The Departure

BY : OrenjiKaori
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Thus begins….. The Departure.

“Sagara Sousuke…” Sousuke stood up and walked up to receive his high school diploma. He did just as the others had done while getting theirs after observing. Kaname watched him through her large brown eyes…she smiled as he walked back down the aisle. He didn’t do anything to cause a scene. He didn’t make anything blow up. She was proud of him. But then she began to wonder if he was going to make it through the last hour as they called the names S-Z.

Things did go well except that little smoke grenade in the bathroom….
Kaname got into the car with him yawning.
“You did well” She smiled a bit. “Thank you for letting me have a good time….”
Sousuke blinked.
“You are welcome Kaname.” He nodded as he drove back to their apartments.
He walked Kaname up to hers.
“Good night Sousuke...” She smiled a bit and walked in the door. Sousuke watched and made sure she locked the door before heading back to his. Melissa and Kurz were there for that night. He walked in the door.

“Hey, look who’s back!” Kurz smiled drunkly and tossed a crushed beer can into the garbage. Melissa grinned and smiled looking at Sousuke.
“So how much does MITHRIL have to put out to pay for repairs of the building?” She asked.
“None” Sousuke replied quickly. He sat down at the table his grey eyes narrowing at the sight of the beer cans. He sighed. Melissa smiled and patted him on the back.
“Good job...I would have expected you to come running in and requesting a fire hose…”
Sousuke nodded a little.

The blonde sergeant reached behind him and slid a paper that was just received across the oak table. He yawned and sighed. Melissa watched the paper.
“Kurz don’t you ever read these things?” She sighed and scooped it up. She read it over, her purple eyes went wide.
“Wow…Sousuke…you’re done.” She smiled. Sousuke blinked and nearly choked on the water he was drinking.
“Done?” He stared at her intensely. “Done with what?”

She slid the paper to him and watched his steel grey eyes shift back and forth.
“It’s about time you came back to do missions with us.” Kurz yawned a little.
“From the sounds of it you go back with us tomorrow…”
“Tomorrow?” He sighed.
She nodded.
“Around Noon...we’re going back to the base.” She watched as disappointment reflected in Sousuke’s eyes. He shifted his gaze down to the wood grain on the table. He placed his glass of water half way on….and half way off...just on the edge.
“You still have time to say goodbye. Don’t worry….you knew this day would come…you couldn’t stay here forever…” She gave him a hug to try to get that look off of his face. She didn’t like it when Sousuke was upset. For some reason it brought her down too. He nodded a little.
“I understand…..”
“Good” She smiled a little. “You can still send her letters and stuff…don’t worry”

“Its 11:30 I’m gonna head to sleep. I’ll see ya guys tomorrow.” Kurz got up and stretched. His blue eyes had a hint of tiredness in them, most likely from the beer he had been drinking most of the day. Melissa nodded and watched him.
“Sleep it off….” She got up. “it sounds like a good idea anyway….I’m beat….you should get some rest as well Sousuke…it’s gonna be a long day tomorrow.” She messed up his hair as she walked by and went to the guest bedroom.

Sousuke walked to the window the moon light was coming in. He stared across the way to Kaname’s apartment. The lights were still on. He waited until Melissa shut the guest bedroom door. He then grabbed his jacket and made his way to the apartment door. Trying to avoid the squeaking it made he opened it carefully. Looking back towards the couch hoping he didn’t wake Kurz. He slipped out the door.

“Oof” -THUD-

Sousuke blinked and looked to the floor. “Kaname?” He blinked he helped her back up. “I’m sorry”
“No it’s not a problem really…I couldn’t sleep…and I knew you would still be awake…so I came over.” She smiled a little. “I wanna talk for a little bit like we usually do when this happens….” She looks up at him. Sousuke looks at her speechless and then just nods.
”I have some food back at my apartment...I was wondering if you wanted to come over.” She smiles a bit.
”I will go.” He says as he steps fully into the hall and shuts the door. Walking back over to her apartment with her.

“You seem down….are you ok Sousuke?” She stares at him confused. He sits down on her couch since she cleared a space for him to sit. He stares at the floor.
“Sousuke?” She sits down on the pillow next to him. “What’s wrong?”
He looks at her, the look in her brown eyes made him not want to say what he had to tell her. She looked so worried…
“I’m leaving Kaname” He said looking back down. She blinks.
”Oh one of those 2 week missions?” She smiles a little. “I’ll be ok”
Sousuke shakes his head.
”I…won’t be coming back this time…” He clenches the sleeve of his jacket in his fist.
Kaname stares at him like what he just said was a bunch of gibberish. She is in disbelief….No this couldn’t be happening. This day wasn’t supposed to come…

“Not…coming…back? But, when are you leaving?!” She stares at him actually on the verge of shedding some tears. After all they had been through she couldn’t remember what her life was like before him. As far as she was concerned she needed the serious sergeant there to survive.
“Tomorrow…at noon” He can’t look at her. He doesn’t want to see the look on her face. So he keeps looking at the green carpet under the coffee table.

“Sousuke…” She brings her hand up to the side of his face and moves her fingers under his chin pushing up so he looks up. Sousuke stares at her confused. He keeps an eye on her hands not used to this type of contact. She gets up and locks the apartment door. She then closes the shades and sits down on his lap facing him. Sousuke breaks out into a light sweat. She brings her hand to his face again and kisses him.

