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“Check it out,” Matt called. He waved an arm. “I got a package today. I like getting packages.”

Mello was sitting at a rickety table with chipped white paint in the grimy kitchen area of their apartment. He tapped his page of notes with his pen and ran his hand through his bangs. He leaned back to retie his ponytail. “Well, it’s not a fucking bomb is it?”

“How would I know just by looking at it? Modern bombs don’t tick.”

Mello rolled his eyes, one hand going back to his pen, the other to the bar of chocolate sitting next to him.

“Holy shit!”

Mello jumped. “Would you fucking--!”

“It’s a video game!” Looking elated, Matt stuck his cigarette in the nearest ashtray and turned on the television. He’d hooked up his portable to feed directly into it. He went back to unwrap the game—

“Have you even looked at the return address, moron? Where did it come from? You sound surprised. You didn’t buy it, right?”

Matt paused. “Oh, yeah…this is one of those common sense moments that I sometimes miss.”

“Apparently,” said Mello, his tone was dry. “Check the package.”

“Oh, shut up. You screw up when it comes to chocolate.” For a moment, Matt paused and ran his fingers through his hair, pretending he was Mello and the packaging was his chocolate. “I wish I knew how to quit you! I—“

“Would you just check the package?! I’m gonna blow your fucking head off!”

Matt laughed and shook trying to contain it, and finally did so and then he paused. “No return address. Nothing. Just “Matt” and this address.

Mello got up, fingertips ghosting over his gun. “How’s the weight?”

“Fine. Just like any normal game. Except there’s no front slip on the CD case to tell you the name.”

“So how’d you know it was a game?”


“Let’s see if you’re right. Open the casing.”


“You want me to—“

“Would you chill?” Matt put down everything but the casing and stood up.

He opened it.

Nothing happened.

Matt winked an eye at it and then took a look inside. “No. Look. A CD. It’s a game. Oh, hey, here’s—“ He stopped cold.

Mello tensed, touching his gun again. “What?”

“You’ve gotta be shitting me.”

“What?” Mello asked again.

Matt took out a little booklet. It was black except for the white lettering in the middle, which read “SPK”. (Underneath those three large letters, small text read: “It’s Your Own Mystery!”) He held it by the corner and looked at Mello.

“What the fuck?” Mello snatched it and opened it. He blinked.

The inside had some delicate cursive writing: Dear Mello

Matt scowled. “So he knows you’re here and he knows I’m with you—why else would he send a game, after all?”

“It’s only in game format? You’re sure?”

“Yeah. Can tell just by lookin’ at the back. And he did put my name on the package. You suppose he’s jabbing at you or something?”

“Little bastard.” Mello was staring at the booklet with the upmost of loathing on his face.

Matt sat down on the couch. “Well, let’s play it.”

Mello did a double-take. “What?”

“Let’s play it. He obviously wants you to see it. It might be fun.”

Mello cocked an eyebrow. “Near made it, Matt.”

Matt laughed. “True. Okay. But, hey, y’never know, right?”

“Yeah. Sure.” But Mello warily sat down next to Matt on the couch, watching his fingers move nimbly and pressing the power button.

Matt pulled his glasses down so he could see and put his feet up on the coffee table.

There was an opening computer animation of Near, standing in the window at Wammy’s House. It whisked over the other residents until it seemed to run all over and finally found Matt and Mello. The CG Mello was lounging on a couch. They were definitely not being portrayed as their childhood selves. CG Mello was wearing a rough overview of leather almost matching his real clothes. CG Matt was sitting at the end of the couch, smoking his cigarette, with his portable in his hands. Now on CG Matt compared to real Matt, the clothes were completely wrong, just blue jeans and a red t-shirt and a few of his features were just slightly off, only noticeable to someone who had known Matt a long time—like Mello.

“He knows you’re here but he hasn’t visually confirmed it.” Mello glared. “What the fuck does he want outta this?”

