Reviews for Tricks

BY : BaronessFrostbite

  • From InkHeart17 on August 06, 2008

    You wrote this pairing with all the intelligence and subtle nuaces it possesses. It's really an underloved pairing considering it's the most canon of the show. I adore you for writing this. Twas very good!

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  • From HotnSpicyfox on February 24, 2008

    Now that most certainly needs a few more reviews. The writing is poetic and fluid, perfect for the pairing.

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  • From EroPrincess on February 21, 2008

    This is already the BEST Light/Misa story I've ever read, and it's only the first chapter!!! There's nothing to critique. It was spendid, well-written and very much in character. There were so many "quotables" in this chapter that I can't even BEGIN to recite them all. But I have to say the last line at the end of the chapter was completely accurate, and SO very Light!!!

    I DO hope you continue, and I'm upset that no one else has rated/reviewed your story!!! (My guess it's because it's a heterosexual fic featuring Light/Misa, and most DN fans HATE Misa and are Light/L fans.)

    Plus the fact that you uploaded this story on my birthday makes it even more great in my eyes!!!

    Please DO continue!!!

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