Conquest Reversed

BY : Kyo-chan
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Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Title:  Conquest Reversed

Author: Kyo-chan

Series:  Death Note

Genre:  NC-17 Yaoi

Notes:  I don't own them, I
haven't seen/read quite a lot from the series. 
But this popped into my head, and it's dedicated to Aionwatha, who will
probably appreciate this more than anyone. 
That is, if my un-beta'd writing doesn't totally suck. 

Word Count: 3,429


It seemed as if his heart was going to break free of him, it raced so
fast.  When had the tables turned? 
How had it come to this?  Light Yagami pulled at the handcuffs…his handcuffs, the act futile, for as
wiry and strong as he thought he was, there was no way out of them without
causing damage.  Golden eyes flickered a
dangerous crimson, he knew that the
Shinigami had to be close by.  Hell, that
bastard was probably laughing.  He
squinted, tried to focus, but as he'd already known, the room was such a deep
pitch black that the only thing reminding him of the presence at the foot of
the bed was the man's soft breath and the dip of the mattress near his
legs.  Light wanted to kick, to fight,
but if he knocked the infamous L out now, he would be discovered, questioned,
and they might find the Death Note.  He
couldn't let that happen, but at the same time, it put him at the detective's
mercy.  He hated it with a force that
burned in his heaving chest.


"Kira, I presume?" the voice from somewhere above him
asked.  Light couldn't tell what the tone
was – mocking?  Amused? 


Light yanked on the cuffs, saying nothing as he listened to his own
heart echoing madly in his skull and the cuffs resist against the
headboard.  Dammit.  He squeezed his eyes
shut, dark against dark now, and forced himself to calm down, though it was
rather difficult from where he was sprawled on the comfortable bed. 
wasn't supposed to be me


"Don't worry," L said, and this time, there was a childlike
cheer in his tone, as if he was going to make everything in the world
right.  Light forced himself not to
swallow and choke on his next breath, waiting for the axe to fall. 
"I'm not going to turn on a light."


The student's eyes snapped wide open when he felt movement shifting
over him, weight settling against his abdomen. 
It didn't help, he couldn't see whatever face L wore above him, but
something told him that he wouldn't like it. 
Much in the way he didn't like the rest of this precarious situation
he'd gotten himself into.  He could just
hear that demon snickering at his apparent complacency, his cocky ideas of
complete and utter conquest, control. 
How had he lost that control?


  The warmth against his skin
brought the rush of that very recent memory. 
It had all been part of the plan, his attraction to the only man that
could even remotely keep up with him. 
Not even Light's own father had caught the trail yet; L was the only
one, and it had pleased Light – pleased Kira – beyond belief. 
He would have that challenge, one more
victory, in a night that was as black as the deepest waters, where L wouldn't
see what hit him, would never know how to find him again.  But that kiss.  It was as if L had been expecting him, but
that was impossible, right?  Certainly,
the murders, tactics, strategy the detective could predict, but this was
something he could never have known.  And
yet, when their mouths had pressed together, when Light was ready to take him
down and keep him there until he was done, it was as if he'd lost all sense of
everything.  Heady, hot, and more than
willing to steal any assumptions of control, L had kissed him as if he'd known
what he was dealing with, destroying the fragile illusion that Light could ever
capture him.  The handcuffs had been
lost, Light had gone down to the pillows, and now…


L continued now that he was mere inches from the other boy's face,
almost sure of who his "attacker" was this night. 
His breath, a sweet-scented rush of chocolate
and mint, was against Light's cheek.  Too close! Light's mind screamed, even
though this was as close as he'd wanted to be only minutes ago.  "You see," L murmured in silken
tones, "this would be too easy.  I
wouldn't want the chase to end because you fell into my lap."  A chuckle, it was maddening to hear.  "I would rather hunt you like the equals
I know we are.  Therefore…"  Light felt a delicate hand run down one of
his restrained arms, and even through his shirt, it sent a shiver down his
spine.  "I'll give you what you came
for.  Probably more than what you


"You don't know what I want," Light finally growled.


