Reviews for Want it. Take it. Love it. Keep it.

BY : hnm

  • From hnm on November 12, 2008

    greatesthits...Run rabbitt run...

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  • From GreatestHits on November 10, 2008

    Hmmm. Overall, good. Well-written, with interesting insight into the characters' minds, and it was entertaining enough to read all the way through. But I have to say, I think the story started going downhill, and it made me more fond of MelloxMatt than LxMello or MattxNear. Absolutely loved the beginning. Skeptical when Matt and Near kissed and L and Mello's relationship was accepted by everyone. Literally gagged when L proposed to Mello. If Mello gets pregnant, too, I am so out of here...

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  • From Gaburieru on October 11, 2008

    OMJEEZ MELLO PREGNANT? LOL!It sounds fun! I vote....YES!!!!

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  • From chelzi on October 09, 2008

    ...well. um, i've always been a fan of mpreg, but...i really like this story as more 'real'. for mello-chan to get preggers... it would be adorably cute, no doubt, but... unless there was a really /really/ /REALLY/ good explanation, i'd probably rather he not.'s your fic. if you think you want it, don't hold back. kay? i'll read it no matter what!~

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  • From Evermist on October 09, 2008

    Ooh...Mello preggers? *grin* M-preg is always a nice touch. Only thing I'd be worried about is the fact that almost every story I've seen that has m-preg doesn't get finished unless it's completely planned out to the last detail, so hopefully if you do put it in, you finish yours! *pats head* ^.^
    I wanna see Mello and L's man-baby! *is already going out to buy it clothes and toys* Muhahahaa

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  • From Gaburieru on October 08, 2008

    Lol! No I wanna tell Roger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I want to see what Roger has to say about it!No faiiiiirrrr! Keep writing!
    lol very good ending really big cliff hanger....sad ending too when you think about it T-T

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  • From chelzi on October 08, 2008

    THIS JUST ABOUT /KILLED/ ME!!!!! omg. this was great! when he was about to, i just started SQUEALING!!! i was so excited. i loved this, and the line at the end was precious. pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease!!!!!!!!! start working on the sequel RIGHT AWAY!!! and, BYTHEWAY!!! it's occured to me, maybe i already said it, that they both die in the series. i can only HOPE that this does not happen in your universe. please. or /i/ will die. yup. that's about it. GREAT JOB, SO CUTE!!!!~

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  • From Evermist on October 08, 2008 he gonna...oooooh....pleeeeeeeaasee....*read on*IKNEWITIKNEWITIKNEWITIKNEWITIKNEWITIKNEWITIKNEWITIKNEWITIKNEWITIKNEWITIKNEWITIKNEWIT!!!!! *actually screamed that several more times than she just typed it, but you get the drift* Yays!!! Engaaagement!! Damn it, Mello, just say YES already! THANK you. Little brat...and actually...hang on...can't quite remember...*goes to google* Oh, nope. Wasn't legal there till '05.

    Damn, I loved this story. Don't make us wait /too/ long for the sequel, but feel free to take a break! You deserve it. *shoves cookies and spa shit at your feet* Enjoy.

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  • From Gaburieru on October 07, 2008

    Mello: "Matt, you're supposed to herd sheep, not fuck them."
    Near: "Your forgetting Mello, I am a rabbit, and rabbits were born to fuck!"
    LoL! Had to think of it...... I love the comedy in this chapter!
    My mom used to threaten me with chastity Belts...*shivers* 0-o

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  • From Gaburieru on October 06, 2008

    Another fantastic chapter! I am completely addicted to your story, and HELL YES make a sequel. It would be too good to pass up!
    I love your work, and I will probably mention the fact of loving it in every review I make, but I cant help it!Keep writing!

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  • From chelzi on October 06, 2008

    aaaahhhhhh!!!!!! this was amazing! it was so sad to see mello so frightened and whatnot. poor l, having to hit him. at least it helped and didn't make it worse. i love this story! i can't wait for the epilogue. the plane ride at the end was precious, too. pleasepleasepleaseplease do a sequel!! sequels make me so happy. wonderful job, i love you.~

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  • From Evermist on October 06, 2008

    Aw...caught when I went to click this that this is the last better write that sequel I saw you mention of ff! ^^ You're very welcome for my reviews. I thank you, for writing something I like so much that I actually do review. Now, on to the fic!!

    *giggle* Silly Matt, they aren't gonna let you fly! ......
    .....Mellooooo......don't hit L....he isn't your dad....Ooh, a slap. Work, slap! Wooork!! Yays. Mello's going to the hospital. That's good.

    ...DAMN, Roger's an idiot. I hate that man /so/ much. *giggle* Ah, Mello's yucky face. I think that face probably makes everyone smile. *laughs* Matt doesn't need a lobotomy, you silly boy! He's happy, let him be. You, my good lady, have finally done what no one else could. I will tolerate Matt/Near!

    ..At least for now. Only time will tell if it stays, though. :D This has been a great read, and I'm so so SO glad I looked into it. You've made me laugh, scream, and almost cry. *hugs* You rock.

    Keep writing!

    ...I think this is the longest review I've ever written. *o*

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  • From Gaburieru on October 03, 2008

    This story makes me love L and Mello together.Who ever thought they would make such a great couple?I love how the story grows tragic over time leaving me in tears as I try to figure out what happens next, I look forward to reading more of your work.

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  • From Evermist on October 02, 2008

    ^^ I'm glad to give you strength! It gives me a happy feeling to know I'm keeping someone going, cuz I hardly ever get reviews on my stuff.

    Thank. You. Watari! It's about time someone gave L a smack! Get it together, damnit! Near's hand-holding to comfort Matt was so cute! *luff* Poor flight for you guys! :D

    Matt and Near would be quite the anti-social couple. Urgh, you're gonna have me almost ready to consider shipping those two by the end of this, aren't you?

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  • From chelzi on October 02, 2008

    okay. now that i've read it... this chapter makes me feel better. kinda. still haven't got mello-chan, but they KNOW WHERE HE IS!!!! kinda. country-wise, anyway. matt and near are so cute together, and l's finally gettting himself together and finding his boyfriend! yay. this is an amazing story, and i can't wait for more. please update soon!!
    i definitely talked to my 'new' psychiatrist (that is so misspelled, and i don't think that's even what she is, but whatever) about the reaction i got from chapter 21. so yeah. anyway, great job!!!~

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