning around on the balls of her bare feet to meet his gaze. “Every night, we perform, we entertain, but at the end of the day, what most people want is a little more… private.” Leaning in until her face was no more than an inch away from his, Lucy’s voice came out as a hushed whisper. 


Curious, but unwilling to come across as presumptive, Natsu directed his attention towards the blonde specifically. “What sorts of things do you specialize in?”


“Hm? Oh, me? I’m good to go when it comes to most things, but sucking someone off is always fun, though a lot of guys really like the thought of being pushed down and ridden like a bitch, so I do a bit of that too.” Staring at his guide with a blank expression, the blonde continued, undisturbed. “A few people at a time is fine too, but nothing beats having a few dozen cocks all aimed at you at once, you know?” 


Shaking his head to snap himself free from the trance that little description had put him in, the pink-haired man turned his head to the side; unwilling to showcase the furious blush that now adorned his cheeks. Somewhere in the depths of his mind, the last little bit of innocence vacated his brain at the thought of the blonde haired seductress before him, naked, restrained and surrounded by more guys than they could fit at a college party. 


“What about the rooms down the hallway by the entrance?” Natsu inquired, turning around long enough to catch another glimpse of Mirajane by the foyer. 


“Those are private rooms, but not as much in use as some of the themed areas.” 

Waving a hand in front of her face, the blonde’s expression turned silly; a smile adorning her pink, plump lips. 


Cocking his head to the side, the pinkette cast another glance around the room just in time to see the green haired woman take a seat atop the raven haired patron’s face, causing him to immediately snap his head back to the smirking woman before him. 


“You don’t look at me like that, you know?” She muttered wistfully, looking past the pinkette’s shoulder to take in the sight behind his back. 


“How long have you worked here?” The question was odd, uncertain, but also genuine. It had been on his mind for a while, hidden beneath a layer of common sense. 


“Two years, I think? It’s fun to work here and the pay is good, rewarding too!” Finishing off with a soft giggle, Lucy fixed him with a purposeful glance. “Do you want her over me?” 


Following her gaze, Natsu slowly turned aside, staring back towards the place where the green haired, curvaceous woman called Bisca sat, a hand upon her client’s toned, exposed abs. Mulling it over for the briefest moment however… 


“No,” shaking his head to solidify his statement, the pink haired college student straightened out his back, standing firm within the dimly lit strip club turned brothel; a strange sight with a half naked man no more than a few feet away.


Giggling softly to herself, the blonde haired entertainer entangled their arms together once more, dragging the pinkette along with her towards another open archway beside the bar. “I’ll show you one more place before I have to run off, okay~” It was more of a statement than a question, but nonetheless, Natsu nodded his head, sparing one last glance at the group by the entrance to the stages. 


Through the archway, past the blue-haired man whose stern eyes were upon them, Lucy led them along with a brisk pace, pulling on Natsu’s arm whenever he tried to look around the room. This one was different, of that much, he had no doubt. There were no shimmering lights, no beats from the music that permeated the previous room; only a soothing warmth that made him tug upon the scarf wrapped loosely around his neck.


With a wave of her hand to the blue-haired man by the bar, a singular glass mug filled to the brim with a golden, almost glowing liquid was brought up to a nearby table. Stepping up beside it, Natsu was eased down into the U-shaped couch that served as the seating for the private booth, gently trailing his left hand along the deep purple velvet that covered its smooth seats. 


“Five minutes, Lucy.” The blue-haired man spoke up as he set the mug down, giving the scantily clad blonde a stern look. “Don’t keep them waiting too long.” 


Tilting his head to the side, Natsu Dragneel fixed the blonde with a curious, almost apologetic look. “You can head off if you have to. I don’t want you to get into any trouble.” 


Sliding down into the booth across the table however, the blonde merely laughed. “That’s sweet of you, really, but they can wait until we’re done here.” Easing a dainty hand against the mug of his ale, Lucy tilted her head to the side, focusing solely upon his symmetrical face. “It’s just Fae Ale. My treat tonight~”


Flashing her a wide smile, Natsu carefully grasped the handle of the mug, bringing it up towards his lips- 


“Unzip your pants for me?” At least, until her silky voice reached his ears, causing his eyes to go wide whilst his breath- and the ale he had been in the midst of downing, rushed back up as a series of coughs.


“Wh-wha?” His voice came out as a stutter; a bright pink flush adorning his cheeks as the two locked eyes. 


“Yeah, y’know… so I can give you head?” Tilting her head to the side however, Lucy’s expression remained as serene as it had been before, albeit a bit confused. “Isn’t that why you’ve only been looking at my face?” 