"I think I know what you want better than you do," L argued,
and the shift above him felt like the shrug of shoulders Light knew were
slender, but strong.  Strong enough to
hold him down and cuff him just the way Light had intended to do to him. 
Light was forcing himself not to shake, with
anger, with the desire that had brought him here in the first place.  "People are so fascinating, don't you
think?"  There was wonder in his
voice, and the blonde knew what it was that made him such a brilliant
detective.  It had as much to do with
intuition and a burning love of unraveling humans as it did raw intelligence.  "You, Kira, have been the most
fascinating yet.  You are Kira, aren't
you?  You haven't answered, but that's an
answer itself, right?  Any time you talk,
any time I touch you, the risk gets higher that I could find you, spot you in a
crowd, know you in a room if you even uttered a word.  But you thought you'd have control over that,
didn't you?"  L was touching the
other arm now, both hands meeting at the centre of Light's chest,
lingering.  Another growl rose in his
throat, but he didn't speak again, waiting to see what L was getting at, and
instinctively knowing that he wasn't going to like it a single bit. 


Light stared up into the impenetrable darkness, his mind's eye
visualizing L's shadowed, glittering eyes above him. 
And perhaps it was a trick of his imagination
that he felt that gaze returned, as if they'd locked eyes even in the thickest
black.  His breathing quickened without
him noticing at first, and he wasn't sure if he was panicked or inwardly delighted.  His adversary was better than he could have
thought, better than anything.  And if he
really wouldn't turn on the light, reveal his identity, then what could
possibly happen?  The barest touches L
administered already whispered an idea that seemed impossible, but made Light
hungry for it without understanding why.


"You're so quiet," L noted with a hint of curiosity, and cool
fingertips touched Light's face.  His
first instinct was to jerk back, but there wasn't far to go, and L followed
regardless.  "That's unusual for
your profile, you know.  I'm willing to
bet that there is at least one being in this world that knows what you've done
and how you've done it.  You're going to
change the world, aren't you?  That's not
something that you can keep to yourself, so you must talk, because to hear your
own accomplishments makes them more real, takes you closer to God, yes? 
Of course. 
Kira, Kira the God of the New World is
in control."  Light had to lick his
dry lips just as L's fingertips were passing over them, a brush of
dampness.  The contact made L pause for a
single, breathless moment.  And then it
sounded like he was smiling. 
"You're in luck, Kira-sama."  Why did it feel so good to hear that?  "See, I have this idea." 


Light didn't want to hear it, didn't want to believe that it was his heart
racing so fast, his breath caught up with L's words. 
They were true,
dammit.  The blonde jerked hard against
the cuffs again, and even still, they resisted him, and he wanted to grab L,
shake him, throw him down.  His
frustration became an audible growl. 
Desire was his worst enemy now, crawling through him and not bothering
to hide its presence.  Especially not
when L's weight was comfortable against his pelvis, his hands never ceasing in
their explorations.  Deliberate
fingertips traced the features of his face, slid into his hair.  Another growl was subdued into something more
of a breathy sigh at that.  No. 
Focus.  And he did.  L touched him, L was moving, closer, thick
black hair tickled his cheek.  "God
is above all," that quiet, wondrous voice purred against Light's ear,
"seeing the world, passing judgment. 
He has control.  Omnipotent. 
What does God want when he can
have everything?"  What did every
human want when they had absolute control? 
L knew the answer.  "To lose control." 


The younger boy's entire body froze, and he thought he would stop
breathing before his heart exploded from his chest. 
Then, that kiss.  L's mouth was warm, soft but demanding at the
same time.  He wanted in, made his way
in, took his time in learning how to kiss Light and steal his breath.  Light felt his senses unraveling, and he
wanted to resist just as much as he wanted to give in.


"I'll take care of that for you," L said, a little winded
when the kiss broke.  A wet sound,
licking his lips.  He was pressed against
Light's body now, leaning his weight on his knees so that he didn't have to
hold himself up.  His hands could still
stroke hair like petting a cat, seek the buttons of Light's shirt. 
supposed to be me.
  "Not all of
your control, mind you.  There's still a
chase to be had, Kira-sama."  Stop saying that!  "But I do know what it is you can't even
admit to yourself.  Rest assured, I know
your greatness, your power over human
life.  And soon, you'll know that there
is a power over you, and it comes straight from your own mind.  Isn't that amazing?"  He laughed like a child that had discovered a
secret.  Light shuddered, but not out of
disgust.  Maybe fear.  Maybe arousal. 


