Reviews for Scattering Ashes

BY : Gloria B

  • From Duomi on November 14, 2008

    Hee-- I like the "Near was unaccustomed to embarrassment. He did not like it at all." It's childish and cute and Near-like.

    Also, yay for Matt getting to know a little of what's going on in Near's head! Er, near the beginning still, where he asked how long they've been haunting Near. (Though only one really is, since L's a hallucination and really, L would haunt Light. Just to mess with him.)

    *snickers into her cereal* I love Near answering both his hallucination and Matt with "Yes." when they talk to him at the same time. And also that Near still asserts that he doesn't believe in ghosts, but that he seems to agree there that they believe in him-- clever and fun!

    Also: Dude! Near has Google Maps inside his head. Being a genius must be amazing. Stupid photographic memory... (I love that, and that he could just think about it and figure out where they were.)

    Ooh! The analysis on Matt and his capability for in-field exercises is spot-on, I loved it.

    Yaaay the rabbi helped Near. And Near helped Matt-- that was an amazing scene, btw. I'll admit when it jumped to Halle I wanted to choke her. *laughs*

    I can picture that though-- Rester and Halle both leaving their vacation time early to see Near again, worrying over him.

    Hah! Omg, you had K do the autopsy on Near. That just gave me a huge grin. Though if K did it and Near didn't know about it, it goes to reason something spectacularly interesting was going on there, too.

    Croque Monsieur... *flashback to French classes* Is it-- *googles it* Hah! I was right, grilled cheese sandwich. Basically. I apparently didn't forget absolutely everything from years of French!

    Liked this chapter-- it gave interesting info (the stuff about the status quo and Near understanding Mello a little by messing with the beauty of the rock was great-- and it's so true, Mello would love that, and he would be amused all over hell and back at messing with that many people at once when they try to figure out who messed with the status quo to scatter ashes on things.)

    And I like your Near! Him being that socially awkward but trying to work through it and getting used to Matt is wonderfully fascinating. I look forward to the next chapter! I'm also still impressed as hell that you managed to move that far on that little. (Er, abrupt subject-change to your real life.)

    Have to run to work now, but hello, and I read it! Ended up sleeping super early yesterday so had to read this morning instead. Have a great day, and have fun with the art gig thing!!

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  • From inuyashalove04 on November 13, 2008

    I did enjoy the update! The hallucinations of L are making a little more sense, and I do have an idea as to what they mean. But, no real way to be sure, until I read it. ^^
    I loved this chapter though. Not really just one particular spot, like the last chapter. *cough-oh, fucking hell-cough* But everything this time around. I liked the part where Near said 'I don't believe in ghosts.' That was...a very random statement and it took Matt by surprise as well. I had this mental picture of the conversation, and I couldn't help but laugh. Oh, and another spot I liked was where Matt protected Near from the attack. It seemed like Matt was only worried about the urn, but he was worried about Near too. I could see it! XD
    Ok, I guess I lied; I did have a couple of favorite parts. Keep up the good work!

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  • From inuyashalove04 on October 09, 2008

    Another good chapter! I can tell that you put a lot of work and detail into it; especially about Jerusalem and the Kameda Medical Center. You really did your homework for this chapter! ^^
    I really liked the part when Halle and Aizawa found out that the body wasn't Matts; that made me laugh. I could just hear the thoughts running through their heads, everything from 'damn' to 'that's not good'. I was just trying to think of which sounded better. XD
    You did leave me wondering about Near though. I can't wait to see what's going on with him and the vision of L. Oh, and Matts reaction to Near was priceless. The 'Oh fucking hell' took me by surprise for some reason. It sounded like annoyance more than worry; but that's probably not the case. I'd say Matt is more worried than it sounded. So, that's something else I've got to wait and see about; but I don't mind. ^^
    Keep up the good work!

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  • From Duomi on October 08, 2008

    Aww, Matt got Near toys! And I like that both of them just sat there and played and did their own things for a few hours without needing to talk.

    "Near met his gaze unwavering. "You're letting yourself be used by Mello, and he's been dead for three years.""

    That actually made me start giggling and grin-- I think the reaction was like, "Burn!" And then Matt responding with "I have a sense of moral obligation, and fuck you." amused me too. Near and Matt's little sparring-match is fun. Also! I like Near starting to get his feet under him and obviously testing the water for control again.

