Reviews for What If...

BY : x-Hitoshirezu-x

  • From ANON - tiffany on October 31, 2008

    I'm not sure what have you gone through or if you have any difficulity in life, but if you still care please update this... It's great, and makes a lot of people honestly curious what happens next... I hope the update will be soon... ^_^

    Hao is so manipulative while Lyserg is docile... Really fits both of them!

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  • From ShadowSlayer on July 30, 2008

    Ooo I like this. =^-^= Very well done and awwwwwsssooommmmeee Yaoi scene. *drools* Anyway, please continue. BTW just so you know It's Dresser not Dressure... I think that's how you'd spelt it. =P

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  • From ANON - TFG~ on April 24, 2008

    .__. XDD This was amazinggg, seriously. You have a talent for writing lemon & GASP! It's a story on AFF with an actual plotline! Not something that comes along very often. D: But this story has been left idle & un-updated for too really should, you know, update. >-> Hinthinthint. XDD I really do hope you post the next chapter soon though, I can't wait to read more & see what evil Hao's secretly planning like the fiend he is.

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  • From The-Yaoi-Mistress on September 16, 2007

    OMFG!! a new hao/lys fic. and its fabulous!!!! you have to update soon!! and i dont care how long it is, i promise that i will read and give a review in every chapter (long or short depence on the chapter) more lemon more lime, and more romantic stuff (romantic in a weard sense) XD

    see you

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  • From ANON - Anon on September 15, 2007



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  • From ANON - pokezejello on September 14, 2007

    aww i went to the bottom and theres no chap 3.boogers. poor poor lyserg, hao can be so evil and hot darnit.

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