L finally moved off of Light's hips, and the blonde couldn't tell if he
was disappointed, and for a heart-stopping moment, he thought that L would
leave him like this.  But no, those hands
were still working, position changed now so that both were making quick work of
opening his pristine, dress shirt.  This isn't happening. 
This can't be happening.  "You came
to me because I am a worthy opponent," L pointed out matter-of-factly as
the shirt came undone.  Cool touches,
mapping, exploring again with that deliberate care that was as maddening as it
was delicious.  "I've gotten close
to you, I've probably seen you, and having me would have been another notch in
your progression to higher power." 
Light wanted to tell him to shut up, to retort that it was L who had
illusions of omni potency with all the talking he was doing now, but some part
of him was drawn.  He wanted to know what his rival, his greatest enemy
in this game would say, what he would assume. 
"I'll find you, Kira-sama, but for now, I'll grant you what you
came here for.  In the way you want it
most."  He traced Light's nipples,
plucked them in his clever fingers.  His mouth.  Light choked back a sound.  It was needy. 
"And no matter what your deluded fantasy, this—"  A palm pressed
between his legs, a tongue flickered over his chest.  Hard. 
Light felt the rush of it like a sudden tide through his prone
body.  "—is how you really want
it.  I have control of you now,


Swimming, drowning, Light's mind raced, and not all of it was coherent
thought.  The cuffs pressed into his
wrist as he unconsciously strained to reach L, touch him, crush him close. 
Anything!  It was torture.  The sweetest he could imagine.  And he had imagined it so differently from
this.  L, damn him to hell, was right.


The fantasy didn't compare.


L continued to palm Light's rather apparent arousal through his pressed
dress slacks, listening to the catches in breath, the beginnings of choked back
moans.  He was done talking for the
moment, choosing actions to back himself up, his other hand still tracing over
Light's hot skin, seeking the lines and curves of his trim torso. 
Hungry.  And yet L still took his
time, meticulous as one set of clever fingers joined the others, unfastening
the trousers and instilling an almost panicked sound from Light.  The detective paused, listening as if he
might consider stopping if Light asked it, but even when the opportunity was
there, Light still didn't speak.  He
couldn't.  The blonde could have sworn he
heard the other boy chuckle.  Cool night
air and L's warm lips kissed his skin, the conflicting sensations sending
another shiver racing through him.  Losing it. 
No words, no warning, and Light's cock was enveloped in wet heat,
firm tongue sliding along the underside of his flesh.  The cry that followed the descent of L's
mouth over him came from his own throat, but he couldn't make himself care that
he was falling apart.  No control.  He couldn't stop his hips from moving,
thrusting up into L's mouth with another pleasured moan.  No
.  The detective's smaller,
stronger hands pressed firmly against Light's hips; he couldn't move!  "Aaaah!"  Every bit the enigmatic being he was, L
didn't miss a beat, even while Light struggled beneath him, pressed up in
hunger and need.  Light felt the other
boy start to suckle him harder, feeding off of the proof of his control, the
heady flavour that was the desire taut between them.  Going
to..!  No!  Can't stop…!


GONE!  Light's scream almost didn't sound human, a
mix of outrage and pleading as his flesh was left to the open air.  It pulsed, throbbed, an agony the blonde
couldn't fathom until this moment.  Above
him, L was panting, and it was a satisfying sound, even if Light wanted to
strangle him.


"So," the detective hummed as if he were an innocent boy with
his hand stuck in a cookie jar, "was I close, Kira-sama?" 
Crazy.  Driving me crazy!  "Did I live up to how
you thought it would feel?  The fantasy
in your head?"

"Bastard!" Light finally hissed, his sides heaving as he
tried to catch his breath, mind racing too hard for a coherent thought. 
He was out of his element, his control
shattered, and somehow it felt just as compelling and incredible as the power
of the Death Note.  If he could have been
frightened now, it might have scared him.