Sousuke tries to pull back at first he is actually a little jumpy about this.
”It’s ok Sousuke….this is good” She kisses him again. “Just mimic what I’m doing…”
She continues the kiss. Sousuke goes a little red in the face as she brings her arms around him. Code Red there is no escape! His heart is pounding faster than ever and his mind is everywhere. But he finally kisses her back. Kaname smiles,
“I knew there was a normal guy underneath all that training…” She pulls closer to him kissing him more and beginning a make out session. Very surprised that Sousuke is such a good kisser. She moves her hands up to the buttons on his shirt. He was still in the warm weather uniform for school which was worn under his graduation robe.
“Before you go…this is all I want…and have wanted…” She unbuttons his shirt and nips at his neck lightly. Sousuke bites his lip he can feel his erection start to take form. She pulls his shirt off and kisses him. She can’t believe he is letting her do this.

Sousuke kisses her. She kisses him back.
“I love you…and I want to prove it in a different way…than just saying it...and since we’re not going to see each other again….it could be some what of a parting gift from me to you…a thank you for all the work you’ve done for me…and thank you for making me happier than I have ever been….even though sometimes you thought you were just making me angry…after I thought back on it...those things were just silly and they make me laugh now…I’m glad I met you Sousuke….” She traces his chest muscles with her finger.
“Just trust me…and relax…” She brings his hands up to the buttons on her night shirt. She watches him. Sousuke blinks and cautiously opens the first button. He then goes for the rest. She slides the shirt off and kisses him. Sousuke can’t help but to look down. Her breasts are set nicely in a white bra with lace on the edges. This is so new to him. He doesn’t know what to do next. Kaname smiles at him noticing where his eyes are focused. She reaches behind her and undoes the clasp releasing them. Sousuke stares in amazement.
“Go ahead…explore me” She brings her arms around him lightly pushing her chest outwards towards him by bringing her shoulders back just a little. Sousuke brings his hands up cupping them lightly. Kaname gasps a little in surprise…his hands are softer to the touch than she thought. Sousuke pulls his hands away quickly hearing the gasp.
“It’s ok…I’m sorry” She takes his hands and puts them back. Sousuke blinks.
“So…soft” He runs his hands over her breasts and around to her back. She kisses him and starts to play with his belt. He blinks and brings his hand over hers. She looks at him, she was nervous about this part she figured he would stop her. Sousuke then brought his hands to the top of her pants…if it was going to happen he was making it even. She undid the button and pushed the zipper down. Starting a count down at three she pushed his pants down. He pushed hers down at the same time. He’s catching on…She thought…
“I never thought this would actually happen” She kisses him lightly. Trying hard not to stare he was even better looking in just boxers. She lays down over him. She can feel his throbbing erection against her thigh. She moans a little as she kisses him she begins rubbing up against him with gentle movements.

Sousuke blinks. He can’t believe how good it feels…he’s never felt anything like this before. Kaname kisses his neck and picks up the pace a little. He moans.
Kaname had no idea hearing him moan would make her want him even more. The fact that he was actually showing some positive emotion for her made her so happy she nearly glowed. Kaname stopped and sat up pushing his boxers down a little. Sousuke blinked but then remembered she wanted him to trust her.
She slowly slipped them off. Sousuke went red in the face to quite a degree. Now this would take getting used to. She brought his hands to hers. He nervously slid them down her thighs and off. She smiled at him and kissed him again. Moving over him she tightened her vaginal muscles and impaled herself on him. Sousuke clenched the couch pillow in his hand and moaned loudly. Kaname cringed it hurt ….badly. But she wanted him to enjoy himself. She stayed there for a few seconds before starting to move up and down pushing him in and out. She moaned loving every second of it. Sousuke closed his eyes he was in pure heaven. Sousuke went quiet.
“No baby keep moaning...” Kaname kisses him. Sousuke lets out another moan as he kisses her back. She picks up the pace moving up and down faster and harder at times.
Sousuke is being driven crazy. He can feel things tightening up.
“Kaname……I’m…..” He trails off into a loud moan, shooting his hot liquid deep into her walls. Which sends Kaname off, she thrusts hard down onto him and moans. But she doesn’t let that stop them she can tell very well that Sousuke isn’t done yet. She moves off of him and gently rolls herself under him.
Sousuke stares at her.
“Now you take control…do what makes you feel good….” She smiles a bit. Sousuke nods a little and enters her again. Kaname moans the different angle felt good. Sousuke thrust in and out hard and fast. He liked it rough. Kaname slid her tongue in his mouth meeting his and getting in a tongue tangled kiss she moaned. Her heart pounding she couldn’t believe the pleasure she was being given. The pressure she was feeling was making her reach the edge again. She could feel herself moving towards another orgasm quick and Sousuke’s quiet moans were turning her on even more.
“Faster!” She moaned. Sousuke picked up the pace, he was losing control. She put her arms around him pulling him closer.
“Come for me Sousuke” She kisses him.
“Just let it go” She kisses him again. Sousuke kissed her and gave her another load of his hot cum in response to her pleas. She felt his liquid dripping between her legs as well as a mixture of her own. She arches her back and moans loudly as she climaxed at the same time as him again. She caught her breath and opened her eyes and looked at him. She hugged him as she panted. Both were sweating and panting heavily.
“I love you Sousuke Sagara” She mumbles and nuzzles her face into his shoulder.
Sousuke blinked watching her he hugged her tighter.
“I…love… too Kaname…”

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