Matt shrugged. “Dunno. Leather isn’t nearly shiny enough though.” He laughed and ducked a swipe from Mello. “Oh hey, look.” A little white arrow was bouncing back and forth between CG Matt and Mello. “We can choose who we want to play as.”


“Bullshit. I’ve got the controller.”

“If it’s meant for—“

“Sorry Mario, your princess is in another castle. Besides, I’ll bet it won’t matter who we play as. The message he wants you or both of us to get is probably in both roles.”

“Fine, we’ll play with you. Whatever.”

Matt snorted.

Mello turned a slow glare on him. “What are you, twelve?”

Matt started to laugh. “I’m just excited about the—!“

“Just start the damn game!”

Matt stared at the television, biting his lip. “All right. All right. We’ll do you next time.” He could almost hear Mello’s jaw lock, although he did wince when the barrel of Mello’s gun met his temple.

“Knock it the fuck off.”

“Yeah, yeah, your mom. Calm down. Get your chocolate.”

So they began.

It was surprisingly well-done, Matt had to admit. Very well done. He could even make-out the fine crease-lines in his CG self’s shirt and the ever-swirling smoking from his cigarette.

It was morning via game and Matt had a wide list of areas and a long list of people he could visit. He looked at Mello, chuckling. “Well, who should I visit?”

“Jesus Christ, what the fuck is he thinking?! Look at the names!”

Matt read closer. “Holy shit—what the fuck would have happened if it accidently got sent somewhere else. Everyone’s in here. Kira, L, Watari, Linda, Rod, Near himself, Roger…”

“Go visit me.”

“Yes, your majesty. He better thank god this didn’t get lost.”

Matt clicked on Mello’s name and he was taking a CG walk through Wammy’s House. The animation was smooth and life-like.

“He got the details dead-on…it’s just like walking back in there…it’s kinda eerie.” But then Matt burst out laughing. Mello’s door had a nameplate on it that someone had scratched out and written ‘DIVA’ on in black marker.

Mello growled. “That little fucker.”

In Mello’s room there was a litter of a lot of the same equipment that was in the apartment but another door opened and Matt reeled back from the tv, laughing again. “Damn, Near—that’s a bit risqué, don’t you think?! Hahaha!” He could feel the tension in the room increasing. “I didn’t think he’d think to animate you in the shower.”

“What the fuck is up with him?”

CG Mello turned around and started yelling at CG Matt and Matt backed out, laughing (although CG Matt was given three other options to pick from in regards to his actions, which were: 1. Talk About Near 2. Talk About Kira and 3. Get in the Shower [[the last was obviously ‘Leave’]])

“This game rules.”

“Shut up!” Mello glowered and then paused. “He wouldn’t have really been that sick, would he? To animate us in the shower together?”

Matt shrugged. “Guess we’ll have to play again sometime to find out. I wonder if he knows about my tattoo?”

“You have a tattoo?”

“No. That was a joke.”

“That’s kind of creative for him, I suppose. I wasn’t sure he even knew about that sort of stuff.”

“Maybe his team told him. I’m sure the SPK throws some wild private parties. And there is only the one woman.”

Mello gave him a look.

Matt grinned and the game continued. Apparently going to see Mello first was a good thing because they both said they were glad that they didn’t have to hunt for the other. They had important things to do.

“Yeah,” Matt muttered, “like get in the shower together.”

Their CG selves discovered on their journey that for each person they went to see they’d have very realistic conversation (except for with Kira, who was wearing a mask, because, while it was realistic in that CG Mello and Matt immediately tried to kill him, Kira waved the Death Note around and said he didn’t have time to be talk to them and left) but no one told them, anything. Either the conversation ended, they made an excuse to leave or they said they couldn’t answer any questions.

“This concept sucks,” Mello said, scowling. “We obviously have to go see Near.”

“Well, hopefully he won’t be in the shower too. If he spent time animating us in the shower I’m not sure I wanna see any side fetishes.”