Slumping down into the couch that made up the entirety of their booth, Natsu Dragneel couldn’t decide whether to laugh or cry. The moment his eyes had landed upon her form, his breath had seized up, his heart had clenched tightly within his chest and somewhere in the back of his head, the pink-haired heir to a gambling empire reminded himself to use proper etiquette if he ever got to speak to the blonde in private. 


“It really wasn’t! Not like that. You have pretty eyes?” Aghast, his entire body slumped down once more, relaxing completely whilst his eyelids slid shut. Of course she would think that was the reason why… they were in a literal brothel. 


“I don’t take facials unless it’s the end of my shift,” placing her elbow down upon the table between them, Lucy spoke up with a deadpan tone to her voice. “You really don’t want to have sex with me?” Pressing her fully rounded, barely clothed breasts down upon the table, Lucy fluttered her eyelashes at the pink-haired youth before her, lightly biting down into her bottom lip. 


To her immense surprise however, his sharp onyx eyes remained where they had always been; placed upon her face, staring past her sultry, flirtatious mask. “Could we just talk for a bit?” At last however, the man before her broke eye contact, reaching up to rub the back of his head with a crooked smile upon his lips. 


Peering up at the archway connecting their room with the strip club section of the establishment, Lucy caught sight of Jellal, the blue-haired bartender whose job consisted of two things. To call the man a bodyguard was an exaggeration, although, somewhere in the back of her head, the lady of the Heartfilia had no doubt that he could get the job done. No, his job was to ensure that the ladies were given their freedom, but also to entertain the guests with an ounce of hospitality. 


The innermost reaches of Fairy Tail was exclusive to its members, leaving the strip club itself as the only semi-public space. Granted, that fact hadn’t stopped a few of her colleagues from getting frisky in the foyer. 


“If he sees me just sitting here, Jellal will call me over to uphold the time limit he gave me.” Lucy began, a soft sigh spilling forth from her lips before she herself even realized the fact. “We can talk, but you have to ask the questions, okay?” 


Taking a moment to consider the information he had been presented with, Natsu slowly nodded his head. “Okay, but you can’t be- wait, what are you doing?” 


As quickly as the confirmation had left his lips, the woman before him disappeared. Only when a pressure fell upon his pants did he realize where she had disappeared to. Hidden beneath the table, on her knees, Natsu could only stare down in a daze as her small, nimble fingers began to undo the leather belt that held his jeans in place. Expertly, nimbly, she undid it in seconds, leaving even him in awe at her sheer proficiency at disrobing men.


“You get to ask me as many questions as you’d like, but since I’ll be doing this, I won’t be able to talk. So…” Even as she spoke, her fingers were far from motionless, pulling down his jeans and boxers alike before pausing. A solid minute passed, then a second, dragging on for so long that Natsu didn’t know whether she wanted to wait out the time or not.


At last however, a soft, velvety warmth enveloped the very tip of his swollen, semi-hard cock, causing him to roll his head back against the top of the couch. In his honest opinion, he was neither small, nor big. The moment the woman between his legs touched his shaft however, it pulsed, throbbed and hardened, easily straightening out within her mouth. A soft, barely audible wheeze spilled forth from his lips, yet no sooner than it did, did the warmth caressing his tip disperse. 


“You’re pretty thick, aren’t you?~” As much of a question as it was, Natsu couldn’t make himself respond; too caught up in the moment to notice until she spoke up again. “If the answer is no, I’ll pull up to the tip. If the answer is yes, I’ll go harder… if I can’t answer… you’ll know~”


“Uh, oka- haah~” Before he could so much as respond, her lips were upon the tip of his dick once more, wiggling back and forth in an attempt at taking more of his girthy cock.


Allowing his head to roll back atop the couch, Natsu’s eyelids fluttered shut; a soft, deranged moan spilling forth from his lips just in time for Lucy to sink another inch inside of her throat. He himself was by no means hung, just barely above the average in length, however, when his eyes at long last fell down upon the blonde haired woman between his legs, his gaze flickered lower. Barely above the average length, but with a thickness that made even his hand struggle to close around his cock. Two… perhaps three inches in diameter, the last woman he had brought to his bed had struggled with taking his tip more than riding his lap. 


“W-well, do you enjoy working here?” The moment the question rolled off of his tongue, the blonde haired woman surged lower, taking two thirds of his dick in mere moments, before letting loose a low, muffled retch. His head rolled back with another moan, an audible, barely restrained gasp of pleasure that caused his hips to thrust up on their own accord.


