Bath time

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Bath time

Robin sighed as she sank shoulder deep into the steaming bathwater, the hot water immediately easing the ache in her legs and lower back brought on by a day of walking around the markets of a the port town they had dropped anchor at with Nami

Using her Devil Fruit Powers to spawn a pair of arms on the side of the bathtub Robin used them to pick up the soap and a cleaning cloth before lifting one of her long toned legs out of the water to wash it

As she did so the sound of the washroom door opening gave her pause, the raven haired women turning to see Luffy stood there in just his underwear with a towel hung over his shoulder “oh, the bath’s taken, my bad” Luffy said with an apologetic smile, the Captain turning to leave and wait his turn when Robin spawned an arm on the wall and used it to slam the door shut to keep him inside

“Captain, you couldn’t possibly be thinking of bathing alone, what did Nami tell you?” Robin chastised “remember when you filled the bath too high? If Sanji hadn’t have found you you could have drowned, that’s why Nami insisted that you always bathe with either her or me” she stated as she proceeded to drain the bath to about half of the volume it had just been leaving the water at her midsection rather than her shoulders

“Yeah but Nami’s busy so I thought I’d sneak a quick one, I was going to make it shallow” Luffy responded almost in the manner of a scolded child “also I didn’t just want to expect that you’d just let me in the bath with you”

“Why not? How many times have we seen each other naked now?” the Archeologist tittered as she spawned a pair of arms out of Luffy’s hips, making him jump as she used them to pull down his underwear, biting her lip as his cock and balls fell free before beckoning him to join her as she reclined back in the tub

As Luffy climbed into the bathtub to join her Robin spawned several arms from his side of the tub, a couple of them running their fingers along his biceps to massage them whilst the others took the soap and washcloth to start bathing him “you know I can do this myself right?” he commented as Robin lathered up his upper body

“I know” Robin just replied with a coy smile on her face as she reclined back further, doing nothing to hide her huge firm breasts from him as the arms on her side of the tub lathered them up in front of him “it’s customary for a crew member to take care of their Captain” the Archeologist stated as she spawned another pair of arms from the base of the tub around Luffy’s waist, the hands of them gently taking hold of his manhood to start to rub and massage it

Realising what she was doing Luffy silenced any further comments he had and laid back to relax, enjoying the feeling of her soft skilled hands on his cock quickly bringing him to full erection as he watched the curvy woman leisurely bathe herself across from him, her own eyes glued on his fat meaty cock as her spawned hands continued to stroke and wash it

“It’s been a while hasn’t it, Captain? I would never intrude but I was starting to think that Nami had decided to keep you all to herself” she purred massaging her now soapy tits as her spawned hands continued to stroke Luffy’s cock “I’ve missed this”

Grinning at the lustful tone in the Archeologists voice Luffy reached forward, stretching an arm out to cup one of her breasts to grope and squeeze it eliciting an appreciative moan from Robin, the older woman spreading her legs wider to give him a good look at her cunt as her spawned hands pulled at his cock, stretching it towards her so that she could place it between her tits, pressing the large firm mounds around her Captain’s manhood as she kept perfect eye contact with him “this is much better for a good deep clean don’t you think?” 

Letting out a lustful groan Luffy just nodded as Robin began to massage the inches of his cock that she had trapped between her tits, the Archaeologist also pressing her thighs around his cock turning the tit fuck into an almost full body rub down on his outstretched shaft, moaning and cooing as she used her tits and thighs to massage him before taking his cock head between her lips

Groaning as she started to suck his cock Luffy carefully rose up to move towards her, letting his cock shrink down to a more ‘reasonable’ size as he moved to straddle her chest, grabbing her tits to press them firmer to his cock making her moan at his sudden dominant action, something she had no complaints about as she let her arms rest on the sides of the tub to allow Luffy to fuck both her tits and mouth as he pleased, keepng perfect eye contact with him as she sucked with every inward thrust of his cock

As he felt his first load building up Luffy angled himself further forward, moving his cock from her tits to fully bury it in Robin’s experienced throat, the older woman not even gagging as her jaw strained and her throat bulged around his now 15 inch length, his cock now having shrank back down fully as he started to cum, dumping his load straight down Robin’s gullet making her moan as she swallowed every spurt of it with skillful glee

Humming and moaning as Luffy emptied his load down her gullet Robin slid a hand down her body, slowly rubbing herself as she continued to leisurely suck her Captain’s cock after he stopped cumming, her tongue working every inch it could reach whilst she reached up with her free hand to leisurely stroke what wasn’t in her mouth coaxing out any remaining streams of cum

Eventually stopping Robin then carefully pushed Luffy back to give herself enough room to turn around in the tub, presenting herself to her Captain as she rested her head on her arms on the side of the bathtub, wiggling her hips in invitation as Luffy knelt down behind her “any hole you want Luffy” the Archeologist purred before her eyes rolled as she felt his cock pressing against her dripping cunt

Gripping the side of the tub to support herself Robin let out a long shameless moan as Luffy pushed in as deep as he could go, making the older woman’s toes curl as her jaw fell slack and her tongue hung out “ooooh yes Luffy, fuck me deep!” she mewled spawning a pair of arms from her lower back and using them to grab at her Captain’s hips, pulling hard on them to coax him deeper into her snug dripping cunt, one hand momentarily releasing its grip on him to spank herself before grabbing his hip again

Reaching forward Luffy took hold of Robin’s shoulders to secure himself before starting to slam into her with everything he had, making her fat ass clap and ripple against his groin as the bath water churned around their thighs, the sounds of Robin’s pants and moans joining with the loud claps of her ass echoing throughout the bathroom as the Archeologist slammed her hips back against him to match his thrusts, her body soon thrumming in orgasm as Luffy’s cock hit all of her sweet spots in all the right places making her eyes cross

Grinning wide as he felt Robin’s pussy clamp on his dick Luffy pulled on her shoulders to coax her to stand, both of them placing one leg out of the tub for balance as Luffy continued to fuck Robin now in a standing doggy style position, the new position letting her huge tits bounce in tandem to his thrusts as his cock started to throb

“Going to cum again? Do it, I want to feel it!” Robin moaned rolling her hips and slamming her ass back against him even faster, her spasming and squeezing pussy dragging her Captain to the very edge before she spawned an arm on her groin which reached between her legs to cup and massage his balls, the feeling of her soft skilled fingers sending him hurtling into the abyss of pleasure

Going rigid Luffy grunted as he came hard inside of Robin, making her eyes roll back in bliss as her body shook in orgasm again, nearly slipping in the tub as her legs became weak to which she gripped the side of the bathtub tighter whilst she and Luffy slowly sat back down in it, sinking back down into the waist high water to ride out their afterglows

After about fifteen minutes of resting Robin got out of the bath to let Luffy get properly washed up, the water shallow enough to be safe enough for him without supervision, the Archaeologist wrapping a loose towel around herself before taking her leave to give Luffy privacy

Shutting the bathroom door then Robin turned to head towards her room only to find Nami heading towards the washroom in the process of stripping down as she walked “going to accompany Luffy for his bath? Don’t worry, I already helped him out” she stated with a coy smile making Nami raise an eyebrow

“Is that so? Knowing what you two can up to I’d better head in myself, I highly doubt our Captain is clean after you were done with him” the Navigator stated as she walked by Robin, giving the older woman’s ass a firm spank as she passed making Robin bite her lip as she continued towards her bedroom

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