“No, he’s just got a giant Transformer in the tub.”

“Now that I really don’t wanna think about. It’s a mental image I didn’t need.”

As expected, they got quite a bit more out of CG Near.

“Not exactly original. We have to find something. God forbid he just hand over the information. Because of your damn rivalry we’re gonna have to fight him for everything.”

“Go see L.”

“Nope, first things first,” and Matt started over talking to people they’d already spoken with.

“What are you doing?”

“One of the primary rules of role-playing. Always make sure to talk to people more than once, especially if a major event or piece of information is revealed in the area. Some of these people will have no change at all. Soichiro Yagami is still rattling on about the Death Note.” He made himself go talk to Roger.

“It’s nice to see you’ve come back for a visit,” the text popped up at the bottom of the screen, “but I don’t have it anymore. I’m not certain whatever happened to it. Right after you left, Mello, it disappeared.”

“Bingo,” Matt said, nodding at the tv, “people will start saying different stuff. Ah, hey…we can go talk to…er…visit the Death Note?” Matt clicked on it. The screen went black and suddenly pages were whipping passed the screen and stopped.

“Mihael…” Matt muttered at the writing on the page. He glanced at Mello but Mello was sitting up straight, a hiss inbetween his teeth.

“What is it?”

“The photograph. He knows where my photograph is.”

Matt looked at him, lost.

“There’s one photograph left of me. It was at Wammy’s House. It’s gone. Near knows who has it.”

Matt clicked away and went back to Kira. The mask smiled and held up the book. “When I find you, you’re dead.”

“This is sick,” Matt scowled. “Nice of him to remind you of your impending doom.”

Both of them were quiet for a moment. Matt looked over at him, somber. Mello looked back. Matt tried a smile. “We should have stuck with the shower.”

Mello laughed.

“Still,” Matt said, quiet, face dark, “this wasn’t necessary. He can be all in on toys but I wouldn’t even do something like this.”

“Just goes to show. He may still wear pajamas but he’s still a bastard. Granted, he’s only doing this because it’s me and he would not likely ever outright hand me information.”

Matt scrolled the list of people they could visit. “You know…this is retarded. You realize who the most likely person is, right?”

Mello nodded and he looked entirely pissed off about it. “Near.”

Matt glared and hit the restart on the game but instead of it coming up with the first screen, it went black and little white letters appeared again:

Ending; The First: As Expected

“Well, at least he figured we’d pick it up on the first try. He shouldn’t try to make video games. He sucks. I wonder what the other endings are.”

Mello rolled his eyes. “Your curiosity is killing you, isn’t it?”

Matt snickered.

Mello waved him on.

Matt restarted again and went back to Mello’s room, this time he picked option three. “Let’s see if he seriously did it.”

Matt hadn’t actually expected anything. He could feel the inner tension of his friend next to him and so put his hand on his shoulder but when the scene went on by itself, Matt froze. He dropped the portable, his fingers tightening in Mello’s flesh. Mello’s mouth dropped open and his candy bar fell onto the carpet.

CG Matt laughed at Mello’s yelling and jumped in the shower with him.

“Get out, Matt!”

“Oh, what? We slept in the same bed when we were kids.”

“And that was, like, twelve years ago. We were seven.”

Matt grinned. The two of them stood, quiet, in the shower. Matt’s clothes and hair were soaked. Mello started to laugh and looked away and looked back. “It’s been awhile.”

“We don’t have a lot of free time. We had to come back here to find out information but we can always take a break.” Matt looked down and started to casually remove his gloves.

“You idiot.” Mello grabbed onto Matt’s shirt and tugged him closer, pulling it up and looking a little annoyed.

On the outside, real Matt said, “Y’know, it’s spooky that he’s done this so life like. He even got your abs right.”

“Spooky isn’t the word.” But neither of them looked away, seeming morbidly fascinated.

