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Daisy is eighteen years old, a senior in high school, and loves to suck cock. Unfortunately, the high school boys can’t satisfy Daisy’s sexual needs. However, she is determined to find a solution. Monday starts a steamy chapter in Daisy’s slutty school girl sex story!    

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Chapter 1: Masturbation Monday

After pressing snooze about four times, Daisy wakes up to the alarm and gets ready in a rush. She is a senior at the Hebrew Academy, an elite Orthodox Jewish school in Boca Raton, Florida. She must wear her hair back in a ponytail, and she is not allowed to wear nail polish or makeup. The school uniform is a long blue ankle-length skirt and a long-sleeve white shirt.

However, Daisy doesn’t wear any panties under her skirt. “Just in case a dirty old man is waiting by the school,” Daisy thinks, “it will be easier for him to slide a finger in!” This thought makes Daisy’s pussy soaking wet. So she lifts her skirt in the front and starts rubbing her clit. It feels terrific. However, Daisy hasn’t learned how to make herself cum yet, an obstacle she is anxious to conquer.

She continues rubbing her clit, and glances over to the vanity. Her cushioned vanity stool looks interesting. Daisy keeps her finger on her clit, as she walks to the vanity. She presses her clit against the corner of her vanity stool and rides it like a lap dance. As Daisy rides the stole and grabs her tit, her mind fantasizes about an older man fingering her in the high school parking lot. She lets out a moan, then is startled by loud banging on her bedroom door. “Come eat breakfast! You will be late to school!”, calls Daisy’s mother. “Coming, mom,” says Daisy with a huff.

Daisy sits down to have breakfast with her mom, dad, and brother. She is still very horny, and her pussy is craving to be touched. “Awkward,” she thinks as she clinches her thighs together. Then, after about five minutes, “Well, I better get going, mom. Don’t wanna be late for class!” Daisy says to her mom. “Have a great day, sweetie,” her mom says as Daisy flies out the door.

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The Drive

Daisy gets into her Bentley Bentayga and shuts the door. She places her cell phone, under her skirt, against her pussy. She has a friend named Richard, who she met in a Facebook group. He is 42 years old and lives on the Intracoastal in Palm Beach. She told him what time she drives to school and instructed him to call her repeatedly. Because he is a software engineer, he wrote a program to handle the dialing for him.

Richard also PayPaled Daisy $500 to get a second secret phone. She calls him on that phone and puts it on the passenger seat so that he can hear her moans. Richard jerks his dick as he hears her moan. Having Richard listen to her makes Daisy very excited! She loves turning on men. 

When Daisy first gets to school, she keeps her phone under her skirt, as she hangs up the other phone and texts Richard her school’s address. He texts her a picture of his car. Daisy removes her phone from her skirt, puts her secret phone in the glovebox, and walks to class.

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The Stairwell

The Hebrew Academy is a very strict school that teaches traditional Jewish morals. Girls must be modest and must stay away from boys. Boys sit on one side of the classroom and girls on the other. They also walk on separate sides of a roomy hallway.  

However, a slutty schoolgirl like Daisy knows how to get what she wants. A lot of boys at school have crushes on Daisy. She knows it. She tells them to bring her fancy gifts, and the lucky ones get invited to play with her in the stairwell—both Daisy and the boy eagerly risk expulsion to play.

Daisy stands at her locker, and her schoolmate Sara hands her an envelope, “My brother Ari asked me to give you this.” “Thanks, Sara!” says Daisy with a big smile. She opens the envelope and sees a card inside. Ari wrote her a love poem in the card and put a $200 GameStop gift card inside!” It turns Daisy on when guys get her lovely gifts. So she texts Ari, “Get a pass at 10:25 and meet me in the NW stairwell”.

Daisy sits in the front row of her Calculus I class and looks at the clock. It slowly ticks as 10:25 approaches. As she sits, she fantasizes about her math teacher, Mr. Fineberg. He isn’t a traditionally attractive man but is suitable for her dirty older man fantasy!

Mr. Fineberg is 47 years old, 5’7″, and 180 pounds. He is primarily bald and has feeble social skills. Daisy imagines it’s been a while since her teacher has felt a tight wet pussy. “He would be so excited to feel mine!” she thinks as her pussy dampens. Just then, the clock strikes 10:25! Daisy gets a hall pass and heads to the stairwell.