Taking that as a resounding yes, the pinkette’s mind churned, contemplating what to ask, if anything at all, as his blonde friend bobbed her head on and off of his cock. Whenever he thought himself close to a question, her tongue swirled along the underside of his cock. By the time he opened his mouth, the only sounds that left it were those of moans. 


Between his legs, Lucy’s eyes rolled up to stare at him from afar. From the moment her lips had enclosed around his tip, her blonde, trimmed eyebrows had furrowed together. To call him thick had been an understatement; one she now regrettably fought against. With every inch that entered her mouth, her nostrils flared, her throat seized up, and no matter how hard she fought to keep it down, Lucy herself had gagged more than twice since they began. 


“D-do you like it?” Gulping from his place on the couch, Natsu’s voice trembled; a faint gasp spilled forth from his lips even as his hand fell down to caress the blonde’s head. 


Despite her head being halfway hidden by his thighs, Natsu could all but feel the way her lips parted ways, turning into a mischievous cheshire grin. Easing her head back the tiniest bit, the blonde grazed her teeth along the cock in her mouth, nibbling on it softly enough to not cause harm, but hard enough to draw forth a gasp from the pink-haired man’s lips…


Gone was the soft, playful pace she had started off with. In its place, as Lucy brought her head as deep down as she could possibly bear, a rougher, more demanding tempo took place. Pulling her lips back up along his thick, throbbing length, pulling up until only the very tip of his swollen dick remained inside of her mouth, before once more diving down, taking three quarters of his cock down her throat with the faintest gag. 


On Natsu’s end, the moment the blonde began her ruthless onslaught, his eyes had begun to roll up into the back of his head. His breath, ragged and shallow, came out as gasps and moans; squirming around in the couch while trying to maintain the smallest smidgen of control. 


Bobbing her head up and down, gagging whenever she took the tip of his dick to the back of her throat, Lucy began to hum a low, merry tune, muffled by his dick, but heightened by his cacophony of moans. True to her words, the blue-haired bartender had yet to return, despite the fact that more than five minutes had to have passed by then. Natsu however, could hardly bring himself to care. 


Whenever she took him to the base, a gush of precum erupted forth from the tip of his dick, lubricating her throat further as his eyebrows furrowed tightly together. The hand atop her head quivered, his thighs tensed and ached to move, and his eyes, deep and dark, were knit tightly together. 


“I’m cumming-” With a breathless moan, Natsu Dragneel felt the invisible coil within his stomach tighten, oh so dangerously close to release- 


Although, when a rush of cold air washed up along the length of his saliva slickened dick, the pinkette could do little more than moan and sigh alike. Left on the precipice of release, his body tensed up, and without much more of a warning, he came. 


The moment the first jet of cum shot out from the tip of his dick, Lucy’s lips were upon him once more. A thick, rich blast of creamy sperm gushed forth, spraying down the insides of the blonde’s mouth, coating her tongue in seconds even as a breathless moan spilled forth from her lips. Following closely behind, a second, third and forth jet rushed out from the tip of his dick, accompanied by a deep, breathless moan that Natsu himself could never hope to replicate. 


However, no matter how much he longed for another go, the moment his orgasm ended was the moment his lover pulled her head away. 


“Yummy~” A woman’s voice reached his ears, soft and sultry. “Thank you very much for the snack~” Only upon opening his eyes did Natsu wheeze out another gasp; a ragged ‘you’re welcome’ following thereafter.


“I really do have to go now, but… if you’re interested, you can ask for me specifically the next time you drop by.” Sliding out from the small enclosure beneath the table, an enclosure that was practically made to fit a woman or two with ease, Lucy straightened out her back by his side; not at all bothered by the way her panty clad rear was an inch away from his flustered, sweat drenched face. 


“What’s your name?” Natsu croaked out, hastily pulling up his jeans to hide the sight of his wilting dick. 


Tilting her head to the side where she stood, the blonde slowly dropped her hands down to rest upon her hips, turning around enough to flash her patron a flirtatious wink. “Lucy Heartfilia. A pleasure to meet you~” 


Without so much as another glance behind her back, the blonde haired woman, Lucy Heartfilia, sauntered off through the archway they had entered, disappearing from view in mere moments…


“What the fuck just happened…” Natsu groaned, cupping his face with both of his hands to hide the wide, toothy grin that adorned his lips. “Happy birthday, right?” A snort left his lips, though this one lacked the begrudgingly sour tone that followed when anyone else spoke that very same line. 


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