Game Matt got out of t-shirt and tossed it on the floor. He and Mello both seemed to hesitate a moment and then stepped at the same time. Matt took off his glasses and dropped them over the side on his wet shirt and put a hand on Mello’s throat. The other moved closer, running a hand up Matt’s chest, grabbing a nipple between his fingers and twisting—hard at first, and then gentling. Matt bit back a sound and ducked down, nipping at Mello’s throat, moving up to his ear. He appeared to be whispering in it.

Mello leaned back, "You can stop chatting me up like a cheap one night stand, Matt."

The real Matt howled with laughter at that. He looked at Mello, getting into his personal space. “Do I really talk you up like a one night stand?”

“Shut up.”

“Yeah! We’re trying to watch the porn!”

Shut up!

“I would never,” Matt retorted, looking affronted. “And even if I did, you know you’d like it.” He slid his hand down Mello’s slick side.

“Tch,” but Mello didn’t move

A little box popped up on the screen. Matt picked up the controller. “Okay, you can either ‘play with my hair’ or ‘go for the belt’. He glanced at Mello and started laughing. “Definitely ‘go for the belt’.”

“Why the fuck would I do that?”

“Why the fuck would you do something girly like play with my hair?”

Mello scowled but he sat back against the couch, looking at the back of Matt’s head, then at the screen. Something about this….

He watched himself glare and go for Matt’s belt, yanking him closer. “You fucker.” But Mello gave him that mad half-grin, keeping focused in on his eyes and not letting go. He jerked hard on the belt and drug it off. “Why the hell are you wearing those damn boots?”

Mello didn’t give Matt a real chance to answer. He knelt. Matt scratched his temple, watching the water bead off of his shoulders. Mello untied the boots and Matt had to grab onto the tile so he wouldn’t fall when Mello pulled at them. Matt almost pulled back, thinking Mello was going to stand...and he almost did.

Then he paused on his knees and smirked, popping the clasp of Matt’s jeans and downing the zipper. Matt started to tense visible as Mello ghosted slick, hot fingers over hard muscle, dipping into his jeans and—

On the couch, Matt swallowed and shifted awkwardly. Ho’….shit….

He saw Mello’s boots shift. Now, Mello was either active or he was still. He did not fidget... Dude…

Matt wiped his forehead and put his elbows on his knees, watching and trying not to watch as the CG Mello gave his computer self what looked to be an extremely thorough…

He swallowed again. Christ, is it hot in here? He opened his vest and leaned forward a little more, praying Mello would not lean forward and see him because he’d never live it down. He reached down, intending to just readjust but his fingers got clumsy along the way and he was gently stroking over his pants.


Matt jerked and jumped, instantly straightening and looking at Mello. “What?!”

Mello scratched his ponytail; he looked slightly uncomfortable. He nodded at the screen.

Matt glanced at it. CG Mello was licking now, sucking, and swallowing around him and CG Matt groaned. He glanced back. “What about it?”

“You…think it’s hot, don’t you?”

“Who the fuck said that?”

“Because you don’t get that intense unless you’re playing one of your games or you’re getting ready for a job. When you get tense you get really focused.”

“Well, what do you think?”

Mello raised his eyebrows a little to himself. “I have to admit. For Near, it’s very creative.”

Matt glanced down. Mello caught that and whacked him upside the head. “Something is fucked up about that. Don’t fucking stare.”

“Well, at least we’re both on the same page.” He leaned back against the couch with Mello, taking off his vest.

Mello shifted again, watching himself remove Matt’s pants and take him down to the floor of the bathtub. “Damn,” he muttered. He glanced over. Matt was watching again, chewing on his lip. He glanced over at the same time and did a double-take. He looked away, face getting hot. His leg was starting to twitch compulsively. Mello kept watching him, suddenly studying the curve of his jaw, his mop of hair and his fingers, idly drumming into his knee.

He glanced at the screen…and swallowed. CG Matt was arching into his CG self, breathing hard...fingers digging into his shoulders...

