Uraraka Ochako, The Pro Hero Depravity! (BNHA)

BY : VitalGrove
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“Look, I get what you’re saying but why did he have to stay here-”


“It’s just for a couple of nights and you know-”


“Yes yes you guys were friends in middle school, but it’s been years Izu! We’re married and you didn’t even ask me!”


“I know but I knew you would have said no-”


“Of course I would have said no! He’s a dick! He’s rude to you, he keeps staring at me and he has the manners of a mutt-”


“Oi, you two getting freaky in there or am I ok to come in?”


An obnoxious voice carried through from the kitchen into the living room and Ochako had to mentally restrain herself from biting back with all the fury locked away in her 5’1 body. Still though, the withering glare she sent towards her husband Izuku, AKA the hero Deku who had just recently broke into the top 10, was enough to put a slouch in even his rigid posture as he gave a sheepish smile and ran fingers through the back of his hair.


Sometimes it was hard to think about just how far they’d come. From the trials they’d faced at UA to the struggles of making their way in the pro Heroic industry to where they were now? It was crazy to remember the small, untrained kids they had met as. Ochako knew that she had changed, maybe not in the height department, but maturity had done wonders for the rest of her. While she’d never reach the model-like grace of her friend Momo, it was no stretch to say she could compete in her own way. The roundness had never completely left her cheeks but the extra padding from childhood had melted delightfully away into a trim waist, luscious E cup tits, wide hips that swayed enticingly wherever she walked and well toned thighs that could only come from the intensive life of a pro hero.


The irritation in her gaze softened as she looked up into the apologetic eyes of her husband. She hadn’t been the only one to change after all. The scrawny, mumbling boy who’d tripped on the day of their entrance exam had filled out drastically, finally coming into his own as a wonderfully fit hero… who still mumbled. Muscles upon muscles littered his frame and even after all these years Ochako could feel the heat slipping onto her cheeks as she realised just how tall he had gotten.


‘Still though…’ she thought, sighing while pinching her nose as she heard the thumping footsteps of their newest houseguest, ‘Being hunky won’t save you this time!’


While usually Ochako tried to live up to her image as one of the top Rescue heroes, even she couldn’t successfully fake the smile she turned to greet her husband's friend Chad with. Of course, that wasn’t actually his name, but apparently at some point the nickname had just stuck, and looking at him? It wasn’t hard to understand why.


Just above average height, dirty blonde hair and the smuggest, most irritating face she had ever had the displeasure of seeing had already solidified the knowledge that this, was a fuck boy. He wasn’t even that attractive and he walked around like he was god's gift to women but for whatever reason, Izuku had latched onto him while they were kids and never seemed to let go.


Even after all these years Izuku made an effort to stay in touch and now he was crashing here for the foreseeable future, stomping around like he owned the place and just being a general nuisance. The love of her life wouldn’t listen though, and as much as it was one of the things she loved about him, his compassion and willingness to forgive was frustrating her to the extreme.


With a hum of acknowledgement that barely passed the minimum expectations of cordiality from a host, Ochako turned, pinning Izuku with a look that just screamed ‘Your problem, you deal with it!’ as she stiffly marched over to crash at one end of their couch. Deku’s awkwardness in response to Chad’s not so friendly ribbing of their relationship faded into a murmur as she looked at the opening screen to the movie they had slapped on and grimaced with barely hidden contempt.


If the barely clothed “Heroine” staring back at her with her tits and ass swaying in the wind wasn’t enough to tell Ochako what she was in for then the fact that it was Chad’s choice would have sealed the deal.


‘Just a few hours…’ She whispered the words in her head like a mantra, already feeling her patience fraying from the late hour, ‘Just make it through the movie, everyone goes to bed and convince Deku to get this creep out of our house!’


The crashing of a figure crashing down onto the couch next to her startled Ochako out of her planning and there was no hope in hiding the sheer shock at Chad’s obnoxiousness as he took Izuku’s spot next to her in the middle of the couch, throwing his arms over the back of the couch around both her and her apologetic husbands shoulders.


“So!” He laughed, shooting a look first at Izuku and then at her. “You ready to get started?”


Izuku may as well have been stuck on the other side of the world as he went to press play. Meanwhile, only Ochako was able to see the lust shining in Chad’s eyes as he wiggled his eyebrows and scraped all over her body, licking his lips at the mid thigh booty shorts that clung to her frame and the loose white tank top and black sports bra preserving her modesty.


