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I let out a scream when he changes his angle to hit my prostate accurately. My body is shaking and moving violently under the assault of his relentless thrusts. I have never known such pleasures before. I fight hard to hold onto the bed railing in front of me while he pounds into me from behind. I want to come, I cannot hold it off any longer, but I cannot release my hold on the bed railing because I know that if I do, his powerful plunges would drive my head into the wall. I have to brace myself. As I feel his thrusts speeding up even more, the pace becoming even more brutal that it already is, I recall how the man had slowly torn down the walls of ice I had put up, how he had proudly strode past the ruins, and stole away with my heart.

I know exactly when my feelings for my blond teammate started to take root. It was that mission eighteen months ago. I had only been with Weiss for one year. I had originally planned to distance myself from them. Prior to Weiss, I had made the mistake of becoming too close with Crashers, that when I had to leave, I had actually felt pain. I knew I had a bigger purpose in life; I knew I had to save Aya and protect her from all harm. I knew I had to get my revenge on Takatori; I had to let my parents rest in peace. It was a mistake when I started looking at Crashers as friends instead of mere co-workers.

I did not want to commit the same mistake again. I had decided to maintain a purely professional relationship with Weiss.

Alas, things seldom go the way we plan. Before I knew it, cheerful and innocent Omi had wormed his way into my heart. He is like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day, all smiles with those big expressive eyes. One probably would never be able to tell that he is the leader of our little assassin team. Energetic Ken is like a complement to Omi. So optimistic and always reminding me of the kids he likes to hang out with, Ken exudes a different kind of innocence. Of course, I am fully aware that no one in Weiss could be labeled innocent, but Omi and Ken are the closest one could get to innocence in our bloodstained world. And there was Yohji.


At first, I paid him no heed. He just came across as a selfish playboy who could not take his work seriously. Of course, I know that to be an assassin, one has to be skilled, but I was under the impression that he was too frivolous, and his flippant attitude did nothing to change that notion. However, there was one thing about him that really impressed me. I am really proud of my ability to let my eyes remain guarded and unchanged under all circumstances, unless, of course, it concerns Aya or Takatori. When I first looked into Yohji’s emerald spheres, I knew he had mastered that art. His eyes might seem to convey a lazy interest in whatever he is looking at but with all the experience I have had with dealing with people, I know dead eyes when I see them. To tell the truth, they had frightened me a little. I often wondered if his eyes were really dead, or if they were just even better guarded than mine. As it was, I tended to ignore him unless he started to annoy me.

Until that mission eighteen months ago.

I gasp in surprise as I feel a callous hand envelope my aching erection. The grip is too loose and the pace is too slow, but just the mere contact itself is heavenly. I desperately need to come. He has not slowed in his motions behind me. I tilt my hips up slightly so that he can go even deeper. By now, I am already screaming in pleasure. I have never pictured myself to be so vocal during sex, but I guess I was mistaken. Or maybe, I am just this way because it is him. I think back to that mission eighteen months ago.

We were supposed to infiltrate a building and take out a target that was kidnapping adolescents. Kritiker had no data on what the target actually did with the kids but the important thing was that he had to be taken out. We had all accepted the mission except Yohji. He said that he would only accept missions when they involved females over the age of eighteen. What a selfish bastard, I could not help thinking then. However, Manx had managed to persuade him to take on the mission when she revealed that the ages of the people taken ranged from twelve to twenty-four. Omi and Ken both smiled brightly in relief when he finally accepted the mission.

I did not get it then. Why would they want a reluctant teammate to watch their backs? Yes, I had worked missions with him before, and yes, he was skilled, but it was nothing impressive, something we could do without. I did not let that thought linger as I went to my room to prepare for the mission that night. Putting on my black trench coat, I sat on the edge of my bed with my katana in my hands. My room was shrouded in darkness since I had not turned the lights on. Staring into the darkness unblinkingly, I summoned Abyssinian. This was a ritual I had to go through before every mission, before I had to go out to commit another murder. This was how I closed myself off to the horrors that I had inflicted, and was going to inflict, on the numerous targets identified by Kritiker. When I finally willed myself into my Abyssinian persona completely, I sheathed my katana and proceeded towards the car where the rest of my teammates were waiting.

