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Boredom had set in over the Hellsing mansion as Integra finished her paperwork earlier this day. It was summer and the days were long which made the Hellsing group restless. Even Alucard complained about the long days, not that because of the sun but the fact that he couldn't have his violent fun. Adding to the boredom was the fact that the central air conditioner was down. For most of the week, Integra had discarded her favorite tie and left the top three buttons of her shirt open. The heat was what bothering Integra the most. She could feel Alucard's eyes looking down her shirt onto the top of her breasts. She had never felt so naked in front of him before but she did not show him this.

Integra was waiting for Alucard to appear in her office. She looked down to her plain gold watch and counted; "three, two, one."

The room filled with shadows and the sounds of bats and they came together to form the tall refreshed vampire. Alucard was about to open his mouth when Integra raised her hand to stop him from speaking.

"I know. You're bored. You want something to do. Well I am tired of your complaining. There is nothing for you until night fall, if that. This goddamn heat is not helping matters."

Alucard walked around Integra's desk and place his hands on the arm rests of Integra's chair. He looked at her deeply with his devilish red eyes and smiled his evil grin.

"Well there is something I could do as long as you let me. I have watched you all week. I have watched you as you start to sweat and begin to open your shirt. I love to watch and wonder rather or not you will unbutton one more. It's as if you are trying to call attention to your beautiful breasts. I want to intensity the heat as I bring you to the highest peaks of ecstasy. All you have to do is say 'yes'. Moan it if you like but please Master, let me know. "

No surprise to Alucard, he felt Integra's hand coming across his face as she slapped him hard. He heard her angry grunt as she pulled away from him and rest against her chair.

"I don't know why my words surprise you. I would love to..."

"Finish that sentence and you will not be seeing nothing more than the four walls of your dungeon."

Alucard stood back from her desk and stood up straight.

"You must be the only woman I couldn't bed."

"Yes but I am also the only woman that controls you. Something in which I know you enjoy to the fullest."

"Well, yes this is why I am always after you. I want to enjoy you to the fullest, Master."

"And this is why you'll never have me, servant. Go have you sexual fun with Seras. We all know that is why you turn her in the first place."

"I would say that I hear jealousy in your sexy voice."

"You think you're making me jealous?"

"Is it working?"

"No, it is not."

Integra looked away from Alucard and to her already finished papers. He looked at her and could read her thoughts of angry but surprising lust towards Seras.

"You lie and hide."

Integra's mouth dropped and her cheeks turned red as she realized that she let her thoughts run wild around Alucard.

"My naughty Master! Only in my wildest fantasies, would I have imagined you and Seras together. I could see in your thought you ordering her to please you with her tongue on your womanhood. But I am quite surprise. I would think that you would look for a more challenging person. I believe she would find it easier to dominate Seras than to dominate me."

"I don't think so. I know if I gave you the word right now, you would fall to your knees and crawl to me."

"'Tis true. Are you giving me that word now?"

Integra just looked at Alucard with no emotion.

"I take it by your stare that that's a 'no."

"It's a 'no'."

Alucard nodded with some discomfort building up in his pants. He turned slightly away and tried to calm himself. Integra looked at him before he turned and saw what he was trying to hide. She smiled to herself but rolled her eyes when Alucard turned back to her.

"Like I was saying: don't you think she would be a little too easy to dominate?"

"I wouldn't know what you would mean."

"Come on, Master. Don't play coy. You know what I mean. I guarantee you if I call her here right now, we could both dominate her before the night has fallen. We'll wager on it."

"I'm not a gambler."

"So what?"

Alucard bent down and rested on one knee. He rested his hand once more against the arm rest.

"We're complete bored. I bet she is too. Let her provide entertainment for the two of us."

Integra turned her head to him and just smiled slightly.

"It would be... entertaining to watch," said Integra and exhausted hard.

"I believe that by the end of this, you will join in."

Alucard laughed aloud as his form turned into bats and flow out the room.


Seras sat up in her coffin and looked around for her master. He appeared at her doorway.

"Seras, our Master has requested us in her office. Move it and don't keep her waiting."

"Yes, Master."

