Reviews for The Departure

BY : OrenjiKaori

  • From satomika on September 08, 2014

    I hope there's more to this~

    I hope there's a sequel~!!! ^^

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  • From saiyanprince1 on July 19, 2007

    interesting... will this be all to it?

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  • From GreydonCreed on January 30, 2007

    Good story, I hope that Sousuke will be able to see Kaname again, either on leave or on assignment again. If that was not enought of a hint for you, please write more. Good Luck.

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  • From A.J. on January 23, 2007

    This was a pretty good story. The flow as a little off but all in all not bad. I would love a Kurtz/Melissa story if you have the time to draw one up. You never see fanfics with those two together.

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