It was too horrible. Omi and Ken should never have come on this mission. Almost all the victims were still alive when Weiss managed to infiltrate the building, but if I were in their shoes, I would rather be dead. We found all of the victims in different rooms at the basement of the building.

In the first room, the victims we found were children whose ages I estimated to be about twelve to fourteen. They were huddled in one big group at a corner of the room and their ankles were chained together. They were staring wide-eyed at us in fear and shivering uncontrollably. We knew we had to get them out before we blew up the building after taking out the target. Each of us started picking the individual locks chaining their ankles together. It did not take long since there were only about ten children. The children were then told to run out of the building using the relatively safe route we had come in through. At least that way, they would probably not meet any resistance since we had taken out most of the guards. We then went on to the second room.

In the second room, we found victims who were slightly older, maybe about fifteen to eighteen. They were in the exact conditions as the victims in the first room. As we had done before, we freed them and left them directions to freedom.

The third room was pretty much like the first two, except that the victims were around nineteen to the early twenties. We freed those too, and gave them instructions to flee the building and captivity.

The fourth room, however, was monstrous. Before we even entered the room, there was already a putrid smell emanating from within. Using his bugnuks, Ken broke down the door and what greeted us was a nightmare. There were maimed bodies strewn everywhere. The room was dimly lit but none of us could deny that the red liquid on the ground was blood. We knew the scent of blood when we smelt it. What horrified us even more were the groans and whimpers coming from those very bodies. They were alive! They were being kept alive while their limbs were cut off, or their eyes blinded, or their tongues cut out. It was too hideous for words. Omi had actually run out of the room to escape that most mortifying scene. Ken wanted to gag but held himself back before he too ran out to accompany Omi. Glancing at Yohji, I saw that the expression on his face had become bleak, and the smirk Balinese always wore was gone and replaced by lips drawn in a tight line. He cast his eyes around, and seeming to find no whole survivors, he gestured for me to head outside as well.

“They will not make it out of the building,” Balinese stated the obvious when we got out of the room.

“I know,” I returned, the cries and smell still assaulting my senses.

“We have to kill them,” my blond teammate looked me dead in the eyes as he said this.

I could not believe how cold he had looked or sounded. I had not expected such a suggestion. Not from him. I was dumfounded.

“No! How can we kill them!? They are just innocent victims!” Bombay’s eyes were wide with disbelief and unshed tears.

Balinese turned his head to look straight into blue eyes drawn wide, “Those people in there are better off dead. Most of them no longer have limbs. Majority of them have had their tongues cut out and their eyes dug out. There are too many of them. We won’t be able to save all of them. Even if we do, how are they going to face their lives from now on? Saving them in this case is infinitely more cruel than granting them the peace of death.”

“How can you say such unfeeling things!? We’re supposed to save innocents, not kill them! We’re assassins but we only kill those who have done bad things! And they’re not even our target! How can you suggest such a thing!?” Siberian was about to lose his cool.

Yohji just answered sternly, even more bleakly than before, “Would you want to live such a life? Would you want to be rescued, knowing that you won’t ever be able to see colors, won’t ever be able to speak another word, won’t ever be able to touch your feet on the ground or put your hands around someone you love because you have neither legs nor arms? Would you be able to live on knowing that you’re just a burden to your parents who now have to take care of you every waking moment? Would you be able to live, depending on others for every single thing, even to relieve yourself? Would you be able to live such a life? I wouldn’t.”

Ken could only stare at Balinese at that, the conflict showing in his face. Finally, he could not take it anymore and turned to run away. Omi went after him. I knew the truth in Yohji’s words had sunk into him then. I did not like it either, but Balinese was right, that was the best course of action. I was about to move into the room to start on the grisly task, but Yohji interrupted me.