    Ooh, ooh, yaaaay! I love the "I am no one's Watari." and the the thing about what turned Mello into a monster. That one paragraph made me so happy-- I like it a lot! And I actually can picture Near not giving a rat's ass about the actual orphanage, though I think he'd still keep track of every child in it-- they're possible backups, too, and it is a responsibility. But! It's amusing this way, with Near totally not caring. I can certainly imagine that'd piss Matt off.

    "Near listened with half an ear as Matt checked them out, smiling cheerily at the receptionist in that annoyingly fake way of his and chatting amiably with the receptionist in Japanese. Near was irritated, abruptly, by how easy it seemed for everyone else to speak to this man. Near wondered if he'd ever get it right."

    Another thing that made me giggle. I never really thought of the fact that Near might actually have real problems talking to people he'd want an equal relationship with-- he can speak down to underlings or those less intelligent, but he's so socially awkward... this seems to suit him very well! I can see him being irritated with normal people, who can chat easily and not piss Matt off. I never thought of that.

    Ooh! I forgot you mentioned Near would be hallucinating L. I love the description too, with L being smudged and indistinct, looking straight ahead... Very creepy. Hurray for a Halloween-style start!

    I can certainly see the logic behind wanting the Kira case behind everyone, and trying not to point too many fingers at who had once supported Kira or not. Nice little summary there!

    *laughs* I love the "The corpse clashed terribly" bit as well. You're right, it would! I want to see that morgue at some point though...!

    The anthropologist bit sounds fine! I think. I am not an anthropologist. It seems believable at least? The only thing catching at my mind is that the decomposition told the doctor how old the bullet holes were, but I have no idea how that sort of thing is actually determined, so...! Makes me want to rewatch a few eps of Bones. I love that show...

    Yeaaah, it is a bit suspicious that Starks goes on leave a week after his bird went missing and picked up Matt and Near. *laughs* Rester is great. I liked the office scene with the two of them, Rester putting him purposely out of sorts and such.

    Thanks for responding as well...! I definitely enjoyed the update, we're getting answers to some mysteries and others are building. Do you know how many chapters are going to be in SA before the sequel...? I'm curious! That's great, though, that Matt's actually being open around Near and Near is trying to look at things in such a complex way he misses the truth of Matt in front of him. Talk about forest for the trees... Great job! Gotta run to work again, but I hope you're having a good day...!

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  • From Duomi on October 02, 2008

    Back again! Starting in on chapter four. I love Near's analysis of touching in this and his growing need of it, or possibly awareness of a pre-existing need. Poor Near...! It's occurred to me before that pretty much the only time Near would ever be touched would be Mello, punching him.

    (Also love that you opened the chapter with Near and Matt both being aware of things getting a little deeper than they meant them too! I enjoy that they're both aware of it, but can't seem to help it.)

    The urn scene was super cute...! Them holding hands to pick out Mello's urn-- it could have been sappy, but it was just sweet, and sad. I loved it! It took me a while to get around to reading this mostly because I was iffy on the idea of Matt/Near, but I'm truly enjoying this.

    Oooh, Mewith Hill stuff is interesting-- how'd you learn about that, and the inter-connecting bases? Wiki? I usually rely heavily on Wiki. It's possibly dangerous, but it generally works out!

    Hee! Describing Halle as moving like an agitated cat-- that's perfect. Cat imagery seems like it'd work so, so well for Halle.

    The Rester and Halle interaction is actually weirdly sweet. I don't usually think of him really-- Rester, I mean-- connecting to others aside from Near, but it'd make sense-- especially with what's left of the SPK after the series, they'd probably all be close, having had the experience of fighting Kira and surviving their comrades, etc.. Yeah, I like that. It was enjoyable to read, and actually provided a nice break from the UST and emotional drama building up with Near and Matt-- a little bit of sudden movement and open emotions, so sort of a vent. A vent that still adds drama and tension. *laughs*

    I like Matt being threatening. I like him more eyeing Near's back all dangerous-like and... *hangs head* Umm, dangerous-like. And I knew he stole Near's clothes for him! That's so cute. I'm guessing Matt's threat went something like, "You and I both know that I have the ability to take out the electricity in your country, mess with the banks, and possibly sneak right into your bedroom and kill you." Aww, he's such a sweety.

    I also like that Matt did the happy-phone-voice, no-expression thing. I do that all the time at work! It's usually followed by anyone near me bursting into laughter when I hang up. Stupid customers calling...

