Let Go and Feel

BY : Chu-leh
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Let Go and Feel

By: Chu-leh

Another RP between me and Crimson Nightmare. Lyserg, Crimsons OC, an unnoticed sex pill slipped into a drink (though its not mentioned), and very kinky rave sex with blindfolds.

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Disclaimer: Noahs not in the series. Enough said.


Lyserg gasped as he made his way through the mass of bodies and the thumping techno music. His body was on fire, and he didn't know why. His clothes, club clothes for the moment, had changed from his usual regal attire to a sleeveless white turtleneck and loose black jeans. They seemed to stick to his overheated body.

Noah was a good boy. He came as his sister had ordered last night. He even wore a tie! (A black one that nobody could see on top of all the black baggy clothes he wore) He was rather bored though. In fact, he's always bored. Come on...something cool has got to be around here. Groping a girl as she danced and grounded against his front, he pouted. Booooring....!

Lyserg bumped into one of the thriving bodies of the mass on the dance floor. With a soft grunt, he almost fell to the ground, only to have two arms encircle him before he could. "Sorry." He muttered, looking up to see who he had bumped into.

Something soft had crashed into his arms. It was warm and wriggling. Mm. He squeezed it with a hug and decided that he would buy a long pillow after this. He rather liked hugging things to sleep. It turned out to be a girl- boy- girl. Uh. "No big deal." he grinned down at the gender-unknown. "It's stuffy in here, isn't it?"

"Yeah." Lyserg muttered, letting this strange boy with captivating gray eyes hold him. He had a really nice face. " `s hot..." he murmured, letting his cheek rest against the cool material of the boy's shirt.

The boy had green hair in a cute hairstyle, and his cheeks were quite red. The large emerald eyes looked as if they're about to shut. He was tired, perhaps, because of the heat and the movement?

"Hey...are you ok?" Noah leaned close to speak into Lyserg's ear because the music was so loud. "You look kinda red..."

Was his face red? It made sense since he felt flushed. " `m hot." Lyserg replied. "Really hot. Too many people." he added, wondering if it was obvious that he'd never been to a rave before. The thrumming, throbbing music was giving him a headache, it felt ready to burst. Maybe it was the music that was making his stomach clench too? "It's too loud."

"Here." Noah grinned amiably and put a cool hand on the boy's cheek. "Maybe you should sit down somewhere... oh, there's a couch over there in that corner. It's darker there too, less blinding lights. You'd probably feel better that way." He took the boy's shoulder and steered Lyserg toward the couch. The music made everyone grind together. Their way over to the couch was messy, sweaty, and arousing, with all the dancers grinding against them and each other.

`mkay." Lyserg leaned on the boy's shoulder and let him lead him through the crowd of dancing people.

He was never coming to another rave again, no matter what Yoh said and no matter how much Horo whined. God, it felt like his head was going to explode, and he was so hot, he was surprised that he hadn't passed out from the heat. The boys body felt nice though. It was cool against his flushed, sweating skin.

"Thanks." he muttered as the boy helped him sit on the couch. "What's your name?"

With an easy grin, he replied, "I'm Noah. Fancy meeting you while you're flushed!" he snickered, putting an arm behind his head and the other draped across Lyserg's shoulders. "What's your name?"

"Lyserg." he answered, again resting his head against the boy's shoulder. It was nice, sitting next to this boy, he thought as his eyes slid closed for a moment. It was quieter, and though his body was still as hot as it was before, he didnt seem to mind so much. "Sorry, taking you away from your dancing"

The boy's temperature really was a bit hotter than normal. Perhaps he'd been dancing for too long. "Mm. It's fine. I wasn't really up for dancing the night away anyways. You seem to have been more than active for your health!" Noah laughed, a rich, vibrating sound full of life. "And who knows how much you've been drinking, little boy!" flicking Lyserg's nose, he mockingly whispered the tease into the boy's ear.

"I didn't drink anything alcoholic." Lyserg muttered, rubbing his nose. "And I felt fine before I got here." Lyserg pouted, hiding his face in the boy's shirt. It didn't seem strange to at all, that he was all but cuddling with someone he barely knew, while he still jumped whenever one of his friends touched him. "And I'm not little. Im 16"

"Ah, you're 16!" Noah grinned, as if cooing to a baby, tucking Lyserg's small frame against his side closely, so that they spoke cheek-to-cheek, in order to hear under the loud music. "So what happened? Do you have a wicked stepsister like I do that made you come?"

Lyserg didn't fight the embrace, rather he relaxed into it an cuddled closer. Lyserg tried to shake his head, only to have his face nuzzle against Noah's instead. "Uh-uh. I dun have any family. My friends talked me into coming. Wish I stayed home." he turned his head so his overheated face rested in the crook of the boy's neck. This was comfortable...