Locking her eyes on the screen as the opening credits began to roll, Ochako took a calming breath in through her nose and out through her mouth, forehead wrinkling freely as she caught their guests odour before sinking into the horrifically cliche plot. As the movie went on and Chad’s salacious commentary on the women's figure continued, occasionally accompanied by Deku’s uncomfortable hemming and hawing, Ochako felt her eyes sliding shut. Her neck slouched and her head leaned back onto the blanket swung over the back of the couch before blissful sleep finally swept her away, hopefully to a place better than this.




“Nyaaaah~ unhand me you brute! You’ll never get away with thi- KYAAH!”


Burrowing her head into the warm lap beneath her cheek, Ochako refused to come willingly back into the waking world. As the fog began to lift, her eyebrows furrowed and what was clearly some sort of low budget sex scene buzzed around in the background. The warm brush of Deku's hand caressed the bridge of her nose and Ochako’s irritation melted at the caring touch of her husband, her mouth tilting up at the corners as she realised she had fallen asleep on her side and slipped face first into her lover's lap.


From the way her cheek lay on his body Ochako knew he must have slumped backwards into the couch, just like him to brace his feet on the ground so she could have a stable place to rest her head while the film droned on, except…


‘Did Izu get… softer?’ Her scrunched up cutely, this time in confusion as her hands lightly squeezed his legs and her head nuzzled into what she was sure were his abs.


The very idea was preposterous, of course, Ochako knew her husband and she’d believe he turned evil before she could believe he’d ever slack off in his training. That brush across her nose happened again, and then again, now starting to irritate her as it refused to stop tickling her. Finally having enough of the mystery, Ochako huffed a sigh and opened her eyes… only to stop dead.


‘I’m dreaming. A humiliating, mortifying dream caused by that slutty actor's 100 yen acting and I’m going to wake up in three, two, one…’ Her eyes closed tight and Ochako held them shut for a good ten seconds before fearfully opening once more as the dread and something else pooled in her stomach.


Her first thought at having seen it? Big. Big, thick and veiny. Her mind finally picked up the fearful thundering of her heart as she realised that those annoying caresses weren’t the well meaning affections of her boyfriend, but the back of Chad’s hand. Why was it brushing her? The mystery was solved quickly as her jaw dropped at the sight of Chad’s thick fingers curled around the middle of what could only be the largest cock she had ever laid eyes on.


Words of outrage and disgust caught in her throat and Ochako gagged breathlessly as the smell poisoned her nostrils, her body paralysed by shock as a soundless grunt rocked his body and hers as he stroked away at the inhumanly obscene meat stick pointing straight up into the air.


Ochako couldn’t breathe, didn’t want to risk tasting air corrupted by that monster as the white of her eyes showed, her mouth hung wide and-




The subdued click of a phone camera went off and Ochako’s blood ran cold.


“Hngh! Look who finally decided to wake up!”


Still stroking away, Chad’s grunts and snickers made her skin crawl as he dangled the camera in front of her face, not even paying attention to her horror as he continued to beat himself off to the suggestive images rolling across her TV.


“Wha- buh-what do YOU-” SPLAT


 Ochako’s rage died before it could even begin as Chad’s hand sped up around his shaft and pulled, flicking the tip backwards to smack off her forehead lewdly. The smell it left behind was pungent, almost making her gag as a thin film of something was left behind to dry on her skin.


“Don’t bother getting your panties in a twist Uraraka-san, that isn’t the only photo and they’re already uploaded to my shared storage. You’re a pretty heavy sleeper, did you know that?” He laughed once more, grinning uncaringly as her nails bit into his leg as she curled her fists.


“What… do you think... you’re doing!?” She growled, her teeth grinding together as Chad smugly hummed, all while continuing to masturbate right in front of her eyes.


“What am I doing? A lot of things… this is a pretty nice place!” Ochako was immediately thrown by the change in topic, the hold of her nap turning the situation into something surreal. “Deku sure made something of himself, huh? To be honest though, it really pisses me off.”


The knuckles around his cock turned white as his anger affected his rhythm, turning it more violent as Uraraka’s disgust turned to unease.


“You’re, you’re supposed to be friends! He cares about you!” She tried to appeal to his compassion but immediately recoiled as he scoffed.


