Reviews for To Catch a Kitten

BY : fareys_delight

  • From ANON - bittsweetmis on September 15, 2009

    I've enjoyed this so far, not a combination I've seen yet, but I'd love to see you throw schwartz into the mix :) I can easily imagine Schuldig riling up Sanzo and Aya.

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  • From Rabid_Yaoi_Fangirl on May 23, 2009

    now this seems interesting please update when u can.

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  • From cagna on March 24, 2009

    what a thing to come back to after not going on my computer for a few days. an updated story. YAY! yes i do love this chapter also. please continue and i hope you get more reviews.

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  • From ANON - monkeyshines on March 23, 2009

    I like the pairings. I hope the characters will live up to there personalities.

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  • From cagna on March 12, 2009

    this looks like it will be fun. hope you update soon.

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  • From ANON - sidhechaos on February 04, 2009

    this sounds promising, a crossover of my two favorite fandoms! I wish AFF had a system where it would alaert you when the next chapter comes out, like FFnet does. That's about the only good thing wtih ffnet.

    Bookmarking and hoping to remember to come back and check this one for updates

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  • From AnsemMesna on February 04, 2009

    Like it so far. So the pairings are going to be Gojyo/Youji, Hakkai/Omi, Sanzo/Aya, and Goku/Ken?

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