Reviews for Let Go and Feel

BY : Chu-leh

  • From ANON - x.Poison.x on October 28, 2006

    Remember me from That was awesome, you should put some of that into your conflict of interests!! You really do like Lyserg don't you?

    Well Done,xx

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  • From ANON - jhobain on October 21, 2006

    so that was the ending? well the ending with ren and the internet link wasn't really that okay..
    i'll tell what's OKAY!! ^_^ though it really is pretty fast for lyserg to be jumped on -and thankfully screwed because that's the plot isn't it? -it didn't seem so fast to me.. i mean there was the warming-up-with-each-other-first thing and it's really cute! well for me it was neh~
    though noah was bad :(

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