“Friends? We aren’t friends. Neither of us had friends. We were both losers, pushed together out of necessity, even if that idiot doesn’t realise it. He was meant to stay a quirkless nobody, get a useless job to fit him and stay my mumbling, stuttering underling for the rest of his life!” His vicious snarl filled her ears before he seemingly managed to regain control of himself, ignoring her shock.


“Then the pathetic fucker had to go and get himself a quirk, and suddenly? He’s a Hero, he’s popular, he has a nice house and a hot wife while I’m still stuck at the bottom!” 


His anger turned sickeningly sweet and Ochako turned her head just enough to make eye contact, heart beating harder at the monster lurking behind his eyes.


“I don’t need all that though now, do I? I have this!” His hand came up and Ochako gulped as she saw the phone dangling between his fingers.


“...Deku will stop you, you won’t be able to get away with it.” She whispered hoarsely, the feel of impending doom looming higher.


“If he finds out, it’ll be too late. There’s nothing he loves more than being a Hero, and what do you think will happen if the rest of Japan sees his beautiful, loving wife Uravity, part of the ultimate Hero couple staring dazedly at another man's cock!”


His grin stretched his cheeks as his teeth glittered in the gloom. Ochako’s heart sank as she realised just how much damage it would do. Not only would it ruin Deku’s career, but he’d never trust her again. She could be beaten, burned, stabbed by any number of heinous villains but the thought of doing such a thing to her Izuku was unthinkable. Even if she revealed it to him, he wouldn't care how much damage to his career it would do, he’d do it for her. 


‘I can't let him do it…’ Resolve and dejected acceptance pooled in her stomach while tears glimmered in the corners of her eyes, but she refused to give the bastard above the pleasure of seeing her breakdown.


“Just.. tell me what you want…”


Her voice could barely be heard above the TV but it was enough for Chad, a sick grin still on his face as a silent sigh of relief from his plan working slipped from his lips.


“Don’t worry, as your guest it would be rude to ask for too much, don’t ya think?” His voice came out in a predatory purr, followed by his hand as it rose up to gently rub the bare skin of her upper arm.


Ochako shut her eyes tight as his touch sent goosebumps flaring across her skin, a shudder wracking her body as he testingly squeezed the soft, pale flesh before feeling a gasp rip itself from her lungs as he palmed one of her breasts and squeezed.


Her eyes stretched wide open and the whites shone in the televisions light as she looked down at the claw mercilessly kneading her plump tit, twisting and hefting its weight as he whistled at how big she was. The pain was nothing compared to the humiliation of feeling a man not her husband groping her in such a way, the vivid sound of him licking his lips as he latched onto her nipple through her sports bra and his stroking sped up.


“Fuck you’ve got some nice tits, shitty Deku really has no place getting his hands on these puppies! Oh ho ho, you like that?” 


Ochako flinched as he tugged at the peak of her breast, cursing it for hardening beneath his soiled touch as shame burned in her cheeks. Her lips clamped shut and she fought not to show any weakness to such a villain but it wasn’t to be, the sudden release as he let go only to burrow his thick hand beneath her bra and squeeze the bare, warm skin of her rebellious orb in his fingers causing her to give a pathetic “Eeep!”


“You’re a sensitive little bitch aren’t you?” He chuckled as she clamped one hand over her lips, body curling and her nails digging into the skin of her palms. “Mmmmm, so soft too! You feel fresh, cry baby Izuku not showing you enough huh?”


Mention of her husband brought the unpleasant realisation that she didn’t even know where he was! He could have been anywhere, ready to walk right in and catch her being abused by this thug! A part of her desperately wanted him to though, walk in and tear his traitorous friend away from her, consequences be damned as he saved her from the nightmare of his fingers digging around in her hot and stuffy cleavage as he continued to pinch and torture her nipples.


Her head rose up to ask just that, ignoring the pain in her chest as his hold forced her to turn onto her stomach, hair brushing the scratchy pubes littered above that elephant cock as she tried to pull herself up and ask. 


She had only just gotten her body to rotate enough for her chin to land on Chad’s lap before her eyes opened and the words caught in her throat.


She couldn't breathe.


Couldn’t move.


Could barely think.


All she could do was stare, stare right at that chiseled jawline and the fluffy green hair of her husband sat on the couch, head back… asleep!