When she arrives, she is surprised to see both Sara and Ari. “I didn’t expect to see you here, Sara! Did you want to watch?” “I have a confession to make, Daisy,” says Sara, “I have a big crush on you! So when I found out my brother was meeting you here, I got jealous. I told him I’d tell mom if he didn’t let me come.”

“Hopefully, we will all cum today!” Daisy says with a raised eyebrow and grin. Sara is a beautiful teenage girl with big round breasts and a feminine face. Daisy is just 4’11”, but both Sara and Ari are tall.

“I’ve always wanted to see your boobs, Sara! Ari, lift Sara’s shirt.” Daisy is curious how far the siblings will go to please.

“Yes, ma’am,” says Ari. He walks over to Sara and lifts her shirt. He then removes Sara’s bra. Sara smiles at Daisy and asks, “do you want to touch them?” “First, I want to see Ari touch them,” Daisy responds. Without hesitation, Ari starts ruing Sara’s nipples.

“Okay, Sara, get on your knees,” demands Daisy.
“Yes, ma’am,” replies Sara.
“Ari, suck her tits,” instructs Daisy.

Sara is topless on her knees, and Ari is sucking her nipples. Daisy lifts her skirt, and Sara licks her pussy. Sara’s pussy is soaked! She can feel Daisy’s legs tremble as she tastes her sweet pussy. As her brother sucks her nipples, she pictures it as Daisy’s tongue instead, making Sara even more excited!

“Ari, finger my pussy while your sister sucks my clit”.

Ari continues sucking Sara’s nipple as he reaches around and to Daisy’s pussy.

“Not so hard, Ari! Take it slow!”

Ari slows down. Daisy wishes she could find a man with experience who knows how to handle a tight little pussy. However, she is quickly distracted by the pleasure Sara and Ari bring her. She quietly moans as she cums on Sara’s face and Ari’s finger.

“That was fun! We should do it again sometime!” Daisy tells her friends, then rushes off back to class.

Early Dismissal

Still horny, Daisy heads to her English class. “Thank goodness today is early dismissal,” Daisy thinks, “I hope Richard is waiting for me in the parking lot.”

Finally, the bell rings, and Daisy head to the parking lot. She stops at her car to take a good look at the picture of Richard’s car. He drives a black BMW 5 series sedan with darkly tinted windows. Daisy scans the parking lot and, “Ah!” she thinks she spotted it.

Daisy walks to the BMW and gets in the passenger side. She turns her head and is instantly hit with confusion. The driver appears to be a man in his forties, but he looks nothing like Richard’s pictures. “Richard?” she mutters.

“I think you got in the wrong car, sweetie. Unfortunately, I’m not Richard, and I don’t believe I know you.”

“Are you sure this is the wrong car?” Daisy asks as she lifts her skirt, exposing her bare pussy.

“Well, look at that pretty little pussy! Darlin’, you are absolutely where you belong!”

The man puts his hand on Daisy’s thigh and gently rubs it as Daisy squirms.

“I really want you to touch my pussy, sir. That’s why I didn’t wear any panties today.”

“It will be my pleasure, darlin’,” the man says as he slides his fingers up Daisy’s thigh and rubs her clit. Daisy moans and reclines back in the car seat.

“You can’t be too loud, sugar, or I might go to jail.”

The man leans over, tightly kissing Daisy as he slides his finger deep inside her soaking wet push. It feels so good, Daisy grabs the back of the man’s head and sucks his tongue down in her mouth. Daisy cums hard, all over his finger and car seat.

Daisy tells the man, “I really needed that! Thanks!” “Think I could get your number?” the man asks Daisy. Daisy responds, “Well, you see… the thing that turns me on more than anything else is a man proving his desire for me. So give me $300, and I’ll give you my number.”

“That’s not a problem,” the man says as he reaches for his wallet. He pulls three hundred dollar bills out and hands them to Daisy. “There is a lot more where that came from, darlin'” He gives Daisy his phone, and she adds her secret phone number. Daisy exits his vehicle, walks to her car, and drives home with a huge smile.

Next Chapter: Tentacle Tuesday

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