    *coughs a moment* I forgot to breathe! Reading the scene just after the phone call with Matt talking to Near all close. I'm glad I didn't start hiccuping, I do that when I think too hard to remember breathing, or get too into reading... But! It had great tension. I really expected when Matt left the room for Near to sort of collapse sideways dizzily.

    "Strange enough to be normal, considering." I love that response to the 'what was he like' question! *laughs* So perfect. Also, the bits of history between the three of them that we worked out for Thanks for the Memories weaving in a bit when they talk of the past, like Near's memories of the hospital and Matt mentioning L asking him to be his successor. Sort of like a private joke, I guess, since we haven't gotten to those parts yet in the other story.

    "“Mello never knew L offered it to you?”
    Matt laughed a little, short, self-deprecating laugh. “I think that goes without saying. He would have throttled me in my sleep.” Somehow, Near got the impression that Matt was dead serious."

    *giggling more* Seriously, Mello would have.

    Gah! I knew it was his grave. My only qualm: It was a little unclear whether Near actually saw Mello standing somewhere in the church, like over the place where his ashes would be, or what, so that threw me off and made me reread it a few times to be sure it was happening. Which I think was the intention, partly, but it still left me wondering if Near was seeing him physically there but younger, or was having another dream-sequence.

    I am definitely awaiting the next chapter now, though-- though I know it will need to wait until you've sorted your life a bit. Love and support, and now I need to go to sleep soon!

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  • From Duomi on October 01, 2008

    Chapter 3.

    Hee...! I love Near analyzing Matt, and I like the feel of it. It does seem to suit Near. I like the observation of Matt being almost humble, and irritated that he can't just hide the fact that he's brilliant and keep doing things he enjoys.

    "Do you necessitate sleep?" I think need/require would work better there-- as far as I can determine, "do you necessitate" would mean "Do you make it necessary to need". Like something necessitating further action would mean the event causes action to be needed.

    I like the descriptions of Matt! Though I agree with Near on wanting his hair cut if it's that long-- some guys look great with longer hair, but it seems like Matt's went a bit shaggy when longer, not as pretty!

    Am also enjoying the subtle ways they're getting used to each other and starting to like each other-- like Near's eyes watching Matt's stomach, and Matt noticing Near's eye color.

    (Also I forgot-- on chapter two, the "I think you miss me sometimes." is super cute!!!)

    Matt not mentioning how he survived, if he did-- the hesitation when he was saying that Mello "thought" he died-- and things like him not sleeping make me think Matt isn't actually alive, but things like him bleeding when hurt make me doubt myself!

    oh! I totally forgot about the Japan murders you mentioned, even though the surveillance stuff really does point glaring big arrows in Matt's direction. Oooh, unfolding mysteries, I like it.

    The image of poor Near standing in front of the sink in the new pants just staring at the sink, realizing he had to find a way to get his hair washed, is so oddly cute to me! I pictured him eyeing the shampoo in a lost sort of way, like, "This fails to compute, what do I do?"

    Heh, Matt melting his computers down is also amusing. So thorough!

    Pissy Matt~. It's not Near's fault he freaked out and couldn't move! Still, I could see the Mello thing having a lingering and strong effect on Matt's mind.

    “He’s wicked funny.” “On purpose?”

    That made me giggle too. I love Mello just chilling on the swing, chewing his rosary...!

    Yay, Matt does sleep! I'm wondering if he was talking to Mello in his sleep too. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    I'm also now running to work! I'll finish chapter four when I'm back. Have a better day, though, Gloria! *still worrying*

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  • From Duomi on October 01, 2008

    Chapter 2 now.

    I like the bit with Mello and Near in the beginning! Though the "Benjamin" thing made me baffled. I assume it shall be explained!

    Also! I love how you wrote Near attempting to escape and then becoming totally overwhelmed by the poor world of the apartments and fleeing back to Matt as the safer route. That's so cute, and I can picture it clearly! Also, is there a way to llisten to code, or is it EVP type ness?

    oh! Password, gotcha. Matt listening to the code is awesome, truly. And Matt sort of treating that information mildly awkwardly and then brushing it off, like it's not that weird. L's real name?! That seems improbable. Maybe father might be better, but seriously, that's so random for wiki to have that...! *intrigued*

    "Matt did not try to deny it, nor did he gloat—which Near found very interesting. Near wasn’t sure if it was grief or anger that followed Matt around like a ghost, clinging to the shadows in his face and making him seem older than he really was. Whatever it was, it looked heavy on him. Near couldn’t decide if he cared or not."

