Jun's Revenge Plot

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Kiwatari Jun was looking around at the young women in the building for the Traditional Culture Research Club. They all huddled up around each other as they didn’t know why Jun was there. To their knowledge, their president never saw this man in her life. “What do you want?” One of the braver members, Kumagusu, questioned the young man as she wanted him gone from the building. I need to get him out of here. She thought as she approached him but Jun’s fist collided with her face, making her stagger back into the arms of the other members. Kumagusu winced from the painful punch but she was glad that Jun was a little motivated to leave the other girls alone. The young man then huffed as he walked away from Kumagusu and the woman was shocked. However, even though she wanted to question the man and his intentions, she left it alone as she had seen that the other girls were safe from his wrath. As long as they are safe. She thought. While Kumagusu made sure that Jun and his goons left the girls alone, Jun was looking around for another council member. 


That fucking bitch stopped me from humiliating Jabami. I will get her. I will cause her pain like never before. The young man stopped as he had seen Midari walking about towards the Culture Club and he smirked, getting a very terrible idea. I can use that pathetic club. Surely, Midari will come to their rescue. He thought. Jun then looked back at his goons. “Change of plans, guys. We’re going back to that club before Ikishima can get there.” From the way he had spoken the words, his goons knew what he had up his sleeve and they smirked as they knew that they would enjoy it. 


When they arrived back at the club building, the members looked at them with wide eyes. Kumagusu placed herself in some of the members as she didn’t want to go down without a fight. However, Jun and his goons revealed knives as weapons and the young woman gaped at the sharp weapons. I can’t fight against that. She thought in horror but she also didn’t want to just leave the other girls to their painful fate against Jun. Jun approached Kumagusu and she prepared herself to go down fighting but before she could even land a blow on the young man, another person had stepped into the fray. “Oi, what the hell are you doing here?” Kumagusu’s eyes widened in shock when she noticed Ikishima Midari glaring at Jun. She then gasped at the normal playful nature not being there as Midari glared hatefully at Jun. 


“I should be asking you the same thing, Ikishima. This isn’t your club.” Jun smirked at the young woman. The more smug Jun was acting, the angrier Midari was getting. 


“Who cares if it’s my club or not, you asshole. These people are under my protection, whether you like it or not.” Midari spoke with a bitter tone as she threw the first punch. Jun let the young woman punch him but after that, he prepared to cut her with his knife. Midari gritted her teeth at the first cut that Jun had inflicted on her. This fucking asshole. She thought in anger but she didn’t let up, not after what she had felt what Jun had just done to her. She refused to let him or his goons hurt Yuriko’s club members. Yuriko may not be here but damn I will not fail my job as her protector. The young woman thought as she prepared herself to fight off Jun and his goons. After Midari was prepared to fight, she punched Jun once again and the young man growled at the hit. I’m going to hurt her. He thought, glaring at Midari. Midari noticed the angry stare and she smirked, ready to punch the daylights out of Jun. 

Midari rushed at Jun but by then his goons were able to surround her and the only thing Midari knew were small cuts here and there. After a while, Midari had fallen onto her stomach, trying to cover up all of her wounds but she couldn’t as there were cuts everywhere on her body. At least they’re not fatal. She thought. She glared at Jun for the cuts and bruises he and his goons inflicted on her.


Midari then grew worried when she noticed that Jun’s goons were approaching a member of Yuriko’s club. If they do anything to her, I will kill them. Midari thought but Jun stopped both of his goons from approaching the other girl. Midari was shocked but she showed this but twisted her shocked facial expression into a curl of her lips, something that everyone else had recognized as a scowl. “Don’t worry, I’m done here. You were my target.” Jun tells Midari and the young woman glared at him but didn’t say anything as she watched him leave the building. She then let out a small huff, relieved that he wasn’t going to mess with Yuriko’s club members for the time being. 


“We need to get you to the nurse. Can you still stand?” One of Yuriko’s club members approached her and while Midari accepted her help, she grumbled. Where is Yuriko? She wondered. 


“What happened?” Midari smirked at the screech of worry that said girl had let out. Oh, there she is. She thought, moving her head as she looked up to see Yuriko with her eyes wide and in shock. 


“Hey, babe.” Midari casually greeted Yuriko, like she wasn’t sporting cuts all over her arms. 


“What’s with that calm reaction? Who did this?” Yuriko was very concerned as she approached Midari. The club members looked amongst themselves uneasily, wondering if Midari would tell her or if they had to tell her. 


“It was Jun.” Midari spoke up after she watched Yuriko for a couple of moments. Yuriko paled as she looked around at her club members. 


“You all aren’t hurt, are you?” She asked them and they all shook their head in the negative. “You protected them.” Yuriko wasn’t dumb; she knew that Midari treasured her club as much as Yuriko treasured it. 


“They’re your club members. I wasn’t going to sit by and let him do whatever he wanted to them.” Midari tells her. However, Yuriko knew that if she was there when Jun was still there at the club, then it would have been for him to get Midari to stand down. Yuriko shuddered at the thought. I hated that I wasn’t here but at least, I can take care of her now. She thought. Yuriko then lifted one of Midari’s arms over her shoulder. Midari grumbled at the action.