“Abyssinian, go after Bombay and Siberian. We don’t know where and how far they’ve gone. We still have to complete this mission and their absence will seriously impede that.”

I was about to protest that he would need help with the sheer number of victims in the room when he assured me, “Don’t worry about this. I’ll handle it. It’ll be over by the time you come back with them.”

Looking back now, I realize that he was trying to spare me the ghastly task and protect me from the nightmares that haunted him for the next few weeks after the mission.

I went after my other two teammates. After a while, they had calmed down and I steered them back to where we came from, carefully avoiding the room. Balinese was right, he was done when we came back. In fact, he had just broken down the door to the fifth room. The doorway was small, and could only accommodate one person. As it was, Yohji stood frozen in the doorway, blocking our sight from the room.

“Get them away from here,” he ordered in quiet voice.

“What? What’s going on, Balinese?” I was worried at the horror-struck tone in his voice.

“Just get them away from here. They don’t need to see this,” he replied tightly.

Trusting his judgment, I gave orders for Siberian and Bombay to head to the control room to disable the security system. Sensing something not quite right, they followed my orders and sped off to their task.

“You should go too. Go help them, they might need it.”

I was displeased that he felt that he had to protect me. I was no longer a child. I was not a woman either. I was as much a man as he was, as much an assassin as he was. I had seen as much as he had, and could take what he could.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” I murmured as I pushed him further into the room so that I would be able to get a view.

What I saw haunted my nightmares for months after the mission. The room was neat and dimly lit. There were tables lining the side of the walls. On the tables were serving dishes placed at equal intervals. And on each serving dish was a human head, with eyes wide open and staring ahead unseeingly. There were probably about ten such displays at each of the four walls of the room. I could tell that the heads belonged to youths who were quite beautiful in life. There were four pillars at the four corners of the room. Each pillar was decorated by various parts of the human body. In the middle of the room, there hung a great tapestry. It was a picture of a young girl with her hands clasped together in prayer. That was not what drew our attention, though. The face of the young girl in the picture was an actual head, complete with blond hair and a silver crown atop those golden locks. She had been a foreign child, maybe American. Her blue-gray eyes were wide open and staring straight at us. Even now, whenever I close my eyes, I can see those icy spheres staring into my soul, berating me, asking me why we had not been there to save them earlier.

I stood stock-still. I could not move even if I wanted to. My muscles were frozen in place by shock and revulsion. How could anyone do something like this? She was only a child, probably no more than ten. Yohji must have taken in my state of horror and started to slowly guide me out of the room of terror. He was stronger than I was. I realized that when I finally got out of the room. He closed the door behind us and told me that we still had to take out the target. Coming to my senses, I nodded minutely and lead him to the target’s room. I knew Bombay and Siberian had to have disabled the security by now.

Taking out the target was easy. He begged for his life but he was a target and we could not let him go. Even if we could, the horrors he had inflicted on those young victims were too nightmarish to forgive and forget. I ran my katana through his heart. I felt the heart stop beating, and felt satisfied that he could not cause any more grief and suffering to anyone else.

Yohji and I left for the car first while Siberian and Bombay blew up the building. We could not tolerate one more moment in that building where we had witnessed the nightmares of a deranged man. When Omi and Ken were done, they got onto the car and Omi started the long drive back to the Koneko. Yohji was unusually quiet on the whole trip back home.

I scream as the man behind me gives a particularly powerful thrust. He suddenly stiffens and I can feel him coming inside me. His hands do not stop moving and before long, I am coming too. My orgasm is so strong that by the time I am done, I can feel blackness on the edges of my consciousness. My last thought before the darkness overtakes me is Yohji.

ShirouKamui: I'm still writing this story, so I'm not too sure exactly what warnings will be required. But so far, these warnings should apply sufficiently. I might add more in the future. Working on the next chapter now. Please do R&R. Reviews encourage my muse to work more efficiently ^_~ On another note, Gluhen does not exist. So Weiss never broke up, Aya did not get stabbed, Yohji did not lose his memory, Omi did not become Persia, and Ken did not go berserk.

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