All the while, Noah was looking down at the way Lyserg's long dark eyelashes contrasted against his pale, but now flushed cheeks. "Awww, now, now, that'd be a waste! Pretty thing like you should come out more often."

Otherwise I'd NEVER get laid. He thought to himself. Mm. The pretty thing was talking against his skin, and Noah was greatly entertained by the tingly feeling that hot, moist breath had stimulated in his lower stomach.

Lyserg shook his head, a half smile crossing his face as he felt the boy tense. His hair probably tickled him when he moved. "Im not that pretty. I don't know why people keep saying that." Lyserg sighed. "Wish I wasn't. Less guys would hit on me if I wasn't." he continued, not noticing that he had contradicted himself with the last statement. Mmm... The way Noah's hand rubbed up and down his bare arm made the clenching in his stomach feel more like butterflies, or something like that...

Noah groaned to himself. The boy was arching up a little bit against his touch, and that made him quite aroused. He let his fingers dance up and down the boy's bare skin a little more as he continued to speak against Lyserg's ear, "Hey now, getting hit on is a good thing. You don't want to last a whole life locked in a barrel do you? It makes everything more fun if people are attracted to you!" Leaning closer, he teasingly gave the boy's earlobe a tentative lick.

Lyserg shivered, the touch making the butterflies in his stomach flutter abut wildly. "Its not." Lyserg tried to explain, twisting so his ear was protected against the other's advances. "Most are perverted old men who think Im a girl." he spoke, his lips moving against the boy's bare neck, making him shift in his seat and his strokes falter.

Seeing the lack of protest as an invitation, lightly, Noah traced his fingers up the boy's knee. "Really? Well then, honey, you haven't gone to the right places then!" Noah grinned, leaning down and placing a playful peck on the boy's throat.

Lyserg let out a half giggle. The touch had tickled. "I don't go out much by myself. Just the store `n stuff. When I go out with my friends, people usually think Im one of their girlfriends or something... Mmm... Wonder where they are." he half muttered to himself, pulling away a bit to let his hazy eyes run over the mass of thriving bodies; though he was unable to tell where one body began and another ended, let alone decide which were his friends.

Oh... Hell was he gonna let this one leave. He nearly jumped after the boy as the boy leaned away, almost pinning the boy flat on his stomach against the long couch. He could feel his own hard-on slightly pressed against the back of the boy's thighs. "Well, wanna just keep me company then?" he half growled half purred into Lyserg's ear shell.

Lyserg gasped when he was pinned to the couch, letting out a small whimper when he felt the boy's arousal press against him. To say he was a virgin would be a lie, he knew what the boy, a complete stranger, wanted; and while it sound have disgusted him, or at least made him want to leave, he found himself growing hard, the heat that plagued his body increasing. He moaned softly when the boy began to suck at the sensitive skin right behind his ear. "Oh-okay."

Mm. Nice. The boy had a really soft, supple body, it seemed. Noah jerked against the boy a few times, enough to make the old couch squeak with their movements. "Good." he purred. "Glad you see it my way." He saw it as a grant of action, so he boldly pulled the boy's hips so that Lyserg's hips was wedged against his arousal, legs spread like a needy slut. Groaning loudly, he ground against the boy's hips, and slipping one hand into the boy's pants to feel Lyserg's own hardness growing.

"Ahh!" Lyserg gasped loudly, his hips bucking reflexively into the boy's grasp, his bottom rubbing against Noahs own hardness. "Wait- not here. Too many pe- peop- people!" His nearly wailed as the boy massaged his hard length, pressing wet kissed to his back. "W-wait..."

Noah gave a playful, feral grin, nipping the boy's smooth skin beneath the boy's shirt. His head was nearly entirely inside Lyserg's shirt, his hands kept busily stroking the boy's arousal, and with one swift action he pulled Lyserg's pants down. "Relax...Just think of what you want right now....do you want...this?" He fingered the boy's erection, teasing the hard length with the tip of his nails. "Or...perhaps, this?" Letting the tip of his own erection push against Lyserg's wide spread bottom. His precum rolled down along Lyserg's ass, wetting the boy before he started to push in a little. He knew he was taking it quickly, but it was the music, the lusty stares, and the moans of hundreds of dancers that spurred him on. Using his free hand to pull loose his black tie, he tied it over Lyserg's eyes. "Now feel what it is that you want. If you find what you want, scream loudly for me to hear." He growled against the skin behind Lyserg's ear shell, and proceeded to push in.

