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Author notes: First of all, I wish to thank you. Using a little of your time to read this is enough to make me happy. So... *bows down* Thanks.
This is my first attempt at writing fanfiction; also, English is not my native language. I will therefore gladly accept constructive critique. I'm here to learn. ^__^
Sexual intercourse will probably be involved in the next chapter of this story. Please don't expect your average romantic love story; we all know that Misa and Light's relationship is way more complicated than that... ;)

But enough with this; you're here to read a story. So... enjoy!


The young woman pouted; all of her disappointment could be seen in a single glance, unmistakably displayed on her tensed features, her sad eyes, her unseemly – and still somewhat likeable – posture. So truthful, she wore her heart on her sleeve even when she was acting, and there it was; the reason number two not to let Misa act on her own. Number one obviously being her – how could one call it without being harsh? – naïveté. Light restrained himself from groaning in reaction at the small, unnerving nuisance standing at his side as his fingers were typing fast on the keyboard.

No distractions were allowed, never. Nothing was as dangerous as a weakness, especially while one had such cunning enemies in his way to keep him far from his final goal and threaten him in every possible way. And when the weakness not only had a name, but was also glaring in the highest demonstration of her childish rage, things felt even heavier, while frustration threatened to take over his body to force him to an healthy, relieving outburst. He turned slightly on his chair, a brow arched in what looked like puzzlement, still holding his composure in the same nonchalant manner that had marked his victory upon L. Amane made a living as an actress; Light had brought this statement to a whole new level.

“Is there anything wrong… Misa?” The hesitation in his voice when he had to call the woman by her name was now almost inaudible, overthrown by the mechanical scheme that had taken the place of his natural reflexes, and the woman's pout fade slightly away, just to be replaced with a saddened grimace, her fists still firm on her frail hips. Less than a second passed, in which she stared at him, considering possibilities the other didn’t find worth wondering about, and then lips moved to let out words. “You didn’t even look at me. You never look at Misa-Misa!” He had to expect that whining reply. As he sighed inwardly, Light’s eyes narrowed, while his mind fast worked on a suitable answer, something that could make her calm down. There were also moments in which he had to reward his minions; after all, didn’t he need her being contented with helping him? Sometimes just his presence and the promise of a different future weren’t enough. People needed proof to believe in a God; and so he a proof he offered, his small, little miracles, conjuring tricks he played now and them to make his audience applaud in awe, and then turn back to their activities, rejoicing and satisfied.

And what Amane needed now was nothing less than a proof. His eyes wandered over her body, registering any information they could, with no more interest than it could be useful to hold. High heels. Short skirt. All of those small changes a girl could put in her attire to impress the person they loved. His eyes flew back to her face, and he could spot the small change… that brief, sudden tension on her lips, uncertainness. She was in his hands, his clay puppet, ready to fall for the trick. Less than an hour, and everything could go back to normality, her eyes would’ve proved once again a powerful asset. The show could start.

That slow, apologetic smile had always worked. He took her hand in his own, and gestured her to sit on his lap, shutting at the same time the laptop down. Luckily for her, no advancement worth saving had been made, and as she sat on his lap sheepishly, he could feel that she had already fallen. Further effort wouldn’t have been needed. 'Just follow the standard procedure, and she will be your obedient doll again.' A miracle was all it took for most of the simple followers to believe again.


No matter what, every time he looked at her that way, she could never take her eyes off him. A strange nervousness took over her body, and she found herself nodding at his words, speechless, accepting everything that came from his mouth as sacred and unquestionable.

“I’m so sorry, Misa…” He whispered, and she tensed slightly hearing her name. His voice was carrying her name. It was weirdly breathtaking. “… you know how much happier I’d be if we could simply be together, as normal couples do. But things are…” And now he paused. She bit on her lips, although she knew perfectly what he was about to say. “… different.”

Misa nodded, finally lowering her head to look away, playing with the lace borders of her skirt, as she sank in his embrace, nuzzling him as a child would do. Light was so much more mature. So perfect that every time she looked at him she felt… ache. In her eyes, he was the only deity she would’ve ever worshipped, the only being worth adoring. Now she started to feel more childish, more… dumb. Why did she have to whine and protest every time, every day? There was their dream awaiting for them, a world in which he would’ve been the God, and she, goddess, by his side. As a normal wife. As a lover. His beloved angel, herald and pawn.

And after all… wasn’t it beautiful to do what he wanted her to? Wasn’t it incredibly satisfying when she could see his smile – twisted by the circumstances, but still so beautiful and worth dying for? Her knight in shining armour, and now her only reason for keeping living. She smiled, enveloped in his warmth, listening to his words carefully as if listening to the most beautiful story. “… things are getting so much more dangerous. You know how much I love you, but sometimes… sometimes…” A sigh could be heard, distant but clear. “… the world keeps my eyes away from you. Although you’re the most precious thing I possess.”

Now she could feel her heartbeat increasing. The way he spoke to her made her feel loved, complete. She could sense it, his voice had gotten weaker, and his embrace had tightened slightly. “You know I’m doing this so that both of us can be happy, Misa.” He concluded, his fingers tilting her chin gently so that he could place a soft kiss on her lips. That wasn’t lust… it was love. She could sense a passionate sacredness, similar to what someone would’ve probably felt kneeling down the altar in a church, and receiving the body of Christ. In Light’s kiss she could sense a beautiful promise of being together… of being one thing with him. And so she turned down, laced her arms around his neck, kissed back with the shy reluctance of those who are afraid to profane a work of art with their dirty hands. Her body trembled slightly, strength threatening to abandon her now that she could touch the matter of her dreams.


She was reacting just as she was supposed to. He deepened slightly the kiss, and decided that he could afford some simple relief. Both of them needed it, in different ways, after all. A God had to keep its followers happy… right?

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