Ochako’s pupils dilated as her violator followed her sightline and snorted, single handedly making a milking motion on her fat tit as it gently rested on the couch while her erogenous nerves slowly came to life.


“You guys are apparently the perfect couple!” He laughed under his breath, barely glancing at his long time ‘friend’ before going back to admiring her stricken expression.


“I didn’t even have to do anything, the idiot just doesn’t wake up when watching movies! Probably for the best though…” His smile took on a hard edge as he used his grip on her chest to drag her closer to his body, delighting in the way her soft, sexy figure molded to his as she whimpered and avoided his eyes.


“We wouldn’t want him interrupting, would we? I’d just hate to post those pictures.”


His snickers brought a fresh wetness behind her own pained eyes and a choked sigh jerkily made its way out as he dropped her back down, face square in his lap. This time though, he’d dropped her nose first into his pubes, moaning as her moist breath poured out over the base of his length before she managed to clamp her lips shut.


Chad wasn’t phased though, letting go of his cock to grab her by the scalp and press her degradingly into his crotch, grinding her nostrils against the veiny surface of his prick as she whimpered and tried desperately not to smell him.


The need for oxygen was too much to resist though and Ochako gagged as a now much closer stench crawled its way up her nose and into her lungs, tears dripping lightly down her cheeks not from the betrayal but the burning it left in its wake.


“There you go cunt, better get familiar ‘cause you’re gonna be spending a lot of time together!” A stray pube slipped between her lush lips and Ochako barely stopped herself from spluttering out loud as Chad continued on. 


“It’s okay if you're a little in awe haha, I mean, I went to middle school with Deku and I know for a fact that he isn’t packing anywhere near this kind of heat!”


Ochako’s heart tightened at the disparaging words aimed towards her husband, apologising and cursing him simultaneously in the depths of her mind as he still refused to wake up and come to her rescue.


A nudge from her head pushed Ochako forward and to the side, leaving her to stare directly at that massive, smelly dick as Chad gave himself a clear profile of her face measured up next to it.


“Did Deku ever tell you what my Quirk was, Ochako?” He asked innocently, as if making casual conversation as she glared venom at him from the corner of her eyes. “Yeah, I’m not surprised he didn’t. It’s not anything interesting like super strength or nullifying gravity after all. That dork can barely say it without turning into a blushing, stammering mess!” 


His derisive snort had Ochako snarling impotently to herself as he pressed her closed lips harshly against his tower.


“You see, I was blessed with the entirely useless Quirk, Filth!” Her eyes turned confused, trepidation clear as his own stared excitedly at her. “It’s a rather... unsettling thing, that only affects one part of my body…”


The unsettled sensation from before returned in full force as he let go of her hair to reach up, wrapping his fingers around the tip of his uncut length before slowly starting to slide his foreskin down. Her confusion turned to disgusted horror as centimetre after centimetre was exposed.


“The doctors very insultingly tried to explain it to me, but it basically adds up to anything a normal man's dick would produce, mine does… more. Sweat, sperm…” His grin glittered as Ochako’s breast tugged pleadingly in his hand as she tried to crawl backwards from the monster in front of her.




Ochako had never been so sure this was a nightmare as she was right then. As Chad finished peeling back the end of his foreskin, the slimy treasure trove he had exposed to the air of her home made the Hero want to hurl. Thick layers of gag worthy yellow dick cheese wrapped around beneath the flared edges of his helmet, a thin sheen of slime coating the tip itself as he proudly waved it around in the air.


“But I have you now!” Her still glimmering eyes locked with his own and she begged, wordlessly, with every ounce of her soul for him to not do this to her. “Don’t be afraid Uraraka-san, I promise you’ll get used to it. Now... lick!”


His snarl made her body jump, tearing her eyes away to look back at the intimidating size of his pillar, gulping as her body refused to move. That was soon changed as the bruising grip on her breast tightened and the pain spurred her into action, lips opening hesitantly as her tongue slowly, resistingly stretched forward from the safe haven of her sweet pink mouth to touch the base of his cock. 


It was only the tip of her muscle but to Chad it felt like victory, hot and wet as impatience burned in his chest and he rubbed the surface hard against her lips to spur her on.


“C’mon now bitch, there’s a lot we still need to get through! Stop fucking around and lick my cock!”


