Pokemon Sex Story - Misty's Stripping Journey

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Misty is studying up on water Pokemon strategies to prepare for the next competition. Misty's dream is to be the best Water Pokemon Master the world has ever seen, and nothing will stand between Misty and her goals!

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Stripping For Sucess

Just as she begins practicing advanced water Pokemon attacks, Ash comes rushing through the door. "Misty! I just found out the Ultimate Water Pokemon Competition will be near Mirage Kingdom. The competition begins in just two weeks!"

Misty does an online search, then responds, "Ash, I just checked online; between travel and hotel, it's gonna cost $2,500. I only have $250 saved. Where will I get that kinda money in just two weeks?!?"

Ash quickly replies, "Hmm… Misty, I have an idea! Do you trust me?"

"Of course, I trust you, Ash! You're my best friend!"

"Pull down your shirt in the front. I need to see something."

 "How's this, Ash?"

" Now, take off your bra."

Without hesitation, Misty takes her bra off.  Ash's eyes widen as drool runs down his chin, "Perfect! Just as I suspected! Misty, you have beautiful boobs! You are a very sexy woman. That's why your professors go so easy on you. 

Working as a stripper, you'll easily make enough money for both of us to go!"  Excited to attend the prestigious competition, Misty responds, "Then sign me up! Where do we begin?"

Meet Henry

At the University, Ash met a new friend named Henry. Henry mentioned a stripper pole in his bedroom, so Ash asked if Misty could use it to practice. Henry agreed, under one condition. Misty must let Henry train her. "I have a lot of experience with strippers," explained Henry, "so tell Misty she needs to listen to me!" "Will do," said Ash.

Not wanting to miss the essential water Pokeman competition, Misty reluctantly agreed.

Misty and Ash arrive at Henry's apartment. Henry immediately shows Misty to his room and tells her, "I am a busy man, so don't waste time. Start practicing on my pole."

Misty Stripped

Just as the first song ends, Misty asks the men, "How did I do?"

"You look beautiful!" says Ash.  

"Thank you!" Misty replies with a bashful smile.  

Henry weighs in, "Misty, you look smokin' hot, but you won't be able to wear so many clothes at the club. So try again in just bra and panties."

Unsure what to do, Misty looks over to Ash, and Ash tells her, "Henry is right. You'll have to dance naked in front of men you don't know. Dancing in your bra and panties seems like the logical next step."  Misty agrees and strips down to her bra and panties.

After a couple of minutes, Misty asks, "How am I doing, guys?" Henry quickly responds, "Let me see you do the one where you hold your legs up and spread them. But this time, hold it a little longer… Yeah, just stay like that as long as you can. Be strong for the competition!".

"That's very thoughtful of you, Henry!" exclaims Ash. "Misty, don't be a brat. Thank Henry for all his help". "Thank you, Henry!" says Misty with a smile.

Henry walks over to Misty while she holds that position. He then takes his finger and starts rubbing it beside her g-string. "Wha-what are you doing?" asks Misty. "Relax, it feels good, right?" Henry responds reassuringly. "Besides, you'll make a lot more money at the club if you let customers play with your pussy."

Next, Henry slowly slides his finger under Misty's g-string. Misty begins to moan. Her panties get wet. Henry licks a finger on his other hand and uses his damp finger to rub Misty's clit. Slowly, Henry slides the tip of his other finger inside her. Misty is screaming with pleasure, "Oh my g-d Henry! That feels so good!"

"Be a good girl and follow my training, and you will make big bucks to feel this good! Damn girl! You got one of the best pussies I've felt. I bet it's really tight."

Misty's arms get tired, and she comes down off the pole.  Ash can no longer contain himself. He rushes over and takes off Misty's bra. He gently rubs her chest and her nipples. "Wow, Misty, you really do have nice tits!"

"Here, Misty, I have a pillow for you," says Henry, "see how far you can arch your back."

Misty puts the pillow under her and gets on all fours with her back arched.

"Good girl!" says Henry as he rubs her ass. Ash comes over and slides Misty's g-string to the side. He slowly slides his finger inside her as Henry rubs her ass with one hand and her nipple with the other. "Oh my g-d Ash, your finger feels so good inside me. Please do it a little faster." Ash complies. He can feel Misty's body tremble as she screams louder and louder, and his finger gets wetter and wetter. He doesn't stop until Misty cums.


Can I Feel Your Cock?

Still trembling, Misty asks, "Ash, can I see what your cock feels like? I never felt a cock before."   Ash excitedly replies, "Of course, you can, Misty! But first, take your g-string off."

Misty takes off her g-string and sits naked on the bed with her legs spread. Ash's cock is so hard, it pulsates, craving Misty's tight wet pussy. He observes Misty and sees she is just as horny as he. This makes Ash even more excited! He takes off his pants and briefs and approaches.

Misty grabs Ash's cock and begins jerking it. Ash moans. "Mmmm, Misty! That feels really great! But do you know what would feel eleven better? If you put my cock in your mouth!"  Curious how Ash's cock will taste, Misty gets on her knees and starts sucking. 

