Reviews for The Game

BY : sailtheplains

  • From Neyanko-chan on April 03, 2009

    lol funny plot! i really liked it! to bad we don't get to see more!

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  • From InkHeart17 on May 20, 2008

    You're a genius. That is all.

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  • From Enslavement Thesis on April 14, 2008

    That was hilarious! Great idea.

    ...A CG Near scene could be fun.

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  • From Duomi on March 12, 2008

    Aaah! This is so cute! I'm trying to organize my thoughts here because they're still coming down from the story-high. So. I love your characterization of both of them! Mello's threats to him, Matt's personality and how he talks (I can see him making video game references in RL talk)... Perfect! I can see this happening, and was laughing at several points. This is so well-done... You also built up the tension between them beautifully, and Matt teasing Mello about the shower option and then the "definitely go for the belt" cracked me up as well. I loved this!

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  • From EllieF on January 29, 2008

    Hee, that was awesome. Funny *and* hot. :-)

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  • From Kaia-Chan on October 24, 2007

    O_O........omg........can i get a copy of that game??!!! Near way to be a perv XD...i loved XD

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  • From rubyred on October 19, 2007

    *fans slef* sexy and very difrent i've read this at least twice and it just gets better!

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  • From KaidaChan on October 14, 2007

    XD I totally loved it! Wow, Near is such a pervert!

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  • From GreatestHits on October 14, 2007

    This fanfic was so, so funny! I was laughing all the way through, and then the smex was ultra hot... I couldn't have been more pleased. Oh, and I think the concept for this fanfic is super impressive too! It's such a fresh and fun idea to have Near make a game and Matt and Mello play it, and you're the only one who would've ever thought of that. Very cool. Keep writing!

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