His words sounded unbearably loud to her ears and Ochaco quickly moved to obey out of fear towards waking her husband, the grip on her tit loosening, thankfully, but the heat it had inspired not leaving her orb, scored with thick red finger marks. It was only as she slid her tongue up the side, a fresh coat of her spit replacing the grime that had been there previously and approached the first line of dick cheese that she faltered.


Chad wouldn’t stand for it though, refusing to give her time to back out as he curled his arm under her chest, reached for her untouched breast, took hold of her nipple and twisted.


Ochako’s eyes shot wide and her head shot back as she tried to hiss through the pain but instead spat all down her chin, her extended tongue turning her into a sloppy mess as the jerk of her skull sent her muscle straight up, scoring a thin line through the acidic smegma and exposing the suddenly clean skin beneath.


The second his foreskin dirt touched her tongue, Ochako’s whole body froze. It was only for a second but for her it felt like an eternity, a taste like nothing she had ever met burning across her taste buds as saliva pooled beneath her tongue and her body jerked.


It was only the thought of what he would make her do if she spat it out that stopped her from doing so, head down with hair shadowing her eyes as she battled to swallow it down before painting desperately. Her body trembled as it tried to reject such poison but her head still turned to look blanky back at him, defeat radiating from her form as he cocked an eyebrow.


“... Well? You’re not finished yet.”


Her anger cooled, misery filling her mind as what she thought was burning anger pooled in the depths of her stomach. She did as she was told though, dropping her lips back to the base and pressing her tongue to the exposed flesh before starting all over again.


Chad’s head leaned back and he moaned lightly in pleasure as Ochakjo began to lick him clean, at first sticking to uniform lines from base to tip with a tongue full of cock dirt waiting at the end. Eventually though Chad grew tired of that and his demanding fingers pinched and prodded her into something more natural and far more slutty, her cute face with flushed cheeks twisting and bobbing as she gave his length a tongue bath unlike anything she had done before.


“Mmmmm, fuck yes, I knew you were a slut! Gawwwwd you’re licking me raw bitch, that’s it, lick up the underside HNNNGH, yesss, right along the VEIN!” He gasped his praise, all while Ochako’s humiliation boiled her cheeks and insides.


Her torso shifted and the trauma filled daze she had found herself in blew away as she realised that while one of her hands was doing its best to tear through the cushion below, the other had slipped into the front of her shorts waistband.


The silky texture of her lingerie almost had her screaming in shock and outrage, body stiffening, suddenly horrifyingly aware of the heat that had gathered between her legs and began to drip from her lower lips. It was at that moment her body seemed to disconnect, her mind removing itself from the situation as a wet spot spread across her panties and her breaths got a little deeper, the air a little hotter, so much more hazier than it had been before.


Ochako had taken a backseat and Chad didn’t even notice, too busy capitalising on her sudden submissiveness as he tipped her head all the way back and lifted her up onto her hands and knees, holding her back by the hair and hooking his thumb between her lips to pry them open as he looked inside.

The sight of all that gunk coating the insides of her mouth and along her palette made him even harder, the tip of his thumb manipulating her tongue to roll it around her cheeks as her vacant eyes struggled to focus on his hungry smile.


Ochako’s tongue was prodded into rolling backwards and slowly, tauntingly she began to swallow the nasty, slimy load she had been forced to scrape up. As his filth began sliding into her stomach, her hand had resumed its journey, no longer held back by her consciousness as it climbed past the matted stickyness of her pubes and slid between her lips into her slit.


The second she pushed in it was like the flood gates were open, arousal pouriing out around her knuckles and down the pants legs of her booty shorts as it dripped down the insides of her thighs. Chad took one look at her empty mouth, unaware of her own masturbation, and pointed her straight at his angrily throbbing cock.


His fat helmet touched her lips and coated them, drizzling her boiling saliva all around the sensitive head before forcing its way past her mouth and onto the flat of her tongue. He didn’t even have to coax her as her lips automatically sealed tight around him and she began to bob, jerkily pushing her face back and forth as he slid along her tongue and with each nod of her head towards the back of her throat.


His hand left her bra and her suddenly frozen nipples crinkled in protest, uncaring for her subconsciousness’ horror as they missed his touch. Chad’s breathing became heavier as he used one hand to direct her via the scalp and the other to pull her hair out of her face, showing off the way she desperately stretched herself around his size to suck him off with a series of wet and nasty Glurk’s.


