Perfect Situation

BY : Flashy Cherry
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Disclaimer: Toei and Bandai own Digimon. Meaning that I sadly don't. This is all make-believe; should someone believe otherwise they've obviously gone crazy. There is no profit being made on this fic.

Taichi can remember that for the longest time he’d wanted to tell everyone he knew or met, that he and Yamato were ‘together’. However, he understood that Yamato wasn’t comfortable with many people knowing of their intimate relationship. The most Taichi was allowed to say was, ‘we’re roommates’ or ‘he’s my best friend’.

For the longest time he pressed down his frustrations and his regrets. They’re last argument was the worst, and it was because he had waited so long to say how bothered he was that he couldn’t even have claim to Yamato, that he went to look for it else where.

Taichi regrets that he cheated and lied, but he can’t regret that he found something more than what he had with Yamato. He can’t regret finding someone to claim. To be able to finally say ‘he’s with me, we’re together.’

Taichi watches as Yamato packs the last of the boxes with his things. He’s going to miss him, his friendship, his love. He doesn’t want him to go and leave him. But he has to let Yamato go, because Taichi had already left him a long time ago.

Yamato takes great care at not looking at him, as he boxes up his music equipment. Blond hair does a good job at hiding his sharp blue eyes from Taichi’s view. It is obvious that he’s uncomfortable with Taichi’s stare, but Yamato doesn’t say a word, just clenches his jaw tight and tapes his boxes shut.

A hand touches Taichi’s arm, surprising him into looking over his shoulder, body jumping. “Oh,” he says, when he sees Daisuke, “hey.”

Daisuke’s smile is strained but it’s there. “Hey,” he says nervously, and he makes a quick glance at Yamato, who has gone stiff at the sound of Daisuke’s voice. “Um, I wanted to know if you wanted anything, um, from the store. I was about to go and thought you’d might want something,” the poor boy is speaking in a rush, and Taichi feels himself melt.

“Uh, a cold bento is good enough for me,” he says with a glowing smile, feeling the happiness flooding the regret down again.

“Ok, anything to drink?” Daisuke asks, glancing at Yamato again.

Taichi shits and his smile falls, as he can’t ignore the uncomfortable atmosphere that is suffocating the room, no, the whole apartment. “Green tea or Cola is fine,” he finally manages to say.

There is twitch of Daisuke’s shoulders and he’s frowning, looking between Taichi and Yamato. A second later he’s pressing a kiss to Taichi’s lips and mumbling, ‘ok’, before heading down the hall. Taichi blushes and glances at Yamato, who is packing things faster; not caring what boxes he’s throwing things in.

Taichi feels bad for a second, before he remembers that Yamato had caught him doing worse. That, and Taichi wasn’t going to hide his relationship with Daisuke, even if it bothered his former boyfrie- Yamato; when had he ever had the right to call Yamato 'boyfriend'. Besides, hadn’t he wanted to prove to Yamato that he had moved on, that he was happy with his choice?

“You’ll regret this, you’ll wish you never did this!”

The door opens and Taichi looks down the hall to see Daisuke leaving. He makes a small wave and the boy returns it with a strained smile. Taichi sighs and steps into what used to be Yamato’s work room, with the intention to offer help.

“Get the fuck away from me,” Yamato hisses at him, not looking up from labeling a few boxes. Taichi steps back in shock.

He’s over it in seconds however, and he can’t help but glare down at the other man. “I was going to offer to help, you bastard,” he grumbles back, hurt and frustrated with the situation.

And suddenly Yamato is looking up with fierce angry eyes. “You gave up the right to help me when you cheated on me, Taichi!” he yells, face turning a bright red, his anger obvious, “now get the fuck away from me, or God so help me I’ll make you!”

Taichi sighs, and almost says, ’I’m sorry’, for the millionth time, but he doesn’t. Instead he turns back and leaves the room, glancing back for only moment at Yamato. And he has to continue to walk down the hall when he sees how alone Yamato looks, kneeling in the middle of the half empty room, surrounded by boxes.

He walks into the small kitchen area and allows himself to pace, reminding himself that this was what he wanted. Yamato gave him a choice, and Taichi chose the possibility of having something with Daisuke, instead of what he already had with Yamato. He had decided that Yamato wasn’t enough.

After a few dozen strides across the kitchen floor, Taichi is in front of the tv and watching some sitcom that’s playing, he isn’t really paying attention, just staring at the colors moving on the screen. It's a little blurry from the tears.

Daisuke finds him like that twenty minutes later, a plastic bag in one hand and the spare keys in the other. Taichi looks at him with guilt for a second, before tuning back to the tv. He hears the boy sigh, then Daisuke is going into the kitchen, the sounds of him moving around and the clatter of dishes has Taichi calming down, the tears and the regret disappearing.

He’s tempted to get up and give Daisuke a better welcome, but the boy is already coming in with their late lunch and two cans of cola. Taichi smiles, and Daisuke smiles back, relieved, hands over Taichi's bento and a pair of chopsticks, “Here you go,” Daisuke says, handing over the cola and taking a seat next to Taichi in front of the small wooden coffee table.

“Thanks,” Taichi says softly, and pulls off the plastic covering of his lunch. He becomes amused when he and Daisuke both at the same time, pick up their chopsticks and say a quick thanks for their food. He takes a few bites, humming at the welcomed taste of the cold rice.

He watches Daisuke eat for a moment before asking, “Want to stay over tonight?”

“Huh?” Daisuke looks over to him confused, the can of cola pressed to his lips, “I thought you were having friends over tonight.”

Taichi grins and shrugs as he goes back to eating. “I am, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want you here too,” he says, voice muffled by the food he’s stuffed in his mouth.

The blush that crosses over Daisuke’s cheeks as he mumbles a quiet, ‘oh’, has something in Taichi tightening with a hot lust at the sight of it. He doesn’t have to have a mirror to know that his grin has tuned more lecherous than before.

“Besides, I want everyone to know you’re mine,” Taichi mumbles, resting his free hand on one Daisuke’s thighs and gives it a squeeze, “that we’re together.”

And any doubt of his choice is washed away when he sees the pleased smile that graces Daisuke’s lips after hearing Taichi’s confession. He laughs in joy, and can finally forget the presence down the hall in the room half full with old and forgotten disappointments.

Later that night he proudly pulls Daisuke to his side, arm wrapped around a thin waist possessively, and Taichi introduces Daisuke to his group of college friends for the first time, “This is Motomiya Daisuke,” he says, smiling and pulls the boy even closer, “We’re together.”

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