Reviews for Conquest Reversed

BY : Kyo-chan

  • From Sairin on March 02, 2008

    very good, I enjoyed every word XD
    I really love the atmosphere and setting

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  • From kallipso on January 28, 2008

    wow I love this ficcie. This is fantastic.

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  • From Gloria B on November 13, 2007

    Wow. *blinks* I mean, WOW.

    I've just recently stumbled into Death Note fandom, and dear god, this is the best fanfic I've read for it thus far. Really, my hat's off to you! I loved the way you portrayed L. Perfection! Loved it, loved it, loved it! Thank you for writing this and I'll be keeping a weather eye out for more!


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  • From shadowform on October 06, 2007

    I reviewed this story previously, but then I happened to stumble upon it a second time and recognized it right away; it left quite an impression. So I am now feeling a compelling need to review a second time.

    I believe that the reason I like this story so much is because, on the whole, it is an unusual situation in Death Note fanfiction, and one that is very appealing to me. I prefer the "Kira and L" stories above all others, where Light is aware of who he is and the two are constantly trying to outdo each other. This story also centers on L having outwitted Kira and dominating him, which in itself is a situation I'd like to see far more of (Light may ultimately be my favorite, but somehow it seems right, like he deserves to lose to L once in a while to even the score). More than that, I like that this focuses on Light's point of view - his own reactions to being defeated - because after all, how someone thinks and feels in such a situation when they're accustomed to manipulating others and winning all the time is what's most important, most interesting.

    It's true that L is quite OOC; aside from the obvious "sex with Kira" factor, he would certainly never release Kira upon capturing him, even if the process was ultimately a bit disappointing, and I can't quite picture him with that teasing and openly cocky attitude. He's not quite as analytical here as he would normally be, and certainly if he put any effort into it, he'd recognize Light by touching his body and hair and by his voice anytime he speaks. That bit did stand out to me some the second time around.

    But, as I mentioned in my last review, the dialogue is hot, quite extraordinarily so, and somehow I don't see how it could effectively be modified to suit L more appropriately without losing the factor that makes it so appealing to begin with (and replacing L with someone else isn't an option either, because the simple fact that it is L is necessary). Given those issues, you've done an outstanding job with this story, and three months later it is still my favorite one-shot in the entire fandom.

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  • From Riven Liether on August 27, 2007

    Wow. This was just excellent. A little OOC for L, but eloquently written all the same -- and fucking hot, lol. Great job.

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  • From Lluvia on July 17, 2007

    This is a masterpiece. --
    I don't have enough words. --
    Love it. REALLY love it.

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  • From shiva on July 12, 2007

    i love this story. you hardly find any when L is on top.

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  • From Fuzzy Eared on July 12, 2007

    Not entirely plausable but possible and completely hot.

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  • From Kill_me_Kiss_me on July 04, 2007

    Oooooo...very good! The whole mystery makes things hotter, ne? Hehee!

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  • From Vandervort on July 03, 2007

    OMG OMG OMG. I'm sorry, I swear that was the best fic I've ever read. In character and so, so, SO hot and...OMG I swear I'm gonna die, like, right now. Okay, I'm trying to calm down but urg, it's so good! Ahhhhh! Okay, wonderful writing for once thing. The characterization was flawless. I'm such a fan of Seme-L, and it's hard to keep them in character. L is a manipulative bastard (as is Light) and people need to write him like this more often!

    Okay, did I mention this was also hot? One of the best sex scene I've ever read. L was so...uh! To loose control. Gosh, I loved this. And Light was still all 'I hate you' and 'I want to beat you' the whole time, even when he finally gavce up. I would ADORE you if you would continue this as a story. Pretty please? I'm not sure if you're already planning on it, but if you aren't please do. Because I swear I'll review it every time. Because it's so good. Please?

    Anyway, I'm usually not this annoying and begging, but yeah. You're just that good. ^_~


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  • From shadowform on July 01, 2007

    Wow. That is incredibly good. I absolutely love the premise of the story, although it took me a few paragraphs to work out what was going on since the story actually started a little ways into the situation.

    I love the struggle for control, and it works so well in the Death Note fandom that I can't get enough of it. Incredibly hot as well - right down to L calling Light 'Kira-sama', and Light refusing to react to remarks on his identity, and L's dialogue in the middle of it all ("What you really wanted... what you needed"), and Light's answers.

    Yay! I love this story. I hope you continue to write for Death Note.

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  • From Amo-Chan on June 30, 2007

    Wow! I loved this. I love L as seme and you wrote this wonderfully.

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  • From KrystalChronicals on June 29, 2007

    good sotry

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  • From Sabaku_lotus on June 29, 2007

    best mind game LxL I read period (one shot wise!) dominate!L and the tension of raito's personality and reality. This was just too good for words.

    I actually....tired of LxL but I want to see more from ya...if it's death note or a series I know about

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  • From L.L. Crush on June 28, 2007

    Ooooh, very nice. I loved the whole "lose control" bit, very clever!

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