To Catch a Kitten

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Disclaimer: In no way do I own Weiss Kruez or Saiyuki. Kazuya Minekura and Enix own Saiyuki, while Ken'ichi Kanemaki and Kyoko Tsuchiya own Weiss Kruez. I make no money what so ever on this story.

Disclaimer: In no way do I own Weiss Kruez or Saiyuki. Kazuya Minekura and Enix own Saiyuki, while Ken'ichi Kanemaki and Kyoko Tsuchiya own Weiss Kruez. I make no money what so ever on this story.

Lame title, I know. Bite me.

Anyways, the start of that fic I kept talking about! The Weiss Kruez/Saiyuki crossover! Yes, I finally have started to post.

Be happy. The chapters might be a bit short, making it easier for me to crank the suckers out for you.

Each couple will have their own chapters when it comes to the smut. I estimate...not more then 8 chapters total.

But I'm not quite sure at the moment what'll happen. Yes, I'm still working on the other stories. Don't worry about that. It just takes me a bit of time. I'm taking time to work on those tonight.

So enjoy.

Beta’d by Sajahi.

My group:

“Sanzo, you and yours have done much trying to get the sutra back. We are quite happy about it but it has come to our attention that the ones who have it are not even in China,” Sanzo reads to his companions, the other three listening carefully. “They are currently in Japan, working with a group named Esset. You are to got to Japan and find them. Once there, you will meet with an assassin group known as Weiss. These four have gone up against Esset agents and will be able to help you while there.”

“Well, sounds fun,” the red haired kappa known as Gojyo drawls, settling back into his chair, a cigarette hanging from his mouth. Sanzo grunts and pulls out the other information that came with the letter, spreading out four pictures of rather…enticing males. One had red hair, violet eyes, a gold earring, skin the shade of bone china and a ‘come near me and forfeit your life’ look on his pretty face.

His body was well built, even hidden by the semi loose jeans and orange sweater. He had a flower in hand and was sitting on a stool as he created an arrangement.

“My, he reminds me of you, Sanzo,” Hakkai says, smiling as he looked at the picture before moving onto the next one. This male had long blond locks that feel into laughing green eyes and surrounded a pert nose set over a pair of lush lips. He screamed sex, the dark coloring and shape of his eyes the only thing giving away his Japanese heritage.

His clothes alone screamed ‘Fuck me’, with low sitting jeans that clung and a mid-drift shirt, he was sex personified.

“Yummy,” Gojyo purrs, raising an eye brow. It was well known among the four that he was willing to screw anything on two legs and a recognizably human form. Demon, human or half, male or female, it didn’t matter to Gojyo and it looked as the second male could be fun.

Rolling his eyes, Sanzo tapped the third picture. This male had dark brown hair and eyes, with a hint of blood lust shining through as they looked at the picture. They could tell he was lanky, but strong, a soccer players body since the picture was of him standing with a soccer ball under foot.

Goku looked interested in that picture and slid it over, taking in the details of the look on the mans face and body poster.

“He’s kinda like me, ne?” he finally asks, tossing the photo back onto the table. Sanzo smirked and lit another cigarette before nodding. He points to the last picture, the male shown in this one was young and couldn’t be much past sixteen. With large ocean colored eyes, peach colored skin and a slim body incased in jeans and a simple t-shirt, the male in front of them had to be the smallest of them all.

“So, what are their names?” Hakkai finally asks, sitting back after studying the photos with the others. Sanzo simply handed over the sheets for him with a smirk.

“Let’s see,” Hakkai hums, looking over the sheets. “Alright, the small one with the blue eyes and blond hair is known as Omi Tsukiyono, code name Bombay.”

“You mean like the cat?” Gojyo asks, raising an eyebrow in disbelief.

“Yes, like the cat,” Hakkai says, eyeing his friend with a cool look. “They are all named after cats. Now, the dark eyes and brown haired one,” he continues, tapping the photo “is Ken Hidaka, code name Siberian. The blond is Yoji Kudoh, code name Balinese. The red head is Aya Fujimiya, otherwise known as Ran, code name Abyssinian. He refuses to reply to the name Ran though. It’s safer to call him Aya.”

“Sounds like a certifiable nut case,” Gojyo drawls settling back into his chair, his eyes closed. Suddenly a thwack was heard and they all looked over to see Sanzo growling softly and holding his paper fan in one hand while Gojyo rubbed the back of his head, glaring at Sanzo.

“He’s not a nut case,” Hakkai says softly, reading over the papers. “The name brings up bad memories for him unfortunately. We’re to go to a nearby field and a transportation portal will take us to Japan to meet with the four of them.”

“Fine,” Gojyo huffs, watching Sanzo walk out of the room with Goku trailing behind. “You know something is going to happen, don’t you?”

“Of course I do, Gojyo. Now, let’s go to bed and get some sleep,” Hakkai says, standing up and moving to his bed after shedding his shirt and shoes. “We’re not leaving until tomorrow evening. We might as well enjoy the time to relax.”

“Yep,” Gojyo hums, looking at the pictures and tapping one a few times. “You can’t say you aren’t drawn to the small one,” he says softly, his eyes serious as he watches his friend look over his shoulder.

“I am. There is something about them that draws one to them. We’ll have to see how things go when we get there,” Hakkai says, his eyes glittering with a mix of danger and mirth.

“This’ll be fun,” Gojyo drawls, standing up and moving to his own bed, shedding clothes as he went, before sliding in nude. “Quite a lot of fun.”

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