Reviews for Perfect Situation

BY : Flashy Cherry

  • From ANON - Akai on February 17, 2012

    Hey there! I'm glad to see you wrote some more to this story. It was awesome! The way Tachi and Daisuke acted around each other was so cute I couldn't help but squeal. Then when Tai pulled that prank I felt awful for Matt, until Matt pulled him by his hair and hit him. That was just uncalled for! Bad Matt! I love to see how this ends (well I already know how it ends but you know what I mean). It be cool if did an epilogue on what happened after the first chapter too (Of course that's entirely up to you if you want to finish it). I really enjoy reading this. Can't wait for the smex! Happy writing!!! ^_^
    Ps. Oh if you want a beta, I don't mind helping out.

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  • From ANON - Akai on October 09, 2010

    I just wanted to let you know, I really love your story. It has so much depth that is missing from so many fanfiction. I love how well the characters are written too. I feel bad for Matt but, at the same time I can't help but feel he deserves what was coming to him. And Daisuke is just so cute, I can really relate to Tachi's dilemma without ever being in such a situation myself. Anyways I really loved it and I hope (if you feel like it only) that you can write a bit more for it too. ^_^

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