He looked back at the real Matt, who was drawing a hand across his forehead. Matt looked over at him, seeming to feel his eyes, swallowed, licked his lips and tried a smile.

They studied each other. For some reason, Mello felt the tension in the room increase. Matt’s eyes flickered around a little, as if nervous, then back at Mello’s.

Mello wasn’t sure who exactly moved first, just that they got closer somehow until their noses were about an inch apart. They moved again, almost at the same time and Matt leaned in, hesitated for a moment and then put his mouth on Mello’s.

Mello made a small sound in the back of his throat but then pressed in. He took a harsh breath through his nose and arched his shoulders, opening his mouth against Matt’s, taking a breath and renewing the kiss. He felt Matt’s fingers suddenly grip into his upper arm. Heat seemed to flash through him at that and he pushed forward, shoving Matt back.

Matt felt his hand slip on the couch and down he went. Mello crawled over him, his mouth hungry against his own. Matt raised a knee, pushing between Mello’s legs, the leather hot around his thigh. Mello gave a choked sort of sound and pressed down, arching slightly. His hands moved down, gliding under Matt’s shirt and shoving up on it. Matt took a shaky breath and leaned up, taking it off. The temperature skyrocketed through the room. He put his arms around Mello’s back to work his gloves off, hissing between his teeth as the blond ghosted his fingers over his chest. Matt retaliated by going for Mello’s throat, sucking at the softer skin and flicking his tongue up under his ear.

Mello felt Matt breath in his ear and his whole body twitched. His eyes were closed and even though he knew they were Matt’s hands, they still felt almost disjointed, working at the zipper of his shirt and eagerly thrusting it off his shoulders. Mello paused and tore it off, throwing it on the ground. He went for Matt’s belt, jerked it off and unbuttoned his pants.

“See,” Matt suddenly said, breathless, “I told you you’d go for the belt.”

Mello panted slightly. “Shut up. Get your fucking boots off or I’ll cut the goddamn laces.”

Matt’s breath hitched. He pulled his legs out from under Mello, putting a leg on the outside of his hips. He leaned up. Mello, on his knees, grabbed his shoulders and jerked him up farther. Matt kissed down his side, reaching around Mello and undoing the laces until he could kick off the boots. Mello hissed faintly and Matt shoved him back, slithering on top of him, sucking on his collarbone. Mello moved his hand, cupping Matt’s heated hip and moving down between his legs. He heard the faint growl in the back of Matt’s throat. Mello grabbed his length in his hand. Matt hissed and stiffened above him, biting into his skin.

Matt felt Mello shoving down at his pants and shorts with his other hand. Matt licked his lips, smoothing his palms down to the laces of Mello’s pants, untying them quickly, urgently shoving at them. Almost at the same time, they leaned away from each other. Mello took off his own boots and they both pushed the rest of their clothes off. They didn’t bother to stop and consider their actions. They just pressed together again, heated skin meshing and rubbing together.

Mello could feel the heat of stiff flesh in his hand, seeping slightly. He rubbed his thumb against the sensitive underside and took some kind of pleasure in the faint moan from Matt. The guy seemed unable to really control himself, pressing into Mello’s hand faster and faster. His breathing was guttural and harsh, tearing out of him until he gave a low groan and Mello’s hand was suddenly hot and slick.

"Ah...shit..." Matt whispered. "Son of a bitch..." He opened his eyes half-way and looked at Mello.

Mello was looking back with hungry, wide eyes. Suddenly, he smiled. "So. One night stand, was it?" He put a hand on Matt's chest, pushing him into the couch and leaned down.

Matt realized what Mello was going to do about two seconds before it happened. "Oi--wa--!"

Too late, Mello took an experimental lick, pulled a face and then continued. Part of him wondered, for a moment, where Near would have gotten the experience to animate something like this. He could hear their CG selves, glancing over confirmed that they had switched places and Matt was sucking Mello off...and then he completely forgot about Near.

