Reviews for Sforzando

BY : ShirouKamui

  • From ANON - Anon on October 02, 2012

    God damn you! I have to get up at eight tomorrow morning and I wasted an hour of my sleep on this story. WRITE THE END MOTHERFUCKER! I want a happy resolution and some hot man loving! Although I guess I have no hope if the last time this was updated was 2008...

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  • From ANON - woljf on December 09, 2010

    Ooooh please, give us next chapter! I like your style, you keep reader's attention, the plot has intrigue and it's hard to tell what'll happen next.

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  • From Madisuzy on November 09, 2010

    Another great chapter!! Oh and another evil cliffhanger! I do so love the suspense of this story and will be waiting for the next update!

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  • From ANON - moimoi-chan on October 20, 2010

    *poke poke*, so does Yotan make it?!? You can't let him die, you can't! What will Aya do without him?!

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  • From Apollo on October 14, 2010

    Nice buildup! So much tension, its delightful :)

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  • From ANON - Anon on October 11, 2010

    Wow such drama and angst! Please continue!

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  • From ANON - yongyuan on July 24, 2010

    its been really a long time since i came back to this site to read weib's fics >.< and never imagined that i'll read this wonderful story here :)
    your story really perks my interest to read more of weib's fanfics again. this one is really good story. not only the details been real good, but the plot and the emotion of each character is really good and detail. i really hope to see more of this story >.<
    though am not really good at writing review, hope this might able to speed up the update lol
    really like this story.. no, love this story :)

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  • From Madisuzy on April 14, 2010

    fantastic story! I know it's been over a year since your last update, so you've probably dropped this story, but I'm still gonna beg for more. *gets on knees with hands clasped before me* PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!!! It's a great story and you write it so well. Please concider writing more. *puppy dog eyes*

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  • From ANON - Anon on May 22, 2009

    Oh this story is so, so interesting! I like the way you write the different POV´s because I think it´s quite difficult to get every character right, but you did a great job!
    But I feel so sorry for Aya... oh my, he´s really messed up. And Yohji´s definitely not helping matters... I mean, Yohji really seems to like Aya and to care for him, but he obviously doesn´t get that his friendship is not enough for Aya. And there I thought Mister Womanizer recognises affection when he sees it...
    Hehe, but Aya-chan was sooooo cute! It´s nice how concerned she´s about her brother...
    Unfortunately Yohji´s really stubborn. Man, why can´t he just accept that love does not depend on the gender of a person... But okay, it must be quite a shock for such a playboy to find himself attracted to another man. But seriously, I so hope that Yohji accept this and _really_ helps Aya... because I cannot imagine how bad Aya feels after the whole thing. Letting Crawford screw him, knowing that Yohji knows Aya´s feelings and doesn´t feel the same way...
    So please, please, please continue this story soon! I just cannot wait to see if things will get better...

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  • From miru on March 02, 2009

    Kittens are fighting!!! This tension definitely had to go somewhere. And look where it all lead… to hot, steaming… hm not quite sex; but we had two hot scenes, just sad that it’s all happening at the different sides of the hall :( I wonder what they’ll do ‘the morning after’, such revelations can’t go without consequences.

    A bit late but I’m still here :)

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  • From zetsuai2005 on February 11, 2009

    Review, I can hardly think! That was hot! The only thing better would have been for Aya to run to Yohji's room to beat him up only to catch him in the act! When is Yohji going to get the point that it's the person you are attracted to, not the gender. Oh, what a predicament, when they are both so ... frustrating. One of these two has got to be brave and confront the obvious. I really like this story. Keep the updates coming!

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  • From zetsuai2005 on February 09, 2009

    This is a really good story! I have enjoyed your chapters and have been waiting for an update. I like Aya and Yohji, too, especially Aya and hope you go on to finish this. You seem to write them very sensitively. I hope that Schwarz bastard gets his. Crawford should die for doing that to Aya! Soften Yohji's heart, please!

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  • From miru on January 21, 2009

    Go Yohji, go!!! At first I was glad that he ‘trapped’ Aya, actually was hoping Yohji will ‘force’ out some sort of confession from him, but well…it would be too soon anyway. Aya’s reaction is totally Aya, he’s a violent kitten after all. I hope Yohji can stand his ground, if he’ll let Aya go right now, I think I would die waiting for another confrontation like this.

    p.s. Wow, holiday in Japan! You’re lucky. I spend my holidays (almost two weeks) in the village in Siberia hehe :)

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  • From miru on December 03, 2008

    H! I like this story so far! Finally, Yohji’s POV! His thoughts jump from past to present – it’s just so like him. But we don’t know yet how he actually feels towards Aya (aside from the friendship), so maybe there is a long road ahead for our couple.

    Glad that Aya-chan is alive and back into her brother life, but I guess her first attempt to fix Ran’s personal life failed…

    And the second part of chapter has a little angst! Ok, I confess, I love it when the boys are suffering (as long as there is still hope for happy ending in the future), so let them suffer a little more.

    Well, nothing much to say at the moment, because the story is not very long yet. So about criticism – sorry, can’t do, it’s too early to tell, can’t come up with something bad right now. If you want critique – write something horrible first, like… umm, no, don’t wanna give you bad ideas haha, so just continue! And don’t hurry, usually updates worth the wait, so I’ll be back to check up latter!

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  • From XanderB on November 28, 2008

    I am quite enjoying this fic so far. please continue asap.

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