Alucard disappeared leaving Seras to run up the stairs and quick move to Integra's office. She reached for the door but Alucard opened it before she can.

"You're late."

"Sorry, sir, but not all of us could make as fast as you."

Seras walked into the room.

"Well I hope you're not saying that after we're done," said Alucard as he closed the door.

"Done with what? Sir Integra, what is he talking about?"

Integra looked on as Alucard grabbed and brought to Seras' clothed breast. Seras' head shot up and against Alucard's chest. He reached down with his other hand and rested it against her mini skirt. He brought his lips to her and stole a look towards Integra to make sure she was watching before licking Seras' neck. Seras moaned softly as he bit into her earlap.

"Master, please don't. I am a virgin."

"Don't worry. You will still be one afterwards; if you want to be. You will be our entertainment for this afternoon."

Alucard grabbed Seras by her upper arms and walked her towards the desk in front of Integra.

"Stand up straight and have your legs spread open," ordered Alucard.

Seras did what she was told and stood up straight as she kept her legs open. Alucard got down on one knee and ripped off her stockings. He ripped them apart and wrapped one piece around her waste. Then with the other pieces, he tied her waists to her waste. She looked to Integra but knew that she wouldn't stop this. She looked away from Integra and up to the ceiling to hide her emotions.

"Why are you pretending? You know you like what is going," said Alucard as he begun to open Seras' shirt one button at a time. Seras looked down at what Alucard was doing and smiled slightly.

"There is a smile. Now, do you feel better now that you admit the truth to yourself?"

Alucard said he ripped Seras' shirt to her elbows to reveal her bra which was silk with a lace flower design.

"Look, Master, a pink bra. How innocent?"

Integra smiled widely and shifted in her chair as she continued to watch. She wouldn't admit to Alucard that she was enjoying herself... fully. Alucard brought his fingers to the bra and started to pinch her nipples through the cloth. She grasped with the pain and started to struggle against Alucard.

"Don't struggle. You know that you are enjoying this."

Alucard whispered into her ear and then reached down to her mini skirt. He lifted it quickly and revealed the matching panties. Integra felt her cheeks become red and hot as Alucard forced his hand down Seras' panties. Seras jumped into him as he found her spot of pleasure. Seras begun to moan as Alucard knew what would send her of the edge. His gloves became soaked with her juices. Seras moved into Alucard as waves of ecstasy swept through her body.

"Yes, Master. Please don't stop! I am close."

"You beg for your release. Beg for it!"

"Please Master! Please let me cum!"

Alucard looked to Integra and saw that she was rubbing against her shirt with one hand and had the other one between her legs.

"Integra, should I let our sex toy cum? Tell me what to do, my Master."


Alucard stopped and pulled away from Seras.

"No, please let me cum. I want to cum!"

Integra got up from her chair and slapped Seras' across the face.

"Know your place, servant!"

"Sorry, my Master."

Integra sat back down and she used her index finger to motion for the vampires to move to the side of the desk for a better view.

"On your knees, servant."

Seras got to her knees in-between her masters.

"I want you to release Alucard's member and show me what a vampire is truly good at."

Seras turned to Alucard and saw that he was already for her somewhat willing mouth. Seras tried to move her hands to the zipper but was restricted by the torn stockings.

"But Master Integra, I can't reach it."

"Then think of something, servant!"

Seras looked at the zipper and realized what she had to do. She moved closer to Alucard and arched her head higher as she straightened her back. She was able to reach now and used her tongue to lift the pull tab into her now edger mouth. Using her teeth, she pulled down the slider and his member rapidly falling out; hitting her in the face. Alucard and Integra laughed at her. Feeling humiliated, Seras advances forwards to the tip of his member and started to lick.

Integra smiled as Alucard began to moan loudly. Seras opened her mouth wide and he took his opportunity. He forced his member deep within her mouth. He held her head as she began to suck hard. He thrust into her and felt her tongue with each stroke.
Integra was enjoying what she was watching and did not care anymore to hide it from Alucard. She opened the rest of her shirt and lifted her black lace bra to reveal her full breasts. She rushed to her pants, opened the zipper, and pulled them down. Alucard watched as his true fantasy came alive. Integra began to pleasure herself as she watched Alucard thrust his whole member down Seras' mouth, hitting her throat. Seras struggled against Alucard but he held her as he released into her.

