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The host club members were cleaning up after a club day, the last female guest left fifteen minutes ago. It was just a normal day until the door opened and Yuzuru Suoh poked his head in.
"Father?" Tamaki said shocked.
"Ah good you are still here," Yuzuru said walking in it, but then he was followed by a very pretty white teen girl. This girl had long deep red hair and green eyes and was dressed is very cute blue and white dress.
"Katarina?!" Tamaki said with wide eyes.
"Hi Rene," Katarina said.
"Miss Katris will be starting Ouran tomorrow," Yuzuru said. "She will be in class 2A with you and Kyoya. I expect both of you to show her around and be nice to her." Then he just left Katarina there with the hosts.
"Your soo pretty!" Hunny said looking up her holding his bunny. "Are you Tama-chan ex-grilfriend." Haruhi looked at Tamaki.
"No... what.. no..." Tamaki studdered. Katarina just started laughing that she actually fell over. This caused all of them including Tamaki to look at her.
"I wouldn't date a hyper active puppy boy like Rene," Katarina said.
"We are just friends," Tamaki said going over and offering his hand to help her up. "What made you transfer? Shouldn't you be planning you wedding?"
"Wedding is off," Katarina said smothing out her skirt.
"What?" Tamaki asked. "But you and Charlot Roche had been engaged since preschool."
"Wait you were getting married befor you ended high school?" Haruhi asked confused.
"No," Katarina said. "The date for the wedding was the day after graduation."
"Oh I am being rude," Tamaki said then proceed to introduce the club properly to Katarina. "So what happened with Charlot?"
"I caught him with pants down," Katarina said. "With his maid." Tamaki had an appalled look his face. The other hosts had wide eyes. "I needed a change after that, especially since with ... well you know."
"Mmm-hmm," Tamaki said, but neither explained what she meant.
"Your dad happened to be in town having a business meeting with my dad," Katarina said. "And he suggested I come here. It's really far away. But I still know you, so he said it wouldn't be so bad for me."
"Rich people are weird," Haruhi said.
"That we are!" Said a new female voice that Haruhi didn't recognize, and it came from by the twins.  There was girl there that was the same height as Haruhi with very long slightly unkept brown hair and brown eyes in the school uniform.
"Gah!" The twins said. "Rika what are you doing here?"
"I came with Hana," Rika said looking to the door. 
    There was girl that Haruhi knew from class standing in the doorway. She looked like she was going to knock before Rika barged in. She was also in the school uniform with purple eyes and her elbow length black hair up in two pony tails with purple bows. She was also holding a large book to her chest, she always had book, and she looked rather embarrassed"
"Kuroki-san?" Haruhi asked.
"Hana-chan!" Hunny said excited to see her.
"I'm sorry I didn't mean to interrupt," Hana said. "Rika!"
    The group looked back to Rika and she was attempting to poke both twins in the cheek. But when she realized everyone was looking she stopped.
"What its fun to bother them," Rika said.
"Is there something you need from us my lady?" Tamaki said going into host mode. He even made to grab her hand but she stepped back and this confused Tamaki.
"Grandma wants to know if you are going to the garden party this Sunday," Hana said looking directly at Kyoya.
"Kyo-chan you haven't RSVP'd yet?" Hunny asked. "You can't keep avoiding the Kuroki parties. How will it look?"
"It's fine Mitsukuni," Hana said.
"I told Tamaki I would do something with him," Kyoya said.
"But she's your-" Hunny started.
"Mitsukuni!" Hana said.
"Hunny-sempai!" Kyoya said at the time as Hana. Tamaki, Haruhi and Katarina seemed the most confused.
"Fiance," Rika said. Kyoya and Hana gave her an angry look.
"FIANCE!" Tamaki screamed. "Even after the Renge incident you didn't tell me this? Since when?! How can you keep such a thing from me!"
"Technically since 5th grade," Kyoya said.
"It is not fully official till I turn 16," Hana said. "Family rules."
"We are suppose to be bestfriends!" Tamaki said sitting next to him and pouting.
"You never mention Katris-san," Kyoya said. 
"Yes I did," Tamaki said. "I told you about Katarina the cat girl." Kyoya looked at her.
"Meow," Katarina said. Everyone looked at her.
"Kyo-chan," Hunny said. "If you don't go it will look bad on both of your families."
"It's fine Mitsukuni," Hana said a little sad.
"Kyoya you should go!" Tamaki said. "I could spend Sunday showing Katarina around town."
"See Kyo-chan now you come!" Hunny said. "Hana-chan tell you grandma he is coming. I will bring him myself if I have to."