Mello looked at Matt, who was twitching and whimpering and grinned again. He licked faster, taking his length in his fingers, rubbing lightly. He flicked his tongue against the head and then wrapped his mouth around him.

He heard Matt make a choked sound, trying to keep quiet. Mello bobbed his head, sucking and rubbing with his tongue. He swallowed around him and suddenly, Matt jerked and Mello's mouth was filled with heat. He swallowed fast and hard, blinking a bit.

Matt didn’t stop. He surged up, seeming unable to just watch any longer. Matt shoved him down. He hardly thought about it, moving Mello’s legs to the side, kissing his inner thigh and moving over him. Mello’s face was flushed, his eyes barely open until Matt grabbed his length in his hand. His erection was throbbing, aching and Mello’s eyes popped open for just a moment. Breathing hard, bypassing uncertainty and panting, a sheen of sweat on his brow; Matt pushed Mello’s legs further apart. One of his hands crept down, slick, and pressed into Mello's entrance.

Mello gasped and jerked. “Matt!”

But Matt ignored him. He wiggled his finger into him, deeper and deeper, was careful about a second. Mello was groaning and looked to be in pain...until...Matt touched something and Mello suddenly froze...some strange instinct told Matt that that was what he needed. He pulled his fingers out, grabbed his own cock--stiff all over again and pushed into him.

"Ah--dammit--!" Matt’s eyes unfocused, suddenly enveloped in tight heat.

Mello jerked. “Jesus fuck! Have you ever done this before?!”

Matt’s breathing was shaky. “No…” He grabbed tighter onto Mello and continued. He caressed and tugged a little and then firmed his touch, rubbing. Mello breathed hard, started moving in time to his hand and grunted. Matt started to push, thrusting into him, slowly at first and then speeding up, more urgent. Mello gritted his teeth at first, groaning, muscles in his legs bunching up but then Matt hit that particular spot inside of him…

He moaned, he couldn’t help it; the friction was delicious, slick and hot. A flurry of need seemed to overtake them both. Mello dug his fingernails into Matt’s shoulders, no doubt leaving marks, maybe even drawing blood but it didn’t matter. He could feel the heat radiating off of him, his skin slick and his red hair damp with sweat. He moved faster.

Damn, it felt good.

Faster and faster they moved, until Matt stiffened and jerked above him. A few stokes later, a few move thrusts against Matt and Mello followed him and then he fell back, limp, against the couch. Matt, breathing ragged, pulled out with a faint gasp and collapsed on him.

They were both breathing hard.

“Holy shit,” Matt muttered. “Near’s a perverted prick.”

“Who knew,” Mello muttered back, a slight laugh in his tone.

It took quite a few minutes for them to get their breath back, skin gradually cooling off as they lay on the couch, not bothering to move.

Finally, Matt leaned up, sitting back on the couch. He grabbed Mello’s hand and pulled him up, with his free hand he raked his hair back. Mello’s ponytail was a mess and he reached behind him to fix it.

They stared at each other for a long moment.

Matt finally broke the eye contact to glance at the screen. “Hey,” he said, laughing a little, “looks like they’re done too.”

Their CG selves were still lying on the bottom of the shower though, Mello on top. A little box had popped up with options for what they could do next.

“He got the topping part wrong though.”

“Oh, shut the fuck up.”

Matt chuckled. “Does that mean next time you’ll top?”

Mello paused. “You think this might happen again.”

Matt shrugged. “I’m open-minded. I’ll try anything once…maybe more than once.”

“Don’t tempt me, asshole.”

Matt raised his eyebrows. “Really?”

Mello grabbed his shoulders and shoved at him. “Really.”

Matt fell on his back and he felt Mello fall gracelessly on top of him. He breathed in his ear as Mello started in on his throat. “You always gotta take a challenge. There had better not be some fucked up Near scenario with either of us.”

“If there is I’ll kill him when I go see him.”

“Fair enough,” Matt said, quieter now, breathing picking up and arching into him. “His games suck as it is.”

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