Reviews for Boredom

BY : dark_seraphim

  • From Scarlett_Sin on October 08, 2011

    That was really really good =] I would have liked to see a little more fight in Seras because she's got a pretty independent and spunky attitude, but other than that I thought the characters were pretty good. The one thing you need is a little more careful editing. There were a couple times when words were mixed up and tenses changed. But overall it was very good ^_^ great job, keep writing!

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  • From ChrisStork on May 12, 2011

    The setup is good and the characters are believable as themselves. Alucard and Integra's interaction in the beginning is amusing. The action is described well enough and without being vulgar.

    You might want to expand on Seras's feelings during this.

    Don't let the lack of response discourage you. It is, unfortunately, common with adult-orientated material.

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