Lyserg bit down on his fist, trying to muffle his own moan as the boy, a stranger's length pressed into him, and didn't move. He just stayed still, the hot swollen length inside of his, his hands still on Lyserg's arousal. "Ahhh.... Noah...." His hand moved to take off the blindfold

"Ah-uh-uh." Noah bit Lyserg's ear in playful punishment. "That's not allowed, Baby. You have to feel it. The music. The sounds. The touch. Now. Scream for me." He pulled back out in a violent jerk and then thrusted deeply back in; the motion so strong that the couch made a cracking noise beneath them.

Lyserg just barely held in his scream, not wanting to be noticed by what had to be hundreds of people in the club. He let out a loud gasp when Noah squeezed his length a little too hard, and rammed into him again.

Noah groaned loudly against Lyserg's ear. People were already staring. Sex right in some corner of the dance floor wasn't uncommon. That's what the couches and the small love rooms were for. People even liked being the audience, as it aroused everyone to hear the moans, the lusty sound of body on body, and the sight of someone being fucked into the couch. Lyserg was a pretty thing, so many already had their eyes on his pale, gorgeous thighs and ass. Noah grinned, thrusting at a higher speed as he fucked the boy into oblivion.

"Come on Lyserg, don't try to look into the darkness. Just feel. Just let it out. Let it go..." With a particular violent jerk, he made Lyserg's face grind against the fabric of the couch.

Whimpering, Lyserg squeezed his eyes shut, trying to curl into himself. Spirits, it felt wonderful, the, his hands was practically rubbing his length raw. His eyes snapped open, though all he could see was the endless black of the blindfold. Feeling Noah's length ram harshly into his prostate, he let out a high pitched scream

"Yes! Scream for me, Lyserg!" Noah rode the boy hard and fast, jerking the boy's hips and length along with his actions. Letting his free hand crawl up to Lyserg's hands, he gathered the boy's wrists in one hand, and gripped them tightly as he thrusted close to orgasm.

Unrestrained, the fire in his belly burning hotter than ever before. Lyserg screamed so loudly he would surely be hoarse the next day. His hips slammed wildly back into Noah's, no longer caring about the hundreds of people watching him as he was taken hard and raw on a couch in the middle of a rave

So close to orgasm, Noah quickened his pace and pumped Lyserg's cock with his other hand. He groaned loudly as he felt himself ready to come, and gave Lyserg's cock one last hard pull. "Scream my name."

"Ahh-augh." Lyserg whimpered. The boy's ministrations were so rough. "No-Noah!" the name came out as a sharp cry as he came hard into the boy's hand. He could feel Noah cum inside him as his passageway spasmed; his hot seed coating the inside of his entrance as the older teen groaned and bit into Lyserg's bare shoulder. He fell against the fake leather of the couch, his body limp and spent.

Noah released and it was bliss. The wetness pooled between their thighs, edging down the curves of their skin in little streams and drops. Slowly he pulled himself out, watching the body beneath him collapse after the harsh, but mind-blowing administrations. Tucking himself in, he leaned down close to Lyserg's ear and whispered with a mischievous smirk, "Feeling better?"

"Y-yeah." Lyserg panted, taking a few more minutes to catch his breath before rolling onto his back, and trying to take off his blindfold.

"Ah-uh, let me kiss you with the blindfold on first Baby..." His lips found their way to Lyserg's soft, moist ones, nibbling on the bottom lip teasingly for a good while until he was satisfied. Pulling away, he stood up. "Well, farewell Babe, it was fun." With that, he pulled loose his black tie, and left amidst the crowds.

Blinking at the sudden intake of flashing lights, Lyserg sat up. First, he blushed deep crimson at the many looks and leers he was getting, and struggled to quickly replace his clothing.

Noah... He wanted to do something with him. Talk? Go on a date? Be angry? He didn't know, but he needed to find him first. But as soon as he tried to stand, white hot pain laced up his back; a result from the extremely rough handling Noah had done with him.

With a pained gasp, Lyserg was forced to lay on the couch, still slightly damp with his own sweat and seed, as well as Noah's until Yoh or one of the others came to find him.


Many days and nights had passed since Lyserg had met the stranger in the club, and gave into his desires he normally wouldn't.

While the others had asked many questions about why Lyserg couldn't walk home, or why his clothes were mussed and that his shoulder had a bite mark, a fuss was not made.

It seemed all but forgotten, until one day Ren called Lyserg's attention to a laptop he had recently acquired.

"Lyserg, can you explain something to me?" Ren asked.

"If I can. I'm not very good with computer's Ren. Why don't you ask Manta?"

"I doubt you want me to ask Manta." Ren snorted. He clicked on a link to the internet.

Lyserg's face instantly flushed red as he heard his own screams come from the computer, along with video of Noah pounding fiercely into him

Care to explain this to me Lyserg?


One HoroLyserg and a RenLyserg left unless we write more. And the gender bending theme is starting to sound really good to me and Crimson for poor, little Lyserg.

Ja minna-san!

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