"You will swallow it," said Alucard as he pulled out. She did as she was told and gulped down hard. She opened her mouth to show that she obeyed her master. Alucard looked at Integra as she had her legs opened widely to increase her pleasure.

"Integra, would you like to use Seras now?"


"Crawl to our master!"

Seras obeyed and crawled to a willing Integra. Integra pulled down her panties and opened her leg to reveal her womanhood to Seras. Alucard pulled Seras to Integra and placed her to her pleasure spot.

"Lick, servant until our Master cums."

Seras brought out her tongue and began to lick Integra's sensitive pleasure point. Alucard watched as Integra began to moan and thrust against Seras. She ran her fingers into Seras' hair and pushing her closer. Pleasure began to build back up within Alucard but strangely he was also jealous of Seras. He was wishing that he was the one using his tongue to pleasure Integra.
He moved to Seras's back end and ripped off her panties. He took out his jealous by slapping her buttocks hard. She screamed out against Integra and the vibration sent a deep wave into her.

"Again, Alucard! Give her more!"

Alucard was more than happy to obey and slapped Seras harder this time. She screamed and again the vibration rippled into Integra. Integra screamed in ecstasy which sent her head back and sent Alucard's member up. He walked to Integra and offered himself to her mouth. She pushed him away.

"Know your place, servant! I do not give you direct pleasure from me!"

Alucard angrily yelled out and walked away from Integra. Integra noticed that Seras stopped while she was yelling at Alucard.

"Who told you to stop, servant?!"

"No one, Master!"

"You need to learn a lesson! Alucard!"

Alucard turned around.

"Take her. That's an order."

Alucard smiled. It wasn't Integra but Seras would be the next best thing. He walked to Seras but she moved away.

"Please! I want to remain a virgin!"

"You have no choice, servant!"

Integra slapped Seras hit against her face.

"She has disobeyed you twice, Master. I believe I have the right punishment for her."

Alucard took off his gloves and pulled Seras' hair back roughly so her mouth met his fingers.

"Lick! For your sake, you better make them nice and wet."

Seras, in fear of what was to happen next, ran her long vampire tongue against his fingers. She brought them into her mouth and sucked them until they're dripping. Alucard pushed her hard away from him.

"Turn around and started licking Integra again. You will receive your punishment."

Seras obeyed but feared took over and she started to shake. Alucard got down on his knees and pulled down his pants to the floor. He ran his fingers around her sensitive wet area and her juices flowed onto him. He then moved pass her pleasure and Seras' fears came true.

"No, Masters! Please not my ass!"

"You will take your punishment for your disobedient," Integra yelled and pulled Seras to her pleasure point.

"Give me pleasure as he gives you pain."

Seras began to lick Integra as Alucard positions himself. He held his member and entered her. Integra held Seras' head hard against her as Seras' screamed with pain. Alucard didn't care to let her adjust to him and started to thrust hard into her. He was going to punish Seras for doing something he wanted to do for a long time. He was punishing her for his jealousy. Seras focused on licking her Master as Integra moaned and screamed in ecstasy.

Alucard continued his assault on Seras but was watching Integra as her body became red. Seras wrapped her lips around Integra's pleasure spot and began to suck sending Integra screaming even more. Alucard forced himself into Seras' even harder forced Seras to shriek. She felt Integra's juice flow onto her face and felt Alucard flow into her as they both reached their climax together. Seras fell back to her knees.

"I'm not done with you yet. Turn to me," said Alucard in a deep voice.

Seras turned to him and he licked her face, taking what Integra refused him earlier; a taste of her juices. In the heat of the moment, he stood up, held his member, and unloaded himself onto Seras' face. Integra and Alucard in awe as Seras brought her head to her still restrained hand and wiped some of the creamy juices on her face. She brought her fingers to her lips and licked her Masters' gifts. Seras looked up at him and smiled showing that she had enjoyed herself.

Alucard looked up as the sun was setting.

"You see, Integra. I told you so. Pay up."

"Pay up what? I told you, I am not a gambler."

"Well, there is always the next boring day to look forward to."

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