What If...

BY : x-Hitoshirezu-x
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Disclaimer: I do not own Shaman King, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Title: What If...
Author: x-Hitoshirezu-x
Pairing: Hao x Lyserg
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Yaoi, death and somewhat mind-fuckery.
Pages: 1 1/4


Lyserg had done it. He'd found the key to Morphine's cage. It was in the one place that he hadn't thought to search: Big Ben. Upon discovering it, he smiled with glee. It was the crystal that his father used for dowsing. Nervously, he put the crystal to the "keyhole" on Morphine's cage, and in moments the pixie was free, and at the same time, had gotten a new master.

"Let's go home and tell mama and papa, Morphine!"

With his newfound partner in tow, Lyserg scurried his way back down Big Ben, taking off the moment his feet connected with the cement on the ground. His spirits were up, and his bright emerald eyes shone with pride, the smile bright as he giggled with Morphine.

"Mama! Papa! I found it!"

Lyserg threw open the door to his home to find the burning corpses of his parents, hearing his mothers final scream as the fire engulphed her completely. His eyes went wide, a scream of terror being released from him.

And there, in the middle of the fire was the cloak-wrapped figure who'd taken his parents away.

"Wh---who are you?! What have you done to my parents?!"

"They were stupid. If they had promised me that they would join me in the Shaman Fight in eight years, they would have been spared..."

The figure turned, beginning to walk away.

"Too bad. They wanted to stay out of it. They were---"

"HOLD ON! You're just gonna ignore me?!"

The figured looked back over his shoulder, the anger clear on his face as he looked back at Lyserg.

"You are too small..."

In moments the fire had engulphed the entire room, leaving Lyserg trapped. He screamed, the figure just watching him as he smiled, amusment clearly written upon his features. It wasn't until Lyserg finally passed out from all the smoke that the figure moved. He banished the flames, swooping down to scoop up Lyserg, carrying the male in his arms.

"You I may have some use for..."

Snapping his fingers, the figure summoned his spirit, climbing onto it's back. In mere seconds the home he'd just destroyed was out of sight, and a promising young shaman was in his arms.

Hao's raise to power was only just beginning.


A/N: Since the prologue is so short, I'm actually gonna start chapter 1 tonight. I plan for this to be a long stroy, and hopefully you readers out there will enjoy it. Leave your feedback~!

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