    Really like that passage. ^_^ The "...that followed Matt around like a ghost, clinging to shadows in his face..." especially-- lovely imagery!

    *puts hands briefly in air* Yay! I love that, Matt getting so pissed off that it was the "Mello Show" and Mello didn't search Takada thoroughly enough, leading to his death-- also that being set up as a warning for Near.

    I also like that Near and Matt get to go on a (possibly around-the-world) road trip. I'd never considered something like a Death Note road trip! Might be interesting. (I think the image in my head is Matt driving them all over hell and back in another shiny new car, but that's mostly because I've been watching Supernatural lately, soooo the idea of two guys trekking around in a shiny car is quite prominent in my mind.)

    Taking a bath real fast, then returning to make food and read at least another chapter before work. If I don't reply to the email by then, I'll do it tonight when I'm home!

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  • From Duomi on October 01, 2008

    Just finished chapter one-- fascinating! I'm curious about dead/not-dead Matt, and also, I loved how you kept up the pace of the chapter. From the race through Wammy's to the car chase and crash, wonderful! (Also, I find it cute that Near pocketed one of his cards, and saved Matt by flinging a robot at Rester. Also! Matt protecting Near in the crash was so, so cute. I shall read on!

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  • From inuyashalove04 on September 25, 2008

    You're welcome for the review! I've found out that a lot of people have a hard time writing a Matt/Near fic; because of their personalities. But you're doing a good job keeping them in character and gradually changing them for the story. I did enjoy the update! I like how the two are slowly 'letting the other in', as it were and getting along a little bit at a time. And what I really like is how you didn't have them hop straight into bed. It would be natural for Near to be suspicious of Matt; so having them hop into bed after 2 chapters wouldn't be logical. Keep up the good work!

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  • From Sabaku_lotus on September 24, 2008

    man this is...something else.

    it's Au but damn I don't care because it's good good. I have to read read the story because of all the information and what is going on. The whole Mail thing is interesting.

    Oh and benny being L's name is hilarious, considering I read another note and 13....where does wiki get it's info from? Fanfiction? So many damn spoilers and stupid stuff on that site (espeically for certain manga series and ygo cards >_>; )

    eh anyway keep up the good work; this story is as go as tear you apart and mystification....two of what I think are the few best stories on this site. (along with this and memento mori)

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  • From inuyashalove04 on September 22, 2008

    I'm liking your story! I'm not really a Matt/Near (Near/Matt) fan, but the summary of the story caught my attention. So, I figured it wouldn't hurt to give it a try. I'm loving how Matt is acting, along with Near. I can't wait to see what takes place in the next chapter.

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  • From ANON - Mary Magdalena on September 18, 2008

    I think you should put this story on too. Anyway, this chapter was slightly confusing, especially considering that someone put on Wikipedia that L's first name is Benjamin. Benjamin? Of all names!

    When I think of the name Benjamin, I imagine our founding father in a french brothel, flirting with a whore who is soon to bear one of his many, many illegitimate children. Sorry, I'm not a big fan of Franklin.

    And I've read on the internet that his real name was Lawrence Lawliet too; I know that it is fake, and so is this Benjamin thing. They wouldn't call him L Lawliet if his first name didn't start with an L, so Lawrence is more believable. Someone might be trying to make fun of him, a crime which should be punishable by a thousand deaths.

    Anyway, the chapter was interesting, but I honestly don't think you will get many reviews when the first two chapters are void of all romance. I think the majority of readers were looking for hard core yaoi when they clicked on this. But it's just my take on how they think.

    Will read the next installment when you post. Byes.

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  • From ANON - Mary Magdalena on September 17, 2008

    Good job. This chapter is well written. Too bad there was no Matt/Near loving in here. But I will look forward to the next installment of this story, as it seems interesting enough. I'm very curious as to where Matt is taking Near and why. And by what means Matt's soul was allowed to take a pilgrimage to Earth from where ever he came from, be it Heaven, Hell, or purgatory.

    There's always the possibility that it's just someone who closely resembles him though. I prefer a supernatural explaination because it makes it cooler.

    I originally imagined that he would be taking him to a spirit world of some kind, and there they would meet all the other characters that died in the series, hopefully L and Mello are among them. Anyway, I was slightly annoyed at all the action and lack of romance, but it is easy to overlook; I can see very interesting things are going to happen later on.

    Happy Writing.

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