"I..." Hana started. "I will tell grandma you will try to make it." She was obviously trying to compromise. "Katris-san I am sorry about your fiance. Rika lets go."
"Gah!" The twins cried as Rika messed with their hair.
"Can we get Milkshakes?" Rika asked skipping over to Hana. "I hope this school is better for you Katris-san!" Then the two left.
"Rika never changes," Hikaru said fixing his hair.
"At least she doesn't do it during club hours," Kaoru said also fixing his hair.
"Rene your in an actual club?" Katarina asked.
"Tama-chan started the host club," Hunny said.
"Tamaki-sempai wasn't in club in France?" Haruhi asked.
"Rene never stayed after school," Katarina said. "He always rushed home to play the piano for his sick mother. Oh speaking of Ms. Annie I saw her last Friday before I left." This got Tamaki's full attention. "She was walking Renior."
"Oh?" Tamaki asked.
"You know a lot of our old classmates think some Baba Yaga turned you into Renior," Katarina said.
"What?" Tamaki asked. "Did you talk to my mother?"
"Yes," Katarina said. "I was getting a new luggage set for the move and she was asking if I was going on holiday. I told her what was going and that I was coming here. She seemed happy that we'd be friends again. She also said to say hi to an Ootori-san." Kyoya looked over a little shocked. Tamaki just smiled hearing this. "Well I really should get going. I am having a uniform fitting before dinner. I guess I will see all of you tomorrow. It was nice to meet all of you." Then she walked out.
"Kyoya," Tamaki said after a few moment. "How can you keep such secretly from me!"
"I told you I met your mother during the class trip," Kyoya said. 
"I mean Kuroki-san!" Tamaki said.
"Kyoya-sempai what does mean that its not final yet?" Haruhi asked.
"Our parent's and her grandmother think we should get married," Kyoya said. "But because of their family rules it can not be set in stone untill she is 16 and we both agree."
"If you don't agree?" Haruhi asked.
"The wedding is off," Kyoya said. "We are basically biding our time."
"You don't want to marry her?" Tamaki asked. 
"I don't really know her," Kyoya asked.
"Shouldn't you be getting to know her?" Haruhi asked. Kyoya just raised an eyebrow.
"Don't you think Hana-chan is pretty?!" Hunny asked.
"It's not like shes that interested either," Kyoya said avoiding answering Hunny.
"She seemed disappointed that you didn't want to come tot he party," Haruhi said. "Is there really any harm in getting to know her?"
"Hmm," Is all Kyoya said.
"Or is it there is nothing for you to get out of being her friend or fiance?" Haruhi asked.
"Isn't Kuroki the flower heiress through her grandma?" Tamaki asked. Haruhi looked confused.
"Unless its in a private garden," Kaoru said. "All flowers are owned by Kuroki-san's family. And as the only female heir she gets it all."
"She also gets Dragon blood wine from her grandfather," Hikaru said. "Plus her father likes to have his hands in everything."
"Technically speaking," Kaoru said.
"Hana is too good for Kyoya," Hikaru said. "Since he's only a third son."
"I don't get it then," Haruhi said. "Kyoya-sempai isn't the time feel inferior."
"Kyoya?" Tamaki said.
"She's not my type," Kyoya said finally. "Quiet, timid, and has an immature hairstyle." Then he made sure his bag was packed. "I am going home." Then he walked out of the room.
"But Kyo-chan," Hunny tried to say. "The pony tails are a family rule."
"How do you know this Hunny-sempai?" Haruhi asked.
"My parents are Hana-chan's god parents," Hunny said.
"Hmm," Tamaki said. "Type or not why wouldn't he want to be friends..." Then Tamaki grabbed his bag and ran after his best friend.
"Come on Takashi," Hunny said. "It's cake night!" Then they headed out, leaving Haruhi with the twins.
"Who's Rika?" Haruhi asked them.
"Old family friend," Kaoru said.
"Rika Miyamoto from class 1C," Hikaru said.
"Her mom is a model," Kaoru said. " She works with our mom a alot."
"Our dads are business partners," Hikaru said. "That is actually how they met."
"So is one you engaged to her?" Haruhi asked. They laughed at first.
"Jealous?" They asked in unison.
"No," Haruhi said. "It's just hard to tell in this place sometimes."
"Her parent's just bring her to our house a lot," Kaoru said.
"And she seems to love to annoy us," Hikaru said. 
"At least not during the club," Kaoru said.
"It would be very awkward," Hikaru added.
"You know," Haruhi said picking up her bag. "In public schools that is sometimes a sign that someone likes you."
"Don't even joke!" Kaoru said. Hikaru only made a weird face. Then the last three headed out for home.

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