Henry approaches the couple, puts his hand on Misty's head, and pushes it down. Ash's cock slides down Misty's throat, gagging her! As she gags, saliva gushes all over Ash's hard cock. "Ohh wow, Misty!" says Ash, "keep this up, and I will cum before I get to fuck your sweet little pussy! You better slow down!"

"Sweet?" asks Misty, "But you haven't even tasted it yet."

"Great point Misty! Lay on the bed and spread your legs."  

Misty lays on the bed, then Henry kneels on the floor beside her. He places his left hand on Misty's right tit as he licks her left tit. 

Ash gently rubs Misty's thighs until Misty begs, "Ash, please lick my pussy! I am so horny! Make me cum in your mouth!" "Yes, ma'am!" says Ash. He gently licks Misty's clit as she moans and trembles. After a couple of minutes, Ash moves his tongue to Misty's pussy hole. He fucks her pussy with his tongue as Henry rubs her clit. They make Misty cum so hard, she throws the bed's pillow and pulls up the corner of the sheet.

Ash's face is soaked with Misty's cum.

Misty excitedly asks Ash, "Will you take my virginity?". "Sure!" answers Ash.


Punishment Time

"Wait!" commands Henry, "Misty, part of the deal was for you to listen to me. But, until I made you cum, you were kinda insubordinate, goin' to Ash for approval. I love your pretty pussy, but your insubordination must be punished before gettin' rewarded with Ash's dick."

Although Misty felt dishonor, she was also incredibly turned on. Confused and excited, she inquires further, "What kind of punishment, Henry?".

Henry smacks Misty's ass and replies, "Sir, call me sir."

"Sorry, sir!"

"Get on the table and get on all fours. I am going to paddle your ass 10 times."

"Yes, sir"

Misty complies. Henry ties Misty's wrists and ankles to the table. He then fetches the paddle and a unique vibrator.  

Henry whispers in Misty's ear as he rubs her nipple, "I am gonna strap this vibrator on you, then give you three hard paddles. If you do a good job takin' 'em, I will turn on the vibrator. It will vibrate on your clit." Henry gently rubs his finger down Misty's spine, "Having your clit stimulated will make the next 7 feel so much better."

Misty is so horny! Her pussy is dripping wet. She quickly replies, "Thank you, sir."

Henry tightly grips the paddle and gives Misty's ass a hard whack. She is even hornier but stays very still, anxious for the vibrator to turn on. Henry gives Misty's ass another hard hit. Then he feels how wet her pussy is. "You love this, don't you, you dirty girl."  

Misty replies, "Yes, sir, you make my pussy very wet."  

Henry spanks Misty with the paddle one more time, then quickly turns on the vibrator. Misty begins to moan as wetness drips from her pussy, down her thy.  

 "Ash, come here," calls out Henry. "Stand in front of Misty so she can suck your dick while I finish paddling."

Feeling Ash's cock in her mouth and the vibrator on her clit, as Henry harshly paddles her makes Misty crave a dick inside her. She fantasizes about having sex with both men.


Cherry Pop

After Henry completes Misty's punishment, he unties her, removes the vibrator, and instructs Misty to lay on the bed with her legs spread. Misty complies.

Henry and Ash join Misty. Henry starts rubbing Misty's clit and sucking her nipple. Ash puts the head of his cock on her pussy hole and slowly pushes in. Misty screams!

"How does that feel, Misty?"

"Oh wow, Ash! Your cock feels amazing inside me."

Ash pushes his cock in a little deeper. Misty's pussy is so wet Ash's cock then slides deep into her pussy. Misty screams even louder, and her hot pussy gets even wetter!  Ash continues fucking Misty, and Henry plays with her clit and tits. Then, after Misty cums, three times on Ash's cock, Henry says, "Okay, I need my dick sucked." 

"Yes, sir," says Misty as she gets on all fours. "Good girl," says Henry, I have a reward for you!" He puts the vibrator back on Misty's clit.  

"Thank you, sir," says Misty.

Misty sucks Henry's cock while Ash fucks her tight wet pussy. Before Ash cums, he switches places with Henry. Misty sucks Ash's dick while Henry fucks her from behind.

Ash starts pounding Misty's throat as Henry pounds her pussy. She cums hard all over Henry's cock. Ash is so turned on, he cums straight down Misty's throat. Misty gags and Ash holds his cock in her mouth a few more seconds before giving her a breath.  

All the while, Henry is still pounding her cumming pussy. He then pulls his cock out and cums all over Misty's ass.


Sweet Dreams

The three friends clean up. Ash has to go back to his dorm, but Misty stays with Henry. The two lay naked in Henry's bed. "You are going to make so much money at the club, Misty! I am very proud of you and your sweet pussy!" Henry begins rubbing Misty's clit. "Now you just relax and have sweet dreams purdy girl."

"Sweet dreams," Misty replies with a moan.

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