“I can still walk, Princess.” Midari muttered so only Yuriko could hear her word of endearment. 


“I know that but still, let me make up for this.” Yuriko wanted to take care of Midari and when Midari had finally realized that, she sighed. Fine. Whatever will make her happy. She thought. She felt Yuriko’s lips gently brushed across her knuckles. Midari’s annoyed glare softened considerably as she watched Yuriko. “You stupid girl, thank you.” Yuriko tells Midari.


“It’s whatever, Yuriko.” Yuriko would have been ready to start an argument if she didn’t recognize Midari’s true feelings in her words. She recognized it’s my job and it’s your precious club and she also recognized they’re my friends in Midari’s words. Yuriko smiled at Midari as she had grabbed a first aid kit from the closet. 


Yuriko had dismissed her club for the day as she wanted to bandage Midari’s wounds on her own. After Yuriko had bandaged the last of Midari’s cuts, Midari grabbed her by her shoulders gently and she pressed her lips to Yuriko’s. Yuriko allowed herself to melt into the kiss but once Midari had pulled away, she gently pushed Midari down as she avoided touching any of Midari’s wounds. “You worried me today.” Yuriko tells Midari and the young woman rubbed the back of Yuriko’s neck, wanting to comfort her. 


“I...I will try to not do it again.” Apologies were hard for Midari to say but Yuriko could practically hear I’m sorry by the tone of Midari’s voice. 


“You did so much for me today.” Yuriko tells Midari. 


“I was just doing my job. You’re my girlfriend, Yuriko. Your club is as important to me as it is to you.” Midari tells Yuriko but the other girl shook her head. 


“You went above and beyond my expectations, dear. I knew you would have protected them but not by letting yourself get hurt.” Yuriko tells Midari and the girl sighed at Yuriko’s words. 


“I'm kinda relieved you weren’t there.” Midari spoke honestly as her words had gotten a small but wet giggle out of Yuriko as the girl was tearing up. “You’re crying.” Midari blinked at Yuriko’s wet face and it made her heart pang with unhappiness. 


“I want to fuck you.” Yuriko randomly said but Midari wasn’t opposed. 


“Are you sure?” Midari knew that Yuriko could top her but her emotional well-being was very important to her and she didn’t want Yuriko to force herself into being a top for a night. 


“I want to show you my thanks.” After Yuriko had spoken, Midari allowed Yuriko to pull her in closer as she kissed the girl’s collarbone. Midari moaned as Yuriko’s lips drove her wild and insane. Midari placed her hands on Yuriko’s hips, encouraging her further. Midari wanted to fill Yuriko’s lip all over her body. 


When Midari felt a small pain from Yuriko sucking on her neck, she allowed herself to sink into the pleasure as she felt Yuriko removed her skirt and her panties. “Yuriko.” Midari’s moans only spurred Yuriko on but Midari didn’t mind as she wanted to fill Yuriko’s fingers inside of her cunt. Is this how Yuriko feels when I’m on top? Midari wondered. However, she had to wonder no longer when Yuriko gently pushed one finger inside of her pussy. Midari moaned at the gentleness of Yuriko. 


She loved it. 


She craved more of it. 


“Yuriko.” Midari called out to her girlfriend as she wanted the girl to understand that she could add another finger. 


Midari could feel herself becoming more out of control as she wanted Yuriko to make her cum. “Yuriko.” Midari begged and after that, another finger was added. Midari moaned as Yuriko fingered Midari’s cunt with two fingers. 


“I love you, Midari.” Yuriko spoke as she pressed her lips to Midari’s neck, making Midari twitch underneath her as she cummed against Yurikoi’s fingers. Yuriko waited for Midari to come down from her high to remove her fingers. After Midari had relaxed, Yuriko removed her fingers as she walked away to wash her hands. 


After Yuriko had came back from the restroom, Midari had moved to an upright position and she smiled at Yuriko. “I love you too.” Midari responded to Yuriko’s earlier love confession and both people smiled at each other. Yuriko approached Midari and she sat in Midari’s lap, wrapping her arms around the girl’s neck. Midari pulled Yuriko closer as they shared one last kiss for the night, both girls enjoying being in the arms of the other. 


The next morning, Yuriko woke up to Midari holding her and she smiled softly at her girlfriend as she pressed a gentle kiss to Midari’s neck. “You’re playing a dangerous game, Princess.” Yuriko then smirked, which made Midari smirk at her. 


“I love playing a dangerous game, especially when it involves you and me alone.” Yuriko tells Midari and the girl’s smirk melted into a smile. 


“Trust me, just wait until I top you again.” Midari tells Yuriko. 


“I think I like being on top.” Yuriko tells Midari and the girl rolls her eyes at Yuriko’s words. “What?” Yuriko giggled at Midari.


“Nothing, just thinking about you topping me again.” Midari spoke as she kissed Yuriko on her nose. “You’re my beautiful Princess.”  Midari mumbled. 


“You’re my knight-in-shining armor.” Yuriko kissed Midari on her nose. 


“I love you.” They didn’t know who had said it this time, they didn’t care too much as they embraced each other, unwilling to part from each other’s arms. 

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