It was like music to his ears while also being the only thing stopping him from hearing the equally sloppy schlick-schlick-schlick of her finger, joined by another as they plunged in and out of her sodden pussy, palm grinding onto her clit as she breathlessly whined in a way that made no sound but brought Chad even closer to the edge


“You’re such a fucking slut, Uraraka! Your husband's right there, but all you care about is swallowing my fucking pipe! Well then-” Both hands gripped her hair and her pussy fluttered as he held her tight and pulled, “-Take it! Take every, single, INCH of my fat fucking dick!”


His hissing was drowned out by the ringing in her ears as his dick suddenly shot towards the back of her throat, punching through with a painful HURK as he forced himself into her throat. The dim part of her mind buried under the burning of a cock rubbing her esophagus raw for the first time and the juices literally gushing from her quim wondered how things had gotten this far. How she had ended up getting literally face fucked in her own home, on the same couch she had spent endless nights cuddled up with her boyfriend while said man, now her husband, lay asleep at the other end none the wiser.


The rest of her was too busy arching her back while being dragged forward, shorts straining against the might of her ass as she waved it in the air and offered her throat at the best angle for Chad to shunt his disgusting cock down towards her stomach. A delirius part of her almost thought she could feel him exiting her throat and into her guts, pointed threateningly towards her womb-




Chad’s hand crashed into one of her massive ass cheeks and Ochako felt her pussy corkscrew around her fingers, tightening violently as she came with a breathy squeal and her rapist got over halfway down her throat.


“Hmmm, wha? Mmmm, Ochako?”


Her orgasm intensified as ice cold clarity warred against the molten heat of her arousal as she heard her husband climbing his way back towards the waking world. 


‘He’s going to see me, see me with another man almost balls deep as he fucks my face while I’m stuck cumming my brains out all over our couch like some bitch in heat! He’ll think I’m a slut, he’ll leave me, everyone will know I’m some ruined whore who destroyed my marriage and let another man-’


Her spiralling ramblings were quickly cut off as Chad thankfully took charge, sneering at Deku as he rubbed his face with both hands and tried to open his eyes. Knowing time was short, Chad gripped Ochako by the ass cheeks and yanked, throwing her off the couch and onto her knees between his legs with her tongue still working wonders all around his shaft as she stared up at him with wild eyes.


Deku’s head started to come up and Chad wildly grabbed behind him, finding the blanket folded over the back and speedily throwing it over his lower half as well as Ochako with just enough room for her to meet his eyes. Then, seeing the outline of her head through the top as she sat with his dick tip in her mouth while licking his piss slit, he grinned maliciously. Her eyes were filled with not only fear, but excitement, cream practically spewing from her cunt as she continued to diddle herself between his knees.


His hands landed on top of her head, just in time for Izuku to start opening his eyes as Chad tensed his arms and shoved. His cock rammed all the way into her throat, tears spilling down her cheeks as she was buried nose deep into his pubes while her tongue creeped out to lie stupidly against his balls.


“Haaah, Chad? Oh, what time is it?” Izuku’s voice was loud and clear above Ochako as she fought not to let her eyes roll back into her skull, fingers paused as her cunt walls held them tight and throbbed around them but she dared not risk cumming again.


“Hah?” Chad feigned, playing the part of the one irritated at being disturbed from his own rest. “How the fuck would I know stupid, do I look like a clock to you?”


‘Don’t HURGHK, don’t let him talk to you like that Izuku! Fight back!’ Ochako prayed, disappointment mixing with the black edging into her vision.


Izuku was quick to apologise, looking blearily around the room before noticing the ruffled empty spot at the other side of the couch.


“Where’s YAAAAWN where’s Ochako?”


‘I’M RIGHT HERE!’ She screamed hysterically in the depths of her mind, chest burning with the need to breathe and desperate urge to finish what her fingers had started. ‘I’M RIGHT BELOW YOUR NOSE, HE’S CHOKING ME OUT WITH THIS FAT UGLY COCK!’


“How would I know, probably your bedroom or something. Not my job to help you keep track of your bitch!” He grunted, ignoring the annoyed look Izuku shot him as he pressed down harder on Ochako’s skull, inching deeper into her guts as spit spilled from the corners of her mouth where she was forced to stretch around his girth.