The light laughter bounced around him in the darkness, and then L's
presence seemed to vanish.  No! 
he wanted to scream, to protest being left like this. 
"I haven't gone far."  Rustling. 
L was searching for something. 
Panic.  The Death Note?  That was safely at home.  But then the detective was on the bed again,
near the bottom, and he was lifting Light's legs, pulling the pants away.  His heart raced, and he tossed his head back
and forth in a futile denial of this thing that he'd started.  But words never found freedom, because he
didn't want to stop.  Fabric whispered,
and for a moment, there was quiet, then a husky moan that felt like a caress of
silk over his skin.  Light almost moaned
himself, L's first sound of pleasure like a drug.  What
the hell…? 
His answer came when L
once more moved to shift his legs, holding them up and bent, out of the
way.  Light whimpered, made a sound that
betrayed all his acts of being calm, in control, shattering the illusion


"I have you now, Kira-sama," L said, sounding like a purring
cat, with just a trace of the lighter tones that made him seem younger and more
innocent than he really was.  Light felt
himself fall to the other, giving up his control as he felt something hot,
slick and smooth near his entrance.  Not supposed to.. 
The blonde's head went back into the many
pillows on L's bed as the other made his way inside.  Slow, deliberate, like all of his
movements.  Meant to explore as much as
savour, and there was no doubt in Light's mind that L was savouring this.  Another of those caressing moans had left the
dark-haired boy as Light's heated flesh sucked him in hungrily, filling
him.  He was losing his mind.


The moments that L held still while Light adjusted to being penetrated
were like torment.  The younger boy could
feel the other as if he'd reached to his very soul, found the soul of God and
ripped it open raw.  Could it be possible
that he really had wanted this?  No. 
But his body, his tumultuous, desirous thoughts told another story. 
He was enraptured, enflamed, unable to
resist.  Above him, L held his hips, but
not to restrain him, no.  He seemed to
want Light to move, to lose even more of himself.  The detective was trembling, he could feel
this heady need too, Light knew. 
Equals.  No, not at this moment,
not when he couldn't be the one in control, the one to hold him down and—


"Aaaah!"  Move. 
L was moving, long, deep strokes. 
Steady and firm.  Oh God..


"Amazing," the voice fluttered to him in the darkness.  It was no child that had him in thrall, no
matter how that husky voice sounded so silken and young.  "So good, Kira-sama."


"Yes," Light growled.


"What you really wanted…"




"What you needed."




And then L broke his world apart. 
The dark haired man hovered over him, moving to brace his hands on
either side of Light's head.  The angle
of his thrusts changed, pressing into the younger boy harder, deeper. 
He was going to lose it, his control, his
mind, his pleasure.  Light cried out, and
he couldn't stop himself, he didn't want to. 
"Kiss me!" he gasped, needing to feel that all-consuming mouth
on his, the lips that spoke blasphemous words that somehow made themselves
truth.  He hungered for it, and L was
more than happy to oblige, muffling those sounds and pleas with his raw, searching
kiss.  All the while, he kept them


"Lose control, Kira-sama. 
Give it to me," L thrummed as he bit playfully at Light's lower
lip, teasing and encouraging at once.  He
rewarded the blonde with another kiss as Light gave in, his hips pumping
against L's, taking what the other offered, each strike into his body making
him reel with pleasure.  Higher…higher! 
He whimpered against L's mouth when he knew it was too late to stop
himself.  "I feel you
shaking."  It was something to be
smug about to hear the breathless, pleasured tone to L's voice. 
His one consolation in an altered
reality.  "Do it.  C'mon, Kira-sama."


Light's throaty scream filled the room, made the air thick with his
pleasure.  He was bucking hard against
L's hands, warmth spilling between them as his walls gripped the other's cock
tightly.  With a soft little sound that
was a cross between a growl and purr, L took advantage of that constriction,
Light's helplessness, and pounded swiftly, deeply to take himself over. 
Light whimpered, a rush of heat inside, and a
breathy cry from above.


Minutes, hours may have passed, Light didn't know.  He only recognized his disappointment when
his connection with L had vanished, and he vaguely registered the sweep of a
towel over his abdomen, the careful hands putting his clothing back
together.  His senses finally showed
mercy on him, the fog lifting when L was undoing the cuffs. 


"Go home, little God," L's enigmatic kid's voice said from
somewhere in the room.  Somewhere, and
Light couldn't find him.  There was
something to his words.  You'll be back. 
"Consider this a draw, like all of our
other encounters.  I'll find you


Light didn't say a word, for once not a single clever retort or a hint
of smug pride.  He was too shaken,
needing the comfort of his own room, the Death Note clutched safely to his
chest.  He got up on shaky legs, left the
way he had snuck in, only a brief flash of light from the hallway of the hotel,
and somehow, he knew that L wasn't watching him depart, keeping his
promise.  When he had managed to get far
enough away, he raked a hand through his hair, eyes wide and wild.


be back.


What does God want when he
can have everything?


Light knew the answer.

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