“You know, she’s letting you stay here. You could at least try to be polite!” Izuku pleaded, exasperated as he saw the way Chad completely ignored him before rolling his eyes and heading towards the bathroom. 


“Whatever, why do I even bother. Goodnight!” He waved over his shoulder, slumping as his oldest friend simply grunted as he walked away.


The second Izuku made it through the door, Chad pulled back the blanket, exposing the wildly frizzy haired Ochako as she immediately began to retch and buck on his cock from the lack of air. Instead of showing mercy though, he grabbed two thick handfuls of hair, dragging her up the length of his cock before slamming her all the way back down as she choked and spluttered.


“God your husband’s a retard, some pro Hero! Can’t even tell when he’s getting cucked in his own living room. Isn’t that right, slut?” He laughed, tugging her up and down in a lewd parody of a nod as her eyes rolled back and her fingers furiously pumped away at her gushing honey pot.


“Fuck you’re a hot piece of ass, we’re gonna have so much fun! Starting with you taking this first load of baby batter!” He wheezed as her tits bounced under her shirt from the force of his face fucking.


“You ready for my cum, cunt?”




“Almost there!”




“Fuck, fuuuuck, FUUUCK!”








His nuts churned and his pipe bucked, widening grotesquely from the quirk enhanced load of sperm being shunted down his length and towards her mouth as her eyes rolled until only the whites were showing. Ochako’s fingers blurred from the rapid pace as they stirred her creamy slit to completion and a screeching, high pitched cry of shameful elation vibrated along his shaft and into his balls, drawing out more cum as he threw his head back and moaned while sweat dripped down his forehead.


Ochako could feel the hot, salty, VISCOUS nut gunk pouring down her throat coating her insides as it began to fill her stomach and just. Wouldn’t. STOP! The blackness of unconsciousness melted into a vibrant collage of sensations, shooting up from her cunt and twitching, bruised nipples as her muscles spasmed and her asshole fluttered with every nerve firing off at that moment.


The cum filling her stomach went on, and on, and on, and ON, until finally it had no more room to go. Ochako’s nostrils flared and her spine jerked as her stuffed insides revolted and sent jizz up and out of her nose, shooting down her face as she chokingly ripped herself off of the still cumming hose that was Chad’s cock. It wasn’t good enough though, her guts rebelling as they twisted and sent cum spilling up her throat once more to spill out of her mouth.


Ochako’s body fell back and Chad tightly fisted his cock as rope after rope splattered across her face and hair, covering her body as regurgitated spunk poured out of her mouth and nose, down her face and past her tank top to coat her abs before sliding disgustingly down the lines of her definition.


Eventually the last blobs of cum dribbled out to land on her thighs and Chad fought to breathe as he looked upon the scandalous piece of art he had made. Cum criss crossed her entire body, dripping from her face and gluing her eyes shut as clumps of hair solidified into matted strands. Her clothes were soaked with their combined juices, wet splotches showing through everywhere as she continued to gag.


Everything burned and her body felt weaker than it ever had before. Something grabbed her by the head and tugged her forward, only to rock her world as a thunderous SLAP connected with her cheek, cum droplets flying as she confusedly refocused on her violator’s sneering features.


“Say cheese!” He grunted, holding his phone up as the light flashed and his camera took a bright, clear, well lit photo of her betrayal, face a ruined mess as a snot bubble made of jizz expanded from her nose while she looked back blearily.


“That’s just perfect.” He sighed, tucking his phone away and pushing Ochako to the side, ignoring the way she tremblingly landed on all fours with her ass in the air, massive fem-cum stain visible from the stretched crotch of her shorts as he threw the blanket on top of her.


“Make sure you clean yourself up.” He grumbled, finally tired out as the movie just ended, kicking his feet up to sleep on the couch. “Wash yourself off in the kitchen, Deku headed to the bathroom and I don’t want him catching you with my cum on your breath!”


His cruel laughter spurred her on to start crawling, barely understanding what was going on but knowing that she needed to get away from him. She heeded his advice, stumbling into the kitchen and towards the sink, Steadying herself on both hands, she looked into the various shiny surfaces of her perfectly clean kitchen, bought by her and her husband with money made from saving lives… she had never felt dirtier.


“What have I done?” She crumpled, fresh tears spilling down her face and mixing with the mess on her cheeks as she began to hopelessly try and scrub herself clean of his touch.


It would be a long night.


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